Unfortunately, thanks to our corrupt and unprincipled socialist press, and the indoctrination that occurs every day in our schools, the US is now set up to absorb more propaganda than fact. Even the isms are acceptable ideas today.  The press is completely against conservatism, democracy, republicanism. They are especially against everything Republican. So are the Hollywood elite. It is tough to find something on TV or in the movies that does not push the dead-end progressive agenda.

In checking out my premises, I discovered that many of the Hollywood elite from producers to writers to actors carry their contempt for conservatives as a badge of honor. Perhaps that is why nobody ever accused the Hollywood elite, of actually being able to be airline pilots, nuclear engineers, or DNA scientists. Yet, as Ringo Starr would say—they “play the parts so well... in the movies.”  The corrupt press, the very influential Hollywood elite, and the Democratic Party, are all left leaning Marxists, socialists, and communists. Meanwhile, the gullible low information crowd, getting dummer with each high school graduation, thinks that nothing has changed. They worship these people and have taken antidotes for the truth.

Unfortunately, this generation of Americans does not understand the threats to American freedom that come from not knowing and not caring. The corrupt press that backs progressive liberal Marxists 100% does not tell the truth. The progressives in control pretend that they are the old Democratic Party of our parents. Yet, they are nothing like the party-of-the-people. Progressives do not like America and want to fundamentally change it into a society that Vladimir Putin would be happy to lead.

Marx and Engels are the guys, who in history really got into the notions for which the Democrats are now pushing hard. Marx hated capitalism, the theory that there can be an American dream because people of differing abilities can all go for the gold ring. Of course in capitalism, only the ones who catch the ring get the gold. Marx based socialism preaches that the gold should be split up among all people in equal shares.

Marx argued that capitalism would inevitably produce internal tensions between the haves and have-nots. He felt this would lead to its destruction. He hated capitalism so much; yet, Karl Marx failed to fully and logically explain how his notion of socialism and communism could ever achieve its theoretically harmonious goals.

In fact, a historical reality check shows that Marx's goals for a Utopian communistic society have never been attained in any civilization—especially those in which his theories were fully exercised. Wherever Marxism was attempted, millions of free thinkers were either killed or imprisoned, by the Communist leaders. Sometimes the peasants got to move into the homes of the aristocracy (rich), and other times the peasants were left to fight among themselves for very few spoils.  

Communism is such a bad idea, that even the Chinese gave it up.  As all capitalists competing against the Chinese know well, they have become the most successful capitalists of all time even without having a democratically elected government.

Progressive liberal Marxists in the US see the “grass is greener” on their side v. capitalism. Yet, they would be the first to be disillusioned and depressed if the USA were to go communist and they were not selected as the leaders.

The class warfare of the Russian Revolution created a lot of hatred and lots of people were killed. The government leaders became rich and aristocratic in all but name when the revolutions eliminated the formerly rich and it confiscated their lands and properties.

The proletariat / peasants, who made all such upheavals possible, always drew the short straw. Even after the revolution, they were nothings. Socialism did not erase the “more equal” advantage of the leaders. Just like the low-information voters, they were duped into supporting the movement. If they complained when things did not work out in the end, they disappeared. At the turn of the twentieth century, the “people’s” government in Russia subjected the proletariat to lots more than that for which they had signed up. 

By decree, their imperial leader, Vladimir Lenin’s Communists removed judges and replaced them with loyal members of the local soviets. Opposition parties were simply liquidated. Cossacks were murdered en masse for their land. To give an idea of the brutality of the Russian progressives, take a look at a few of their rules:

  • Shoot on sight any citizens who refuse to give their names.
  • …pronounce sentence on any village where arms are being hidden… arrest hostages and shoot them if the whereabouts of the arms are not revealed.
  • Wherever arms are found, execute immediately the eldest son of the family.
  • Any family that has harbored a bandit is to be arrested and deported from the province, their possessions are to be seized, and the eldest son is to be immediately executed.

Government mobilized the poorer peasants against the kulaks (wealthy peasants). Struggle was needed while power was consolidated. Bitter class hatred resulted in the villages and it stimulated a civil war in the countryside. Nobody seemed to be having fun. Nobody eventually won. Everybody but the leaders was impoverished and many died. This is what today’s progressive liberal Marxists would like for America.  

To protect the gains of the revolution, the big leader, Vladimir Lenin, created the CHEKA "Russian Extraordinary Commission for Fighting Counter-Revolution and Sabotage." They became the political secret police.  They were hated and feared by almost everyone in Russia. Can this happen in America?  There is a vehicle in place already that could be fine tuned to carry off this mission and reports are they are buying ammunition by the truckload. We know them as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Like CHEKA for Russians, DHS has a nice patriotic ring to it for Americans.   

The DHS over the last couple of years has purchased over 2 billion rounds of ammo, making some folks think that they must be planning some civil unrest or planning for some civil unrest, or something. The speculation is that DHS is buying ammo to keep it from civilians by making it more expensive. I have no idea but it is unsettling.

This is better than equipping a new DHS militia to fire on citizens in a government coup. Homeland Security, with a reported 70,000 officers and agents, with allegiance to President Obama is the federal government's largest law enforcement branch. If mobilized, could these Obama loyalists defeat the American Army, which is mostly deployed overseas? Of course, these are just idle thoughts. I think even Democrats do not want this, but I am not quite so sure about far left progressive liberal Marxists.

Our representatives should be able to head such issues off at the pass. I finally figured out why they do not follow the wishes of the electorate. We have elected representatives who have no clue about the history of the US. They think that they have won popularity contests and they believe that we want them to keep winning the next contest and the next. Because winning these popularity contests is so important, they think we think that it is OK if they choose not to represent US! Something big went wrong in our 200 + years of Democracy. But, it explains a lot. 

The CHEKA, not to be confused with DHS, introduced the novel idea of killing people—not because of what they had done, but because of who they were or who they knew. Thousands of Russians simply disappeared. Lenin felt he had to use the state police to suppress all opposition. The logical end point for progressive liberal Marxists would be to become the leaders of the US with a despotic government. Obama may give them their opportunity. Watch out for the excuses for the third term.  

As one historian who examined the Russian Revolution situation remarked, "the dictatorship of the proletariat gave way to the dictatorship of repression." Do you think that capitalism hating progressive liberal Marxists have such wonders planned for America?

Trotsky, Lenin’s war commissar, finally realized that the Russian proletariat was actually opposed to the dictatorship of the proletariat. And so, Russia soon became the dictatorship of Lenin, and then Stalin, and then Malenkov, Krushchev, Brezhnev, Andropov, Chernenko, and finally Gorbachev. In all Soviet regimes, the leaders prospered and the people suffered. Millions were imprisoned, killed or simply starved to death. Ever hear of Siberia? Eventually the people were pleased just to be permitted to stay alive. Once the gullible are totally convinced to keep voting the socialist way, can any of this be heading our way?  

Other than Gorbachev, who oversaw the dismantling of the Soviet Union, while Boris Yeltsin provided his conscience, nobody on this long list of Russian Leaders championed the peasants, (aka the proletariat). They claimed they did but did not! Yet, it was the peasants who helped them through the revolution to victory over their opposition. Afterwards, when the bounty of the revolution was small, peasants were trained to expect nothing. Those who learned to understand and accept that, lived.

Students of communism know that the final stage of communism, the essence of communism, is that all the people are deemed to be equal and they live in a “Kumbaya” Utopian harmony. In this stage, there is no hierarchical government with a supreme leader. In fact, there is no government at all. This is Marx’s vision.

People with different ideals and ideas magically become capable of working and living without conflict. Theoretically in this stage, since there is no private property—the people possess everything—and so the state is not needed. So, it too is summarily eliminated along with the state workers who become part of the commune in equal status to those whom they once were the overlords. Said a bit differently, the society evolves with no social classes and so there is no cream of the crop or bottom of the barrel. Everybody is 100% equal. Well, if Marx had his way, we could say, “Exactly”

Even Karl Marx recognized that the nature of man would have to change for this to be a reality at any time or any place. Yet, he hoped kinder and more benevolent people would appear to make it possible. Unfortunately for Marx’s theory, in all of the attempts at communism (small C), the last stage was never reached. No supreme leader or important party members in any Communist country have ever been willing to give up their power once theirs. Communism (small c) is thus the last stage of an unachievable nirvana  

Ironically, many of the proletariat who took the promises of the Russian Revolution as truth, or who felt that freedom of speech was for real, found themselves thrown into the prisons known as the gulags. Every chance I get, I tell anybody who will listen that these loyal Russians were brainwashed just as the low information voters for the progressive liberal Marxists in this country are already brainwashed.  

If the states of the US would only put these people through anti-brainwashing regimens, all the people would gain, and they would be free. Unfortunately, many of our leaders in state governments are also brainwashed in progressivism. Terms like “body snatchers” and Stepford wives,” seem more relevant today than fiction. I for one wish Rod Serling were here to explain this all to US.    

It is still tough for me to believe that when Joseph Stalin died, the people cried real tears of sadness. They were concerned that nobody would ever free them. “Now that Joseph is dead, who will free us?” Yet, in his time, he was the man who had consigned these poor people to the gulags. What a shame that they had been duped to believe that Stalin was a good guy. Have any Americans been duped into believing that Obama is a good guy?

Karl Marx was not a government official. He was simply a dreamer whose dream was very contagious.  Progressive liberal Marxists in our country today, operating within the Democratic Party, have the same dream. Such dreams always end in a nightmare. Marx believed as many of the progressive liberal Marxist statists in America do today that a progressive form of socialism was a natural to replace capitalism. He dreamed that it would ultimately lead to a stateless, classless society. He was referring of course to small "c" communism. Millions of people were killed in its name. Despite all this sacrifice, Marx’s dream never was fulfilled. Nor can it ever be because it is illogical. 

Karl Marx was very wrong, and his legacy proves it. Some people never learn. Despite its failures everywhere that it has been tried, and despite the massive carnage that always comes in its wake, American progressive liberal Marxists continue in attempts to resurrect Marx’s theories and convince the gullible that they know it all. They hope to be the leaders when progressivism takes over the US. Thus, it would be they, the progressive elite, who get to inherit the big houses and the huge western ranches when the revolution comes.

Before it is too late,  before the planned death of America takes place, we must throw out the progressive liberal Marxists from our government—immediately if not sooner. We cannot give them time to take over completely, for we will regret our inaction. If you have no courage today, perhaps you will tomorrow.

Perhaps tomorrow or some day in the near future, when they line US all up as dissidents worthy of execution by firing squad—maybe then, when it is too late, we will all choose to be brave if only we could. Would we not then wish we had the right to bear arms? In a world of bad guys, only the willing and the strong survive.

Ben Franklin, who risked his life for America said:  “Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”

As a last thought, consider the following:

Before the invasion of the Ukraine, American progressive liberal Marxists were openly admiring how efficiently Vladimir Putin controls Russian thought and they hoped for the same for America.  They have these admiration qualities quietly on hold for the time being. Let’s make them permanent!