Submitted October 16, 2014

Politicians no longer consider their constituents safety. They follow the money.

Cartwright's treasury is over $1 million; Pashinskis is over $70,000, Wolfe is rich, period. he donated $10,000,000 to his own campaign which has $27 million.

Doc Moylan v Cartwright has less than $10,000; Betsy Summers v Eddie Day P. has so little nobody is asking her. Tom Corbett's campaign has $20 million from donors.

The issues we in Luzerne County must be concerned about start with Cartwright: "Why have you said nothing about Ebola and why are you not stopping infected patients from coming into District 17?" Doc Moylan v Cartwright is a cancer doctor and he is far better prepared to help us all in NEPA. For government of the people, for the people, and by the people we need to look towards Doc Moylan, Betsy Summers, and Tom Corbett. Leave the special interests at the gate.

Many Pennsylvanians lose their homes and a lifetime�s work to sheriff�s sales each year because they can no longer afford to pay their property taxes. Senior citizens on fixed incomes are increasingly forced to sell their homes because of unrelenting increases in their tax burden.. Both Wolfe and Pashinski unabashedly do not support a bill known as HB 76 which would stop homes from being foreclosed on Seniors or the poor. 

Eddie Day Pashinski has forgotten that the teachers' unions no longer elect him to office. Tom Wolfe forgot the same lesson. When I wrote Rep. Pashinski, I was unaware that big bucks Governor candidate Tom Wolfe if elected would not sign the bill granting Pennsylvanians property tax relief. Consider this note which I sent to Rep Pashinski as also going to Cartwright and Wolfe. I am so thankful that Betsy Summers and Doctor David Moylan are ready to represent the people by taking on these political pigs.  

Dear Mr. Pashinski

I thought your show with Joe Nardone at the Irem Outdoor Pavillion was the best ever!  There is nothing personal here! I am very disappointed that you are not backing HB 76. I respect unions and I respect teachers. I was a teacher for 38 years.

However, people in Wilkes-Barre [Luzerne County and across PA] are losing their homes.  I will be backing Betsy Summers or anybody--even a trained monkey who will get rid of School Property Tax. Where is your head?  Sorry! I like you and I like your music!  But, no teachers are going to lose their jobs here and nothing is ever perfect in any iteration #1.  You [now] look like a guy who is for union thuggism regardless of whether the people lose big time, You are playing the wrong hand against the people who put you in office and that is how the same people will vote this time. Don't renew your lease in Harrisburg or it will be an even more costly loss.