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The gang of eight tyrants have such a deal for you!

If the term, comprehensive immigration reform is to have meaning to Americans, it needs to be shaped to include the notion that Americans in America should gain every benefit of the doubt. Americans should be in the front seat for prosperity and we should not have to watch foreign nationals take our citizen birthright along with our jobs.

America was founded for Americans. However, that notion is beyond the imagination of Democrats and RINOS, who continually put foreigners before Americans. Recently a Democratic plan for legalizing all illegal foreign nationals has been put forth by a group of eight senators, who seem to enjoy being called the “gang of eight.”

I see them more properly identified as “the gang of eight tyrants.” A tyrant of course is an anti-American ruler who dictates and oppresses...­whose rule is for the good of himself; rather than the good of those ruled. Democratic Party precepts predominate the gang of eight tyrants. Along with longtime RINOS Sen. John McCain(AZ) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (SC), and new RINOS Marco Rubio (FL) and Jeff Flake (AZ), Democrats are so consumed with making illegal residents voting citizens; they are willing to forget that they live in America and that they were voted into office by Americans, not foreigners. Legalization and a path to citizenship for the fifty million illegal immigrants now residing in our country, is the overarching goal.

All of the Democrats in Congress, plus the gang of eight tyrants, are more than pleased to lie to the American public to achieve their goal of putting more Americans out of work and further lowering our wages. Will Americans be duped again by politicians working against our best interests? Hopefully not!

In the gang of eight tyrants’ deal, permanent legalization without a background check is to be afforded almost immediately to the nation’s 50 million illegal foreign nationals. All they have to do is pay back taxes and perhaps a small fine to get on the path.

Do you honestly believe they will pay their own way and that the path will be 13 years? Which senator in the gang of eight tyrants has said that Americans will be hired before any newly minted citizens or any of the one million additional permanent residents who will be coming from foreign countries legally each year with visa expansion? No senator has proposed anything to help Americans get jobs before foreigners.

We have millions of suffering underemployed and unemployed American citizens. There are no entry level jobs and our children who graduate from colleges and universities are doing so well that 85% are forced to move home with mom and dad right after graduation. Shouldn’t Americans come first and foremost?

We owe illegal immigrants nothing. Tell your senator and your representative what you think.


Brian Kelly