Letter to the Editor: ‘Politically correct code’ imperils free speech at Rutgers, other colleges

Last updated: May 31. 2014 5:20PM - 448 Views

If Rutgers had denied President Obama his opportunity to speak at the State University of New Jersey because he escalated the Afghanistan war, surely, pundits on the left would have cried racism. Yet, when former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is denied the platform at Rutgers because, just like Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and many other leading Democrats, she supported the U.S. against Islamic extremists, the pundits are silent.

If one is racism, then so also is the other. Why is there a double standard?

Other than this truthful RIP, free speech is gone on American college campuses as a new politically correct code has taken over. In March, for example, a “feminist studies” professor at the University of California Santa Barbara was accused of attacking a 16-year-old female student for opposing abortion with a graphic pro-life sign. Who do you think the media supported in their biased recount of the story?

Writer Alan Caruba says: “Hardly a day goes by without a report on an assault on free speech in America. This is a growing trend and it comes from the Left that regards any speech that does not agree with its agenda a target for repression.”

The Left did not approve of Rice, and so we saw her being insulted at Rutgers University. But, she stopped that right in its tracks.

Rice was one of fewer than 10 conservatives chosen to give commencement speeches from America’s 150 largest universities in 2014.

There are no discussions in a communistic state. The Democratic Party, with its newly reproduced Karl Marx playbook, is attempting to control all of our speech. Sometimes they win. Sometimes they lose.

Dr. Rice is simply a great American who would have given a great speech to potentially great students. However, the communists, aligned with the Muslims on Rutgers’ campus, would not permit that to happen.

With the Rice incident, the hard Left won an instance of their ongoing game. Rice gracefully stepped down, and the thought police in the Democratic Party took a major victory lap. Their victory unfortunately was for racism and against free speech in America. They won this small one because Dr. Rice was not ready to take them on.

She is already somebody special. She does not need nasty people at Rutgers in her life to make her feel good or bad. She already fought her own wars to get where she is. Some take issue with her for not fighting Rutgers. I do not. Rutgers has proven to be just another communist campus.

I would not ask Abraham Lincoln to fight for his spot on the dais either if he were the invitee. If students and a cowardly administration did not want George Washington or Abraham Lincoln to give an address, like Dr. Rice, both would have disinvited themselves.

Should Americans be forced to shut down the opportunities to hear from our most respected citizens simply because non-patriots might be offended? This is unacceptable and inexcusable. All colleges that treat our finest citizens with disrespect should be held in contempt by all Americans.

It will be up to regular Americans to stop this ploy by the Left to shut down conservative speech right in its tracks. Right now! Was it only Leftists that fought the American Revolution? We are Americans, and free speech means no political correctness.

The American Revolution gave us all the right to say whatever we want, and the rest of us have the right to listen or not listen.

Brian Kelly