Even with Big Ed's full support, nothing would be certain once the US Health Department begins to rule America with stringent Health Controls. Underneath the controls, football and gun controls would be easily disguised. In this scenario, where the ill-health of Americans—both players and fans is blamed on football, it is possible that even NFL reruns might be shut off due to past game violence.

Once removing football as a national pastime is accomplished, most progressives would agree that showing reruns would not be the best idea. It would tend to glorify the days when men were killing themselves playing football. It would violate the namby-pamby prime directive.

President Obama, who has two daughters, said that if he had a son, one perhaps named Trayvon, a name Rush Limbaugh uses as the mythical male child Obama, since the president once noted this as a name for his possible male child; Trayvon Obama would not have football on his playlist. His parents—Michelle and Barack—if he were their child, would not let him play because of the inherent violence of football, according to the president in recent interviews.

Can the NFL survive with Obama as president?

Adding dullness to the game would surely help tone down the crowd's excitement and enthusiasm, and that may very well bring down healthcare costs. Eliminating tough football defenses and forcing all defensive coordinators into early retirement would also bring down the costs. In such scenarios, there would be little opportunity for any player to be hurt in any way, and this too would help cut total NFL medical costs.

The Obama case for deep and lasting controls on NFL football is simple and compelling. It is based on the notion that there should not be these rough men, who are large and overdeveloped, engaged in rough football in the first place. To protect his allegiance of political fans, which he knows trumps NFL fans and gun fans, the president isn't asking for many specific changes to be made. However, those changes that are made by his team of czars will more than likely devastate the game of football in the USA, but they would do wonders to alleviate the current problem of far too many concussions.

The Obama czars, with the help of his cabinet, especially Secretary Kathleen Sebelius of Health and Human Services (HHS) could be commissioned to put together a number of executive orders for the President to sign so that concussions are a thing of the past in the NFL. Who can argue with such goodness?

Before the next episode of the fiscal cliff adventure unfolds, the president more than likely will quietly put out a number of Executive Orders or Executive Actions or both, to address this national football concussion tragedy.

Not wanting to impede anybody's liberty, the president surely would take up this challenge at the behest of the American People—a.k.a. the low information voters, who just like in the days of Superman, want to live in a land of peace, justice, and the American way, with no risks whatsoever. Just as the president's actions on gun control and other necessary controls on the population, such as population control, this action should not have to wait for proper debate. It must be done now!

Here is a speculative list of some of the first actions anticipated from Team Obama. These are squarely directed to finally control the big bullies that play football, and those over-monied corporate moguls who make $millions from such a nasty American game. The Obama Regime expects those fine Americans who care nothing about football to be in complete accord with the following set of potential executive propositions:

Preliminary list of potential football Executive propositions

1) No helmet hits above the armpits.

2) No hits permitted which slam a player's head into the ground.

3) No contact during practice sessions.

4) Practice sessions limited to one hour per week to keep injuries to a minimum.

5) No strength training since that just creates stronger players more able to hurt regular people in the off-season.

6) No bullies permitted in the game. All US bullies must register with local police.

7) Players considering potentially dangerous moves, which in the remotest of circumstances may cause injuries, must gain written permission from the opposing team, before engaging in said moves.

8) Game time is to be shortened from 60 minutes to 30 minutes thus keeping the contact time in the games to a minimum. This alone is expected to reduce game violence by at least 50%.

9) No games will be broadcast live, but technology will make them appear to be live on TV. Commercials will occupy the time that otherwise would have been spent on play.

10) The game clock in the real game will never stop. It will run during commercials and timeouts thus keeping the contact time in the games to a minimum. Additionally, because players will tire faster, they will not be able to use their full strength, and this too should reduce game violence and injuries.

11) A defensive player with a clear shot (opportunity) will have a right of first refusal to tackle a rushing back. The same applies to any defensive player on a pass play after a catch. Players cannot be admonished by coaches or owners for exercising this right.

12) As a concession to the big networks who must keep up their ad revenue, the first half hour of each game and the last half hour will include unlimited commercials. This will keep all games at three hours just like today. Cable TV networks are authorized by the government to not permit TV sets to be switched to other channels during these vital commercials

13) Fan capacity in all stadiums will be reduced by 75% each year until after a number of years, based on this rule, no fans would be permitted. With no revenue from fans, players would not be able to earn such godawfully large salaries, and this would help the president in his redistributive and fairness efforts. Football will no longer be popular and people will eventually forget about it. Football players who are strong and physically capable will be permitted to get jobs in industry if there is any industry left.

14) Mini football, high school football, college football, vacant lot football and sandlot football would be outlawed after 2018. By not learning football early, there should be no desire for potential future players to aspire to be part of the NFL or be part of any of the other bully organizations that sponsor violent sports.

15) Lingerie and powder puff leagues would be permitted to open up their membership to males under 100 pounds, who promise to mind their P's and Q's.

16) Lingerie and powder puff leagues would be permitted to contribute to filling the American distraction void when all NFL activity is ceased.

17) If a former NFL player gives any person under 110 pounds an angry look, even if the assault occurs outside of a football venue, the former player will have to do time in the big house.

18) Six more executive propositions are expected any day to make it a clean 23.

The president has often acknowledged that the NFL has already taken many steps to improve player safety. For the time being, while football still is permitted, there is a fine line the league must walk because of this serious health issue. The fact is that the NFL has the responsibility of protecting (1) the long-term health and happiness of its players while (2) continuing to produce an exciting and profitable product.

Rather than sacrificing anybody's health and happiness, the president's commitment more than likely would be directed to preserving # 1 rather than # 2 above. In fact, removing the excitement and the profitability aspects of the game of football might be desirable since the goal would be changed from winning to which team prevents the most concussions.

In a game with inherent violence and injury risk, that's no easy task and that is why the president's potential plan, revealed in preliminary unapproved propositions above, would eventually eliminate the possibility of football injuries of any kind.

Perhaps some presidential czars and cabinet members will offer suggestions such that the female cheerleaders for the current NFL teams should switch places with their male counterparts on the gridiron. For the time being, the president has not adopted this innovative idea. When the powder puff type leagues are fully prepared as noted in the potential executive propositions, they would eventually fill the US "need for football" void.

President Obama would be proud of any initiatives that reduce player injury regardless of the impact on any individual sport or any rich person's wallet. A mainstay of his overall policy would be to assure that nobody gets hurt in any sport. The president can recall vividly his own experience with violence in sports. In a recent pickup basketball game, for example, he experienced a major brutal attack, which resulted in a bloody injury. To treat this injury, typical of the violence in sports, the president received twelve stitches in his lip.

The White House has not made any public decisions yet on basketball control but to the extent that it is a safety and health issue, unconfirmed reports suggest that it has not taken basketball or any other sport off the table. In the future, all sports may be regulated and directly controlled by the administration. This will be the case whether Obama chooses to run for a well earned third term or if he chooses to give his good friend Hillary Rodham Clinton a shot at the presidency in 2016.

Should females be able to play tackle football with males?

Contrary to some opinions, there is a distinct biological difference between males and females. Their bodies are made differently and that will never change. However, women are just as capable to do many of the same things as men. But should females be allowed to play tackle football with males? Should females be permitted to be on the front lines in a war zone? President Obama has decided on the latter but is mum so far on the former. But, we can be sure that his decisions on controlling American life will be final, and they will not upset the low-information force in America.

The President is not running for election again, though some speculate that he winks or crosses his fingers every time he says that. Some think his stance on football may hurt both him and the Democratic Party forever. That is why Wayne LaPierre, the President of the NRA must be so tickled that football control, at least for now, has become a passion with the president. Football now shares the number one control issue in America along with gun control. Nobody at the White House seems to care at all about jobs, the economy, the debt, Medicare, and the American dream, American killing drones, and other unimportant matters.

Is Football really such a dangerous occupation?

A number of avid football fans have joined gun owners in complaining about Obama and his czars and the notion of over-control and over-regulation of Americans. The president is unfazed by their claims. Facts are stubborn things aren't they? The football facts show that for well over the last 50 years, there have been less than 20 deaths a year from football related injuries in all forms—from the professional leagues to sandlot activities. Yet, there are over 500 homicides a year in Chicago, Illinois—a place the President still calls home. Why is there no Chicago control?

Given that we as humans cannot work on a million things at once, why would five hundred deaths and rising per year as in Chicago, for Obama, not be a more important focal point than the sport or occupation or job we know as football—as it pertains to NFL players especially. However, it helps to remember that the twenty per year death statistic includes all football players at all levels?

The fans know that there are many more dangerous occupations than being an NFL player. So, why all the attention to football control? The president does have a penchant for the limelight. So now, even in the wake of the star-studded Super Bowl, a lot of attention is still being accorded to professional football. Perhaps it was the ideal time for the President to speak up. Such cheap publicity for the president against violence of all kinds may not come as easy when the 2012 season finale is long past.

Ironically, the Commander in Chief of the world's finest Armed Forces, who single-handedly took credit for taking bin Laden down, has made some exceptions about violence and killing in his own life.

As dangerous as playing football may be to any player's health, and surely, the game should be as safe as possible, while keeping it football as we know it, it is a willful decision for a person with football talent to choose to play football. Few would not risk their all to be able to be invited to join the NFL to play the dangerous game of football. Players with the right potential view the NFL as a ticket to becoming a millionaire overnight. Should the president take away their option of gaining the proceeds from having won a talent lottery?

Of course, since players are not simpletons, they all know that football is a contact sport or they would never be permitted their first day of practice on the field.

If the animal magnetism of this NFL sport, and the longing to control it and regulate it, is so compelling that the president cannot refuse the urge, perhaps it would help him to know that football is not the most deadly sport. It does not come close to the bloodshed and deaths arising from the world's most dangerous sport.

Most Americans would not believe that the most dangerous and deadly sporting activity of all is cycling. Ask Lance Armstrong about potential catastrophes.

Yet cycling, not football is the most dangerous sport. Over 1,000 Americans per week are injured while riding a bicycle. In a given year, over six hundred Americans die while biking–most commonly as a result of a collision with a motor vehicle. Males comprise the bulk of the casualties while only 10% are female.

Perhaps government licensing of bicyclists and approving just 1/10 of the males that apply for a license would bring down the deaths substantially and make the male and female deaths equal if that is important. But, is this something we need Obama, our Commander in Chief to control? Would we not all feel better if he paid more attention to bad guys in other countries that want to kill him and who want to kill US? We can handle bicycling and football and other matters ourselves, Mr. President. Please use your time where you can help the most. By the way, Mr. President, how are you doing on your sequestration idea?

Must everybody die of old age? The suggestion after the cry about the danger du jour at the White House is always that something [anything] must be done immediately. We have learned in his four years as POTUS, that Obama has a penchant for making everything into a rush job so nobody is well informed. Based upon Obama popping up in so many issues recently, one must ask: where are the president's actions on the safety of cycling and other dangers? Cycling is irrefutably the world's most dangerous sport?

While we question Obama's predilection for football controls v cycling controls, since the president and his team promised to work on the budget and sequestration in early January, how is that effort coming along? The president agreed on a deadline that now is just a few weeks away? Surely less important matters such as football control have not clouded the president's agenda?

Nonetheless, cycling as noted is a much bigger health threat than the NFL. So, it is very strange that the president has not offered any guidance at all in this area. Perhaps it is the allure of certain sports more than others. Perhaps the health issues inherent in playing the games or engaging in the sports are not really as important to the president as he struts. Perhaps it is a ruse to be able to get out of the White House and back on the campaign trail in the luxury and comfort of Air Force One.

I guess I am really asking if it is possible that the president's attention to football instead of cycling is disingenuous. Can it be that there is far more ravishment for Obama to enjoy with millions watching every kernel of news about football and then many thousands in the stands at the Super Bowl?

What level of exposure could the president expect if he were to choose instead to bypass the scintillation of football, to work for the good of lowly cyclists, who happen to get nailed on back roads to Noplaceville? Considering that there is a thirty to one greater chance that somebody will die today of a cycling injury than a football injury, Obama's attention on football, however, does seem misplaced. .

Where was the president's war on guns before the Sandy Hook massacre made it into a media event? It sure seems that once there is an opportunity for significant public exposure for the president, he jumps in to make sure that his voice is heard and it is the loudest. Joining the anti-gun foray after Sandy Hook was a natural for a person needing continual applause. Right before Super Bowl Sunday, the president set himself up as the final arbiter on the concussion injuries. Perhaps right before the sequestration deadline, which is part of the President's day job, we will see a magical return to governing with a compelling offer to Republicans.

I admit that I find it too convenient that out of nowhere Obama made the Sandy Hook incident the rallying point for a national emergency that he had ignored for four years. Meanwhile Chicago, his home town, with the toughest anti-gun laws in the nation, and with 60 children being killed by illegal guns in 2012, with the total deaths in 2013 so far averaging two per day, was not and still is not on this president's radar screen. Why is that? Perhaps we already know.

There is a lot to say for the continuance of sports of all kinds, including football, in America. Many have noted that high school football for example, is a big plus in that it encourages excellence instead of mediocrity. Though the lefties like all forms of success to be watered down, there are still some Americans who inherently like the supposed obsolete ideas of success and failure.

They also like the idea that winning should be rewarded and losing should not be rewarded. When we send our troops into battle, for example, which outcome should they desire? Which outcome should they be prepared to achieve? Which outcome do we hope for? Winning, of course!

Too many parents find themselves being asked to put their children in bubble wrap so they cannot ever get hurt even if they have no life as a result of their long life in a bubble. The world is not as safe as it once was. Yet a life without freedom to explore life is no life at all. The modern education (Obama) philosophy does not permit anybody to take a shot at life when failure is an option. Who voted for that?

Driving makes people susceptible to a fatal accident. Would a solution be for nobody to be permitted to drive? How many people die walking in America? Each year 6,000 pedestrians are killed and 90,000 are injured. One in five is a child. We could save more than twenty times more children by banning walking than the children killed by guns in Chicago. Would a solution be for nobody to be permitted to walk?

My point clearly is not that all gun deaths are not tragedies, nor is it that all football concussions are not dangerous to players. These are all contretemps. When twenty children are killed at once, all of us feel deep compassion, and when a famous football player kills himself, all of us would like that to never happen again. We want all the badness to go away. Of course! However, that is not a reason to develop a "solution" to such problems if the solution is a political ruse that benefits a politician but solves no problem because its purpose is not intended to prevent the problem from ever happening again.

Yes, politicians are despicable, self-serving people, and that is why we have a Constitution.

Since this article is mostly about football controls—let's see what the president eventually does. My suggestion is for him to butt-out!

In the next installment (Part III), we look at the ten most dangerous occupations in America. Do you think we will find pro football on the list?