Blaming Republicans is so easy since they never fight back. Perhaps they do not even know how. So, why would the progressive objective not be to blame Republicans for anything bad and to take credit for anything good? Democrats are baiting Republicans to conjure up a fix of any kind so they can mock it and blame the fix for their own fiscal failings and the recession that is about to come again. Republicans are so smart in so many things but they are dumb in recognizing the power of Democrat lies. They play along with Democrats who never play fair. Additionally, the major ally of the Democrats, the nasty, nefarious, and corrupt media play right along with them. Dumass Americans, still enthralled by the Obama dream, love having Obama royalty in the White House.

Progressive leaders know Republicans do not have any idea how to negotiate against skillfully crafted Democrat messaging. So, they choose to wait for neophyte Republican negotiators to show their hand and then the corrupt press and the corrupt Democratic Party get their alliance going full steam. They mock the Republicans and make them look like fools to the general public. It is a cycle that has been repeated forever. Fools never win elections when the electorate believes they are fools.

Why now that he is President again is nobody asking what Obama’s plan is for America? Where is his plan? How is it that Republicans are again in the hot seat? A man leading from behind does not have to show his cards. Republicans have been burned by this so many times that one would expect a better response to the fake right and go left strategy. Why is the response always capitulation? The Republicans want to lose so bad they actually appear to have made their new strategy into a form of Obama adoration. They have joined the many that are in awe of the new messiah. For true conservatives, it is sickening.

My personal request to our dear Republican legislators is to look tough even though that seems to be a foreign notion. Do nothing about the fiscal cliff since the other team chooses not to place a viable solution on the table. Just let it happen. It is a Democrat gig. They have been encouraging all Democrats to let it happen, hoping and praying to never pay the price. Let them pay the price. Plan on getting blamed! You have been forewarned.

You will be blamed for any problem that happens any time for any reason no matter what action you take. Get used to it! When you get sick of mopping the floor, secretly hire a great PR firm and kill the Democrats on their own messaging. They won’t expect it! I sure do not!

When you have no power, let the things in process that your sorry competitor has put in place, happen. The things advocated by your competitor will hurt her constituents, and she will not be able to blame you. Your competitor will then be begging you to give her a break. Breaks must not be given easy. Conservatives must remain strong. At any stage, the progressives would prefer to make fools of conservatives than to help the American people. Let them make fools of themselves instead.

Going over the cliff is a Democrat idea originating with the President. It can be a great Republican victory and it can right size the Democrats into the “small,” humble, and weeping excuses for human beings that they are. There is a risk that Republicans will snatch defeat from the jaws of an easy Republican victory, by offering capitulation even before forcing the Democrats to put their skin on the line. I hope Republican leaders choose to be stronger than this for if they are, it will force Democrats to explain how their ineptness was not caused by their own sorry progressive agenda.

For example, if the hand of John Boehner stops the inevitable fall from the cliff, he then owns the mess and he and his team of legislators should be held accountable by conservatives. His wobbly wiggle across the aisle will simply bring on another opportunity to blame Bush and then quickly blame Boehner. Instead of giving $85 billion or more in tax rate increases to the Democrats each year, conservatives must hold since no recession has ever been ended by tax increases. Give no ground, and let that which was preordained by the Obama White House (the proverbial fiscal cliff) to occur. Que sera sera.

In the game of chicken, my big fear is that Speaker Boehner, who owns the votes in the House, will be the big chicken. Frank Purdue, a tough guy for sure, in his days, raised a bunch of tender Boehners. It is time for Boehner to show he has some gristle. The biggest appeaser is always the chicken. I think that Mitch McConnell, if he were Speaker with his own majority would never cave. Nice guy Boehner worries more about nice guy Boehner than he does the consequences of his wimpy, milquetoast actions for the American people. Speaker Boehner, please think sinews and G R I S T L E !

Obama is a simple coward but his team is full of power and insights about how dumb most Americans play the game of politics. Obama, a Manchurian Candidate but loving the role, pretends to be the source of his own power. He is good at it since he is a master liar.

This President is so concerned about his persona that he never sleeps when he thinks it is on the line. Instead, he wages a campaign, any campaign, to the end, in a must-do mode for the good of Obama. John Boehner has never met a competitor in rhetoric like Barack Obama, and unless he studies a lot harder, he will lose and lose and lose, and the American people will lose. .

If Boehner chooses to get out of the way, as he must right now, Obama will surely take the Good Ship America over the cliff, and it will be bad medicine for Obama. However, in the end, it is good medicine to help America stay America! When the President chooses to be a goof, no American will give John Boehner kudos to rescue the President from himself—for it will immediately make John Boehner the goof, and conservatives will pay the price. All of the White House Staff are trained and the objective is to make Boehner appear to be a small man compared to the White House’s main man, Barack H. Obama.

Conservatives are not happy when Republicans think that their only rescue in a quest to be career politicians is to become Democrats, especially after being elected as conservatives. If becoming Democrats is the best that the Republican Party can produce, then, conservatives must insist that they and all the turn-coat Republicans be counted out.

The former party of Lincoln will lose many more elections as the conservatives, who are both Democrat like me and Republican like many others, and Libertarian like other fine people. We all have the option to stay home and not give the Republicans the chance to embarrass us again. Of course we all prefer that Republicans man-up!

The message to Republicans from conservatives is to not change anything in process and do not bend at all—even on upping the National Debt. An indicator of the lack of respect that Democrats have for Republican negotiators in this “crisis,” is the demand for a blank check on raising the National Debt. What an insult to Congress in both parties but it is clearly a strategy to blame Republicans. And, so far, I have not heard a good response. I bet Lincoln would have already fired off a response.

Let the country go over the cliff and get the bulldozers in place so America never becomes China. This is a Democratic game in which the Democrats and the corrupt in the tank media believe they can win, while America loses.

In the past, the great Republicans who represented conservatives chose not play footsie with Democrats. Stop the game. Create some legislation that shows for historical purposes that Republicans are for America. Do not engage in the farcical cliff game with Democrats ever again. Go home for Christmas now. Let Democrats steer the ship for a few months and collect their due. They will regret the free ride.

Don’t play at all in a game that Democrats are waging against the American people. Instead, Republicans, rather than playing in a mock game, should speak up at once in every district, in ever constituency, and let America know what it brought on itself with a second term of Obama. Don’t let the Axelrod led bullies and thugs push America around without a Republican response!

Lots of great Americans think as I do. We should let the Democrat induced fiscal cliffs come as they may right now, with no delay, and the sooner the better. The fact is expenses will go down, and Americans will not permit Obama to starve our armies. Lots of good Americans agree.

A patriotic Internet blogger recently wrote: “I’m for going over the cliff now. Let’s take our medicine and its consequences so that we can rebuild. I love my grandkids more than my comfortable life.”

Drdog from articulately wrote: “It has taken 60 years to reach this point. And we think that the entrenched class is going to solve it in less than 60 days? Good luck with that thought…I am deeply in favor of the `burn it down` strategy. I have been positioning my family for that day for 5 years now. So let’s let it come, no coddling, make it fast, make it deep. When half of America is dumpster diving for food like the folks on Staten Island were [in the] last week[s,] maybe only then will enough people finally realize the socialist fairy tale was a lie.”

Unclebucko (Dennis Grimes) from wbscranton wrote: “When you believe that the government does not represent you or your values and is hell bent on destroying your hard earned wealth then I believe protest is in order… The best way to hurt them is to hurt them financially. Help bring it down. I am not buying anything I don’t need or can do without. No new trucks or cars. My bumpers will rust out before I get a new or used car. No new TVs. Instead of four TV’s, I’ll get by with three or two or whatever. Small things too… Stop buying stuff and we’ll hit the cliff quicker and recover quicker. Stop buying corn completely until they stop making Ethanol…I own about 14K in government bonds. I am working to sell the bonds and buy gold. Sell your US bonds or be left with nothing!”

I am really beginning to like the idea of these folks on the Right who demand that we simply stand down and let the Left have everything it wants other than economy-damaging tax-hikes. Only a dummy cannot see that without new leadership with pro-business notions, the country is going to crash. It cannot be saved when the President finds that punishing business is a better White House pastime than baseball.

While punishing business, anybody who despite all odds has become successful, including our own successful children will pay the price. Obama hates successful people unless they are in government or in union leadership positions. If our kids choose to create the next great America-saving invention, Obama will be there to take away all of the proceeds from their great success. Our kids will remain poor in an Obama world despite their great success.

So, to be blunt, the economy is going to crash over the cliff anyway. This President has an agenda that does not include America doing well. We have predicted it. A business-hating President cannot be called upon to save a business economy. He cannot create new business nor can he encourage businesses that he is punishing, to hire more Americans. He just doesn’t get it! The quickest way to salvation is to let the Obama anti-economy dream happen.

If Republicans do nothing, the Obama plan is the default and it comes into play. It is already happening. Let the left and Obama own the result of four years of plotting against America. Let reality finally trump the lying progressive Democrats and their friends in the corrupt media. Let’s get this bad trip over with. The longer we wait, the higher the cliff will be. Ask yourself, what is right for America today? Then watch closely!