How do we implement the closing of Rutgers University?

It is a simple plan. Let those in the pipeline graduate. Take in no more freshmen. Reduce the faculty accordingly every year, and finally end this pain for New Jersey. Look to “sell” Rutgers property to other universities that have a love of the nation and its people. Kill the sports programs for they were never the best anyway, and hope that all universities in America learn a lesson from Rutgers, just as all Sports Team owners are learning a lesson from the Clippers.

Of course all of the “brave” faculty on the two of three campuses, who voted against Dr. Rice, will, by design be terminated in four years according to this plan. They should never be permitted to rejoin the NJ system. Let them get poor jobs like those their graduates have been getting or if they are lucky, let them snag a lucrative position flipping burgers locally—if they can handle the work strain.

Who knows how it happened, but American students of this generation have been brainwashed from freshman year to graduation by communist activist faculty members at almost all American Colleges and Universities. These faculty members are snobbish and would not give you or I the time of day. It is their turn to lament. Their biased and racist treatment of Dr. Rice will live on and be a lesson for all that free speech goes both ways.

They call themselves liberals, progressives and perhaps even Marxists, but they are in fact, communists. From my perspective they are disrespectful louts, undeserving of a second chance. But, I for one would contribute to a fine going away party as we scrape their ass-prints completely off their once respectable chairs.

Condoleezza Rice as commencement speaker in my opinion was a gift to The State University of New Jersey. Yet, it was scornfully rejected while the bad-mouthing was directed at one of America’s finest diplomats. Many other institutions that are far more thankful for life in America than Rutgers students would have been honored to have been able to hear a Commencement Speech from the learned Doctor.

One of those institutions is Texas Tech. Students there would love to pick up the chump change that communist Rutgers has discarded. They would love the honor of having an honorable speaker such as Secretary Rice speak at any of their commencements. TTU students themselves went ahead and invited the Secretary. They love her for her heroic deeds on behalf of America. Where were the students at Rutgers? There is a special characteristic about Texas and Texans that I like more and more. They understand America, and they choose to be American.

The Texas group created a hashtag called “RaidersforRice,” which embraces free speech and it sends out a big welcome to Secretary Rice with open minds. The TTU group noted that “Although every student may or may not agree with Sec. Rice’s personal views, Texas Tech has taught its student body to respect all people and pursue diversity.” Amen! Why is Rutgers beyond proper etiquette? Because they are small-c communists. That’s why!

Lies are a Democratic specialty

America loses when free speech is cut off because of someone’s small-minded opinion. However, lying works for dishonest to the core Democrats. They know it does and they dupe every American who cannot find enough brain power to understand their nasty intentions.

Democratic leaders know how to lie better than anybody else in the room. They win these little battles like those about commencement speakers, hoping that Americans will not see the truth of their utmost disdain and outward disrespect for true patriots and true heroes. Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican, would surely be an unwelcome commencement speaker in today’s communist universities. Ask any Democrat leader for their opinion of this great Republican President, without mentioning his name.

The President of Rutgers of course attended the Chris Christie Wimp Training Academy as part of his PhD research. He is a wimp even worse than Governor Christie. When Secretary Rice let the university president off the hook by canceling the deal, he showed his gratitude by “sipping a big moose Martini, and thinking about what a great guy he is.” Actually, we cannot say that for sure but Fox News reported that he “loftily announced that the university respects her decision.” You tell me whether he was relieved or disappointed? Sarah Palin knows he has no cojones.

Can anybody give me one reason why the cowards who did not speak up about Dr. Rice deserve any commencement speaker?  They blew it. They had Condoleeza Rice, a national figure and a great person. It is that simple. They should get nothing!

Do any of us think that after showing disrespect at all levels of the campus to the most successful black person ever in the history of United States government, including the current president, that the people, especially black people, should not be outraged at Rutgers University for slapping this great American in the face? Rutgers has outlived its usefulness as an American bastion, and it has placed NJ in the unenviable position of attempting to make excuses for bad behavior.

The State University of New Jersey should be under control of the state. That would mean that well above the university president is his boss, the Governor. The State University of New Jersey, however, is in fact, a bona fide university. But it comes into view with a lot of unresolved controversies. None of the ones we can repeat with surety have helped give the school a positive reputation. Though the football team has become more formidable in recent years, all D1 teams traditionally seek Rutgers on their schedule so they can have an easy week.

Cowardly professors who deny an American hero an opportunity to tell her side of an exciting story may be able to explain why student athletes at Rutgers are a lot better at disparaging opponents rather than they are at playing well enough to win o Saturdays.  

Poltroon Rutgers professors showed their faux bravery in demeaning Condoleeza Rice from a distance. They sat in their esteemed offices enjoying their coffee. But what have they done in their careers to warrant their delivering criticism to the former Chief Academic and Budgetary Officer at Stanford University (Provost 1993 to 1999). How many of them hold the rank of Full Professor? How many of them could qualify to be hired as a lecturer at the undergraduate level at Stanford University?

Dr. Rice serves as a Full Professor on the graduate faculty at Stanford, and holds enough titles that the titles alone would form an impressive resume. These milksop members of the Rutgers faculty are not worthy of tying Dr. Rice’s shoelaces. If I were Dr. Rice, I would not let them anywhere close to my feet. .  

Other than train our children to be communists? These namby-pambies at Rutgers need to be called on the carpet for not teaching our children how to get a job or how to live in a real world. Such second-rate faculty could not be asked to help add a “fight” instinct into the sports program at Rutgers. No wonder Rutgers teaches losers. They refused to stand up for a real American woman against a praetorian mob whose members included those who tried to bring us down on 9/11.

Besides having a football team that for years has had a major problem putting W’s in the results column, unfortunately for the university, the university has also made the news for negative ethnic bias. We know that racial bias is just another form of ethnic bias, and we could have expected this from Rutgers against Dr. Rice. And, we got it big time masked in other rhetoric.

The university is not known to be kind to students who do not fit the liberal progressive communist Rutgers mold.  Some may recall that the US Department of Education, not known to come into forays without a liberal objective, has investigated the Scarlet Knights for being anti-Semitic. Why would that be? Maybe because Rutgers is anti-Semitic. Maybe they are anti-black also and anti-conservative and anti-Republican?.  

The facts are clear. The facts demonstrate clearly that Jewish students at Rutgers were intimidated by ethnic antagonists and just as it did not respond properly to the Rice situation, the university chose not to respond properly to this other ethnic matter. Of course there was also the unfortunately tragic case of sexual bullying with its result being that the student committed suicide.  Rutgers did not measure up well there either. 

Why would this all happen at Rutgers? Can there be an issue with the thought process on the Rutgers campus. And, of course back on the sports side, there were news accounts of an abusive basketball coach. But, who is counting? Don’t you wonder what the unreported incidents at Rutgers might look like?  Who are they to judge a recognized American hero?

Rutgers from my perspective along with a number of other elitist institutions somehow thinks that the rules of fair play do not apply to them. They are for free speech as long as it meets their restricted speech criteria. Nobody watching collegiate events recently can say anything other than that Rutgers faculty primarily and students secondarily bullied the first black Secretary of State of the United States (our country) into submission, and the Rutgers leadership could not or would not step in to stop the bullying. And the Governor of the state was relieved that he was forced into inaction. What a legacy. NJ can do much better!

Condoleezza Rice’s inner goodness forced her to choose to cancel her visit to this multi-phased biased institution. Liberal Progressive Marxists at the university were plotting to defame her every move up to and after her speech. Good for Dr. Rice. You cannot throw a Christian to the Lions if the Christian escapes.

Condoleezza Rice escaped and ruined the ambitions of her detractors—a minority of powerful communist professors, Muslim groups, and misinformed students. Did any of this help the stature of Rutgers as an institution? Of course not! Now the event has been spiritually moved from the Roman Coliseum to a place in which such anger must be checked at the door—a graduation ceremony. 

Historically, Rutgers is the same institution that about ten years ago was arguing to invite Hamas onto campus just as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was getting lackeys from Columbia on his side so he could speak to this far left university. The former leader of Iran wanted to tell America what a bad country we have become, and a university like Rutgers named Columbia was about to tell him he was right and America was wrong!

Those who have heard tapes of Rice speeches or who have read her graduate exhortations post facto know there would be nobody on the dais telling Rutgers students that America is a wrong-headed nation. Those of us who love America know that Dr. Rice loves America as we do, and that is why, with Obama’s tacit blessing, the word came out that Rice was not wanted on the Rutgers campus.

What a shame for America, New Jersey, and The State University of New Jersey. Dr. Rice can have dinner at my house any time she would like with just fifteen minutes notice in deference to my wife Pat, the chief cook. I remain simply the bottle washer.