When I hear Democrats and RINOs whining about amnesty for illegal aliens like as if it would be good for America, I again hear the words of candidate Ronald Reagan in the 1980 Presidential debates: “There you go again.” That shot by Reagan was heard ‘round the world right after Jimmy Carter chose to fabricate his own version of Reagan’s views on Social Security and Medicare. Reagan called Carter on it, and the world is a different and better place because of Ronald Reagan, a man who was much more than a great communicator.

Unfortunately, the Obama Administration and the Democratic Congress are speaking fiction again. This time, it is about amnesty for illegals. Trust them at your own peril. As most know, Reagan was such a kind-hearted man, he put his sympathy for the plight of illegal aliens above what was good for the country in 1986 when he gave US our first round of full-bore amnesty. Reagan wanted to be a nice guy but he later realized that he had neither helped the aliens or the American people. He regretted this decision for the rest of his life.    

Reagan’s plan legalized 2.7 million and an additional 3.3 million or so came in free of charge later by way of family reunification provisions.  Reunification is being demanded again today by Democrats trying to get a two-for or a three-for or a six-for—for each newly minted citizen.

The provisions in the gang of eight tyrants recent bipartisan plan permits only the nuclear family to be reunited. It is a ruse. Never believe a crooked politician. That really means that for a few years, Uncle Shamus would not be able to get his free pass. However, Mr. Shamus, and his entire brood would immediately be welcomed in America with open arms. Then, after just a few years, Uncle Shamus could petition for a green card right from the Old Sod, where he would meet the slip-shod qualifications, and he would be” In like Flint!”  

After Reagan’s 1986 amnesty, you may know that a very large number of new citizens figured out how to take advantage of the good will of Americans by bringing anybody and everybody in with them. It was “such a deal,” nobody could say NO!  The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) was so overwhelmed after the amnesty was granted that there are reports that a few fine looking dogs and cats were given citizenship. Some of these more than likely are collecting Social Security today.

Some of the amnestied brought in as many as 100 “relatives” on the reunification clause. To this day, more and more foreign nationals are continually being reunited through this loose, anything-goes immigration system. Loose administration of foreign birth records helped just about anybody who tried to get through the maze legally.  

After gun control and perhaps pro-football control, a liberal immigration policy is at the top of the progressive agenda, hoping to attract more Democrat voters from other countries. So, let’s say that America goes ahead and does exactly what the Democrats and the unions and the corporations want. Let’s say that our corrupt lawmakers grant amnesty again to ten million to perhaps as many as fifty million currently illegal residents. Who knows how many there really are? Then what? How does that help the jobs picture for Americans?

The Kelly Comprehensible and Sane Immigration Plan is an American way to handle the problem of illegal immigration. At first it may not sound as good as deportation since it does offer a guest path to legalization, but as you learn more about it, it will grow on you.

There is no citizenship and no amnesty. The price to be a guest will be high for it will cover all costs for those now residing in the US, but then again, living it up on the taxpayer dime for years has been a huge cost for Americans. With the Kelly Plan, those taxpayer-funded days are over.   

There are more than forty stipulations in the Kelly Plan that Americans will see as big winners. At the top of the list, formerly illegal American guests will never be able to vote. Additionally, the cost to Americans for permitting guests to reside in the country is zero. Finally, any American citizen can bump any “guest” for any job in the country. There are many more that favor Americans and a number are listed in Part I of this article.

The bottom line is that Americans no longer will have to worry about foreigners controlling future elections; the huge cost of welfare, medical services and education; the inability to get jobs now held by illegal foreign nationals.

Any preferences for anybody but an American end with the Kelly Plan since all guests must pay their own way. There are more than forty other stipulations in the plan, each of which benefits Americans first, but overall most are good for the guests also.

More details and more beneficial stipulations will be announced over the next several months. Any American that does not think this is a good idea after it is spelled out fits the words of Utah Jazz president Frank Layden when describing the response of a former player to a simple question that Layden asked: “Son, what is it with you? Is it ignorance or apathy? Just like a lot of low information Americans, who do not pay attention, the player responded to the coach: “ I don’t know and I don’t care!” Of course! The more Americans learn about the Kelly Plan, the more they will care.

Democrats as you know for the past few years have openly claimed that there were about 20 million, not 10 million in the illegal population. Ironically, as a vote on amnesty approaches, the Dems now swear that as many as ten million residents have disappeared from their lists. Their new numbers show that there are now just ten to twelve million illegal foreign nationals left in America. It is a miracle. This difference between ten and twelve to twenty million is calculated to sell Americans that amnesty will be no big deal since the numbers are decreasing. They are not decreasing at all and are upward bound. .Unfortunately, there are more like fifty million illegal aliens in the US today?

Ahem! Those extra eight million to ten million or perhaps thirty-eight to forty million interlopers as I calculate will assure in the future that there will no longer be a need for a Republican Convention. Democrats are looking for a one-party political system and if their amnesty takes hold, with fifty million more Democrats, a one party system is sure to follow. That one party can then tilt the country towards liberalism, socialism, progressivism, or communism as they see fit. Conservativism and the Republican brand will exist no more.

After the new “bipartisan” amnesty, being concocted right now by the gang of eight tyrants, you can expect a plethora of Irish speaking people to be legally residing in the country, and even more when the coattails finally reach back to Ireland for full family reunification? I am not worried for, as a Kelly, I am OK with the Irish for sure.

However, the German, Italian, Ghanaian, and the French immigrants and others, waiting years in the wings, might not be as pleased as I, since I am Irish, but then maybe I should have no say. The decisions may be left to the whims of John McCain and Lindsey Graham. These RINOS are two major players in the gang of eight tyrants. If McCain and Graham have their way, it looks like it will be lots easier for Big Apple visitors to get a well poured drink legally in New York City, as all the Irish bartenders would be legalized.  

A few years back, Google search results showed me that less and less legal foreign nationals with green cards chose to take the full plunge to become citizens. They were apparently happy speaking Gaelic. Being a permanent resident of the US with a green card is a pretty good deal and you do not ever have to learn the English language. The word on the street is that many who have achieved green card permanent resident status have kept their loyalty with their home countries. Though they like living at large in the USA, they are not ready to profess full loyalty to America, and learning the language for many is simply a burden they choose to avoid.

I bet that The NJ resident, and Spanish speaking Dominican immigrant Pedro Quezada, who just picked up a cool $300 million + in the recent Powerball, will be the most celebrated green card holder in his first ESL class. He sure seems like a good guy. I hope he chooses to pay back the US for any largesse he may have received in the twenty-six years before he became an overnight lottery hero. First reports are that he is a hard worker, an independent business man, father of five, and just the type of person we like in America. Viva El Pedro! If I had the chance, I would ask Pedro why he never chose to take the next step to citizenship?   

With so many green card holders staying as permanent residents, I find it more than strange that there is such a push by Democratic politicians to push illegal foreign nationals into citizenship. The evidence suggests that it is not what they seem to want. Can there be another reason for the push than concern for the aliens?

Maybe the Democrats know that green card holders cannot vote for any favorite Democrat du jour since they are not citizens. Maybe the Democrats are not as happy letting the new residents enjoy their fine living in America without the Dems gaining something from it.  You don’t think that Obama and the Democrats would play politics on such an important issue as a person’s life. Do you?

For those who have studied history, you know that in the Ronald Reagan blanket amnesty, Congress promised that full border security would be enacted right after amnesty was given and the six million new citizens began to roam the land. The gang of eight tyrants are promising the same.

We also know that full border security never happened as that is the nature of political promises. Other than in the political mind of Big Sis, the border is still insecure. After his term was up and perhaps even beforehand; Reagan looked back at his amnesty as a big mistake. He acknowledged that it had brought upon the US a new wave of illegal immigration that has lasted to today. Big Sis may not see it; but I’ll take Reagan’s word.

Ireland is a major depositor of illegal immigrants into the US with about 50,000 in residence. A number of other countries have deposited even more. Mexicans in Mexico for example, have justification to fear that one day there may be so few inhabitants of their country that they may become very lonely. 

If there were another amnesty coming soon, Irish hooligans would more than likely try to sneak a few extra planeloads of illegals into the US for sure. With just 50,000 prepared to be legalized at present that would leave plenty enough souls in the Emerald Isle to support the country after the exodus. The number of Irish exporting themselves to America would be just in the thousands, not the millions as those left in Mexico would need to endure. The small hit on Ireland suggests they would surely handle the brain drain, though if necessary, a few Guinness might help make up for the loss. 

Mexico might not be in as good a situation with another major exodus brought forth by a second reunification. Over time, this beautiful country might be forced to import some folks from the US and perhaps even Ireland in order to continue with an adequate population. Perhaps some of the tricks could be borrowed from US. One that was used successfully in pioneer days was squatters’ rights. This would come in handy for Mexico if US amnesty causes such a huge and beautiful land to run out of people.

After a failed amnesty in 1986, it is absurd that intelligent people in the US are at it again. Does this prove that we can never learn?  The US is consciously examining whether making the same mistakes again will give US better amnesty results. Congress, despite the clear wishes of American citizens, is again leaning towards a blanket amnesty. This time, they are even bolder. They do not promise any reform immigration laws or enforcing border security. One could readily conclude that Congress thinks its got Americans by the cajones!  It is up to US to tame these relics and send them home.

Our federal government is committing tyranny every day and because the Democrats own the presidency and ½ of Congress, nobody is taking action. Republicans speculate this is the case. I am a Democrat. I know it is the case. Would it not be nice if the press was not so far in the tank for Obama that it would consider telling the public the truth? Who else in the nation actually pays for their crap but Americans? Amnesty will hurt Americans. It is that simple. Americans cancelling their subscriptions will hurt the press.

The short result would be that a new, truthful, and vibrant news industry would be created. By default, it would  be forced to do the people’s bidding in the way the founders’ intended.

Recently Congressman Lamar Smith R-Texas, urged lawmakers to remember the 1986 fiasco. The Heritage Foundation made a similar plea offering this reasoning: “As evident from the last amnesty in 1986, illegal aliens will rightfully view the federal government as a serial amnesty machine that will cave once again in 20 years when the illegal immigration population again swells in the United States.” The next time the US succumbs, a major or lesser foreign power may own US.

Fool me once; shame on you. Fool me twice; shame on me. How many times do our lawmakers need to be shamed and fooled to do the right thing for US citizens? Can it be that the answer is that they are not fooled? Perhaps they are not hoodwinked at all. Instead, perhaps the lawmakers are hoodwinking US citizens?

Can it be that our Congress is simply doing the highest bidder’s business? Has some miracle happened since the last time we tried amnesty? Aren’t the same reasons that defeated the Bush era amnesty in play today? Amnesty is not free for Americans. It has a lot of costs. A big reason why the plan was defeated in 2007 is that it was not economically viable. It is even less viable today. Ask your Senator or Representative why he or she supports a bill that hurts all Americans. There are a number of differences today compared to 2007.

Let’s look at some differences. In 2007, there were just over 7 million Americans unemployed.  Today there are over 12 million Americans officially unemployed.  This too is an understatement since millions more citizens have dropped out of the labor work force or have applied for / or are receiving SS disability. There are no jobs in America for either Americans or illegal foreign nationals. A mass legalization without a concession for real Americans today would put more citizens in the poverty bracket.

The official number of out-of work Americans is 25 million. With about nine million jobs already occupied by illegal aliens, there is no room for another amnesty immigration magnet. In fact, many Americans would love to have a special pathway to just one of those jobs already taken by an illegal foreigner.

Instead, Congress is ready to permit even more illegal foreign nationals to take those jobs, while providing a first-class pathway to citizenship for them. How can that be fair for American citizens, who have been paying, and would be forced to continue to pay the price of the interloper’s free lunch while not being able to find work themselves?

Ask your Congressperson why he or she thinks this is OK! Ask them if this is the new American way? Should anybody desire to ever work ever again? Should our children, after graduating from college, immediately apply for welfare? Should the excuse for getting welfare simply be by admitting that their national origin is American? In the future, if anybody says American, perhaps they won’t ever have to work.  Perhaps there will be at least enough cash in the government’s regular check to buy some beer and some hooch for the weekend. But, is that what we are looking for – for America? Is this what we really want? I

How can our legislators even consider punishing Americans even further towards destitution? Our representatives are supposed to be governing on behalf of the citizenry. Instead, they care more about foreigners. Why is that? No foreigner can reelect them! No foreigner who hurts Americans should be placed ahead of any American. Our representatives should be fighting for US, rather than Ireland or Mexico.   

How can lawmakers even think it is in the best interests of American constituencies for the supporters of amnesty to permit over 9 million jobs to be held right now by people from other countries who broke our laws?  They violated our sovereignty and they should be living in their own countries. Why would we trust a failed Congress to bring in 50 million more interlopers legally while telling US this action is better for America?

American citizenship should not be a huge lotto that foreigners get a chance to win every twenty years. Illegal foreign nationals do not belong here in the first place. Though we have a Disneyland and a Disney World in this great country, sneaking into America is not the same as sneaking into a Disney Park. Yet, there is more punishment meted out by the Disney folks for obtruders than by our government, for which US citizens pay dearly for even small services. Why is it that the interlopers do not have to pay?

Disney does not publish its prosecutions, but most Disney followers suggest that it would not be a pleasant experience to be caught sans ticket in a Disney facility, and you would suffer through life with a criminal record. Surely, our government ought to make obtruders into the US at least as fearful of US as potential Disney trespassers are of Disney. .

Disney charges a fee per guest that does a lot more than merely cover their costs. Any guest program the US may choose to adopt under the Kelly Plan would recoup at a minimum all of our costs with enough left over for a rainy day. Disney is also smart enough that when they catch trespassers, they escort them out of the park immediately. Under the Kelly plan, our government will do the same. If we have a government that chooses not to enforce our immigration laws in the future, we should escort these officials out of the park immediately.   

On the economic front, it is not just that we have a major jobs problem in this country; everything is bleaker this time around from how it was in 2007. Our spending is out of control and it threatens to bankrupt the whole country. Adding 10 to 50 million currently illegal people onto the welfare rolls is not going to help any American looking for economic salvation? No guest will be permitted on welfare under the Kelly Plan.  Guests on welfare and guests who use any resource intended for Americans will be escorted out of the park and they will also pay the escort fees. 

Obamacare for all these new immigrants may be something they think will come free with the free lunch, as everything else has been so far for them. Yet, for American citizens, it will add another hundred billion dollars that will be charged to the US illegal foreign national cost account. In the past, by design, this has never got paid.  In the Kelly Plan, there will be no Obamacare for guests. Any guest applying for Obamacare will be escorted out of the park, and yes, they will pay their own escort fees.  

State and local budgets are already strained, and a reunification program as proposed by Democrats may be the feather that pushes state and local government pension plans and teacher pension plans into insolvency.  How will this help our hard working police, firefighters and teachers save their pension plans if they are dissolved? There will be no reunification for guests, including the nuclear family. Guests who need their families to be with them, should rejoin join them in their home country at their option. With a deal favoring Americans paid for by interlopers, there might even be salvation for public pension plans.

Don’t be hoodwinked into believing the blarney that illegal’s pay their way. They do not. Yes, they do pay taxes.  But what they pay pales in comparison to what they cost US. The net is short by $100 billion to $300 billion per year. The part they do not pay is picked up courtesy of Americans, such as you and me, to the tune of about $1200 per household per year. It costs all Americans right now approximately $8,500 per illegal at the lowest rate of 10 million.  

If this cost relationship holds, in year three of the guest program, guests will pay $8500 as the fee to maintain their guest status. Costs for years one and two will be very low. Potential guests who choose not to register in the first months, as required will not fare well. Their costs will escalate, and if not paid, these potential guests will be deported swiftly without a hearing.

Nothing good that will flow from the guest program will accrue to those who fail to register as required. Once registered, of course, guests must continue to register as dictated. It is possible that all guest plans for the future may not be determined by year three of the guest plan. Waiver requests will be accepted in year three to assure the guests who choose to stay in America love our country, and really want to be here. Most will be granted. No waivers will be accepted in year four.  

To assure that all illegal foreign nationals in residence are registered, iris-scanned, and fingerprinted,  while they are ferreting out their best lifetime options, year one and year two fees will be very low. Year three waiver fees will be somewhat higher but considerably lower than the fee required to cover an immigrant’s share of the cost of all guests.

If you think my facts are wrong about the cost per American, because you have not felt it directly, think of what you could have gotten from the government if it was able to increase your child income tax credit by $1200 instead of funding people that you or I do not know. I suspect the winners of the $1200 credit have never thanked any of US personally for our “gifts”, and I would expect no thank-you’s to be coming soon.

By the way, any illegal foreign national working in America henceforth would have to bring each child into a federal office such as a post office to prove they were eligible for any American per child IRS tax credits. If there is or has been any falsification of dependents to extort dollars from the US treasury, the guest applicant will be denied and will be immediately deported and asked to pay back the dollars received illicitly. Their SS fund contributions may be exhausted to pay for any fraud that they may have perpetrated. Interlopers will pay for the costs of the IRS interview. .

Regarding thank you’s from those who have been taking—expect none. Without putting an end to such excesses from the US treasury through legislation, they will be stopped by the Kelly Plan. Instead of a thank you, foreigners will demand more from citizens next year and the next year after. It is their intentions that their “entitlements” will increase at US expense quite regularly when the Congressional recommendation of amnesty is granted.

I have become accustomed to offer my thoughts about RINOs such as John McCain and Lindsey Graham speaking about comprehensive immigration reform. I first cringe. I then clutch my wallet, my lifetime beliefs, and my common sense. I ask all Americans to evaluate the plan about which I have written, and the give-away to foreigners which these men put forth. 

If you think the Kelly plan is anything like theirs, please read theirs and mine again and watch as the details are released. There are no similarities. The Kelly Plan is for the benefit of Americans while the Democrat and RINO plan is for the benefit of illegal foreign nationals.  

Michelle Bachmann is the person in Congress that I would prefer to be in my corner in the fight against illegal immigration. If John McCain or Lindsey Graham offered their help for my plan, I would see it as the incarnation of deceit.

Bachmann supports what Americans want—building a fence along the Mexican border, deporting all illegal immigrants in the United States; and she supports state lawmakers who have written their own immigration laws to help Americans. Bachmann opposes the DREAM Act and any “comprehensive reform” plan that includes a special head-of-the line path toward citizenship for the ten to fifty million illegal foreign nationals already living here. McCain and Graham are happy for Americans to continue to pay the freight for foreigners.

This is one of my favorite Bachmann quotes on the subject:

"When we give the welfare state, then people won't be able to come out of it. It's the biggest trap that people can have,"

Bachmann provides these insightful words on her website:

"The last time our immigration laws were overhauled was in 1986, when Congress granted amnesty to almost three million illegal immigrants in the U.S. and promised increased border security in the near future. Twenty years later, the number of illegal immigrants in our country has quadrupled, with no end in sight. Rather than repeating the mistakes of our past, I believe Congress must work to secure our nation’s borders and enforce the immigration laws already in place. Once this is achieved, improvements to the current system can be considered."  I will communicate with Mrs. Bachmann so she understands that a comprehensible and sane immigration plan, done the American way, and hopefully she will introduce it in Congress. 

Bachmann has the corrupt media and the Democrats running scared. When she speaks, no matter what she says, tons of progressives speak in universal tongues to damn whatever it is they do not like. Since they almost always like nothing of which she speaks or represents—the very same things that I love about the Congresswoman, she will be a favorite media target forever.

I am personally disappointed that Fox’s Bill O’Reilly did not side with Ms. Bachman properly regarding her excellent CPAC speech. Conservatives should expect more from O’Reilly but maybe his balance is off a bit for he too often fails as a conservative.

Without Bachmann, conservatives fighting for a chance for Americans v unbridled immigration interlopers are left with just the gang of eight tyrants led by John McCain and Lindsey Graham. These RINOS have been bragging recently about their new creation—a so-called bi-partisan plan that would be a major change in US immigration laws. Its misnomer, comprehensive immigration reform would make you think that it is designed for regular Americans. It is not. It is for the benefit and enjoyment of illegal foreign nationals.  Since we are considering changing our immigration laws, why not change them so that regular Americans, not just illegal foreign nationals gain the benefits?

Since my name is Kelly, my proposed plan would not be expected to be called the McCain Plan, the Graham Plan, the Palin Plan or the Bachman Plan. It is the Kelly Plan but I would be most pleased if Palin and Bachmann got behind it. It is designed to please all Americans who love America. The others can self-deport.

In Part I, as you may recall, we provided a clear and simple introduction to the specifics of the comprehensible and sane immigration plan that has been constructed in an American way. In Part I, we provided the first wave of specific bulletized stipulations for how this could be achieved. Over time, we suggested that the bullets in the plan will increase.  This Part I summation of points was put forth to help outline solutions for the problem of illegal foreign national encroachment in America.  

Over the next month or two in other articles, I have promised to flesh out the Comprehensible and Sane Immigration Plan bullets.  Thus, we do not have to rely on Democrats or on RINO Senator John McCain or RINO Senator Lindsey Graham to get this important work executed correctly. These two RINOS are more concerned about what Ireland and Mexico think about them than what Americans think or can handle.  Forget about them please. We can all rely on the Kelly Plan to serve America well. We do not need any form of McCain / Graham amnesty to survive. Amen!