Unfortunately, corporations lie with far more authority, and far greater frequency than a typical John Q. Public would believe. Corporations spend a lot of dollars staffing a PR Department for Public Relations purposes. Unfortunately, there is no longer much concern for honesty in the messages that come forth. Actually, it is not just corporations that have a penchant for spinning communications with the public. Institutions, organizations, governments, as well as corporations have huge PR staffs, whose mission is to provide a mix of as much as 90% propaganda for each 10% of truth.

In government, the propaganda is even more sinister today than in the days of the Reich when the head of the PR Department held the title, Minister of Propaganda. Today, no organization calls its spiel propaganda but it is what it is. While Germany was proud to have a minister of propaganda, Russia stayed away from a prime communicator, with such a title. Instead, after the revolution; it continued to use the name Pravda, as the name of its propaganda arm.

Ironically Pravda means "truth." At one time before the revolution, Pravda as a newspaper gave the people the truth. Instead of using the word "propaganda," in any form, the communists in Russia stole the once people oriented Pravda newspaper's authenticity and permitted it to continue as the sole voice of the people in the country. Its message changed to become state propaganda. Any truth that could be discussed in private could not be printed, without somebody facing the ultimate punishment.

Ironically, today we still have truth in America, from talk Radio, bloggers, Internet news outlets like Conservative Action Alerts, and other sources galore, though not from the corrupt and still popular corporate "mainstream" media. Yet, many trusting people simply refuse to believe the truth. Nobody knows how long the truth has before, as in all socialist countries; it is shut down by the government.

Whoever ran Pravda was the Russian de-facto minister of propaganda. However, in Russia, the individual in charge changed so frequently that HE never got the individual credit as in Germany. In Deutschland, the master of the lie, Joseph Goebbels was fully in charge of the untruth machine. He was by title the Reich Minister of Propaganda.

The word, propaganda took a bad hit after the Nazis and Soviets more or less used it to dominate their people. US Children in the 1950's were told all about propaganda as a way for the Communists to suppress the people. Consequently, governments today, including the US choose to lie about the propaganda mission of their PR departments. Corporations and other establishments do the same.

The mission continues to be to disseminate 90% falsehoods, but the terms have been softened to "public relations", "psychological operations", "education", or simply "information." Propaganda is a no-no word, because it hits the nail on the head, and the message makers fear the truth more than anything—even in the United States.

I regret to say that corporate ownership of today's media extends even to Fox. MSNBC is owned by NBC and Microsoft. Comcast and GE own NBC and CNBC. CNN is owned by Time Warner and Turner Broadcasting. ABC is owned by Walt Disney Corp. CBS is owned by CBS Corporation a huge company with many interests. Fox News is owned by News Corp, the second largest media conglomerate in the world, just behind Disney, which is # 1. Rupert Murdoch and his family own a controlling interest in News Corp.

Murdoch has shown disdain for Democrats in the past, and is documented to have conservative tendencies. However, he cannot be relied on as a valid conservative since he viewed the 2008 version of Obama as a rock star, with great ideas for the country, especially in education. Mmm Mmm Mmm—Barack Hussein Obama!.

I do wish the only thing separating conservatives from no TV network was somebody like Sarah Palin rather than Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch may be a fine man. I have never met him. However, he clearly loves money and success a lot more than country so he would not be the guy that I would pick to be the top dog in the hierarchy that owns Fox News. The best he has done for conservatives with Fox is to give us fair and balanced. Conservatives are a large enough group that we need our own TV network that is biased solely for our cause. Fox is not going to do it for US in the long haul.

Ideally, there should be a free press in the lower 48, Alaska and Hawaii; but there is not. If this were the case, the truth would be told in many independently owned news outlets. Today, there are many news stations, but they are all owned by a few people and by corporations that care lots more about dollars than they do about America.

A look at reality will tell US that the days of the free press are over. We should not expect our news to be untarnished by institutionalized bias ever again. The corrupt press needs Americans to believe its drivel, and so far, dumass Americans are up to the challenge. Perhaps Americans have been free to long to appreciate freedom. If ever I am quoted for saying anything, let it be the last sentence as it is the only way I can explain how such good people can be duped by such bad people.

And, so if and until we can reestablish a free press, the next best thing conservatives and other America loving people can do is to marshal a ton of countervailing power. Countervailing power is the only solution to one-sided news, delivered by a nefarious press. It is actually the only solution to one-sided anything.

Without an appropriate countervailing power, on September 23, 1952, Jersey Joe Walcott would have arrived for the Heavyweight Boxing Championship of the World, and there would have been no opponent that day for the big fight. In that scenario, if lifetimes were unlimited, Walcott might still be champion today. History records this event with Walcott having to make a title defense that day in the hope of retaining his champion status. As most things in a free and competitive society; there was a countervailing power. It was enough to overcome even the great Jersey Joe Walcott.

Rocky Marchegiano (Marciano), 28 years old at the time, showed up as the countervailing power. Yet, after the first round, it appeared that Marciano was not even in the building. Both Elvis and Marciano reportedly had left the ring but Marciano eventually came back later in the fight. Elvis is still lost. Walcott dropped Marciano and continued to add points round after round. Sometimes countervailing power does not succeed at first, but it is there to limit the success of the most powerful.

Marciano was undefeated going into the fight, and as history shows, though a bit unsteady after the first round knockdown, he survived the Walcott onslaught until the thirteenth round. In the thirteenth, Walcott was tired from being punched in the body for twelve straight rounds and he dropped his guard hoping to guard against the punishing body and arms onslaught. This is characterized by some as his preparing to go into a clench and by others as his trademark feint, preparing his right hand for the kill.

However, Marciano, known for his "Suzie Q," landed before the setup was arranged. A right cross softened up Walcott and then a left hook brought Walcott to his knees. His arm was hanging over the ropes. After the fight, the world learned Marciano was headed for his first loss as the count was 8–4, 7–5 and 7–4. But, he won by a knockout, despite how bad it once looked for him.

So, what does this have to do with a free press? With no countervailing power, the powerful (champion in this case) always wins. With no other press than a 6.5 to .5 lopsided media in the US, (6 straight liberal and one—Fox, half and half) it might as well be a Walcott v a Tiny Tim version of Marciano showing up every day to root for conservatives. The message is that conservatives need a real Marciano in our corner. Thirteen to one odds; does not give us much of a chance for the future without a big change in popular media coverage.

If this were a nation interested in fairness today, all journalists would recognize that they compromise themselves each time they falsely lift up their guy and they damn the other guy. Yet, they do it all the time. The odds are thirteen to one that a conservative word can ever leak out in this corrupt press environment. So, as a conservative, I ask, "Can this ever be fixed?"

Yes it can! Other news organizations must be created to face off with the liberal progressive press in all media types. Without a countervailing view, most Americans actually will continue to think that MSNBC is fair and balanced. That was not a joke! But, it sure is a joke!

Fox's notion of fair and balanced is another way of saying that the network does not advocate for conservatives. Yet, all the other networks listed above are in the tank for Obama and the liberal progressives. So, from what I see, conservatives are stuck with just half a network. Half a network is better than none. I sure do agree with that.

Tonight at news time, I engaged in the old channel flip flop. I flipped and I flopped, I saw all the news superstar anchors across all of the progressive networks giving their one sided view of the world. They all said the same thing. To make it fair, I used only my left eye.

How can Republicans and staunch conservatives with a ton of money (the "rich" if you will—if that word has not been sullied too much by hypocritical rich news anchors on network TV), think that our message can get out without owning a few conservative news stations, or at least a few regular for-profit stations with extended conservative news coverage.

The people were unquestionably duped in the last election by the liberal media to vote for Obama. How could Obama have lost with such media favor and no charge for all the positive press he received? He did not lose and thus, we rarely see Dick Morris and Carl Rove on Fox to this day. Conservatives must answer this with a few conservative news networks of our own. Conservative pundits getting half the time on Fox is not close to enough.

In the next election, just like this past one, the American people are not about to do library research to determine who is worthy of their vote. Moreover, without a countervailing news power on the conservative side, they are not going to hear one encouraging word about any conservative candidate.

The big time news organizations that I listed in paragraph one are corrupt and in the tank for the Democrats. If capable Republicans or conservatives really do not want liberal progressives to rule America, it is time to put up or shut up. Get your wallets out and build or buy about four or five or six new TV networks and begin to acquire newspapers. Otherwise just shut up because without countervailing power, Jersey Joe wins the fight every time.

I have heard some Americans ask if corporations (especially those owning the major news networks) have lost their ethical compass (if they ever had one)? Well, there are no ethics on network TV so how is that for an answer? In this light, should Americans be surprised that lies are being served up on television stations across the US, 24 hours a day, and the truth has become an endangered species?

Must it hit US all directly in the face for US to get it? Without new conservative networks, there is no hope for conservative thought in America—at least on network TV. Just the other day, as an example, a typically conservative news anchor on a Fox morning show, Martha MacCallum; grilled a conservative about why the Republicans in Congress won't just go ahead and give Obama his tax rate increase to solve the impasse?

The representative explained that the Republicans were willing to give $800 billion in revenue but no tax rate increases and yet MacCallum kept at him, looking for him to make a mistake or give her some juicy news. She could have been on the other side as far as I was concerned.

When Jehmu Green is on Fox or the greatest voice against goodness, spinner Bob Beckel, neither Martha nor any of the other Fox stars hammer them like a good conservative just got hammered. So, where does a conservative American go for news without having to defend conservative principles when the "conservative" news channel takes the other side?

Perhaps EWTN is the only honest conservative channel out there. I have never seen any liberal thought there... ever... I admire Democrats for their tenacity in their many impure and deceitful endeavors but I do not want them to get the last word on a supposedly conservative network.

One might conclude by watching them in action that going to hell had become popular again like in the good old Sodom and Gomorrah days. I admire Democrats not for their honesty and goodness, for sure. Progressives, however, are especially brilliant at lying, and that talent may be worth an accolade from someone, but not me. My take is that if conservatives want to hear the truth again in the national media, somebody in our ranks with a few bucks, better start gobbling up news outlets or the Republican/conservative message for 2014, and 2016, will either be missing or distorted.

If that happens even one more time, the slash and the word Republican must be removed, and conservatives will be pressed (if you will pardon the pun) to go it alone.