Submitted to Times Leader June 20, 2013

Pick up the phone and tell your Senator or Representative in the US Congress that you are for Americans first, and that illegal foreign nationals are hurting, not helping our country and our economy. Tell them you want a secure border with a huge fence, and a required mission to keep interlopers out. Tell them you want all immigration laws enforced.  Tell them you want Americans to get jobs before foreigners and that foreigners should not wholesale be legalized to vote in American elections. Tell them you don't want to pay the hundreds of billions it costs today to support illegal foreign nationals. Tell them you are against anchor babies. Tell them you don't want to pay the $6.3 trillion cost of the gang of eight tyrants' amnesty.

It is too bad our Congress is tone deaf that we must tell them to work for Americans. But we must! While you are at it, please tell them the free lunch is over for illegal foreign nationals and then tell them that all lunches are over for members of Congress who vote for the gang of eight tyrants' big amnesty bill, which is for everything regular Americans are against.

Unfortunately, you won't get through on the phone because either your Congress has its phones off the hook or there are not enough operators to answer all the calls. The corrupt press makes it seem like those of us against amnesty are voices crying out alone in the desert and Americans really want to be overwhelmed by foreigners. We don't.

Those of us paying attention know that Democratic leaders can't wait for citizenship for the illegal foreign nationals so they never lose another national election. Meanwhile big time Republican leaders, such as Carl Rove, and billionaires such as the Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson, Grover Norquist, and Michael Bloomberg want to be able to offer Americans sub-par wages into eternity by having an excess supply of cheap labor. Only John Q Public can stop amnesty because our representatives have sold us out to the money people in both parties who are pushing for it big time. Congress does not care what you or I think so let's replace Congress.

So, what is Congress doing? They are figuring out how they can lie to their constituents so we think they are working for us. They just voted down a measure to complete the border fence and they tabled a motion that requires the border to be 90% secure before any legalization. Ironically, the 700 mile border fence is already law (since 2007) but Congress has built just 36 miles of it and they have lied to Americans about their real intentions to let everybody into America even when it hurts Americans. 

They think we are not paying attention. They are changing words like "require" to "goal" so they never have to do a thing and we will think they are tough on border security. Instead of "border security is 'required,' " for example they tone it down and use words like "goal," as in "border security is a goal," while never really doing anything to achieve the goal. They wordsmith everything so it appears like they are doing their jobs while they are lying to us through their teeth.

They want reelection more than anything else. Yet, they are ready to turn America over to foreigners for the money and support to win an election. They think they can get it past us. They do not care whether America will be a better place for American citizens as long as they get back their seats in Congress. Let's deny them those seats in the next election. Shame on them; and shame on us if we sit back and let them ruin America.