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I think this is still America. However, there are so many liberal progressive people in our lives, a number of them whom we love, who really want government to run our lives. But, of course, they don’t say it.

As a conservative, I see things differently. I want people to make their own decisions, not the government.

I know that conservatives want the people to be fully in control of the government so we can lead our own lives. We call this liberty and freedom.

Liberals, Progressives and Marxists want the government to take care of all Americans so we no longer have to think about life, liberty and God, and maybe we should quit our churches. Government will solve all problems.

Equality is something imposed upon the liberated and the free by a progressive tyrannical government like that which we suffer under today so that those who care nothing about liberty and freedom can be fed from the work of those who do, and they never have to work themselves.

As a conservative [JFK] Democrat, I know that the corrupt press and the leaders of the Democratic Party want Americans to think that conservatism is like a bad poison that takes away all liberties and makes everybody think the same way. Actually, this is exactly what liberalism and progressivism preach.

Marxism makes the dummy as intelligent as the scientist. Conservatism is what good people are intrinsically attracted to and it is what good people want. Freedom is the bulwark of conservatism. The Constitution is our document of protection from tyranny. It espouses freedom and liberty. If you want somebody to own you, reject our Constitution at your peril.

Brian Kelly