Ted Cruz:  Harvard Law is littered with communists

May God continue to bless legislators such as Ted Cruz who have the guts to talk about the plague of communism on university campuses in America.  In 2013, Cruz saw clearly how the corrupt press in the US had become the news wing of the Democratic Party. He also noticed that academe began to be the leading teachers of socialism, and Marxism to the country’s most vulnerable young adults. The Democrat soldiers today are hee-hawing and rejoicing that Rutgers insulted a modern day American hero, while real American patriots see this as one of the most disrespectful acts in our Country’s proud history.

At debate.org in a recent poll, 94% of the participants agreed that the press in the US is corrupt and is the mouthpiece for a fascist state. That’s our USA, they are talking about. The press gets its refresher courses from academe.

Ted Cruz, one of the good guys in our country, took a lot of heat from the corrupt press in 2013, in his first year as Senator, when he correctly pointed out that Harvard law School had significant numbers of faculty who could reasonably be called small-c communists.  Though there were some who challenged him on the facts, they all lost on merit. Cruz is a graduate of Harvard Law.

Most people with any knowledge of life at Harvard University or any of the other highbrow Ivy League schools (Rutgers is an Ivy League Wannabe since Princeton got the nod years ago) think the right question for Cruz to have posed regarding communism and Harvard Law School should have been:  “Who at Harvard is not communist / Marxist?”

The Ivy League was once a place where American genius was nurtured and the student came out a better person. On May 12, 2014, just to show that God is really dead on college campuses, and that Harvard plans to keep it that way, the Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club hosted the Satanic Temple group for a “Black Mass.” The mass was to honor Satan for his many works on Harvard’s main campus. Nobody should have to say anything more about he perversions on college campuses in the US. We must stop this by making Rutgers the example case.

If communism on major US campuses, or American heroes being disrespected, shocks you then, with humility, I ask you to please wake up. America needs you to be alert and to be on our side.  

Among some facts that have come out since Cruz’s 2013 remarks are that there are tons more communists at Harvard Law than open Republicans. My own experience in academe tells me that Harvard and the rest of the Ivy League, and even Rutgers, are not alone.  The communism disease has also hit small private colleges from the top down.

Would it not be nice for real Americans to begin to transform our colleges back into institutions that value Americans and American values? It can happen if Rutgers gets the right punishment from the State of NJ.

Bill O’Reilly says that “One of the reasons America is moving to the Left and becoming a more secular society is that college and university system is overwhelmingly, overwhelmingly teaching liberal tenets.”  I go one step further and commit that they are teaching the values of communism.

The Fox Pundit (O’Reilly) notes that “Last November [2012] 60 percent of voters under the age of 30 supported the Democratic Party a huge number. And a study by the universities of British Columbia and George Mason broke down American university faculties this way; 51 percent are Democrats; 35 percent are Independent, just 14 percent Republican.”  

With stats like that, conservatives are lucky not to be brutalized on college campuses today. I know at two institutions where I was secretly employed, I was advised to keep my conservatism to myself.  Eventually, they learned who I was and those who warned me were correct.  

I was fired from Marywood University because I ran for the US Congress as a conservative Democrat against a popular liberal 13-term incumbent. I did pretty well for not taking a dime in contributions. I would do it again. My site was www.briankellyforcongress.com. It still exists as an archive. I was forced to upgrade it to a different version of the same web cms software and it is no longer as handsome as it once was, but the content is still there. .

Afterwards, without a blink I announced my intention to run for the US Senate in the Democratic primary against Robert P. Casey Jr., who happens to be the son of a former PA Governor and a Marywood board member. (I was employed as a professor at Marywood at the time) Check out my archive site here (http://www.kellyforussenate.com/). Within a week of the fall elections, I was told about a faculty restructuring and the bad news that I had been restructured out of the University.  

It was so quick after running for Congress to be looking for a new job. But, I was! Though I communicated some of my finest prose in letters to the president of Marywood, I was not invited in for a hearing on my job elimination.  Ideology and fund raising potential and political pressure apparently all come before dedication to religious doctrine at religious institutions. I think I could have appealed to Bishop Martino but by this time, he too had been a victim and was already gone. .   

Would a Catholic institution really do that? Would they then send their Provost to my unemployment compensation hearing to assure I could not collect compensation? I learned that even where Catholics are concerned, ideology rules above such sweet and pure doctrines as Catholicism. Ask Bishop Martino!

How Ted Cruz ever escaped from Harvard Law School with a J.D. magna cum laude has puzzled many Left-wingers who have long since mocked him for speaking truth to power. Because like Carson and Rice, Cruz is not communist, he is in major disfavor in academe. The Left continually has tried to destroy him using some of their harshest words--liar, bully, and lunatic.

From my own somewhat innocent venture as an Assistant Professor at Marywood in the Business Information Technology Program, I know that because universities only look to half of the talent pool to find professors with the same ideology, it is tougher for today’s communist bastions of learning to find the best people in specific subjects.

Rutgers impinged on the right of free speech for all but 100/45,000 students and just one of three sets of faculty. What a legacy! The dissident faculty members who voted to have Rice fired as the commencement speaker, in the spirit of fairness, should immediately get their pink slips. 

I spent over thirty years teaching mostly as an adjunct, with my last seven years as a ranked professor at Marywood University in Dunmore / Scranton PA. I did not know until I was affected personally that Marywood University, a small Catholic University in Northeastern PA had a problem with free speech and with the Catholic doctrine.

Marywood had previously been called on the carpet by their Bishop as he was trying to assure that the four Catholic Colleges in Northeastern PA were adhering to pure Catholic Doctrine.  

I have not and will not be talking about the Catholic Doctrine part in this essay for sure. But, in my day, long before I was affected personally, I had offered my thoughts in a fourteen page letter to Joseph Francis Martino, then Bishop of Scranton. His Eucharistic chaplain responded. I was told that every word of my letter was read by the Bishop.

As an aside, Bishop Martino was not happy during his time in my town for a number of reasons. One reason was that US Senator Bob Casey Jr. was not as Catholic as he should have been, and that Joe Biden was such a bad Catholic that the Bishop had placed him on a No-Holy-Communion list that would be honored in any church in our diocese.   

When the Bishop turned his invectives against Casey, instead of Casey being defamed and demeaned, this Bishop, a tough leader to say the least, was cast into the infernal darkness. Not kidding. It happened so fast there was no Bishop for a time in Scranton, and now we have a new Bishop, and from all I can see, he is a good leader and there is no controversy. So, Casey and Biden can be pro-choice if they wish and the Catholic Church will not bug either of them.

"Without free speech no search for truth is possible...no discovery of truth is useful...Better a thousand fold abuse of free speech than denial of free speech. The abuse dies in a day, but the denial slays the life of the people, and entombs the hope of the race." From {Charles Bradlaugh - British social reformer 1833-1891}

At Rutgers University, and many, other colleges and universities in the United States, including Marywood University, where I was once a professor, if you are a conservative, free speech is not guaranteed or even promised. Freedom of religion is not guaranteed or even promised, but such topics are given lots of wet lip service. The above quote is taken from a web site from a frustrated faculty member (not me) who was dedicated to free speech at Marywood, http://marywoodfreespeech.com

“Welcome to the website dedicated to free speech at Marywood University. Marywood's current policies and practices are antithetical to the principles of academic freedom. To correct the problems caused by the ambiguous existing policies, our group is urging Marywood to enshrine free speech protections on campus.”

The professor who runs this site could have spoken about any of innumerable universities in the US whose liberal progressive communist nature offers no opportunity for debate. This extends from the faculty level to the administration, and then, often by coercion to the students.

Parents, how will you act when your children come back home praising colleges such as Rutgers for keeping well-known slime—national heroes with names such as Condoleezza Rice and Benjamin Carson, from tainting young American minds? I would think you would not be too proud of the poor education your children receive from the faux professors in academe.

I happen to know the professor who runs the free-speech site discussed in this section. Unfortunately for his long term job prospects at Marywood University in Scranton, PA, he is a 100% conservative. If I said more, Marywood could and more than likely would end his career.

Only conservatives are punished for free speech violations at many colleges including Marywood, but the punishment is subtle. This particular tenured professor was so upset with the institution that he built his web site to nudge Marywood into providing a proper environment for free speech to be exercised. The last time we communicated, he was getting heat for his conservatism. He asked me not to quote him in anything I might ever write, because he was concerned that despite his tenured status, he said: “this university has ways of relieving tenured professors of their positions.” I feel there was no violation of trust since neither you nor Marywood knows his identity.

When professors are muzzled by liberal communist faculty, supported by a communist administration, how can students gain what they need to be successful?  One might logically ask the question that if 85% of recent college graduates come home to live with Mom & Dad after they graduate, why should any parent send any of their children to college? Is it really worth it?

I know several very young lawyers scratching it out in their small practices with a mountain of law school loans to pay back. They see their high school buddies earning high wages as electricians and plumbers. They know that people in the trades get full pay and five years of free education from the union while learning to master their trade. They know that unlike law students, they are not required to take seven years off with no pay to get their BS and JD, and they know they have no debt from start to finish.

Those in the trades can get married and start a family any time without being shackled with huge loans to repay. The young lawyers ask themselves post facto if it was worth it. They have yet to earn the level of current wages of their blue collar friends. More and more conclude that their university educations brought few if any rewards  

Parents want to do right by their children but few parents can afford the hundreds of thousands of dollars it takes for a graduate degree. So, their children, just like the lawyers above, take on huge loans which set them back for as many as twenty years.

Additionally, most parents who are college graduates themselves expect that their children will be well educated when they graduate so they can be successful. Parents have a difficult time accepting the fact that academe has changed substantially since they matriculated.

Few in academe today care about students being successful. In fact, success in a capitalist state is anathema to communist professors. Dedicated no-mind progressive communists are in charge of their children. Yet, parents feel compelled to pay the extortion from American universities for little to no return.

Many wonder why neither Johnnie nor Janie have a prayer for success in the America which those from the Woodstock generation helped create. The facts are that the whole game is rigged against their children. Yet most parents prefer to believe all is well.  

No more than 10% of the faculty in universities, are conservative. Conservatives must hide in Academia, for when they are discovered, their time becomes unpleasant and then their time left goes to zero. Universities dislike conservatives and their disdain rubs off as the professors teach both subject material and their own ideology. So, even your children are trained to despise conservatives. Yes, they teach your precious children and my precious children to hate you and I, unless we choose to become progressives or at the best, communists.

As a personal example, for the life of me, I have no idea where one of my adult children picked up a firm belief in global warming. I know not from me. 

Looking for statistics, academe is much further into the communist camp than general America. One-third (33%) of the nation's top "1%" identify themselves as Republicans, 41% show up as independents, and 26% as Democrats. Considering that on a given day of the week half of the independents may be going the other way, it appears that the verdict is that there is an equal number of conservatives, independents, and communists in the mix. Looking at the poorest people, the bottom 1%, the statistics do not lie, It is actually a mirror image of the "99%," a third of whom are Democrats, 1/3 independents and another third Republicans. How about that?

The moral of this sad story is that when a theoretically good education can no longer deliver a good job, or in fact, any job, this writer sincerely hopes that smart American parents will quickly stop paying the price. It is the only way the problem of a poor education can be solved. Eventually the money-hungry universities and the fat-cat, pedantic, coffee-breath faculty will have to begin to help Americans first or be out in the street.

My goal is that the nose-in-the-air progressive academicians, who today demean success, will soon find it more expedient to tell the truth than to lie to students or push them into disrespecting great Americans such as Dr. Rice or Dr. Carson. The sins of these two great leaders do not include being black but they do include being Republican. In the communist world of academe, being Republican is the worst sin one can commit.

Americans should no longer provide for the welfare of communist professors. It may take a few years after being fired from the classroom and on the public dole—as the professorial cognac runs out—before out-of-work snobbish academicians find room for the truth again. Until then, let them eat cake.

Other than the way too-corrupt press, almost to a voice, the verdict by Americans on the Rutgers / Rice incident is: “Shame on Rutgers.” Fifty students, such as the Americans for Free Speech radicals from the 1960’s, for whatever their true reasons, succeeded in shutting down free speech at the State University of New York. The incident clearly has racial overtones.

Meanwhile, as previously discussed, top administrators along with the Governor of New Jersey, stood idly by permitting their esteemed invited guest to be disrespected in what will go down in history as a shameful day in the history of New Jersey.

Amidst all the New Jersey big time cowards, including the weak, wobbly kneed non-communist students and non-communist faculty / administration at Rutgers, who remained quiet, for the duration, nobody took charge. Dr. Rice was the only one with the guts to call it like she saw it and she made the right decision not to speak to the riff raff ingrates at the State University of New Jersey. Good for her.

Ironically, Snooki, who reportedly has yet to spend her $32,000 commencement stipend from last year, was never the subject of a possible dis-invitation. The communists at Rutgers really like her.

Shame on Governor Christie for auditioning for a role in the remake of “The Quiet Man,” during the controversy!  Shame on Governor Kean, for giving Rutgers an easy way out!  Shame on the people of New Jersey for not howling until the cows came home! Shame on the lack of respect; shown by a state funded institution, to a national hero!

The Rutgers faculty, administration, and the entire student body, who let this affront to a major positive historical figure go forward without a whimper, deserve nothing. They don’t even deserve this hit piece about their sorry selves.