The President gives his vision away for free and all he asks is that we abandon our own personal visions, our own hopes and dreams, our perspectives on right and wrong, and that we hop on the good ship Obama, which will take care of us all. By simply giving up our rights to self-determination, liberty and freedom, we can become blessed by Obama's universal remote control, knowing that whatever he dials in to control US, will be for the best.

This self absorbed President is at the ready to impose controls on any American wanting to be under his spell. For the rest of US, his team of czars has been devising ways to compel US to become more malleable and agreeable—by executive action if necessary. In this way, when the inevitable Obama plan for reluctant Americans is launched, we too may be more accepting. The love affair that low information Americans have with Obama is at its peak right now in early February 2013. Obama has the highest favorability numbers since the early days of his first term.

While Republicans fuddle trying to get a grip on the reality of the skill of the Obama propaganda team, Obama spin is reeling in people willing to sign up as low-information voters for the long haul. A lot of people must be enjoying a lot of controls. They have apparently accepted the notion that there will be no jobs, no time, no how, no way! That is the Obama way, and though I thought it could never happen, it has. A jobless economy appears to be something a lot of Americans have become willing to accept, as long as they too can get something from the Obama stash.

With the DEA, HSA, EPA, NLRB and other government agents at his beck and call, the President is in control of the whole country. This puppet-master for low information voters would like his strings to reach even conservatives, though we are not quite as willing to bow.

As the holder of all controls, Obama is the impresario in many areas such as thought control, communications control, gun control, fiscal control, birth control, health control, Catholic control, Muslim control, environment control, mind control, and of course the ultimate—people control. This last control is the most important for the socialist progressive agenda. It may give both Obama and Chris Matthews tingles up their respective legs since it is obvious that Obama prevarications have overcome the logic of a lot of otherwise sane people. It all helps the socialist / progressive cause.

The recent twenty-three Obama Gun Control Executive Orders / Actions, an exercise in the worst of human hubris, have placed even more restrictions / controls on American liberty. This list reads like a to-do list against the American public. The President is quietly letting the controls take effect while the corrupt press chooses not to properly cover the topic. Consequently, the people are kept mostly in the dark while the President fundamentally transforms America into a despotic socialist state. What then?

To get a look at the twenty-three Obama actions on gun control, feel free to run out to the Michelle Malkin's site where they are fully presented.

Will gun control be the last control the Obama Team will demand or will there be even more constitutional rights that they would like to steal from the people? We got our answer pretty quickly on that question when just a week or so ago, with the nation preparing for last Sunday's Super Bowl, out of nowhere, the President found it appropriate to weigh in on some controversial issues occurring in professional football.

His comments about changing the game reached much further than just the NFL and the NCAA. Will Obama be firing off another round of executive orders to control the game of football in the US?

Though football is not mentioned in the Constitution, in the last few weeks, with the Super Bowl approaching, the control of football in America came squarely into Obama's sights. The only folks happy about this change in priorities are NRA members who may not like football. Now that the President has turned his attention from gun controls to football controls, the NRA got itself an opportunity to take a temporary breather.

Wayne La Pierre's respite however, has now become Roger Goodell's headache and heartache. Perhaps Goodell, the NFL Commissioner, was not clever enough to provide free luxury boxes in New Orleans to the luxury loving First Family. Had he done so, the sting of the coming controls on NFL Football, NCAA, and other football levels might not be such a sure thing.

Super Bowl week traditionally is the celebration of professional football leading up to the final game of the Season. The Harbaugh brothers were very pleased when they found that their entire families were able to be at the game for the first time ever. All week, with their families coming, the two greatest NFL coaches in the 2012 season, had been looking forward to this occasion for more reasons than football. The game was surely a great experience for the entire Harbaugh family, and the entire US and many folks worldwide, though only John came home with the win.

Though the Harbaugh brothers love each other, each wanted to win the game as much as they want to get the best of the wishbone on Turkey Day. This Super Bowl game was very exciting unlike some yawners in the past, with both teams having a chance to win right until the last several seconds. Joe Flacco of the Ravens, who has become quite a quarterback in recent years, was the game MVP.

White House spokesman Jay Carney had announced on Friday before the game that the President planned to watch Sunday's game from home and that he expected the game to be highly entertaining, even though his favorite team, the Chicago Bears were not playing. Earlier in the week Obama had discussed the brutality of the game and expressed deep concern about the many football concussions that recently have been in the news. The president hinted that some government controls might be in order to tone down the football contact to prevent concussions.

Our President's interjection into the game of football is not wanted or needed. He has reached into the game of football and many are concerned his need to control everything in life will hurt the game of football. Obama has already promised that needed controls would make the game much less exciting.

President Obama never misses an opportunity to bloviate about any item in which he has a captive audience, even if he is not an expert in the topic. Does he really care about football players or does he feel the need for more PR? The President has been interviewed every Super Bowl Sunday since he became President of the United States. This year was no different.

Scott Pelley, an anchor for the CBS Evening News, interviewed Obama this year on Sunday afternoon right in the middle of the pre-game Super Bowl Festivities. Why the President ever felt that it was his right to interrupt Super Bowl parties in full swing with political messages is something the press should ask his highness. At the Super Bowl party I attended, there was a rush to cover his face on the TV during the interview and the sound was turned all the way down. I had to read the transcripts later to know what he actually said.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell had to be concerned that the President would choose to use his fifth appearance on Super Bowl Sunday to talk about his negative opinions of contact football and concussions. After his off the cuff remarks during the week leading up to the game, many expected Obama to pound on the concussion issues suffered by NFL players thus casting a pall on the game. He did. Those who expected a political opinion message on the high level objective for substantial football changes were not disappointed.

During the interview, Obama disingenuously referred to football as "a great sport" during the live interview. He quickly countered this positive remark with an exhortation to parents.

Obama said that parents of potential football players must tune in to the concerns over concussions and player safety. He challenged all parents to worry about letting their male children participate in the game of football at any level. Obama's drivel is like being invited to a pizza party and giving a lecture on the evils of fast foods!

To prove he was OK with well-placed and safe violence, in the same interview, he told the same parents that it was perfectly fine for their daughters to serve on the front lines with male soldiers.

Among other comments, the president said "I do think we want to make sure that after people play the game [football] they're going to be okay," That to some sounded like a preliminary round to twenty-three executive actions to enhance the government's control of the game of football. Nobody wants anybody to get hurt in any sport or any activity at all. Yet, when Obama gets involved in anything, the solution is always worse than the problem. Trips to the grocery store in certain neighborhoods can be dangerous to our health but would it be better that we starve?

Of course, Obama never really tells anybody anything in clear sentences. The opinion polls must first tell him that he is on a winning idea. The president is much more of a crafty politician than a man who offers his own thoughts on a controversial issue. So, why the Super Bowl?

It is the perfect venue for a narcissist to get some free adoration. Why football? I think the narcissist notion plays again here, though some of my friends say he does not give a damn about anybody's children. He cares more about "controlling the people than even the willful adoration he receives." Whichever the reason, most Americans would prefer that this busy-body president stay out of their business and their lives. Sign me up for that emotion!

President Obama may not always like to say what he thinks to the American people as we more than likely would not forgive him for his desire to tear America down. However, the president does take these opportunities for free air-time seriously as they permit him to put forth his agenda free of charge, and he knows that his loyal cadre of low information voters will gobble it all up without any mistrust.

Last year's interview by Today show host Matt Lauer on NBC, and the 2011 interview with Fox News anchor Bill O'Reilly drew about 17 million viewers. The numbers of his "fans" is never lost on this President.

The President knows intrinsically that football is not as deadly a "sport," as the fatal crime games going on in his home town of Chicago. Nobody, including Obama wants to talk about that in any venue, including Super Bowl 2013. If Obama's football controls do as well as gun controls in Chicago, football will not improve and the law of unintended consequences will again rule supreme.

Though it is rarely reported by the biased media, over sixty children died from guns in 2012 in Chicago, a land in which guns are 100% outlawed. So, why would anybody think taking guns from the good people would work in their cities or states? By the same token, why should the idea of government control of football make anybody cheer?

Because of illegal gunplay in a town that has run out of options, Chicago politicians do not know what to do. Last month, there were 42 murders and so Chicago is on track for a banner year for gun deaths in 2013. Yet, the city does not even permit gun ranges within its limits. It is a theoretically gun-free city. The bad guys are the only ones with guns. How is that working out for the law-abiding people in Chicago who are not permitted legally to defend themselves? I am sure the only ones not complaining are the 500 that died from guns last year in this gun-free town. The anticipated 700 formerly alive people, who will be dead by 2014, will be silent next year.

Once your laws are the toughest in the nation and the crime increases, perhaps it is time to recheck the solution to see if it has not become the problem. Sandy Hook took twenty children to heaven. None should have faced death and none should ever have died. The world cries out for them all.

But, who cries out for the over sixty children each year caught in the gun sights of Chicago thugs in a gun-free city? How does the anti-gun crowd reconcile the strictest gun legislation in the nation with the most child deaths by gunshot? All children are important—Connecticut, Illinois, or wherever? Why would Connecticut want to sign up for the blood bath remedy from Chicago? What problem are we trying to solve?

So, in the midst of the gun control battles as the US sports world was beginning its preparations for the Super Bowl, and there was the opportunity for plenty of Obama-thought and Obama-speak, the President, rather than take on Chicago, shifted his focus to a different type of control. As the Controller in Chief, there was no doubt that Mr. Obama would be back on the gun control circuit sooner than later. Byt, yesterday in New Orleans, football was in the center stage, and Obama is a center stage kinda guy!

Strange as it may seem, gun control, for a brief period of undetermined length, is now sharing the limelight with the glitz and glamour of professional football and Beyonce, of course. Monday, the President took a day off from his attack on football to visit crime infested Minneapolis, one of the most progressive cities in the US. He went to the Police Department's Special Operations Center and it was the first time the president has delivered his controversial gun-restriction proposals outside of Washington DC.

Trying to make him look more like one of US, than a closet gamer, prior to his meeting with Scott Pelley, and his trip to Minneapolis, the White House released a photo of the president skeet shooting at Camp David. It is all over the Internet. When he is in crescendo on football controls, the White House photos will increase. Can you conceive of a nice picture of Obama in an "I heart football"l sweatshirt and a fully padded colorful uniform with helmet, and of course a scoring football in hand? It won't be long!

For the time being at least, the president seems to be committed to improving life for Americans with this new type of control while his popularity is a peak? Those who have been paying attention know this time it is football control, ostensibly because of the number of concussions that have occurred in the NFL in recent years.

Can we see Big Ed from MSNBC helping out the new miffintiff of gridiron controls? Can you see Big Ed suggesting that the solution for the NFL concussion problem is to simply ban all Republicans from everything? Can you see Big Ed demanding that Roger Goodell consult with other leagues where the concussion rate is non-existent? For example, if the NFL were to consult the folks that run the Lingerie Bowl or the PowderPuff Bowl, a different and perhaps more girly friendly league may result. One of the major benefits of course would be that the concussion rate would surely decrease.

Super Bowl XLVII this past week was a great game and it capped off the NFL's $9.5 billion-a-year industry. President Obama, an avowed football fan and closet cigarette smoker—especially during public NFL games, weighed in at 4:40 PM on Super Bowl Sunday. He addressed an apparently Obama starved nation.

The President apparently was not happy just being a spectator of the Super Bowl in an expensive prepaid NFL executive box, so he had his interview at home, and he discussed his thoughts on how he might change the game of football for the better. He admitted that his off the cuff suggestions would definitely result in substantially duller games, but he felt it was necessary to reduce the concussions in the NFL at all costs.

The NFL should be much more concerned about Obama controls than the concussions at this point, and they have good reason. Once Obama takes on an issue it is like a small dog on a pant cuff. Though not enforceable at this point, the Obama thoughts for changes to football would be devastating for the long-term viability of the game. All Americans would feel the pain—especially in the fall!

Our President is tenacious and relentless. His motto is "my way or the highway," and his way more often than not, by hook or crook, becomes the law of the land. Anybody feeling the wrath of Obama knows that he is not going away next week, next month or next year.

Among ways to stop the NFL from its health destroying tactics, long after the wake of the Super Bowl has disappeared; the president has not ruled out using the Obamacare statute to accomplish his goals. He has the power to ask HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to declare football a major health problem in the US, and that would be that. She could then pen some regulations, and take whatever action she chooses to remedy what is now being viewed as a national health issue.

As a great Obama supporter, Sebelius would be empowered to shut Roger Goodell and the NFL down in a flash. The president could also authorize Sebelius to go after the NCAA as well as the NFL. Her objective may be that in just a few years, there would be no nasty people-hurting football on TV—on the grass or on the artificial surfaces. Under Obamacare, it would all be illegal.

Then, of course, with no football to distract the masses, like Russia under Communist control, once football is gone the people will find other distractions. Perhaps the next big distraction for Americans in American life will come from Russian Vodka.

It would be a mistake to dismiss any possible way that Obama may defeat the American spirit. Part of me sees the notion of the government destroying the NFL, the NCAA, high school, mini, and sandlot football as lunacy.

But, the same me also sees a country without jobs, and a president doing everything he can to prevent their creation. I see a president sitting on a huge debt and saying it is OK to make the debt larger. I see a president taking $700 Billion from Medicare for Obamacare and then lying to seniors that it will make Medicare stronger. I see a president very willing to take away the guns of the people even though the murder rate in the President's home town, with its heavy gun control, has over 500 deaths per year, including sixty children per year. Will Obama choose to control the NFL even if such control will destroy football in all of America as we know it?

Is Russian Vodka the best we can get in the exchange?