George “Impeachment Talk Is Silly”  Will, an unlikely voice for conservatism, is now offering conservatives his best advice.  Will unabashedly suggests that conservatives begin to compromise on immigration. In his recent piece, he chastises conservatives for their behavior on immigration. Unfortunately, he chooses not to take the time to offer his opinion about the President breaking immigration law with his frequent and unlawful Obama Orders.  

Most conservatives think that Republicans have already compromised enough by permitting Obama to rule as a dictator without demanding that he enforce the law of the land?  Immigration Law is as much the law of the land as Obamacare. In fact, impeachment proceedings are also the law of the land.

Why is George Will, a respected journalist, not lobbying his Republicans friends to begin impeachment proceedings against the imperial monarch, a messiah to some, President Barack Obama? Maybe Will is too much a Republican and not enough a conservative?

George Will knows who the real conservatives are in this country for he has wasted no time in slamming them from the moment they dared come onto the Republican-only stage. You all know about Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, and Louie Gohmert. George Will loves to pick on them. Too bad George cannot find anything bad to say about the liberal progressive Marxists, who are destroying the country.

One would believe—even without needing a degree—that such a great thinker as George Will would be irate about Obama’s lawlessness. Without recommending that action be taken against this dictator, he must know, since he is George Will after all, that American values and opportunities will continue to suffer as long as Obama holds the presidency and is permitted to continue his lawlessness.

Will knows or he should know that impeachment is the only real remedy that the people have—at least for the next three years. Does George Will care about gaining back our Constitutional Republic or does he really want conservatives to back down on immigration and illegal aliens because he does not want to offend his Democrat friends?   

Conservatives have a right to be upset with George Will, the great thinker, mainly because he is a pretender to conservativism. As powerful a journalist as Mr. Will truly is, he, like many elitist RINO Republicans choose to give the liberal progressive Marxists whatever they want without a whimper. George Will is surely smart enough to know that “when you think you can’t…you are right!”  “Can’t” appears to be the only thing Will has been right on for an awful long time.  

Mark Levin, a pro-American real conservative in the model of Palin, Cruz, and Gohmert, has silently cautioned Americans that if George Will is on your side, chances are good that you are failing in your goals. You are on the wrong side if this pundit is rooting for your cause or if he thinks you will succeed. When Levin recently discussed a George Will article attacking Ted Cruz, he found it particularly obnoxious, and was prompted to tell Mr. Will to “Lay off Ted Cruz!” Who is George Will to be picking on conservatives?

Levin’s exact words about George Will were:  “It should be noted that George Will has been wrong about literally everything that has ever happened.” Levin then gave a number of insightful examples.  George Will is wrong again on his wish for conservatives to become liberal progressive Marxist surrogates in order to learn the art of compromise on immigration strategy.

Let’s just say for a minute that we were able to crawl into George Will’s deep brain, while he was rationalizing about why conservatives need to compromise on illegal immigration. What do you think we might find? I suspect that deep down, we would find the most secret truths about who George Will really is. We would quickly discover that Mr. Will is not worthy enough to tie the shoelaces of such great conservatives as Michelle Malkin, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, and of course, “The Great One”--Mark Levin.   

Instead of suggesting conservatives start compromising on illegal immigration, perhaps George Will should think about the meaning of the term “illegal.”  He can make far more productive use of his time by thinking about what he is going to have for lunch tomorrow than suggesting great conservatives begin to emulate RINOS. “Thanks but no thanks George!” Perhaps you should consider changing registrations.