That, of course is the Christian way, and this president makes claims to be a Christian.

I make no bones about having rooted for Mitt Romney since he offered America its only economic chance. He has the inherent business acumen to make America smart again as a country and unbeatable in the marketplace.

I see no reason why America must be a dumb country praying that the tooth fairy might come by and give us a handout.

I am a longtime pragmatist. I bet on the probable, not the possible. Mitt Romney, who understands business in America and across the world, would probably have helped all of us be employed and even more so, be successful without burdening our children with our excess.

Barack Obama may be able to help us, but only if it is possible that the tooth fairy or some other mythical figure hears his call, and heeds his request.

If Jimmy the Greek were alive and not defamed from a big mistake, he would make odds that Romney had a 10-to-1 better chance than Obama to bring Americans back to high-paying jobs.

Romney, unfortunately will never get a shot at it, and that from my perspective means no jobs for four more years.