There are many reasons that Americans are not interested in going through another amnesty such as we did in 1986. The biggest reason is that we have been on the short end of the stick for too many years. The Kelly Plan changes that for all Americans. There shall be no amnesty!

Unlike many pundits, politicians, and immigrant groups offering their versions of comprehensive immigration reform, all of which are intended eventually to give illegal foreign nationals the opportunity to vote in all of our elections; gain welfare, Medicaid and Medicare services, free K-12 education, as well as free college tuition; the Kelly Comprehensible and Sane Immigration Plan for Americans offers none of those features. Instead it satisfies the demands of Americans for an immigration system that favors Americans.

For a price, the Kelly plan does offer illegal foreign nationals an opportunity to continue to live in America as legal guests. That is why it should be accepted by both progressives and conservatives. It is the only plan both can accept and it makes real Americans the clear winners.

And, if it isn’t right when we pass it, it can be modified to be made better without ever permitting illegal foreign nations to vote; to get anything for free, and to ever hold a job that any American wants. On top of these three precepts, there are over forty other stipulations that make this a solution that is almost as good as deportation. 

The guest status in this plan is not free and it is not without American-centric rules and restrictions. No, this is not amnesty, and over time, I will show you why.

When was the last time a politician offered a plan in which fairness for illegals was not the major objective? The Kelly plan is built by an American for Americans. We all have been pushed around by illegal foreign nationals and our government for far too long.

As previously noted, the Kelly Plan is so American-centric that it is almost as good of a solution as deportation since it favors American citizens from step one to step ninety-nine. If the illegal foreign nationals of today cannot handle Americans being in the driver seat, getting preference for jobs and everything else over legal guests, they can go find a country that treats them better—perhaps their own.

The Kelly plan provides a no cost solution for Americans and it removes the threat of 50 million new citizens with little knowledge of America deciding our future elections. The Kelly Plan is so different from the McCain / Graham / RINO Comprehensive Immigration Reform that regular Americans will find it both comprehensible and sane.

For several hundred years to show that we at one time meant business, US immigration laws have required deportation for all illegal foreign nationals, merely because they are illegal foreign nationals. Braking into the country was crime enough, and ther was no need for a hearing. If you were in the US illegally, it was crime enough to force you to leave.

Recent constitutional revisionists, championed by President Barack H. Obama and the Democratic Senate have decided that illegal foreign nationals have rights greater than, and independent from, American citizens. These “unconstitutional” rights override the rights of American citizens when the two are in conflict. That is the new law according to Obama, a former Constitutional Law professor, who should know better; but doesn’t!

Most Americans, other than those with too much allegiance to Washington, would ask that American citizens’ rights should again be placed above those of foreign nationals. Conservatives see this as a difficult battle.  The irony is that the very people who now vote against Americans and for foreign interests in this country choose to cast aside Americans—the very people to whom they swore their oaths of office when they promised to uphold the laws of this nation. What happened?

Our representatives and the President now have a different agenda and they have begun testing we the people on whether they can disregard our Constitution. They believe that we do not have the mettle to call them on their tyranny. So far, they have been right!

The Second Amendment  was put forth to handle situations such as this, so that if the time came, Americans would be as powerful as we were when we faced King George, provocateur of tyranny. Yet, despite our history lessons, those interested in the usurpation of our government choose to pay no heed to constitutional principles or amendments. They are taking advantage of flaws in our Constitution which permit but do not force the general people to pay attention to thieves willing to steal their liberty.

Despite the irrefutable fact that freedom is good for all, none of us on the side of Americans have been able to convince the rest of the masses to elect members of the House and Senate and a President who would agree to get the immigration job done in a way that favors American citizens. In fact, our “trusted” lawmakers have lined up on the other side. Instead of trying to deport interlopers, they encourage their melding.  

Since the beginning of 2013, for example, the theoretical gang of eight tyrants has been working on making anybody from another country, terrorist or not, who happens to be in America right now, an American citizen. That is how little our leaders care about US. This is the wrong direction on immigration reform.

The Kelly Plan offers no change in the path to citizenship for any foreigner. From their home country, any foreigner, whether they once were interlopers in America or not, can visit a US embassy or consulate, with no penalty, and begin the green card process while registering at the back of the line. This is not part of the Kelly Plan. This is simply the way it has been for two hundred years. The Kelly Plan offers no incentive for any interloper to gain citizenship and the precious right to vote.   

Since we cannot convince our government to deport the unwelcome visitors in the US, the Kelly plan protects Americans forever from any of the negative effects of our lax immigration practices.

By doing nothing forever, things will get worse forever, for sure. As much as it disappoints me, I have concluded that there is no collective will to deport all fifty million illegal aliens residing in our country, even though I can prove it will save the country a lot of money. The Kelly Plan is our best alternative to maintaining a piece of the status quo while making Americans the favored nationality in any solution. We Americans will be far better off in twenty years from now if we choose to take action now and gain almost all of our goals, than if we postpone action indefinitely.

In other words, by doing nothing, instead of fifty million illegal foreign nationals, we are placing the burden of 100 million aliens in the future squarely on the backs of our children and grandchildren.  No deal will be easy on Americans or the interlopers but the last fifty years have surely not been a piece of cake for Americans and our families. Unfortunately, there is no illegal foreign national EASY button coming any time soon. The McCain / Graham plan places all Americans at a major disadvantage and some Republicans are ready to go for this. The Kelly Plan is the only prescription that puts Americans in charge of the whole deal, forever.    

Illegal foreign nationals who cannot resist criminal behavior; who cannot pay the same taxes as Americans; who cannot live by the same rules as Americans;  who cannot pay special fees to cover all costs associated with their guest status; will have only two options: to self deport, or be deported.

Those who choose to live cleanly will be welcomed as guests; but only while they are living cleanly and paying all their fees for the right to live in America as a guest. Of course, rich liberal progressives will be permitted to make unlimited donations to serve as benefactors to offset the costs of the guest program. In this way, those “guests,” who cannot make their payments will not have to be immediately escorted to the gate.  

Those who want to stay, who really love America and who are willing to play by the rules, will be given a one-time opportunity to either stay as a guest in America or go home and get in line with everybody else for a possible green card and the normal citizenship route.

The guest program is for residents who do not want to work as hard to be citizens. In any case, Americans will not pick up the tab for those residing in the US as a guest or any other visa type..  

It took me awhile to get past the best solution. Our laws dictate deportation as the only solution for those who break into our country. Because our government has chosen to ignore our laws, for the last 25 years, some might suggest that America somehow is guilty of giving illegal foreign nationals a sense that it is OK for them to come on down and to then take up residence illegally, find a job, and be a pretend citizen. This is no longer to be tolerated as the de-facto law of the land.

In my book, Americans Need Not Apply!  I worked out the math that proves it would cost far less to deport all illegal foreign nationals immediately than to pay for their support as we now do. For this to happen, however, the people must take a stand. You and I know that this will not happen. Additionally, we know that we would first have to replace all of Congress and the President to find people who think it is politically correct to deport anybody back to Ireland, Mexico, or anyplace else.

Good people, both conservatives and progressives would cry at the thought of the impact on these interlopers and their poor families.  Little consideration has been given to the poor families of unemployed Americans who have been made even poorer by this quiet “invasion?” Interlopers have come here illegally and to get by, they have chosen to take from Americans and they continue to take from US. They know there is no free lunch but they have come to see US citizens as suckers for hiring a government that is friendlier to them than its own. 

The Kelly Plan removes the financial burden from America and it removes the possibility of illegal foreign nationals quickly becoming citizens and ever being able to vote against the will of the American people. The Irish, Syrians, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Scotts, Finn, and many other nations settled in America years ago, and it did not matter from whence they came. The Kelly Plan is also nation agnostic.

All illegal foreign nationals residing in this country, once the plan passes, will be given a choice to become good living residents as guests of America or they can go home. There will be no other options. This is a much better deal than either the illegals or Americans have today. Though, under the plan, illegal foreign nationals will have the opportunity to become long term temporary guests in our country, the deal will not be as sweet as it has been for years. Americans are no longer willing to pick up the tab. The expense must be handled by the interlopers after several years and several full information registrations.

So, what is it that Americans really want to assure that we are not getting the bad end of the stick in any deal that has the slightest whiff of amnesty? I think I have the list and it can help all of US, and all of them. Moreover, our ministers and priests and bishops will not wish US to hell for not giving a fellow human a chance.

Unless an illegal foreign national is in America simply for a free lunch, they will be pleased that this plan offers an opportunity for redemption from the guilt of being an interloper, and it offers an opportunity for a lifetime as a guest in America.

This is a partial list of specific items that Americans want from their government regarding a Comprehensible and Sane Immigration Plan—the American way. This is the essence of the Kelly Plan. The stipulations in this list are important considerations in assuring that this program works for Americans and does not unnecessarily hurt the interlopers. Many of these notions may be new to those reading this article—especially politicians—but they are all helpful in solving this problem once and for all. America will be better for the Kelly Plan. Let’s take it up to the Congress for a vote. Perhaps a great friend of all Americans, Congresswoman Michele Bachman will do us the honors.  

The abbreviation list for the stipulations is as follows:

A-C – American citizen.

IFN – Illegal Foreign National(s)

IFN-G --Registered as guests w/ restrictive terms.

IFN-C – Registered as prospective citizens – must leave USA, go home, get in back of line for green card.  After an embassy / consulate visit in home country, have possibility for citizenship as all others.

FIFN -- Illegal Foreign National(s) who crash our borders in the future.

CIFN – companies that hire IFN in a non-agricultural capacity.

CIFNA –companies that hire IFN for agricultural purposes.

CFIFN – Companies that hire future IFNS post legislation   

II – illegal immigration


Comprehesible and Sane Immigration Reform Abbreviated Stipulations

1)   IFN-G – Shall never be permitted to vote or register to vote.

2)   A-C – First option on all jobs. Can bump IFN, IFN-G for any job,

      –  According to Citizens for Laws, for every 100 illegal aliens who find jobs in the U.S., 65 American workers are displaced.

3)   A-C – Require all IFN-G to speak English and to swear allegiance to the US.

4)   Govt. services – Net cost for illegal foreign nationals after paying local, state, and federal taxes is between $100 billion and $300 billion per year.

5)   Govt. services –  Net cost per household is $1200 to $3600.

6)   Govt. services – For each IFN costs about $10,000 per year.

7)   A-C – Require IFN-G pay a fee each year based on average cost of all services ($8500)

8)   IFN, IFN-G, IFN-C, FIFN, – costs that are not immediately paid are charged to Interloper accounts maintained in US accountability database.

       —A-C will pay none of the government cost for IFN, IFN-C, or FIFN

       —A-C will pay nothing for any benefits provided to IFN, IFN-C, or FIFN 

9)   Deportation – All cases immediate w/o judges or lawyers— @ interloper expense.

10)  A-C – Require 100% border security – no excuses. -- Guest program canceled after two years if border not verified as secure.

11)  A-C – Require zero amnesty provisions. 1986 Reagan amnesty did not work.

12)  A-C – Right to live in America is precious. Even Disneyland expels gate crashers.

13)  A-C – Require FIFN violations to have major penalties

14)  A-C – Require FIFN to be deported at FIFN expense.

15)  IFN-G, IFN-C, FIFN – Must register, fingerprint and iris biometric scans w/i 3 mos.

16)  IFN-G, IFN-C – Must carry photo ID card. Card & biometrics will prove identity.

17)  IFN-C – Must leave country within one year of registering

18)  IFN-C – Once in home country, normal citizenship application rules apply.

19)  IFN-G – Must be renewed every year in person to pay fees & verify demographics.

20)  A-C – Require IFN to regularly report addresses / demographic changes online.

21)  IFN – Jailed for committing crimes—deported

22)  IFN – Who does not pay fees as scheduled—deported

23)  A-C – Require CIFN and CIFA to pick up the fees, and the cost of provided services and benefits of IFNs including healthcare, regardless of hours worked. 

24)  A-C – Require fine and criminal charges v CIFN/A who hire IFN w/o fees, FIFN.

25)  A-C – Require any immigration enforcement costs borne by IFN, IFN-C, FIFN.

26)  A-C – Concerned about the rising population. – Center for Immigration studies says reports that II has accounted for 70% of population growth this decade.

27)  A-C – Require proper number of border patrol agents

28)  A-C – Require fence built across southern and northern borders

29)  A-C – Require strict enforcement of all current / existing immigration laws.

30)  A-C – Require all IFNs--learn to speak English & swear some allegiance to US.

31)  A-C – Suggest any IFN or FIFN, joining the armed services to be eligible for a green card without returning to country of origin.

32)  A-C – In summary, require IFN, to register, pay fees, provide valid address, email address, Facebook / Twitter accounts, several references in order to receive a photo-id card, an iris scan and fingerprints scan.   

33)  A-C – Require photo-id be used for employment verification, including Obamacare, services or benefits received.

34)  A-C – Require a tally to be kept of the cost of all IFN services / benefits in database.

35)  A-C – Require that good fortune, such as winnings that occur—payments for services / benefits must be paid.

36)  A-C – Require the anchor baby (14th amendment) be rescinded. Amendment N/A. -- Foreigners born on American soil-- no longer automatic citizens.

38)  IFN – Fees can be substantially decreased if minor anchor baby parents reject legal US citizenship for minor children.

39)  A-C – Rescind right for federal govt. to sue state govt. about immigration issues

40)         – Voter ID laws in states are supported.

41)  A-C – Require CIFA permit;  American families have first priority at the going pay rate.

42)  IFN-G – Does not create permanent right to unlimited US residence. – Future Congress / President may choose to revoke the IFN-G privileges.

43)  IFN-C – Visa is temporary but renewable indefinitely; play by rules; pay all the fees.

44)  A-C – May request other actions in future.

As you can see, the Kelly Plan is sane and comprehensible and most of all, it is designed specifically for the benefit of Americans. It does respect the fact that illegal foreign nationals are human beings, but it is unquestionably for Americans first.

Besides being the right thing, this plan also provides the prospect for raising revenues and it will substantially reduce and finally eliminate the expenses Americans are now shouldering on behalf of our uninvited guests. Why the US government ever decided to give foreign aid to illegal foreign nationals will remain a mystery; but it will not continue to occur under the Kelly Plan.

The Kelly Plan is based on the notion that there is no free lunch. Because it reduces the load on local and state governments, it is the perfect solution for America. For state and local governments and school districts that are worried about assuring their pension obligations for example—teachers, firefighters, police, and other retirees, the revenue from the Kelly Plan to offset the cost of educating illegals, will surely help.

The old saying that there is no such thing as a free lunch; has not ever been applied to illegal foreign nationals for more than thirty years now. Knowingly or unknowingly, illegal foreign nationals have been pillaging Americans legally for decades. Lots of great stuff just for them, has been free. Yet, nothing really is free in any world.

Somebody always pays. Americans have been paying through the nose for a deal they never asked for. Through heavier taxes, reduced wages, and reduced employment opportunities, Americans have paid for these free rides by interlopers with sweat and blood and by doing a lot more with a lot less.

Democrats and RINOS cannot grasp the concept of no free lunch. So, after taking from Americans and giving to illegal foreign nationals for so many years, Congress is about to vote to give Americans the ultimate slap in the face by making the takers American citizens. From a life with all free lunches, foreign freeloaders will now receive the grand prize—American citizenship, and by law, they will be able to legally keep the job they stole from a long-time American citizen.  Tell John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and the gang of eight tyrants that their amnesty plan is a no-deal for Americans.

This cannot stand. The Kelly plan takes the whole lunch off the table for good for illegal foreign nationals, and adds to the abilities of regular Americans to support our families. Unless you are a citizen of another country, you should like the Kelly Plan. Flood your representatives with emails, texts, cards, and letters so they understand they work for US. Next election, let’s send them all home if they are not 100% for Americans.

Part II of this article provides a look at how this notion of immigration in 2013 all came into being.  Over the next several weeks, I will write a few additional articles that add some details to what must be done to keep Americans on top of the immigration issue. I can assure you that amnesty will not be on my list.