Submitted Oct 10, 2013

I wrote this letter to the Times Leader upset that they supported Obama's big spending:

I just had the displeasure of reading your top editorial from Oct 10 titled, "Congress, come 'clean' and vote on funding."  I thought the TL was at worst independent of politics. When you whack John Boehner in your opening sentence as if he and the Republicans are the reason that America is all screwed up, your objectivity is questionable. As a disgruntled Democrat, I see what many do not see.  Suggesting the solution to America's big woes is to fund the rogues and charlatans in Washington for another year without restraints indicates that your editorial team is off-base with the American people.

The people of Northeastern PA cannot afford Obamacare and they cannot afford Washington deciding whether they can see their doctor or whether they can receive a particular medical procedure when they are 60, 65, or 75 years old.  But, I presume your esteemed board already knows that.  Why you choose to not factor that into your editorial, is for you to tell us. It makes no sense.

When I light my gas stove, it works. When I turn on my lights, they work. When I go outside to breathe air, I get oxygen. When I find a place for happy hour, and they are serving, I am able to enjoy life. Nothing has changed for most Americans while the feds are off duty. What are you trying to tell us dear sirs?  Why should John Boehner or anybody else who loves America not fight for Americans so that the lights come on for yet another day?

Do you think that the US debt does not matter? Do you not want to encourage those trying to figure out a solution to our mess? Because there is pressure from the mainstream press, including the TL, should those fighting for a brighter America give up and simply increase the budget / credit card?  You know that from day one of the US, the House has the power of the Purse.I simply remind you, and given that power would we ask our representatives to stand by while working Americans are being denied real healthcare despite all of the government's assurances?  Does any American trust the government to be the arbiter of whether they are sick or not, and whether they deserve to be treated or not,  or would they prefer to see a doctor,  preferably their own doctor?

The defund / delay, fund parts notion that the House has passed,  from the perspective of Americans who want this to be solved, intend to stop the government from using its credit card, period. It would also enable the funding for the cancer issues and the national parks, including the WWII memorial, and many other things that everybody wants to be able to continue functioning. Why don't the Democrats conduct a survey about National parks funding v. Obamacare funding?  Yet, despite Boehner recommending these acts, and Harry Reid denying them, the TL thinks Boehner is the bad guy. As a Democrat, I beg to differ. The TL knows the truth and it is your responsibility to report it.

Bring in enough revenue to pay the bills, and then pay the bills. Why the Senate won't accept anything while Vets cannot get to use the Washington Mall while illegal immigrants can, says politics and ideology are in play. Why the Democrats ushered illegal immigrants in revolt v the US into the same Washington Mall that veterans of WWII were not permitted, is a conundrum for the ages? It makes me ashamed to be a Democrat.    

I would vote for any politician who would promise to make revenue and expenses equal.  In other words, the Democrats (and I reluctantly admit that I am one) want to increase expenditures to assure their reelections even if their reelections may destroy America. The Republicans want to decrease expenditures so that America can continue as a country that represents freedom.  Why is our country  $17 trillion in debt?

Can it be because there has been overuse of a credit card never given to today's politicians by the founders?   Obama denied the debt ceiling increase when he was a Senator? Was he wrong then or is he wrong now?

When the credit limit is increased, no extra debt is incurred. Obama was right on this point.  But, when the card with its new limit is taken to the market, and the first purchase is placed on the card, the debt goes up. Moreover, each time that this president has asked for a limit to be increased, it is because he has spent all that America has told him it was OK to spend.  We send our representatives to Congress to tell the big spenders to stop spending, not to give them an increase in their credit limit. The American people ultimately pay all debts. The government's power is merely to collect the amounts due.

Dear Editors, you know that Obamacare is not the will of the people and you know that it will surely add great expenses to the people. Those deemed not included or not having to pay anything, such as our esteemed illegal aliens, will make our debt problem even more difficult to solve, if and when strong, freedom-loving  Americans choose to solve it. Your editorial suggests that we should just say YES to all expenditures even if America is crippled and eventually we are all forced to speak Chinese, when and if they choose to own America.

Making revenue and expenses equal is how all of us, and our state and local governments must function. The Federal government of course can print money from nothing. This means that every dollar in our pockets,  as the clock ticks is worth less. Say thank you to the Federal Reserve.

While the magnates become millionaires from thousandaires, and they become billionaires from millionaires, and soon they will become trillionaires from billionaires, the middle class and the poor deal with the fact that their dollars are becoming worthless. This problem will not be abrogated by editorialists such as the TL suggesting we just let them get away with it. The TL should work for Americans.

If we were to insist that revenue and expenses had to be equal, nobody would have a dime for sure as the government in Washington loves to spend, spend, and spend again.  If for every dime they spent, the government had to increase taxes to pay for the expenditures, instead of giving the moneyed class exemptions or asking for poor stiffs like John Boehner to authorize the country to loan the money to the big spenders in Washington, I would posit that soon the government's expenditures and revenue would be equal and then we would be able to solve America's crisis.

The message to the big money, big spending liberals, and the extremely rich Republicans, who profit from America's demise, is that any solution will have no exceptions. Get your wallet out or figure out how to make it so we can have a government that can live within its means.  The message the TL gives is that it is OK to spend, spend, spend, because none of us want any inconvenience.  Yet, they all know that it will be a great inconvenience to have to learn Chinese as our national language.  
 Once those suggesting we spend have to begin paying for it from their own pockets, life will change for Americans and for the good. Giving Barack Obama the greatest credit limit that has ever been given any human being, knowing he can never pay it back, is not the solution. It is the problem.  In the future, dear editors, please report it that way.