Planning outside the reach of the gang of eight tyrants!.

If the term, comprehensive immigration reform is to have meaning to Americans, it needs to be shaped to include the notion that Americans in America should gain every benefit of the doubt. Americans should be in the front seat for prosperity and we should not have to watch foreign nationals take our citizen birthright along with our jobs.  America was founded for Americans. However, that notion is beyond the imagination of Democrats and RINOS, who continually put foreigners before Americans.

The debate about whether foreign nationals have taken any American jobs is well settled by statistics compiled by Obama’s administration. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data indicate that as of August 2012, over 1.7 million foreign nationals found jobs during Obama’s first term while only 418,000 native-born Americans were so fortunate. One could readily conclude that Americans need more help in finding a better life than do foreign nationals.  But, nobody in Congress is working on a plan that helps Americans.

Recently a Democratic plan for legalizing all foreign nationals has been put forth by a group of eight Senators, who seem to enjoy being called the “gang of eight.”  However bad it is for American citizens today, it will surely be worse if this proposal becomes law. I see this group more properly identified as “the gang of eight tyrants.” A tyrant of course is an anti-American ruler who dictates and oppresses—whose rule is for the good of himself; rather than the good of those ruled.

Democratic Party precepts predominate the gang of eight tyrants. Along with long time RINOS Senator John McCain(AZ) and Senator Lindsey Graham (SC), and new RINOS Marco Rubio (FL) and Jeff Flake (AZ), Democrats are so consumed with making illegal residents voting citizens; they are willing to forget that they live in America and that they were voted into office by Americans who trusted them.

Legalization and a path to citizenship for the fifty million illegal aliens now residing in our country, is their overarching goal. All of the Democrats, plus a gang of eight tyrants will be more than pleased to lie to the American public to achieve their goal. Will Americans be duped again by politicians working against our best interests? Hopefully not!

In the gang of eight tyrants’ deal, permanent legalization without a background check is to be afforded almost immediately to the nation’s 50 million illegal foreign nationals. All they have to do is pay back taxes and perhaps a small fine.

How can anybody know what taxes they owe? This is the same US government of incompetentes that has no idea where any of the indocumentados live. If they knew, by law, they would have to serve them notice and deport them. Can this same government claim to know how much taxes they owe when they have no idea who they are?  Of course not! This is just another ruse from the gang of eight tyrants. Their whole body of work is a recipe for chicanery designed to deceive the American people. 

Two weeks ago, you may recall that I wrote an article for Conservative Action Alerts titled: The Comprehensible and Sane Immigration Plan – the American Way. It was an outline of the Kelly Plan which is highlighted in this article.

Step 2 Secure the Border First! 

All Americans would agree that neither Mexico nor South America nor any other country should have any say as far as how America handles its immigration issues. One of the best ideas out there right now in legislative circles is that there should be a four-border-state US Governor’s agreement that will confirm that the border has become 99.44/100% pure / secure. This should happen before we extend visas and any binding permissions to those who have no respect for our borders.

The Kelly Plan defines a two year period in which to verify that border security is on track to completion. This means that the proper technology is installed; the proper personnel are on duty; and the proper fence design is complete; and the fence is well along to completion.  When the border is verified as secure, the process of verifying which registrants can be accepted as guests can begin.

Step 1 Register every illegal foreign national that breathes!

The first part of the plan, a registration period, should take place even before the border is secure. The idea is very simple.  While we are in a holding pattern to assure the border is secure, some great work for Americans can be done. The first step is to register all illegal foreign nationals residing in the United States. This process should be designed to be cost neutral with a fee that will cover all costs. Though it will cost nothing, it will benefit US all immensely, even if the next step is never taken.

In fact, one immediate benefit of registering over a three month period is that any interloper who jumps the border after the registration process is complete will lose their opportunity to become a guest under the program. Because of this three month time limit to be legal, after the registration period is closed, the rush across the border will have no benefit, and thus it should end on its own accord.

Why should illegal foreign nationals register with authorities?

There is both a carrot and a stick as an incentive for interlopers to register. The carrot of course is that they may become legal at some point in the process if they play ball with authorities. The stick in the process is that any alien in illegal status who ever hopes to be legal would be compelled to register properly and fully or be denied legalization. Moreover, after we catch up on our duties, they will be vigorously deported.

The United States has a big problem with millions of illegal non-citizens taking Americans jobs and consuming American resources. It is clear that this problem cannot be solved with the two sides so firmly entrenched.

Most if not all Democrats and a few RINOS think that the gang of eight tyrants’ solution, which is the 100% Democrat solution, must be brought forth to gain any agreement at all. Democrats and RINOS may agree, but Republicans do not agree. Republicans were not elected to think like Democrats. Therefore if Republicans act as they should, the recommendations from the gang of eight tyrants’ are doomed to failure.

Any solution must provide something for both political sides while Americans ultimately are made the winners. If conservatives had their way, the solution would be simple—deport them.  If liberal progressives had their way, the solution would be simple—grant them permanent residence and citizenship. These are the extremes of the earth and these positions will hold true until the end of time, unless we ignore the hardcore on both sides—as well as the RINOS and the DINOS, and despite all odds, we choose a path that is pro-American.  

Americans are the only party that needs to be considered. A process that is not gruesome for foreign nationals that are illegally residing in our country would also be very desirable. Though immediate deportation is called for in our laws, Democrats would never permit that.

For a long time, Americans have been wronged in many ways by illegal foreigners lowering our wages and taking our jobs. Despite that, we would agree to a deal that once and for all brings back job and prosperity opportunities in America for Americans. Such a deal would include deportations for those illegal foreign nationals who do not meet acceptance criteria. For example, those public charges (welfare) and of course criminals would be examples of those who would not meet acceptance criteria.  

The Kelly plan is rational. It creates temporary guests, not permanent citizens. It requires guests to pay their way and not take from Americans, and it gives Americans priority for every job in America. The Kelly plan is the only chance that America has to solve the problem without any of the legalized foreign nationals ever being able to shift the political landscape by being able to vote in US elections without being a citizen.

Though nothing is perfect in compromise, this plan is for Americans, not for Democrats, not for Republicans, and not for foreign nationals. Nonetheless, there is something for the illegal foreign nationals in the plan. For example, it offers a two-year citizenship advantage for any registrant who becomes a guest. Their date of record for the citizenship line in their home country is their date of registration, not the date upon which they go back home to get in line.

This means that any registrant within the first two years after registration, can go back to their home country and get in front of any of their peers whose slot in line is after their registration date. The Citizenship process after line determination is the same as for all others in the registrant’s home country. Registration gives the former illegal national a line advantage, but not really.    

There is nothing wrong with the Kelly plan as far as Americans will see it. If ever the illegal immigration problem is to be solved, it would help US all to remember that neither Democrats nor Republicans will ever agree to the other’s solution.  This frustrates Americans, who think our representatives should care only about what is good for Americans. The gang of eight tyrants do not think this way at all. Their plan is not good for Americans. If it took forever, their plan would never get past the American people.  

Thus, without the Kelly Plan, Americans will continue to have a shadow economy with shadowy residents until we convince our lawmakers to do something that helps Americans while making life a bit more secure for illegal foreign nationals. The former should please conservatives and the latter should please liberal progressives. When this is behind US, the country can again pay attention to all of our laws, and the President of course must give up his penchant to pick and choose enforcement.

Let’s take another walk through the process. The path to a temporary guest immigration card must begin with total registration. As a bonus for all those who come forth; it provides a one to two year amnesty for all registrants. The one-year registration amnesty can be renewed in person for one additional year. If the border security declaration is delayed, rather than give up on the whole process, one or more years may be added to the temporary amnesty w/ restrictions. Hopefully, this will not happen.

Any illegal foreign national who chooses not to register during the three month period, will be deported immediately.  For this to work, of course, President Obama must agree that this is a crime and he will enforce the laws by signing the legislation. People who choose not to register will be the first deported.   

After the first year of amnesty, any registrant who chooses not to renew their one year amnesty registration for another year shall be deported after the passing of a three month grace period. From the demographic information provided during registration, ICE will be able to locate the interlopers if need be. During the three-month grace period, any expired registrant would be able to renew their registration by paying a penalty plus twice the normal registration fee.

Registrants will have one or two years, depending on whether they renew their registration or not, to apply for a legal guest immigrant card.  The legal guest immigration card is the best somebody can get from the Kelly Plan for staying in America. Everybody illegal foreign national has the opportunity even today to go home and get in line for citizenship.

The cost will be higher for those applying for guest status in registration year two than in year one; higher again in the year-two grace period. After two years, registrants not yet approved as temporary guest immigrants, will have a three month grace period to sign up, pay the guest fee, and any other fees or charges due, and work through the process to be approved as a guest or be deported. If the border is still not secure after two years, those registrants who have not applied for guest status will be deported.

Should it matter how long an illegal foreign national has resided in the US?

From my perspective, a person who has been in the country five or ten years has committed more of a crime than somebody who crossed the border today. Any plan that attempts to prioritize legalization will fail if somehow it is based on proof that a person has been in the country for more or less than any particular number of years.

If our systems were so accurate, we would be able to locate every illegal foreign national in the country today and read them their statistics. But, we have no such abilities. So, how would we determine how long A was here compared to B? The Kelly plan registration, however will give us exactly that data that we need. My call would be to separate any plan, even the Kelly plan’s guest card application process from the registration process. We should begin a complete registration yesterday.

Illegal foreign nationals would be given three months to register. A required registration within a three month window for all illegal foreign nationals would cut off the massive influx of illegal aliens from other countries during the brief registration process. This mammoth in pouring has been going on since Summer 2012 when Obama announced that he had a real amnesty plan.

Anybody who is not registered in three months under the Kelly Plan would lose the opportunity forever. That is a pretty big incentive for complying. Though it began over nine months ago, most Americans are aware that the illegal border crossings have picked up by another 50% or more since the gang of eight tyrants began their very public amnesty process. Overall traffic has tripled from the “norm.”

Don’t we all think it is time to stop the madness?  The gang of eight tyrants should put a halt on discussions about amnesty and a comprehensive forgiveness plan and instead they should use the next few weeks to pass legislation that demands the registration of all illegal foreign nationals. They may call it the Kelly Plan if they like.

It would move US in the right direction. Once the legislation is passed and the database structures and the online forms are built, it would take another three months to register all of the illegal residents in the US. While we are doing this of course, Border Patrol would need authorizations to place extra personnel on the border to minimize the impact of the increased last-chance traffic.

Another benefit for Americans from the registration process is that accurate demographic information would be collected about each illegal foreign national. We would finally know where they live and we would have collected their biometrics so we can identify them if they choose to stop for government provided services.

Current database technology would enable the storage of the personal / demographic data along with fingerprint scans, iris scans, facial scans and perhaps even retinal scans. Each registrant would then be given a guest registration card with an RFID tag on it so it screams loudly about who they are even before it is used—yes, even before they un-shield their registration and / or guest card from their wallets or purses. If the US is serious about being the US rather than a suburb of South America, this will work.

The data on an estimated fifty million illegal residents would be captured in the registration process along with biometrics during this three month period. The process would take place in all fifty states at the same time. The eight island territories of the US would also need to be part of the process, but different rules would be applied based on their local laws.

There is no question that it would take substantially less time to complete this process if there are “only” ten million registrants as Democrats suggest vs. the 50 million registrations which I would estimate. Again, so we know this solution will not bankrupt US, any costs in this process must be borne by the registrants, not the US taxpayer.

(3) Potential guests personal interviews then approval or denial

The third step (after registration and the border being declared secure) of the Kelly Plan would be for registrants to be interviewed and cleared to be able to become temporary guests of the US. A code in the database would permit the registration card to become a guest card immediately with no change required on the card’s face. However, it may be more secure for the “guest” to receive a new card in the mail each time they register. If they no longer live where they say they live, they won’t get a new card.   

The temporary guest must renew their status each year for a fee that will assure that Americans are not paying their freight. As long as any guest meets all of the criteria and they have behaved according to the rules of the guest program, which include no criminal activity and no cost to the taxpayers, they would more than likely be granted the renewal of their guest status each and every year that they choose to reapply.

There would be a proper fee payable each year for an indefinite number of renewals, one renewal, and one year at a time. No matter how well they performed, these “guests” would never become permanent residents; they would never be able to vote, and they would not be able to take an American’s job. An American could bid on their job and their employer would have at least six months to hire an American.    

An RFID chip on the guest card would help in assuring that guests do receive services to which they are not entitled – no education, no welfare, no medical assistance. They would not receive other services in the future since they would be identified as guest or registrant even if they chose not to show their card. That is the power of RFID.  

Where ER treatment is not required, the same verification could be accomplished by a finger scan at the point of provider, education, or welfare service. For ER services, before anybody, including any citizen, who has not properly identified himself / herself for payment purposes is discharged, they would be finger scanned to see if they are in the guest immigration database. If they are not in the database, the provider would be enabled to take their fingerprint scan and collect any demographic information willingly provided, regardless of whether they are guests, legal visa holders, green card holders, or citizens.  A process would need to be developed for American citizens who present no identification.

At the time of original registration and then again when providers have the opportunity to register those in the no-pay category, an Electronic Health Record (EHR) record and an Electronic Accountability Record (EAR) would be built automagically in the immigration database for each registrant with demographic records in the immigration database.

Additionally, at any point in any medical process, treatment and billing information would be added to their EHRs and EARs at the time of service. Any unpaid bills would remain in the EAR and would be available during the registration or the guest renewal process so that renewal could be denied or the bills could be paid by the registrant or guest.  

Current law prevents denying ER medical service and no such service would be denied. However, it does not prevent ICE personnel from meeting an offender at discharge time if possible if they choose to not pay their bill. This may get them an immediate escorted trip back home.

All assets of such a “registrant,” who is not a guest, would then be available to pay the bill. These particulars are not as important but are situations that could be well handled in a computerized system designed to be fair to American taxpayers. .

Additionally, any guest with unpaid bills during the year would be required to make some payment and begin a payment plan as part of the annual guest pass renewal.  Those guests who do not play by all the rules are deported as dictated by the rules.

When registration becomes effective, USCIS offices and other DHS designated locations, such as the 31,272 retail post offices in the US would be ideal locations to conduct the registration process for the 10 to 12 to 50 million potential registrants. State Photo Centers would also be great spots to conduct registrations. There are enough options that complete registration within three months can be a negotiated success.

For example, there are seventy-two Photo ID Centers in Pennsylvania that right now are used for driver’s license photos and for PA State citizen ID cards. Based on the relative size of PA, let’s take fifty states multiplied by fifty centers per state on the average. This would give registration an additional 2500 locations providing bona fide registration cards. Registration should not take much more time than getting a license renewed. 

Considering that all residents of states needing driver’s license renewals must visit these centers once every four years, there are enough centers to support the foreign national registration work load. With a fee of $50.00 or $100 or even $500.00 per card, or more, any equipment upgrades could be paid for plus there would be revenue left to pay the state employees and / or the post office employees for their extra services.

A full questionnaire modeled after the one required for citizenship plus the additional demographic information to assure registrants can be located if they choose to quit the program in stream, would need to be developed. These items would be built as forms, and have appropriate database elements in the structure to store data for each registrant.  All documentation that may be needed down the road for the guest legalization or for citizenship (requiring a home country return) should be provided during registration and entered / scanned into the system for future use.

Each registrant would be assigned a user id and password to a database registration system that would be designed to provide an accurate check on registration / legalization / guest status. Coding options in the database would be provided so that it would be easy for a USCIS representative to interview and code the registrant as a legal guest when needed. So that issues such as criminal activity, unpaid bills, or overdue guest registrations or payments would easily be determined, USCIS representatives would have all they need. As part of the process, all would be provided with email addresses, and optional additional email addresses during registration or after the fact enabling USCIS personnel to communicate with them at any time. 

Initial registration data could be provided by a prospective registrant over the Internet in much the same way as Social Security and Welfare applications occur today even before onsite registration. To complete the process, however, each registrant would be required to meet with a federal representative (not a trained USCIS officer) to add the finger print scan and an iris scan, photo, and the creation of a US Guest Registration Card. All costs for the registration process would be paid by the applicant by verified check or cash. The entire process would be videotaped and added to the applicant’s database record. This would also help in assuring all funds are properly accounted.

When a registrant completes the process and leaves the federal building, there would be no immediate determination made about their potential acceptance to any legalization or future guest status other than their one year amnesty. However, a goodly amount of the information necessary to determine acceptance as a guest will have been collected and stored in the proper databases. Many of the background checks in this process can be programmed to occur automatically in the event they are needed in the future. If Congress ultimately passes any form of legalization, the registration system will thus have been populated to provide most of the data.

After three months from the beginning of the registration program, the authorities would have registered all fifty million illegal aliens in the US. There would be no doubt as to how many interlopers there are; where they live; work; and where they go to church. Plus, each will have a biometric ID card—their registration card. Would it not be nice if we had all of this information today?

Not only would this registration process help in any legalization process, it would also finally provide the one and true accurate number of the illegal foreign nationals that reside in this country.  Additionally, we would be able to use this data to temporarily make all registrants legal under the one to two year amnesty program that we have already outlined. No extensions after two years of course—unless the border is not verified as secure.  

This gives a good look at the initial details of the Kelly Plan. There are a lot more issues that need to be examined to assure that Americans wind up winning in this “game.” Once all illegal foreign nationals are registered and are known to authorities, Americans have the opportunity to be in charge of the entire immigration process once again.

If your politicians do not agree with you on this, remember that just like the temporary guest status for immigrants in the Kelly Plan that we have been discussing, temporary politicians must also renew their temporary applications to represent you and I every two (Representatives) or six (Senators) years. Only you and I, nobody else, have the option during their elections to assure that the harm they inflict on US is temporary. We do not have to let them hurt us again.