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Submitted to Times Leader July 18, 2013

I am working on a new book that I plan to title, Kill the Republican Party. I have yet to write a word but I know the words will flow. I would love to get a great spokesman of conservativism such as Rush Limbaugh or Michele Malkin or Laura Ingraham to co-author it with me but so far they are always too busy with their shows and premium subscribers to respond to my many inquiries. Maybe eventually, they will hear my entreaties and help the American cause.

The book will be about how the Republicans have chosen to abandon conservative Americans so they can become the ME-TOO Democrat Party and possibly trick some otherwise fine conservatives into thinking that conservatives have a bad message for the country. We don't!

Unfortunately, Republicans do not believe they need conservatives any more in their Party and they see us as embarrassing them when they express their liberal views about which we disagree whole-heartedly. They know we do not agree with them while they choose to lean towards the same progressive agenda as our must untrusted liberal friends. Yet they think we do not matter.  We matter more than anybody thinks!

Don't you think that we Libertarians and Republican conservatives and even folks like me, who are bona fide conservative Democrats should be able to join together to form something to replace the anachronistic Republican Party. It should be the American Party since the Republicans and the Democrats have chosen to unite to become fully self-serving in their treatment of the American public. Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans in Congress care about regular Americans one iota. Democrat and Republican lawmakers are simply corrupt. They both choose to trick Americans into thinking they are on our side. They are not on our side. Any questions?

Yesterdays Democrats (not their leadership) are now conservatives. Today's takers from the treasury are now Democrats. Today's conservatives that think they are Republicans are reminded every day that the real Republicans do not want conservative Americans in their ranks.  Years ago I defined a Republican as somebody with over $50 million in the bank. Maybe it is more. I think if the conservatives without $50 million in the bank left the Republican Party and formed the American Party, this would be a bullet that would kill the Republican Party, and the negative consequences of the Party's death is greatly exaggerated. Let them swallow their wealth.

The American Party can become a party to embrace real Americans. Let the Republicans and Democrats swim in their own brine of corruption.