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One Hundred ninety-nine Books-- All written by a native of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

Just two of Brian’s books are categorized as fictional


My Red Hat Keeps Me on the Ground!

Cross Country with the Parents!

Any one of these books would make a great addition to your personal library. I bet you'll like it! They also make great Birthday and Christmas and just plain party Gifts—especially the College and Pro Sports books.

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Contact:          Correction: Brian Kelly's Congress & Senate Campaign  
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Date:               January 27, 2016

   ****** PRESS RELEASE ******

First Ever PA / US Candidate Running for the US House and the US Senate Simultaneously!
WB's Brian Kelly Expects to Beat the Odds and Win Both Times!

Will PA choose incumbent politicians who hate the people or a candidate who loves PA & America?

Like you, Congressional Candidate Brian Kelly is disgusted with the current leaders in government. He is asking for voters to forget about what big government can do for them. The results are in and the verdict is "0." Kelly is asking voters to write him in twice -- once in 2016 for Congress and once in 2018 for the US Senate.
Brian hopes to help release our wonderful country from the grips of the socialists and communists.

In 2010, Brian Kelly put a team together so he could run for the US Congress. The full team worked every part of the three cold winter weeks that the state permitted to solicit signatures for the ballot petitions. His team got 1500 plus signatures and he was on the Democratic Primary ballot in Northeastern PA for Congress. Nobody other than entrenched politicians can get 1500 signatures for anything in three weeks unless they have great friends. One thousand valid signatures were required. When Brian and his Campaign Manager, Marty Devaney, went out together, they averaged about 6 signatures an hour counting the number of cold knocks on doors resulting in no answer or a very cold reception. Kelly offers this as a recount of his next two attempts at success:

"In 2012, needing twice as many signatures (2000) by law. I decided to put a team together to run against US Senator Bob Casey. Very sadly, my good friend and campaign manager got quite sick and subsequently passed away. I called off my campaign dogs and asked supporters to write me in. Two thousand ballot-access nomination signatures were way too much without the organization. Even at full strength, it would have been tough for us to hit 2000. When it was over, even Luzerne County for its own reasons, refused to count my write-in votes, and the state refused to intervene to require any counties to do so."

"In 2015, needing "just" 100 signatures (Just try to get 100 signatures at about 6 per hour in the coldest weeks of the year.), I ran for Mayor of Wilkes-Barre, PA. A small team of family and close friends brought in about 250 signatures and that was more than enough to put me on the ballot. Signatures were tough to get for sure." 

So, as you can see, Brian has had some experience working with ballot access in Pennsylvania. Most Pennsylvania lawmakers are quite happy with ballot access as it is, since it favors incumbents of both parties. "Only those who want to send the incumbents packing should be unhappy at the job our state lawmakers do in making it fair for normal citizens to run for office," Kelly said.

Candidates without ballot access In Pennsylvania as noted above may decide to conduct a write-in campaign. Unfortunately, write-in campaigns rarely meet with success. There are a few exceptions such as when Lisa Murkowski beat Joe Miller for Alaska US Senator in 2010. That means that if we do not want the same Congress and the same Senate that both operate against the people, we too can write in a patriot from Pennsylvania; and like Murkowski, he too can win. His name is "Brian Kelly." If Lisa Murkowski can win; so can Brian Kelly.  

"After having spent in the neighborhood of $10,000, mostly my own money in three failed campaigns, it may come as a surprise that I am ready to give it another go. As a write-in candidate for both 2016 and 2018, my plan this time is spend far fewer dimes.  Yet, I can't stand the thought of having only politicians who hurt America running for important offices in PA.  If you do not want the same losers running the government, please vote out anybody who is holding any office. No incumbents, please -- from either party!"

"I am a citizen who loves America and my plan is to save our country from both the political class and the donor class. Together, they are in the process of systematically destroying America. Barack Obama, Matt Cartwright, and Bob Casey, Jr. are in their ranks. None of them care about Pennsylvania or Pennsylvanians. They say that we cling to our religion and our guns. They have all contributed to the demise of the USA with their love for illegal immigration and their far reaching regulations that have crippled our economy. It is my deep love for this Country as much as I see that our politicians do not, that motivates me to put my hat in two rings at the same time. Therefore, I am making the following announcement:" 

"This year, 2016, I am running for the US Congressional Representative seat in the PA 17th District. In 2018, I am also running for the US Senator seat from Pennsylvania. Matt Cartwright is the current incumbent in the House. His term is over for good (hopefully) at the end of 2016. When Bob Casey Jr. steps down from office at the end of his second term in 2018, with your grace, I will have served one full term in the House of Representatives. Then, I will be sworn into office as a US Senator on January 3, 2019. This will be for a six-year term ending on January 3, 2025. That is my plan."

Brian wants to tell you some of the reasons why he is so intent on running for both offices. Running for both at the same time is his idea and it is so that he can be better known in both races and when elected, he can make a greater impact for the people:

"Bob Casey and Matt Cartwright might as well be Obama clones.  These two "representatives" have no original thoughts as they are plugged into the Obama way 100%. From whichever Party you hail, Democrat or Republican or other, as long a you love America, finally we have all agreed that Obama's policies from the last seven years and into 2016 are destroying our wonderful country. We have just one year left to survive the BHO travesty and he will be gone. I sure hope we make it without further damage. But we may not--unless the people of our great country stay awake. We cannot believe the drivel and the outright lies coming from the corrupt US press. By now, we all know that Obama has no plans to help Americans regardless of how the press props him up. But, this current President does have about a year left to finish destroying the country.

Our country has already been sufficiently weakened. We must clean out all (not just some) of the corrupt anti-American politicians in Washington, DC. Senator Casey and Representative Cartwright must be removed from office through the natural election process.  Both have a sickening solidarity on many issues that are not favored by regular people in Northeastern PA. Few in NEPA, for example, appreciate Obama's attacks on the second amendment and his do-nothing response to terrorism. Check out the list below about how these two legislators are expected to vote this year, regardless of how we the people feel about these important issues:

Both are 100% for Obamacare even though it costs taxpayers more.
Both are happy giving the IRS and the NSA more power over citizens.
Both want you to pay huge taxes just to sell your inherited parents' property.
Both are against US energy independence.
Both want the EPA to shut down all coal plants & increase energy costs.
Both want to keep spending money we do not have.
Neither want to limit Obama's executive power.
Both want same sex marriage -- not just civil unions.
Both are against a solid US space program-- No NASA as we know it!
Both are against Medicare; prefer a move to Obamacare for Seniors.
Both are pro Obamacare as the only US insurance.
Both endorse Obamacare penalties to younger, healthier Americans.
Both are OK losing everything to Mideast terrorists.
Both believe PLO and Israel are equally dangerous.
Both support Obama's giving nuclear weapons gift and $billions to Iran.
Both are pro Castro even when Castro is against US.
Both are pro UN even when UN is against US.
Both are pro terrorist rights & want same American Constitutional rights.
Both want children of illegal immigrants to become citizens by decree.
Both want illegal aliens to have government-subsidized healthcare.

Both support no raise in Social Security benefits for seniors.

Both want amnesty for Illegal aliens and expedited citizenship.
Both love big government raise debt ceiling unlimited times no budget. 
Both want to raise taxes on taxpayers not receiving government help.
Both love Common Core educational principals.  
Both want Feds to take over control of schools from the states
Both are OK with school districts being controlled by the feds. 
Both have no respect for 2nd Amendment.
Both are heavily into gun control and like Obama are OK with gun confiscation as in Australia.
Both are pro-choice and pro-mutilation of babies in the womb for profit.
Both have no problem with Planned Parenthood live baby dissections and sales of body parts.
Both want free birth control for the sexually active.
Both see global warming a big threat to the environment; Science says the contrary.
Both are Anti-energy & no offshore drilling. Happy paying Mideast terrorists for oil and gas.

Feel free to go to their web-sites and ask them your favorite question. From what I have seen when you get the answer from one --- Obama, Cartwright, or Casey, you need not ask the other two. 

Keep the faith. Good Americans can defeat this tyranny in our midst.

About Brian W. Kelly,:
Brian W. Kelly is a former IBM Senior Systems Engineer and Retired Professor of Business and Information Technology (BIT) at Marywood University in Scranton, PA. He was a candidate for US Congress from PA District 11 in 2010. Kelly was also a candidate running or Mayor in his home town of Wilkes-Barre PA in 2015. Brian still manages his own IT business (www.kellyconsulting.com). You can check out his two campaign web sites at (www.briankellyforcongress.com and www.kellyforussenate.com). These are both in the process of being rejuvenated for 2016 and 2018.

Thank you for being part of the quiet populist revolution to save America.

B. P. Kelly, Publisher   (570-417-1558)
Email               This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (LGP)
Date:               November 29, 2015

****** PRESS RELEASE ******
Wilkes-Barre PA: Return to Glory!
The City's Return to Glory Begins With Dreams and Ideas!

Press Release Contains Heartwarming Human Interest Story
Brian Kelly's 58th book helps Wilkes-Barre residents know that their City can come back!

Those who followed the recent Wilkes-Barre Mayoral race know that Brian Kelly of Wilkes-Barre was one of four candidates on the ballot in the Democratic Primary. Thinking about how to differentiate his candidacy, Kelly thought deeply about what it would take to turn Wilkes-Barre, unfortunately a dying city, into something special again.

Kelly wondered how his mayorship could help make Wilkes-Barre into a great city again? As he recounts talking to many people about his plans, few felt Wilkes-Barre had much of a chance. Yet, most were happy Kelly thought that good things could happen with good leadership.

Brian Kelly devised a lot of notions about how Wilkes-Barre could return to its former glory. He wrote them all down. Additionally, Brian thought of a number of stories from his own life from childhood on. These stories highlighted the wonderment of this City, and he wrote them down also.

Sixty-One Books All Written By a Wilkes-Barre Native

Hi Folks.

Brian Kelly has written sixty-one books so far in his short life. Feel free to go to www.bookhawkers.com if you would like to claim one of these books for your personal library. I bet you'll like it!  Books are presented in this article in last to first sequence. 

I write so much one of my biggest challenges is deciding which of my many web sites should contain which content.

Unfortunately for me, this web site, which is a summary site of all of my work has not been updated for about a year as I have been writing for other purposes and storing my stuff on those sites. On June 18, 2015, I changed this. 

If I had just one employee life would be especially easy.

Who is Brian W. Kelly?

Among other things, Brian W. Kelly is a former IBM Senior Systems Engineer and college professor. Kelly ran for office recently so that Wilkes-Barre could have a Mayor from outside the current political system. Kelly's campaign platform included making the city more open and friendly to business and making Wilkes-Barre a safe, affordable and clean city. Brian Kelly and his many ideas for a better city were soundly defeated on May 19, 2015. 

This is Brian's personal site in which he blogs many of the patriotic articles and letters to the editor that have been published by various sites and media outlets.

Kelly summarizes positions and comments on negative posts.

“Let me begin this by talking about what happened on Friday when I announced a run for Mayor of Wilkes-Barre. Some of this will be in third person, in the voice of my son, the writer of my press releases, and some will be in first person. I will begin my words in paragraphs with quotes."

Brian Kelly, the number one published conservative book author in America, has made up his mind and he will be putting down his pen in favor of a new career in public service. You may know that Kelly’s most recent book, Geoffrey Parsons Epoch…  The Land of Fair Play, his 59th, was released just last month and is available online at www.bookhawkers.com. Feel free to view his other books on the BookHawker site, and remember, each time you buy a book or a t-shirt from BookHawkers, or you make a donation to the campaign at the site, you are helping bring in a better government for Wilkes-Barre, PA.

About Brian Kelly continued

Though he did not want to be asking people for money and disrupting the lives of people he loved, Kelly did not want to hand the election to a thirteen term incumbent without a fight. Kanjorski's legacy had become more important than the people he served. So, after a respectable showing in the primary, to help all of us here in NEPA, Kelly joined with the Lou Barletta campaign. His job was to remind Democrats that it is OK  to not vote for a Democrat when a Republican is the better person. Lou Barletta won the election and has given Northeastern PA the best representation possible in 2011 and 2012 in the 112th Congress and again in the 113th Congress. .

Not recognizing that there would be many wounds that would still be sore if "Kanjo" lost, even before the general election of 2010, Kelly made it known to faculty peers and others at Marywood that he was fairly sure he would be running for the US Senate. In early fall, 2011, the Independence Hall Tea Party endorsed Brian Kelly for US Senate at Independence Mall, Philadelphia. Unfortunately, a great friend of WIlkes-Barre, Mr. Martin L. Devaney became gravely ill and passed into the Lord's hands. Kelly withdrew from the formal Senate race, and did not carry any nominating petitions to get on the ballot. However, he did suggest on his web site that he was a write-in candidate so that those who knew him would be able to cast their vote his way. He received word after the 2012 Primary that the vote tallies would show that many Democrats and Republicans wrote in Brian Kelly for US Senate.

Unfortunately, when Kelly changed his status to write-in, the Independence Hall Tea Party withdrew its endorsement.  

For years, Brian has been writing patriotic articles for conservativeactionalerts.com and conbustible.com, two one time very popular conservative websites. Neither site cared if you were a D or an R, as long as you were conservative in the spirit of JFK and/or Ronald Reagan. Over the years, has also submitted many letters to the Times Leader in Wilkes-Barre though only about 1/3 of the submissions are published. All of the articles that Brian has submitted over the years are available for reading on this site.

Prior to writing fifty-six books and hundreds of patriotic and political articles, Mr. Kelly was an IT professional and in this capacity, he wrote many highly technical articles about IBM's AS/400 computer system. For his AS/400 system contributions, Kelly likes to say that he was highly compensated both for technical pieces and for his technical books but he smiles when he says, “those days are gone.”

Kelly receives no compensation at all for his patriotic and public writing efforts. Additionally, when he ran for Congress in 2010, as previously noted, Brian did not take any donations, and he received no contributions for his write-in Senate campaign of 2012. Kelly's heart was not in it and so even before the election, he released his supporters from voting for him though many persisted. in writing him in for US Senate in the general election.

Kelly proudly endorsed Tom Smith for US Senator from Pennsylvania v. Robert P. Casey Jr. Tom Smith is a real Pennsylvanian. Kelly also endorsed Lou Barletta for his second term in the House of Representatives. Kelly is a JFK Democrat and as such he does not approve of the liberal / progressive ways of Senator Robert P. Casey Jr. "Casey does not support the people of Northeastern PA," Kelly said. 

Personal Information

Brian Kelly is very pleased to be married to the former Patricia Piotroski and the couple resides in Northeastern Pennsylvania as they have all their married life of thirty-nine years --- but who’s counting?  The Kelly’s are proud parents of three adult children, Brian, Michael, and Katie. Ben the Dog, and Buddie the Cat are adopted but to this day they have muscled in on all feed bag and table drop opportunities as if they were natural born.

Brian Sr. was born and "raised" in Wilkes-Barre PA. He attended St. Boniface Grade School and Meyers High School.  While at St. Boniface, Brian spotted Pat at the Parrish St. Pool, and as all young boys were at the time, he was quite intrigued. Pat reaches back every now and then in her memory banks and finds the image from the Parrish Street Pool, of a rather chubby lad with a crew cut and a boxer shorts-type bathing suit up past his belly button just making it around his stomach. Her comments have been edited out of this article. 

Brian admits it was probably himself for sure as a well fortified less than 10-year old, but nonetheless he relishes the old memories of Pat and her buddy Mary going off the ten foot diving board. Thankfully, at the time, Brian never knew or cared what time it was and he never asked Pat for the time of day-- so there are no bad memories from Parrish Pool.

Brian might say that his biggest romance for four years from ages 15 to 19, got married to somebody else, Pat felt like it was OK to seek him out. But then again, Brian is a dreamer and there is no truth to that. Like all young men that are smitten by a wonderful lady, Brian humbly pursued Patricia in the ways of the day. In 1975, they were married and with their family, they are still living happily ever after.

Though he always played a lot of ball -- basketball, football, and his best sport, baseball, by the time he got to Meyers, Brian lost the chub and the crew-cut and began to look a bit more like a student athlete. Ignoring study as long as he could, in his sophomore year, Kelly picked it up a bit and eventually became a member of the National Honor Society but he liked sports a lot more than studying. On the sports side, Brian was both a pitcher and a catcher on the Meyers High Baseball team. He was also active in many school clubs, intramural sports, as well as the student council.

Kelly enjoyed high school immensely, other than school work itself. During these years, he gave up his career as a pinboy at the Wilkes-Barre Republics Club, and became a delivery boy for the Eagle Bottling Works (Zep-Up). Kelly loved working on that soda truck, especially at holiday time. While holding the job on the soda truck, Brian took over his brother Ed’s paper route. All of these income sources helped him move from a two-pair-of-pants-a-year guy to four pair a year. BTW, when one of the two pants got a hole in the knee, there was always the other pair to wear. Brian jokes that "neither me, nor my brothers and sisters knew we were poor." 

Along the way, Kelly notes that having an income at an early age also helped in gaining existential items such as pizza and a third and fourth pair of pants if needed each year. Like many from Meyers, Brian was surprised to find people caring about his life, and appearing annoyed when he did not achieve as much as he should.

In this regard, he found a life guidance from the Meyers High School Guidance department. He was induced by Enso Frosini, a great man, who recently passed on to the Lord. This great man was the #1 Meyers HS Counselors. He convinced Brian to take a scholarship test at King's College in Wilkes-Barre. For this effort, Kelly was the most surprised when he won an academic scholarship to King's College and with the help of a National Defense Student Loan, and the Work-Study Program, he was able to get through college.

On the way into King’s College, Kelly, Joe Grant, and Pete Gill were featured as the scholarship winners in a Times Leader article. Maybe that is why Brian likes the Times Leader paper so much. Four years later, he graduated cum laude from King's with a B.S. degree in Data Processing. Pete Gill was valedictorian and Joe Grant also graduated with honors. Kelly likes the fact that all three were friends throughout college.

Kelly’s degree in Data Processing was the pre-cursor degree to Business Information Technology.  While at King's, Brian was a member of two honor societies, the King's Aquinas Society, and the Delta Epsilon Sigma National Honor Society.  Brian played Varsity Baseball for the Monarchs as a catcher and then as a starting pitcher in his Junior and Senior years.

After King's, he joined the IBM Corporation as a Computer Science Systems Assistant where he spent 23 years before retiring under a special program. This generic job title given by IBM on day one of his career was because the company sent their marketing representatives and their systems engineers through the same 1.5 year training program.

When this initial training was over, IBM and the new employee decided which path they would take. Brian chose the technical / systems side of the business. Twenty three years later, he had risen to the same internal rank as his local Scranton IBM Manager, "Senior Systems Engineer." IBM put a deal on the table for all employees. He could not refuse such a generous deal so Brian left the IBM Company with a very nice separation package in 1993.

During his IBM career, Kelly earned his M.B.A. in Accounting and Finance from Wilkes University.  After his time at IBM (23 years), while his children were pre-adolescent, Brian locked in free college educations for the couple's three children when the Dean of Administration at College Misericordia carved out an employment package that again Kelly could not refuse. So, he accepted a position with College Misericordia as its Technology Manager / Internal IT Consultant.

At the same time, in accordance with the terms of his College Misericordia position, Kelly initiated his own IT consulting practice. The practice is still operative, though not very active. The business is known as Kelly Consulting. From the moment he got his MBA in 1979, Kelly has been teaching IT classes part-time at College Misericordia, King's, Penn State, LCCC, Marywood, and other institutions.

After building the College Misericordia campus network, its connection to the Internet, its email and its Web servers, Kelly left College Misericordia and moved on to spend full time in his own IT business consulting practice.

In 2004, the IT Program Director and the Chairman of the Business Department at Marywood University asked Brian to join their faculty because of his unique Business and IT skills. In addition to maintaining his consulting practice; Kelly served Marywood as its IT consultant to the Faculty as well as an Assistant Professor of Business Information Technology. Kelly maintained these positions until his separation in May 2011.

In 2010, Brian ran for Congress as a conservative Democrat as previously discussed. He then helped Lou Barletta win a victory in the General Election to give NEPA better representation and to give America a chance.

Brian's campaign manager was Marty Devaney, one of the finest people God ever placed on this planet.  Kelly and Devaney both played for Meyers’ City Championship Baseball Team and had been friends for many years.  After Brian launched his campaign for the US Senate in fall 2011, and had received the prestigious endorsement of the Independence Hall Tea Party, Marty Devaney became very sick and eventually passed on to the Lord from his illness. Brian stopped his campaign but then was encouraged to continue by Marty and others and he began a write-in campaign for the US Senate.

Though none of this effort was for kicks, Brian loves to say that without Marty on the team, the person who had taken him aside and had encouraged him to help the people through political channels; it was no longer fun. Being engaged in politics became like work and it was a more difficult scenario in which to engage.

Even after continuing in the Primary Senate Race, Kelly knew he was little more than a stepchild to a system designed to elect only entrenched politicians. Unlike complete Independents, Brian was a Democrat but the Democrats are not interested in expanding their pool of potential candidates. In both his congressional and his senate bids, Kelly was not invited to any Democratic Party events, even when in the congressional race he won the # 1 position on the ballot. 

With no hard feelings to the Democratic leaders in Luzerne County and Wilkes-Barre, Brian has come to grips with the fact that real politicians do not function simply because they are called to help the people. 

Democrats in leadership positions do not care about Democrats who have not signed up to be lifetime politicians. After two years, Kelly is still waiting for the state of PA and Luzerne County to tell him exactly how many write in votes he received in the county and across the state. One would think that in a democracy those things would just happen automatically, regardless of the candidate. He will probably never know. 

There are lots of articles on this site in which you can learn about how things are not always as they seem. I hope you enjoy them. Feel free to make a comment



Times Leader Calls Brian Kelly ‘Elated’ Long Shot

Brian Kelly casts his vote at the Kistler Elementary School polling site Tuesday morning May 18, 2010.

Photo Aimee Dilger/the times leader

Brian Kelly and his wife, Pat, at their polling site to cast their votes. Kelly was a candidate in the Democratic primary for the 11th Congressional District. May 18, 2010   Aimee Dilger /the times leader

WILKES-BARRE, May 18, 2010, Times Leader:  – Brian Kelly wasn’t even at the first polling place for a minute before he cracked a joke.


In the recent election, the grey haired brigade stood fast and voted to help put America back on the path of our founding. This email cam by my desk and it helps in giving us the right perspective of the world we live and it offers a lesson to millenials to not write off the members of this brigade, ans we, more than anyone in government, have the backs of the young. You are aour sons and daughters and our nephews and nieces,, or students and friends. We simply love you and we are old enough to help protect you even though you think you need none.
Here is the email
The typical U.S. household headed by a person age 65 or older has a net worth 47 times greater than a household headed by omeone under 35, according to an analysis of census data released Monday.

Contact:          B. P. Kelly, Publicist  (570-417-1558)
Email               This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Date:               November 6, 2014
Keats' Pub Wilkes-Barre PA
Re:                  Wilkes-Barre Mayoral Elections 2015   

****** PRESS RELEASE ******


Brian W. Kelly, the number one published conservative book author in America, may be putting down his pen in favor of a new career in politics. Kelly's 56th book, Geoffrey Parsons Epoch...  The Land of Fair Play, was released just last month and is available online at www.bookhawkers.com

Kelly is considering a run as a lifetime Democrat for mayor in his hometown of Wilkes-Barre, PA. The 66-year old author and retired professor has scheduled a press conference for 5:00 PM Friday November 14, 2014 at Keats' Pub, 115 Bowman Street, Wilkes-Barre, PA. All NEPA Media Outlets are invited and the general public is welcome as Keats' Pub will be open for business as usual. 

Welcome to Brian Kelly's Website.

Thank you for visiting.

For the last five years beginning with his book titled: Taxation Without Representation, Brian Kelly has been writing powerful patriotic books and articles to help educate the public on the issues of our times.

The purpose of this site is to host Mr. Kelly's work and make it accessible for all to read. Links will be provided for many of Brian's books so that if you are inclined you can purchase them online from various sites. Additionally, previously published articles will be provided both in link form and in text form for reading from this site.

Mr. Kelly is a regular columnist for www.conservativeactionalerts.com

Other than in the past on a professional basis, when he wrote highly technical articles about IBM's AS/400 computer system, Brian Kelly receives no compensation for his work. If you would like to help Mr. Kelly in his efforts to continue to write free patriotic articles and to write additional patriotic books for the good of America, feel free to visit www.bookhawkers.com to purchase Mr. Kelly's patriotic books. His books include, Saving America, the How-To Book, as well as America 4 Dummmies. Thank you for your support.

Please enjoy the rest of this article.


This site contains all of the patriotic articles that have been written by Brian for all news and opinion media outlets.  These articles have a national and world scope,

Additionally, Mr. Kelly has submitted many pieces to the Times Leader, a local NEPA news source. The Times Leader cannot print all of the articles submitted to their readers' column by Mr. Kelly ofr others would not have the opportunity. And, so, check out the main menu right on this site and pick either the published or unpublished articles and you may find yourself enjoying them. The Times Leader offerings are substantially smaller in size than those submitted as essays to national outlets.


Brian Kelly is on the far side of the page heading picture while celebrating his run for Congress in 2010. The kind models in the picture posed free of charge. Aren't they a good looking crew? They are really Brian's neighbors and friends who came out in droves on primary election night May 2010 to cheer him on. But, they do look like they could be models.

A lot of others who were at the event could not fit into this picture. On the far left for example, you would find Carol and John. On the far right, Mark and Brian from Marywood. With a full picture, Joe and Di would be discovered. It was a wonderful showing and Brian was especially thrilled when results were announced for White Haven PA. When White Haven called in, Mr. Kelly started the evening with a commanding lead. Though he lost the Democratic Primary election in 2010, for his first and only foray into a political race, he was honored with 17% of the vote.