Regular Americans are being attacked regularly by Obama and our own national lefty legislature and a complicit press that has stopped understanding the notion of the truth. They get away with blaming Republicans for everything because our K-12 schools, under federal control, are not permitted to teach Americanism and how to repel propaganda. 

When nobody is working, and nobody wants to work, and government tells them they do not have to work, why should they work? Did Americans vote for such representatives?

Suppose somebody in this upside down world makes it to the top of their chosen field with an income to match. Today’s progressives would demonize them and minimize their accomplishments. They would impugn their success as if it is unfair to the unsuccessful. They would call them avaricious and greedy. Reading between the lines, one would conclude that work and success are bad, while sloth and loafing are good things. If this is true, why bother working? Why bother getting educated?

Academia is a big part of the problem

If we take this notion just a little bit further, in a world in which success is bad, why should parents convince their children to be educated beyond kindergarten? Maybe instead they should help their younger offspring get jobs early—perhaps when they turn six or eight years old. Why waste all their days in school?

The kids might have to fight an illegal alien for jobs; but at such a young age, their needs would be small. They could win the job by taking a lower wage? You know that if children can work, they probably ought to be able to vote. If children were permitted to vote, they would be Democrats for sure. After all, Democrats would offer them free candy, ice cream, and cake and perhaps even some contraband 24 oz. sugared drinks. That’s about how much truth is permitted in politics.

The progressive mantra is all about the negatives of success. They contemn success. However, in the days before full socialism in the US, they still appear to want their own children to succeed. How is that? Just like the rest of US, progressives invest tons of money in their children’s private education and college. Does this make sense when they continually bad-mouth those who become successful? 

Before progressives, no American seemed to want their children or anybody else’s children to become street urchins with no hope. What has changed? Why is it that progressive Democrats now work to convince everybody, including the parents of college students that successful people should be impugned and demeaned and that the government should confiscate their success? Knowing this, how can anybody who loves their children and wants them to be as successful as they can be, ever vote for the Democratic Party? If I were the Cat in the Hat, I would call this a puzzlement!

Captured in John 12:8, Jesus Christ said “You will always have the poor among you.” It is an undisputed fact. Yet, the progressives, many of whom are in the top 1% but give themselves a “giving” exemption, continually disparage the others in the top 1% simply because they have the best houses, the best educations, the best doctors, and the best lifestyles. Do progressives believe that the bottom 1% should have these amenities instead, or should the middle, or should nobody? Should the 1% give their possessions to the poor? Have the progressives given all their possessions to the poor?

God gave all people free-will. In the US, our Constitution assures that we Americans get to exercise our free will with the necessary freedoms that make it work for US. How we use our free will in our lives determines what other gifts and riches we may gain over time. It can be argued that other than their physical differences, all men and women were 100% equal in all ways only one time. It was when Adam and Eve had sole possession of the earth. Though we are all equal under God, after thousands of years of breeding and history, we are no longer equal in all ways and it must be so.

From Adam and Eve, the major factors that create inequality are based on (1) the use of free-will, (2) our DNA, and (3) our family lineage and history. There are no human pedigrees.  In simple terms, these inequality factors position the cream of the crop so that they get the cream from the top. The bottom of the barrel gets the bottom of the barrel. What should we expect? And so we will always find differences among people in terms of power, privilege, prestige, and possessions (private property). It is natural.

The problem today is that progressives want to artificially change things from the natural state of man to whatever it is they want. Progressives are not too keen on the notion of a God and a divine order directed by God. To progressives, government is their god. Notice their disdain for all religions. They don’t want to acknowledge the role of a Supreme Being and they do not buy into the natural system as created by the Supreme Being. Let me repeat in a different way. Progressives want government, their god-replacement entity, to make all equity decisions, regardless of who has the most talent, or who does the most work. For progressives who believe in God, they believe that the god-government trumps the one and only God.  

According to The Christian Post, a nondenominational, Evangelical Christian newspaper based in Washington, D.C, “Those who believe in an engaged God also tend to believe government is too involved in Americans' affairs, able-bodied people should not receive unemployment checks, and success has little to do with luck.” In other words, the Christian way is that God has a plan for them and such believers tend to hold right-leaning political attitudes. That is hardly surprising. Likewise, many progressives are atheists and more atheists are progressives than conservative. This too is hardly surprising.

The standard conservative view of liberal progressive Marxists is that they have a great disdain for success. They are correct. Progressives want to create a world in which individuals are all seen as laborers, whose role in life is to merely exist. Achievement and responsibility are frowned upon while sloth and dependency is rewarded. Look at the progressive reaction to the CBO report.

Progressive legislators and pundits joined in unison that it was just great that those cutting back work hours to get Obamacare subsidies might even gain enough time to be an artist or a poet. Don’t Work! Be Happy!

Conservatives believe that everyone can be successful through self determination, whether they believe in God or not. They believe the role of government is to ensure that everyone has that right. Government should not be an instrument to provide food and shelter because that saps the will to achieve.

If education brings success; and success now, according to progressives is a bad thing except for progressives themselves, then why would anybody with a brain or even just a half brain ever bother getting educated to be successful? It is counter-intuitive.

Progressives are inherently cheap when it comes to the poor and so it is ironic that they set themselves up as advocates for the poor and downtrodden. It is all about elections, and progressives know their failings and they know their mantra is not favorable if it were fully understood. Sp, they lie about it to achieve power. Over the last ten years for example, 1%ers Dr. Jill Biden and VP Joseph Biden, the poster children for the new progressive movement, averaged just over $350.00 of charitable donations per year. That is about $7.00 a week including church offerings.  How much do these hypocrites care for the poor?

Progressive Democrats love to call names in order to churn hatred against Republicans. They are good at it. It is all about helping Democratic reelections by appealing to some of their constituencies. It is not real, but in this article we pretend it is. They set up Donald Trump and Bill Gates as the bad guys, while secretly they would love to have their money. In the mind of the progressive hypocrite, anybody a hair above unexceptional is suspect. Yet, progressives keep all of theirs while maintaining a relentless posture about damning anybody with a single buck and a wallet to store it.

I suspect the attacks on success will stop only when socialism replaces the Constitution or parents wise up and stop investing in higher education. Why send junior to a university when 99% are run by progressives who have a stake in assuring that your child and my child do not succeed?

Such citadels of learning do know how to create success, but they don’t. Because of their elite faculty, and nonsense like Academic freedom, their mission today has morphed into assuring that young adults are not prepared for the real world. Being denied the tools for success and being told that success is bad by their esteemed progressive faculty the university formula. Consequently, such young adults will never be free to be successful adults. They are taught about white guilt a.k.a. “progressive guilt,” as part of their daily lessons. The progressives teach their drivel in many institutions, such as the University of Wisconsin, that White = Evil, Racist,

Worse than that—if as a degree holder, your children escape the university scene and despite all odds use their God given talents to make something out of themselves, their very own progressive faculty and the legislators for whom they vote, will impugn their success, especially if they are notably successful and make a lot more money than Joe Blow. It makes no sense but that is the way it is.

Until parents wake up, their kids will be coming home right after their four years are done for a hands-on course about unemployment. And, they too will be done. It will be game over. Having a good job and success are anathema to the progressives, who in the genetic lottery, believe they are destined to be the leaders, and not part of the proletariat. They of course can be successful because they really are a cut above….  Johnnie and Janie will remain plebeians. The progressive elite will assure it.

When this reality happens, the long-term university endowments, which go to support ego-driven professors’ pecuniary demands while the student population becomes less and less, will begin to fade into thin air. Without their cash cache, universities will have no choice but to release the “smartest people in the world” from their faculties. They won’t be able to afford them. 

Will McDonalds have enough jobs for all of these liberal progressive Marxist faculty members when released from our finest universities? Will six or eight year olds or illegal aliens be fighting them for whatever positions in industry are available?

When smart Americans keep hearing progressive Democrats demonize success, why should they pay huge amounts to send their children to the universities. Their children are forced to go face to face with coffee-breath elite professors, who are prepared to tell Johnnie and Janie that they have no chance in life since success sucks!  What parent wants that?

Save the money. Right now the wisest thing is for high school graduates to learn a good trade and start their own businesses while their peers are reducing their hours so they can get Obamacare subsidies. Along with destroying the notion of success, and the potential rewards of success, progressives have also destroyed all the real jobs. They run the country if you haven’t noticed.  Ain’t that a shame!

As conservatives well know, what I am saying is that anybody paying the bill eventually is smart enough to find out if there is any value in the product they are buying. Is the expense worthwhile? As a college / university professor myself, with over thirty years of classroom experience, and six years on the Administrative side, my conclusion is that in just the last five years, the academic end product has become unworthy of the expense.

Looking at it logically, if success is such a bad thing, why would there be a national student loan debt of over a trillion dollars? Graduates cannot get jobs to pay back their loans. Period! If a college education is passe’ and nobody can get a job to pay back their loans, why are institutions of higher learning continuing to grant loans to unsuspecting parents and their children? Why are they charging such excessive tuition? Can it be that with their major governmental financial assistance, universities can now build hallmarks to rich and powerful alumnae and build huge sports complexes, even though they are putting out a bum product.

You can see that I am not talking about the goodness and the talents of the unsuspecting naïve graduates who did nothing wrong other than repeatedly voting for the “one.”  They never thought that their success had anything to do with anything other than their abilities and their achievements. Surprise!  That is how it once was, but not in the Obama years. I am saying that whatever “products” universities graduate, with Obamanomics, even top level graduates are not being hired by industry.  

Meanwhile young adults, sucked in by the lure of potential success from universities, are incurring debts they will never be able to pay back. Shouldn’t the universities volunteer to use their huge endowments to help such students with their loan paybacks? Why, when all businesses are waiting in trepidation to fail as soon as Obama drops his next brick, are academic institutions enjoying such a financial renaissance? Maybe it is because they are getting too many taxpayer dollars? Maybe it is because they are bilking parents and their kids out of $billions?

Parents who pay for their kids; or parents whose kids incur life-robbing loan debts on their own; need to get the message quickly. Understandably, parents desire Janie and Johnnie to do well in life. However, progressive professors have stacked the deck against them. Can you help me understand how anybody who vilifies success can teach success? I can forgive the kids but not the parents.

Parents who have not gotten the message and have invested a hundred thousand dollars or more in their children’s’ education have predictably found their offspring back in their old bedrooms right after graduation. Just like prior to the move-out in the freshman year, parents, who do not want their children to be on government assistance, are feeding their children again.  

The joke is they are now known as boomerang kids. Funny eh—not if you are a parent!  They go and they come back. There is now an expectation that kids will move back home. Unlike five or ten years ago, there is no longer a stigma attached to failure after graduation. Getting a degree once was a necessary stepping stone to limitless career opportunities. Now, with the unemployment rate reported at about 55% for millennials, the four years away has become a temporary hiatus from living under the parents' roof. Why should those, whose parents can afford their children’s largesse, not be permitted to pay the fees for a four or five year intermission leading to nothing?   

Finding a job is next to impossible or so it seems for new degree holders at all levels, and as noted in this article, success is no longer viewed as a desirable outcome in life by liberal progressive Marxists.

It is no longer just Philosophy and Theology majors who cannot find work. It is everybody with a degree, including recent grads in the sciences. Many lost their job opportunities by obscure Obama policies that only the EPA or Joseph Stalin might favor.

As usual, in this melodrama, President Obama is being played by Hogan’s Heroes’ Sergeant Schultz. Obama as usual, knows nothing about the effects of any of his bad policies or of course he would do something about them. Since from Inauguration Day, President Obama has not been responsible for anything he does, even things that hurt Americans, nobody in his regime has been reprimanded or fired. One could conclude that all is well.

So, despite millennials having no jobs and living with their parents, the corrupt press and progressive professors sing the chorus, “Please don’t blame Obama.” He simply does not know bad things are happening because his busy aides do not have time to tell him everything and the President is also very, very busy. Busy! Busy! Busy!  Meanwhile the march to full socialism is continuing full steam by this progressive President. But, he of course knows nothing about it.

Though he has the country moving towards the Russian ideal, as a Constitutional scholar, the President seemingly knows nothing about the last time this was tried. Over 16 million Russians in total, about 2 million at a time, were sent to the gulag labor camps where they were often tortured and worked to death. They happened to commit petty crimes or they simply disagreed with the socialist philosophies in Soviet Russia, when Joseph Stalin was in control. Of course Stalin knew nothing about this. The prisoners had hope, however, as every day they were told that Stalin was about to save them. Of course he was the “one” who had put them there.

Not so ironically, when the prisoners in the gulags learned of Stalin’s death; they cried. They worried that it was the end for them. They knew that Stalin knew nothing of their plight or he would have released them. “Who will save us now that Joseph is dead?” It almost makes me cry thinking they believed in him. But, Stalin “knew nothing.” Sound familiar? Think about the impact of Barack Obama on most Americans who trust him implicitly. Will they continue to trust when, while knowing nothing, Obama and his progressives minions cause their families starve?

Besides the gulags, where many died from malnourishment and overwork, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, the literary giant who wrote agonizingly about the Soviet gulag system, claimed the true number of Stalin’s victims might have been as high as 60 million. Other experts say the lower range of the killings was 20 million. Either way, it was a bad deal for the Soviet people. Think about whether it is good to listen to the words of liberal progressive Marxists, many of whom today would like to rewrite history to suggest Stalin was not such a bad guy. Can such carnage come to America?  Do you trust the government? Do progressives love America? Should students try to be successful?

Even today Obama expects that everybody from millennials to seniors, but especially millennials, will be happy and their parents will be happy because Obama needs and gets a huge number of votes from these young citizens. As a newly implemented vote-buying gift from Obama, with Obamacare, this giving President now permits parents to keep their adult children on their health insurance policies until they are 26. So, after college at 23 years of age, when there is no employment, this gives another two years on mom and dad. How convenient! Just as surely Stalin sentenced the Russians to the  gulags,  Obama’s economic policies sentence American university students so they are prevented from ever being able to get a real job with real health benefits.

Parents would surely prefer that some employer someplace would pick up that insurance tab? But, under the Obama regime, we have learned that all employers are bad, bad, bad—simply because they have enough money to pay employees. The corrupt water carrying media also says that industry employers are bad, bad, bad. It’s actually worse than that. Johnnie and Janie probably will have to wait twenty or more years to get a job. It will come only when the old fart boom is over—when today’s eighty and ninety year olds finally can begin to retire.

Obama has changed the game for young college graduates. He created a brand new paradigm. America is now the land of no opportunity for the young, especially those with huge student debt—no house, no car, no pets—even hard to afford to smoke cigarettes. Yet, these same young adults, once they hit 26 are being asked to pay huge premiums for Obamacare without ever having been employed!

I regret to say that the view from here is that there are no opportunities and there will be no opportunities. Forget it. No wonder more and more young people of age, who correctly deduce they have no chance in life, simply go to the liquor store or the local bar; get a nice nip; and get over it day by day. There are no good things on the horizon for your children or mine. Progressive Democratic policies instituted by President Obama have removed any opportunities for our youth from the capitalist landscape. It is not by accident. It is the progressive way.

Capitalism, which made our country the strongest in the universe, has been declared a bad, bad, bad thing by the liberal progressive Marxists who run our country. Their plan is to replace it with socialism where everybody is equal in misery. We’ve all had a taste of it by now. How is that going for you?

Our country thrived while its capitalist underpinnings supported private industry and lots of high paying jobs. New college graduates were drinking the finest mixed drinks and the best of premium imported beers. Now, as progressives are destroying capitalism in America, government is preventing many Americans, doing business in America, from being successful. Americans are now drinking light beer—if of course, only if—they can be invited to their friends’ homes or they find dad’s case or a neighbor’s case on the back porch.

Since businesses are the only real job givers not supported by taxpayers, these former job givers are either taking their shops overseas or they are shutting down, retiring, and going overseas themselves to spend their bucks while the bucks still have some value. Success is actually OK overseas.

Businesses do not interview on campuses anymore because they are fearful that they may not be in business tomorrow. 

Judging from the fact that Obama got reelected, I suspect that over half of American parents are still dedicated progressives and are OK with the no-jobs scenario. Why else would they concur with a progressive President on what is best for American capitalism? Why would they send their children to a no-win zone?

Dedicated no-mind progressives such as these parents will continue to be pleased to pay the extortion from American universities for no return. And, many will wonder why neither Johnnie nor Janie have a prayer for success in the America they helped create. But, even they, dedicated to the cause as they may be, may not realize the whole game is rigged against Americans.

If there ever were job opportunities made known to the universities again, despite American parents paying top dollar and mucking it up with the university big shots at the cocktail parties, you can bet that progressive Democratic leaders, along with the university placement departments in these prestigious bastions of learning, would deny American graduates the job interviews they need. Instead, these esteemed US universities who hate the US and all of US with a passion, would find ways to assure that illegal immigrants and those on student visas would be first in line over the US citizen graduates—even those whose American parents paid full-freight. Did you vote for this?

Less than 10% of the faculty in universities is conservative. Conservatives must hide in Academia, for if they were discovered, their time would be short. Universities hate conservatives and they teach your children to hate conservatives. So, they teach your children to hate you unless you are a progressive. They also teach every student that global warming is real because that is part of the complete progressive lie.  

Get hired by a university and you will soon know that all university factions—faculty and administration, are progressive.  There is no hope. Progressives believe in their sincere hearts that Americans have had it too good for too long. They think it is time for others to enjoy the American dream even if they are not American. They want you to give somebody else your wallet before the government must take it from you. 

It does not bother them at all if by a stroke of bad luck; your degree holding child may be forced by circumstance to find something less lucrative in employment than the American dream of the past. The up-side is that this would permit a deserving foreign student graduate to find success that would be un-achievable in their own country. BTW, as a reminder, it is 100% OK for foreigners to be successful. 

The moral of this sad story is that when a theoretically good education can no longer deliver a good job, or in fact, any job, this writer sincerely hopes that smart Americans will quickly stop paying the price. It is the only way the problem can be solved. Eventually the money-hungry universities and the fat-cat faculty will have to begin to help Americans first or be out in the street. 

My goal is that the nose-in-the-air progressive academicians who today demean success, will soon find it more expedient to tell the truth than to lie to students. It may take a few years after being fired from the classroom and on the public dole—as the professorial cognac runs out—before out-of-work snobbish Academicians find room for the truth again. Until then, let them eat cake.

Meanwhile Americans must take control of the government and the public universities. We must send the progressives packing or we are damned for good. Additionally, American Industry must be convinced they will not be going out of business tomorrow by a new Obama regulation. When they are ready to hire again, American industry should have an incentive to hire Americans, rather than foreigners from universities in America. Would that not be nice? 

aybe we can make it a patriotic notion and print t-shirts about it. Regardless, no business works well with an Obama or a progressive boot on its neck. Only We the People can change things. Let’s take control as soon as we can. 2014 would be a good time to start. RINOS and progressives must be put out of action.