Comprehensive immigration reform is simply a code word for amnesty. In the fall of 2014, as the Democrats are suffering from their worst shellacking, the president is impervious to the fact that Americans just said stop to his destructive policies. Undaunted, he plans to go it alone against our Constitution and as a dictator he is about to unilaterally grant amnesty to the 50 million illegals in our country. He will have tacit support from too many Republicans and so he will not be impeached for breaking the Constitution for his own purposes.

When RINOs such as John McCain and Lindsey Graham speak about comprehensive immigration reform, I clutch my wallet, my lifetime beliefs, and my common sense. There are days these two talk just like you and I but there are days that they talk like Rand Paul is the enemy, Obama is the one and only leader, and the American people are not so great. And, only McCain and Graham know the right solutions for US all.

My recommendation is simple: “When in doubt, trust yourself!” The Arizonans are having major buyers’ remorse on John McCain’s reelection, and many the South Carolinians would love a good conservative to show up to replace Lindsey Graham. RINOS just don’t get it.

So, if I were to suggest a course of action for Americans when you hear the likes of John McCain, Lindsey Graham, or any of the other Obama dinner dates, think twice before you believe once. Just as I do, I advise all in such cases to hold onto your wallets, your beliefs, your common sense, your jobs, your sanity, your safety, and your fine neighborhoods.  The above duo have armed guards protecting their property but they will auction your well-being off to anybody who has not arrived in America legally.

I regret to say that these two new Obama dinner dates have lost touch with America and Americans. On the same night, for example that Rand Paul was fighting for America, these good buddies and pals of Obama were dining with the President.

Lindsey Graham thinks that he has the world beat in South Carolina and so he can do whatever he wants against America. As long as all those illegals don’t get beyond the gates of his protected community, he is a liberal on immigration. I sure hope South Carolina proves him wrong on being undefeatable but we’ll have to wait until 2020 as he just won again. This is not a state that loves RINOs but they have had some issues finding another great man like Jim DeMint, who always attracted the all-information voters.

John McCain, whose military record is admirable, has been waiting for thirty years for his next good thought.  McCain, unfortunately has another two years left in his term and his undoing is now left to those Arizona Patriots who missed their calling or misinterpreted McCain in 2010. At a very young 80 years old in 2016 but more importantly being a definite RINO, one would hope that McCain will not be on any ballot in 2016.

I would hope for the good of America that John McCain, a patriot for sure, misguided for sure, will let it up to the new and better thinkers in the GOP. There is no room for RINOS. If you are beginning to think that the moochers in America deserve the money in other people’s wallets, you belong in the Democratic Party. John McCain has a few years left until his legacy ends and hopefully, it will eventually become positive again. I would advise Mr. McCain to talk to some folks who love America more than the Carl Rove led Republican constabulary and to end his legacy by being a true conservative.

If the term, comprehensive immigration reform is to have meaning to Americans, it needs to be shaped to include the notion that Americans in America should gain every benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately, the folks in my party, the Democrats are so consumed with making illegal residents voting citizens, they most often forget that the folks who voted them into office are American Citizens.

There is good news about a comprehensive immigration reform that may be able to help Americans. Many conservatives are asking simple questions such as: “Can there actually be a comprehensive immigration reform that benefits Americans who are not of the ruling class?” My answer is absolutely “yes,” But it must look different than the notions McCain and Graham and the gang of eight came up with. It must be pro-American. I know how to get it done.

As the most published Conservative Book Author in America, I have written the most comprehensive and the most conservative book on immigration in the US. It is called No Amnesty, No Way! And it follows another best seller on the topic that I wrote a few years back titled, Americans Need Not Apply! Check them out at

I would caution all Americans to be alarmed in 2014 at the fervor of the Republicans and the Democrats to push a “reform” that includes anybody from anyplace but America having a great life on Americans. My first immigration book was about the loss of American jobs but jobs is only one facet of the pain that the rampant and illegal influx of non-citizens into America causes all Americans. I am an advocate of an America for Americans and I continue to be surprised at the multitude of Americans willing to give it all away as if it is something they must do.

Most of the Americans who choose to pay attention know that the biggest reason that we as a country have not dealt properly with people invading our country and taking our jobs is because the ruling class has permitted it.  The ruling class has benefitted from it.  Our representatives have become members of the ruling class or they take their orders from the members of the ruling class that assure their elections. They expect and they receive the votes of low-information Americans who do not even know how the system for assuring a free America is supposed to work.

Before I caution us all about how to assure an America for Americans, without having to worry about our representatives giving our country away to illegal aliens from Ireland and Russia, and South of the Border, let me suggest that we not permit them to give our country away to anybody at all. So, next time you see your Congressman or Senator, ask them about the most important thing on your mind about the ability of America to survive. If they answer poorly with mumbo jumbo or they do not answer at all, put their name on your list. Vote for somebody else next time around…please!

Next time you vote, throw them out of office and elect people who are pro American. Elect new representatives who love America and who will continue to work for America and Americans. The current crop of representatives in the House and the Senate make Americans suffer. The poor illegals they bring in to take so many American jobs also suffer for they are forced to work underground for peanuts.

As hard as it is to believe, Democrats, my party, love illegal aliens more than they love American citizens because they represent the margin of victory for the Democrats of the future.  Republicans of course love cheap labor.

If you were running a business and the cost of labor could be either $5.00 or $10.00, and your competitor was using $2.00 labor, and his costs therefore were substantially lower than yours, and your sales were going down and down and down, what would you do? The Democrats and Republicans permit many to illegally enter to take jobs for $5.00 per hour, well below the minimum wage. If your company was being clobbered because you wanted to hire American, would you be enticed to bite on the $5.00 per hour bogey?

Of course you would. If you did not, you would have to downsize and perhaps close your operation and go out of business. Nobody can increase expenses by 100% and survive no matter how big they once were, even they once employed a few hundred or a few thousand employees. That is the effect of illegal aliens on legitimate businesses that prefer to employ Americans. Because our government favors illegal workers over American workers as do American unions for some strange reason, non-citizens take our jobs with impunity. Obama wants to give them even more rights than they get in the illegal system by granting them amnesty.

So, more and more companies that choose not to compromise their principles to hire illegal workers find themselves firing US workers as their competitors bring illegals into the workforce. And, since the government makes it easier, not more difficult for non-citizens to work for slave wages, we can expect it to get worse in the future.  We have just one choice. We must fire our representatives and hire good Americans to take their place.