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Can what is currently happening in America actually happen in America? We might say “that can’t happen in America,” yet it is happening right in front of us!

Why are no representatives of the people choosing to put themselves in harm’s way (might not get re-elected) to do the right thing and solve today’s problems for the people. We elect them to make the hard choices, but they choose not to do our will – and we do nothing about it. In fact, we reward them by re-electing them.

Our representatives take their signals from us. Therefore, it is up to us as to whether they serve us, or themselves, or special interests.

Our Congress either is choosing to be ineffective or else its members are tacit supporters of today’s problems. Since nobody else can make laws other than the legislature, all of our problems are created by the 535 national representatives that we, like a bad habit, elect all too regularly. Surely, they think we are not paying attention — that we are not watching them. And, unfortunately for the most part, they are right. A vigilant population is necessary for honest and effective government.

From now on, unless things visibly change, no incumbents should be re-elected – period – and then the message of the people will be well heard across the land.

If incumbents are worthy of the people, let them speak out; but their actions must speak much louder than their words. Let their words and actions be for the people whom they serve. If Congress cannot, or chooses not to, solve today’s problems for the people, a different Congress is our only choice.

Can what is currently happening in America happen in America?

Look only to our 535 “leaders” and the president to know why!

It has never been this bad. It can be much better. We must demand it and take action to assure it.

Brian Kelly