Does Any Government Really Know Best?

From experience we all know that the bureaucracy inherent within the federal government prevents it from ever creating or managing a system that works. Bureaucratic shepherding and regulations in general push business and industry away from potential success. Our government is the reason there are no jobs.

The more that ordinary people and their representatives in the Congress have been excluded from the process, the worse it has gotten. Now, we have large bloated agencies that operate as if they are small governments unto themselves.  If it were a gift, it would keep on giving but since it is a scourge, the blood is only now beginning to flow.

Unfortunately, when government operates like we the people do not matter, there is typically nothing we can do until we have the opportunity to vote out the 'regime' that permits such rogue government operations. It helps to keep in mind that progressives are in control of the federal government today in 1.5 branches of government. It also helps to remember that progressives approach governing from the top down.

In other words, progressives believe that government is your god and government is the supreme authority. When progressives hold power, the will of the people is not even a consideration. Progressives believe that government knows best.

Any "progressive" government therefore believes it owns the ballpark and thus it determines how the rules for all games are set.  Unfortunately, that means that the government, not the people in this the 21st century, decides who must follow its rules, and those held in special favor, somehow are able to squeeze out some exemptions--at least until most people acquiesce and the progressives take absolute power. 

Knowing that governments, even progressive governments, are staffed by human beings, some even as dumb as your dumbest neighbor, and knowing that progressive governments want to own your every move in exchange for which they will permit you to give up your freedom and liberty, perhaps you might take pause before you turn your life savings or your healthcare plan over to these rogues-- no matter how convincing the pitch may be.  

To which of your neighbors would you willingly give all you have?  Come on now, which one? Can you come up with one reason why you should get to keep it?

Who do you want to control your destiny --you, your neighbor, or some progressive agent who is happy to run your life for you, after you first give up your life?

Wake up!  If you don't like any of the above choices, then consider this: "We get the government we deserve."