Let’s get right down to it, by asking and then answering the most simple of questions: “What is a progressive liberal Marxist?” What answers should we expect? If you are a certified progressive liberal Marxist, among other things, you believe that the government should collect taxes from your neighbors to pay for the living expenses of the indigent, and the helpless, et al.

Americans should all be worried about the et al.

Conservatives agree that there should be a safety net for the indigent and the helpless and temporarily for those on tough times. However, conservatives, looking at the long term, are not interested in doing so much that it makes anybody helpless. 

If you are a certified progressive liberal Marxist, you also believe that the government should be a big brother to everybody—not just the indigent and the helpless. You really don’t care about being a big brother yourself though. You love the god-like qualities of government and you have learned through the progressive code that you need no God—just government. Since you are not personally asked to give to charity, to visit the needy or sick, or to put into the weekly collection basket, and your pay has no deductions to directly help others, you feel comfortable insisting that your neighbor should pay more taxes.

You inexplicably find yourself feeling the best and smiling the most when you see recipients of largesse becoming totally dependent on government.  The notion of a permanent underclass is enthralling to you and it is the dream ending to a perfect day.    

Conservatives are not like you and other progressive liberal Marxists. We believe that most dollars for redistribution are confiscated by you and your ilk in the name of government for political purposes--not to help the helpless or the indigent.

This is just as wrong as taking cash from a poor box in a church. There is no difference in such taking than if the cash were grabbed during a holdup or stolen from a wallet on a dresser, or if it were lifted by a pick-pocket. Stealing is stealing. It is defined as taking something that belongs to somebody else without the owner's permission

Who do the progressive liberal Marxists think they are to demand that everybody’s earnings be stolen by the IRS and redistributed to everybody else? Income inequality is the natural state of life whereas; the logical conclusion of income redistribution is communism. That is the end game for the progressive liberal Marxist.

Conservatives believe that we should all donate substantial portions of our incomes to charity to help the helpless and the indigent. Charity from the heart, given directly is far more efficient than government confiscating dollars and then redistributing them. Remember, it was government that funded the bridge to nowhere, and they were serious about it. If you want something to be fair and just, you don’t ask crooked politicians to get involved.  It would take awhile for any of us to come up with one thing that government has done right—ever.    

Charities such as the Salvation Army do a much better job of helping the poor than the government. They have less than a 5% overhead rate for administration, while the federal government is over 70% waste in its mandatory redistribution activities. The Salvation Army has a lot of volunteers and its dollars do not come from stealing taxpayer money. How about giving Americans 65% in a tax break and give the other 35% to the Salvation Army. Then, let’s figure out how to get the government out of the charity business. They are not good at it.

The head of the Salvation Army works full time along with his wife. Together Salvation Army Commissioners W. Todd Bassett and his wife Carol A. Bassett, make less than the typical salary of one redistributive bureaucrat.

Government handout specialists earn $100,000 and even greater in salaries to provide less than 30% of the total budget to the indigent and helpless, and I am ashamed to say, the unworthy are included in this number. Yes, a whopping 70% of the bloated budget, which is approaching $1 trillion per year for dependant Americans, goes to overpaid bureaucrats.  Analysts who have examined the figures suggest that US taxpayers could simply send everybody in Romney’s 47% line a check for $22,000 or more each year, rather than pay so many bureaucrats to determine the right amount?

Don’t you want to know why there are more than 120 different bureaucracies in the federal government fighting for your tax dollars so they can redistribute the proceeds to overlapping constituencies? “Government means waste” as sure as the notion of “Got Milk” is a great advertising slogan.

Government waste in redistribution

In Pennsylvania this year, a single mother of two called in to a radio program. She wanted to praise the government for taking care of her needs. With free housing, cash payments, aid to dependent children, and a gaggle of other benefit programs, plus the unrestricted proceeds of her $18,000 a year job, she was in the cat bird’s seat. She was receiving just over $100,000 from all sources in total. At least she was not an ingrate! The secret to her success was having dependent children. Wouldn’t working stiffs like to have such a great tax-free bonanza instead of working?  

All 122 federal agencies have some benefit to offer single moms. While working families with one child wonder if they can ever afford to have a second child, this young lady was being paid by taxes collected from these same working families so that she could have as many children as she would like.

Each new child brings an additional bounty from Uncle Sam to an unwed mother. It makes no sense. Though they love killing babies in the womb, along with those babies who sneak out unscathed during botched abortions; progressive liberal Marxists absurdly love paying for out of wedlock live babies. Abortion is their first and most loved strategy. If that does not work then they figure it is OK if the rest of America chips in to help raise the child. Every agency in this upside down world of ours, lines up to give single moms and their babies who survived, something redistributed from taxpayers.  The more the better!

Among all charities that might be alternatives to the massive US government, conservatives find the Salvation Army to be the most worthwhile distributor of charitable donations. They do not keep the proceeds for themselves.

Conservatives get a bad rap from the ideology driven corrupt press for their propensity to help those in need. We are all painted as hard-hearted. It is a big lie propagated by progressive, liberal Marxists. However, the press today is the master of the lie and they are in bed with progressive liberal Marxists. There is no free press. Their message is the message of the progressive liberal Marxist.

You may recall that at the Democratic National Convention in 2012, the progressives lectured that we Americans are all responsible for one another. They then began lying. In open forum, speakers added that Republicans don't want to help the poor, the sick, and the helpless. Unfortunately, the fact checkers find this totally untrue, but after the convention, the progressives did not offer a retraction.

The actual money donations made by American conservatives to charitable causes are substantially higher and the percentages are substantially higher than those of progressives. Conservatives also donated more of their time and they donated far more blood than progressives. Just because progressives have demonized the word Republican as well as the word conservative, as part of their propaganda, does not mean people should believe their garbage.  

Conservatives do not see government as a way to increase the benefit to those in need. The facts show just the opposite. Using government as the grand re-distributor of tax dollars assures the helpless and the indigent of receiving less.  Government is both inefficient in its distribution and it is insincere in its concern for those who really need aid. You see, they know that in most cases, the bulk of recipients, which they put on their lists, are neither indigent nor helpless.  But, stealing from the working people assures the recipients’ votes for the Democratic Party.

Unemployment compensation is a different story. It is a very necessary safety net feature. It becomes counterproductive sometime before six months of idle time. Every liberal and every conservative is happy to have the employer provided unemployment compensation fund temporarily help any American, while they are out of work.

The big difference between unemployment compensation and welfare is that the employees, who are temporarily out of work, are not looking for a permanent welfare check. They plan to work again, and they do. Additionally, they pay into the system every pay period. In most cases, the cost is born by their employers. Employees are spared contributions. However, three states, Alaska, New Jersey and Pennsylvania require employees to contribute a share of their pay to state unemployment funds.

Unlike welfare, unemployment benefits are a type of insurance policy against job loss. Employees are entitled to unemployment benefits when they lose their jobs since in one way or another, they paid for the insurance.

Conservatives reject the notion that high paid government employees are necessary to help the indigent and the helpless. In fact, most of us think that with over 2 million and growing, there are too many employees working for the government. Big government does not work.

Paying everybody forever regardless of their output is a communist thought and it is anathema to conservative thinking. Churches have a moral problem with this also, for it saps the dignity of the receiver and it tends to replace God with the government.  English writer G.K. Chesterton said, “Once abolish the God, and the government becomes the God.” This is the very creed of the progressive movement.

Progressive liberal Marxists want to take everybody’s taxpayer dollars and give them to anybody, regardless of need, as long as they get credit in the voting booth. As a side benefit for progressives, payments to the non-indigent and the non-helpless over the long haul creates a dependency on big government. It also leads to despair and learned helplessness.

When people feel that they have no control over their situation, they often begin to behave in a helpless manner. This inaction leads these poor souls to overlook opportunities for relief or change. The progressive liberal Marxist philosophy encourages people to be happy to be stuck in a rut, and oh, by the way, vote Democrat!

Ayn Rand, famed author of Atlas Shrugged, wrote about minority exploitation in her essay, "Global Balkanization." She points out that there are huge benefits to progressives and government statists by keeping a permanent underclass of helpless people whose thoughts are controlled by government. It is all about the vote. Rand writes:

“ The profiteers are those group leaders who discover suddenly that they can exploit the helplessness, the fear, the frustration of their "ethnic" brothers, organize them into a group, present demands to the government-and deliver the vote.”

So far, only Democrats and RINO Republicans back their thinking. Using taxpayer dollars for strengthening a political position is a lot different than helping the indigent and the helpless. It is expectedly beneficial for crooked politicians getting into power, retaining power, and perhaps even being able to discard those pesky term limit rules. It is the progressive way to achieving continual power.  We must stop it. Progressivism is America’s most deadly disease—the destruction of will-power.

Besides the indigent and the helpless, progressive liberal Marxists include in their list of approved government welfare recipients the slothful, the loafers, the bums, the friends of politicians, and those once with jobs who now get Obamacare subsidies. This last group has been lauded by Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic legislators for finally freeing employees formerly trapped in jobs with long hours. By reducing their work hours, and taking subsidies, they are now empowered to pursue new vocations as artists or poets on the public dole. Conservatives part company with progressives on this point. Encouraging unearned handouts is a crime against all Americans.

Anybody looking for a free loaf on the taxpayer’s bread with the product coming out fresh with a lot of crust, is thus inspired by progressive liberal Marxists to register as a Democrat. I am a Democrat but I am very conservative and I vote for the goodness of the person, not the party. Ironically, most of the run of the mill Democrats that I know well, do not even understand that their party is for progressive liberal Marxism. They just go along because somebody told them twenty years ago that Republicans are bad.

They are the typical low information American lemmings. They are why our America is in trouble. Progressive liberal Marxists have decided to use their innate trust and gullibility to trap them into voting against their self interests for all eternity. Of course a few checks also help. Unfortunately, these easily duped doomed conformists have no clue about our democracy and our republican form of government--the ruling precepts of America. They take for granted their freedoms and liberties as if they are permanent.

In his great article from 2011, “The Toxic Influence of Progressive Education Schools on K-12 Curricula,”  http://www.americanthinker.com/2011/04/the_toxic_influence_of_progres.html    Chuck Rogér outlines the progressive propaganda that is taught in almost all schools in America. It began with liberal professors in higher education, moved into the high schools and now is preached by teachers in grade schools. The overriding lessons include dependency is good, America is bad, capitalism is bad, and moral relativism is good. This article is frightening in its possibilities. It should be required reading for all Americans, especially conservatives. It must be stopped. Here is a snippet of what you get with such overriding lessons, according to Rogér:

“Together, government dependency and social justice education have fashioned a super-progressivism turbo-charged by cultural Marxism.  Stunted black academic achievement and disintegration of the black family are but two of the many devastating results.”

Progressivism, liberalism, and Marxism, amount to socialism. They all lead to Communism. These philosophies are the antitheses of liberty and freedom for all—especially for Americans. Can the USA survive?