In July 2012, I had already written my first exhortation about candidate Romney. It was titled: "Romney needs an America First / Americans First Strategy. No Pandering to Specific Ethnicities." The gist was to stop pandering to Hispanics and Latinos and any other swing ethnicity du jour.

Later in November, while still stewing about the pandering and the problems dumass Americans had brought upon us all when Romney was left in the dust, I was inspired again to complain about it all in an article which I titled: "Republican Congressmen must be accountable to conservatives." This piece was a bit more of the same but this time it was focused more on anybody who voted for Obama for personal gain. The notion that the 47% could force the rest of us to have to endure the worst President of all time for another four years simply incensed me. Like most conservatives, I could not relax knowing that Obama was again in control.

Since the election, like many conservatives, I have been sullen and distressed about the prospects of the future of America. I have been seeking answers for how this could have happened and how I can be a part of it never happening again.

It does have a lot to do with the notion of dumass Americans for sure and also that certain ethnicities are given more rights than the preponderance of citizens not looking for favors or immigration changes. And, of course there are those pesky 47%, who look with envy on those who are successful. But, that is not it. I had not done my full part though I was working on the fringe of the problem for sure, and a potential solution was in sight.

Solving those issues would have helped permit rational thought as a determinant in national elections. But, how would we release that rational thought so that the people would understand it and believe it?

Looking around at a means of helping Americans tune into the demise of our country so that we all would be motivated to do something about it, a solution—or at least an explanation of the problem; came to me loud and clear.

We have no free press today as in the day of James Madison. And, so in late December, 2012, I wrote an article titled: "The day the free press died." It is dead for sure and from its destruction has been raised an imposter press that is corrupt and biased and owned by major corporations. By rights, today's media should be considered a branch of the Democrat Party and the people should give it no legitimacy.

Here is a quote from this piece. In some ways the quote captures the essence of why the free press no longer has a chance in America.

"For socialist progressives, it is tough running America on the brink of socialism with the First Amendment hanging out there like a big sore on the backs of enlightened progressive leadership."

Still not pleased with myself, and still hoping to do my part to make things better, I was continually discouraged each time I saw the President lying while given free coverage by the national media.

Even before his 2013 inauguration I watched the President shamelessly discuss his "50 ways to leave your lover" strategy. When I caught on to his tune, I was hoping that he would simply just slip out the back, jack; make a new plan, stan; no need to be coy, roy; just set us all free. It did not happen.

Of course I really mean Obama's "50 ways to dump the Constitution." But, I am sure you got that already. As of today, he is up to 19 ways just on the 2nd Amendment. Now, while you are reading the rest of this article, you can have that famous Paul Simon tune playing in the background of your mind. You're welcome.

So, while listening to the Obama diatribes, which are sickening unto themselves, I had already been nauseated even more by the notion of dumass Americans, ethnic bias, forty-seven percenters, and a corrupt press. I saw all of these gumming up the possibility for the continuance of freedom and liberty in America.

So, I asked myself: "What would be the absolute worst that could happen that had not already happened?" Then it came to me in a sweat-laden nightmare. I saw myself and the rest of the poor souls in America waking up four years from now, full of grief, knowing that after fifty whacks at it, the Constitution had finally been eliminated.

Worse than that, it was replaced by the principles of a monarchy. As I woke up from the nightmare, our current President was just about to be crowned king for life of a new monarchy. The name of our country was to be changed to Obamaville, and there would no longer be any state governments.

To be honest, I am not sure which of those potential eventualities make me shudder the most. In my dream of course, all three worst that could happens, actually happened. America went caput! Where had I gone wrong? Where had America gone wrong?

And so, now that I am awake and I learned that none of that actually happened, I am reinvigorated to write the truth to help all of the constituencies in America know there is still hope, though it is waning fast. The common thread that permits corrupt politicians and a corrupt press to collude to make all Americans look like dummies is that most Americans either do not know what is happening or they simply do not pay attention.

Since the second four years have not yet passed, and Obamaville is not yet emblazoned on the World Atlas as a reality, I had feelings of Scrooge on Christmas day. It was not too late! Perhaps my sorry vision was something that might happen, rather than something that must happen.

I do wonder about what would happen if many Americans do not understand or care about the Constitution and how it guarantees our freedom and our liberty. After all, this permits us to most often do as we please on whichever day we please unless we have one of those stifling things such as – you know – a job! So, knowing there was still time, I took another chance that before any doom happened, those Americans needing a lot more knowledge could gain it from another article, which I chose to write.

Those that do not know, if they are willing can be taught. Then, in order to know what is happening, all people could be exhorted to pay attention to what is happening and always know what is happening henceforth. Perhaps the thought of Obamaville instead of America is enough to do that.

And, so, in this vein, I took my figurative pen out again and this time my objective was to teach the principles of our nation as viewed through the Constitution to whoever would listen. At the same time, I hoped to be able to show the great principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, guaranteed by the Constitution, to those who had not been paying attention. I believe that by showing how their lives and the lives of all Americans can be made better simply by paying attention, more people would pay attention!

With this objective, after moving from three parts to four to five to six, eventually this article became seven parts. I called it, "My country 'tis of thee: time for Americans to pay attention." Part III was featured in Conservative Action Alerts just today. A favorite quote of mine from Part I of this piece is shown below:

"I have been troubled very much during most of the Obama administration by otherwise good people, some in my inner circle of family and friends, who choose not to be good Americans. They do not even take the time to pay attention, yet they have an opinion on everything. It is a phenomenon that I simply do not understand."

With parts one to three in the bank at, in full view of the public, and with the other four parts already written and well edited and ready to go, I began to question whether even this was enough.

I think I saw the problem pretty clearly. The message of freedom in the form of the value of freedom was not reaching the people. However, I was not sure whether the right approach was to blame people or to engage them.

If it were the latter, and it is, then how could it be accomplished?

I had helped my inner spirit but I did not help bring in a solution for America when I blamed dumass Americans, grabby Americans, ethnic biased Americans, and the corrupt press for all of our troubles.

Yes, it did make me feel good as a retaliatory strike for Obama being reelected, but deep down, I knew that it would not help matters much. As my words of indignation soothed me somewhat, I knew they would also provide comfort for some conservatives and perhaps a chance to blow off some smoke. It would probably solve nothing. At the very least, I hoped my words would provide a few more points about which conservatives could argue with their progressive neighbors. There is nothing wrong with a conservative winning an argument every now and then for sure.

But, would any of the arguments put forth be winning arguments?

I like Fox News an awful lot but I have to have the remote in my hands when i watch it. Without the remote, I must endure the rants of Bob Beckel, Alan Colmes, Jehmu Green, and others who distort the conservative message for me. Fox daily shows, which I once had in the background all the time while working in my office are all OK; but they too bring the both sides thing, which is very annoying. I do know why I am against the other side.

When driving in my car at night, from where I teach to where I live in the Northeast, I would often hear Michael Savage, who to me, is the king of getting it right. It always made me feel better even if there were no solution coming. Savage knew the deal and he said it clearly. I loved it because there were no liberals on the show to distort the message.

Recently, especially the past several years, Rush Limbaugh has become a true conservative and no longer is a dedicated Bush Republican. Rush sees the issues very clearly and he articulates them better than any person in the media. His human shields notion today about the children that Obama will be using tomorrow as political ploys, was perfect. As I listened to Rush's comments about the Obama exploitation of children, while trying to take away American self defense rights of the Second Amendment, the monologue and sometimes dialogue was as good as it gets. I think it is a multi-year expensive project to help the low information voters but well worth the effort. A few more conservative channels would surely help.

I am glad Rush is back fully on the side of conservatives. O'Reilly could take a few lessons from the new Rush. So now, rather than have Fox as my only source, plus my own always thinking brain, I have begun to tune into Rush in the afternoon. I avoid the frustrations of Greene, Colmes, Beckel and others, and I am learning more things in an uncluttered fashion than I ever had in the past with all-day Fox.

In my own evolution after finally accepting the election results, I have moved from blame to looking for a solution. Rush Limbaugh helped me immensely put it all in perspective. My latest seven part article in Conservative Action Alerts is about basic American precepts for our Constitutional Republic. It is an attempt to invite Americans into the realm of good citizenship by paying attention. Don't forget. There are four parts more on the "Pay Attention" series as noted later in this piece.

In his own words, Rush Limbaugh said something very similar to this: "Low information voters are the solution to our country's malaise." He had previously devised the term "low information voters," and he did not denigrate it as I did in my calling those that voted for Obama, "dumass Americans." I was wrong. Rush is right.

Though some of these folks, formerly known by me as "Dumass Americans," will never accept any notion of a conservative—and for some that includes the value of the Constitution, there is hope if we help the low information voters learn where they can get regular truthful information and then they can learn and understand.

Knowing they are not necessarily bad people but merely people deprived of information about how things really are, Rush Limbaugh views providing necessary information to them as the best and perhaps our only solution.

Republicans therefore must cease with the notions that we must provide gifts from a stash or give immigrants favoritism over Americans, or chastise people on the dole. The Rush approach can be an effective strategy for all of us. The reality is that nobody, even people who are way wrong, like to be put down.

The mainstream press of course is not going to help in this endeavor, no matter how professionally crafted the conservative message may be. This corrupt bunch of D.B. Nortons will do their best to derail the new John Doe Club of low information voters if it can ever be formed. They would do it as quickly as Fascist D.B. Norton did as the mean newspaper chief in Meet John Doe, when out of nowhere, Doe became a bad guy.

Edward Arnold is absolutely terrifying in this role. Frank Capra in this movie was asking his viewers to think critically of EVERYTHING they hear on the radio or see in papers or hear from elites. Is that not the message of Rush Limbaugh, and what I have been trying to say in all my articles since November.

Rush Limbaugh in his new campaign of teaching the low information voters about how to learn the truth about America is doing exactly the same thing. I would love to be asked to help.

Bravo Mr. Limbaugh. I am impressed. Keep up the good work.

Post Script.

Conservative Action Alerts took on the publishing of the seven part series on January 8, alternating between Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you are reading this article on Thursday, January 17, 2013, please know it is because the principals of chose to submit this article rather than part IV of the series. I congratulate this organization for their foresight.

On Tuesday, January 22, this series will be back on line with Part IV of VII and so from having read this piece, the huge article with four parts left will have more of an impact for all Americans.

Are low information voters the solution to our country's malaise? I am convinced now that they surely are. My concern is that though I enjoy his irrefutable logic profusely, the Rush Limbaugh show needs a lot of help in getting the real message out to the entirety of the low information crowd. With Fox as .5 in the conservative help scale due to its fair and balanced portrayal of the facts, conservatives are at a 13 to 1 disadvantage in messages being leaked from the major cable outlets and the networks.

Conservative leaders such as Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Mark Steyn, Mark Levin, Michelle Malkin, Michael Savage, Donald Trump, Sean Hannity, and others need to chip in to buy as many cable network stations as possible to spread the conservative word or we will keep getting beaten up by the corrupt press. With CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNBC, the cooking channel and others creating slop surreys for Americans to digest, the people will continue to be throwing up far behind the mainstream thought patterns while the fully corrupt media will be blaming conservatives. Thirteen to one odds, ladies and gentleman wins few opportunities.