Perhaps all Americans are fortunate that low-life Democrats in concert with the pandering press, have set themselves up to be the one and only clearinghouse for racism, and they are volunteering their time for this just cause? Should we thank them or mock them for thinking we are so stupid as to believe that they are even capable of telling the truth.

A few months back I wrote an essay that called rich Democrats out of the closet by name. They had committed the progressive sin of richness but because they were Democrats, they were permitted to live in their gold lined closets. The first words in the essay were “It is a strange world indeed in which we find utterly rich Democrats waging a war on the rich.” Democrats were also the first party of the racists and they hide well from that label also. Perhaps we should pull them out of the closet again?

I happen to be a lifelong Democrat except for two years in my twenties when I was a lot smarter. I began as a registered Independent. My dad, a lifetime Democrat told me that in Pennsylvania, being an Independent in the primary was throwing your vote away. So, I became a Democrat. My dad also told me to vote always for the best man. Back then, women were rarely if ever on the ballot for any office. My father’s advice was sound.

So, I ask myself, where do I fit in the new scenario where all Republicans are racists? Can a Democrat be a racist? I am not a racist. However, anybody calling anybody a racist fits the ultimate definition of a racist. The President of the United States says he is a black man, though he has a white part and a black part. Unlike many black men, he actually has a choice. Is the President a racist for rejecting one part and choosing the other? He just got reelected. Neither black nor brown nor both together had enough votes to reelect this man. Barack Obama was again elected by white people. Can we now close the case on racism and move on?

Conservatives were hoodwinked in the last election. Now, we must figure out the best strategy to defeat the debauched Democratic Party. If only regular American Democrats could see their Party leaders as the sordid excuses for human beings that they have become, there would be much more hope for America. Conservatives, however, should never again underestimate the power of a better message, regardless of the source.

Regular dumass American Democrats are not quite as dumb as conservatives may have pegged them during the recent election period. They believe they heard a better message. Perhaps it was simply delivered more effectively and more frequently.

Whether it was about grab-bags or about Republicans not caring about them at all; they were smart enough to embrace that message, run with it, and together, dumass Americans soundly defeated the Republican strategy, whatever it may have been. The moral of this story is that Republicans never again should take anything for granted if they want to ever again win an election in America.

President Obama’s most admirable quality is that he is an Energizer Rabbit. He never takes a break from campaigning. His second best attribute as a human is his tenacity. Our President is possibly more tenacious than the Energizer Bunny himself.

He is again campaigning. This time, he is hoping to be elected as the perfect broker for the fiscal cliff solution, but he is aiming for much more than that. He would prefer to be heralded for embarrassing Republicans into humiliating capitulation; to be declared the winner of the fiscal cliff debate, and then be forced by an admiring public to give an acceptance speech to discuss how great he was in fending off the nasty Republicans.

Like most that he does however, he is again disingenuous. He is lurking behind the pack for an opening to pounce on the Republicans. The vindictive, narcissistic Obama wants to whack them hard, run them through the muck, stick it to them, make them look like jerks with the help of the corrupt press, and make Republicans regret any negative word cast against him in the prior campaign—whether Americans are hurt or not. While real Americans are trying to survive, Obama is busy playing a board game.

While waging the battle of the cliff, hoping his team loses so it can blame Republicans, Obama is quietly campaigning already for the 2016 Democratic nominee. Of course, despite it being against the law of the land right now, the newly reelected President has not ruled himself out for that spot. He is not looking for a real solution for America. He will broker nothing that helps this country. But if he is permitted to lead from behind, he will come to the front quickly to take credit for any victory or opportunity to blame Republicans for a defeat. Like a child ready to play a playground trick, Obama is ready to win at all costs, as long as the costs are not paid by him.

This President never faces himself as the man in the glass, and so he has not learned what a bad man he really is. I do not think the President would like what he sees in the glass. Many find Obama contemptible. If Republicans could find some intestinal fortitude, they would deny him any concessions and let him try to lead for a change from the front. Republicans can use this as a learning moment.

In every campaign, election or otherwise, Obama is a formidable opponent. He never stops. He is not often right; but he is also not often challenged. His competitors are not interested in having an Energizer Bunny constantly nipping at their pant legs.

More than likely, there will be another Clinton in 2016 as Democrats have nobody else on their bench unless an Obama clone can emerge or Obama can fire off an Executive order permitting him to run for a third term. Of course there is always John Kerry. Wouldn’t that be sweet? Despite Clinton and Kerry being front-liners, expect that Obama will be attempting to get some laws changed so that he can run for a third and fourth and even a fifth term. I have placed this notion out there in numerous essays because a narcissist thinks there is nobody that is ever quite as good as he is.

Putting aside an Obama run in 2016, it will not be the same Clinton that handed incumbent Bush # I, a resounding defeat but it would be a Clinton just as crafty. Clintonian messaging is not lost on the public at large. It was all that was needed to convince the women of America that the Bill Clinton “girls” were all plants by Republicans.

That is why the master of all messaging, Bill Clinton was deployed by Obama on the recent campaign trail. Miraculously, the Democrats brought Clinton out of retirement to be their straw man for Obama, so that he could beat George Bush II, the Republican straw man for Romney. Clinton defeated Bush II.

Clinton won the election for Obama while the straw version of W. Bush lost for the second time against Obama. This Obama of course was played by straw-man Clinton, giving the non-fantasy game to the real Obama. Though Romney was the candidate, George Bush II, the “W” lost again, just as his straw lost when playing the role of John McCain.

Why is that? It is because Republicans cannot frame a message that is palatable and they choose never to fend off the incessant attacks from better campaigners. Democrats count on Americans being stupid around election time, and dumass Americans never disappoint them. Republicans, however, are to blame as they do not understand marketing, and they refuse to market their fine products. Twelve years of not answering Democratic attacks has made Republicans unelectable. If Republicans want to win ever again, they must toughen up their message, repeat it often, and turn any attempt to make them look bad, back on the Democrats.

In four extremely long years for US, governing the US was never an Obama priority. He had the power, but not the capability of doing the job. Yet, he liked the perks of being the President, and he will always like living in the White House under armed protection.

No progressive ever cared that Obama chose not to govern while Americans were suffering. Obama proved his worth to the party by winning campaigns. His technique was all about messaging and he never let his message be distorted by unworthy Republicans. Team Obama quickly responded to both true and false negative accusations. Their sense of immediacy was decisive. Laid back Republicans were lambs for the slaughter.

Unfortunately for Mitt Romney, most dumass Americans have no clue about the marginal propensity to consume, and less of a clue about capital adequacy ratios. In fact, when dumass Americans see a simple economic abbreviation like GDP, a major factor in economic planning, they chuckle and so does Obama. When dumass Americans see GDP, for example, they assume that even the smarty pants Republicans cannot spell GOP properly. I wish it were not so.

So, how do Republicans teach dumass Americans Economics? Well, either reduce things to their simplest terms or hire a great PR firm to make the Progressive message sound like crap. I vote for the latter.

Mr. Obama, the winner again, now gets to sit in the winning chair behind the winning desk. Republicans and conservatives should never forget that image! Republicans always play too nice and they overestimate that the American people will sort it out, and vote for the best man. Think again! That just does not happen.

Consequently the GOP needs to invest immediately in a really talented full-time campaign manager for the “potential candidate.” Don’t forget Obama has already begun the Democrats’ 2014 and 2016 campaigns. Besides a full-time campaign manager with staff, the Republicans also need a press secretary to update Americans on what is going on. Surely a partisan such as Jay Carney does not serve Congress very well.

Republican think tanks are centered on governing issues and do not focus on why Republicans cannot win elections. Different types of Republican think tanks must be brought into existence for marketing messages that can win elections. If we conservatives have learned anything over the last twelve years, we learned that the tactics used by R’s, to permit all of the D’s attacks to go unanswered, has been a major cause of election night failure. Republicans finally made a few murmurs after the election. Too late! The message of 2012 is to plan to win.

Going back a few weeks before Election Day, you may recall the third debate. Obama was nasty but vulnerable. Gentleman Mitt Romney like Gentleman John McCain chose not to attack. Both lost. Clearly during the debate Obama was fearful that he would be historically held responsible for being the author of sequestration and the fiscal cliff. So, he embraced a simple, yet typical defense. He lied. He denied his role in the process. He looks so truthful that dumass Americans, as usual, just accepted what he said.

Obama prevaricates quite effectively and the corrupt media swear that he is telling the truth each time. In the second debate the President told us all that he had labeled the Benghazi incident as a terrorist attack immediately. That lie still stands as Republicans simply cannot figure out how to get past the corrupt media’s blockade to challenge him. That’s how good our President can lie, and, unfortunately, it is how poorly Republicans deal with facts. Republicans had a winning hand yet still lost against Obama. Republicans lost the battle of the message. A Republican Press Secretary for the Congress could have been out there every day making the right points as many times as necessary.

About the sequestration and the fiscal cliff, Obama lied again: “First of all, the sequester is not something that I’ve proposed. It is something that Congress has proposed…It will not happen.”

Watergate Reporter Bob Woodward disagreed with the President that this was a Republican big lie. Right after the debate Woodward provided the fact check on Obama:

“What the President said is not correct…and it’s refuted by …people who work for him.”

Republicans must figure out how to get the message out that Obama is the guy pushing the US off the fiscal cliff.

Mitch McConnell, the no-nonsense Minority Leader in the US Senate, suggested that Obama stop his campaign and get back to work. Rather than having a dialogue with his friends across the nation, McConnell chastised the President that he should sit down with his adversaries in Congress and offer something other than the silent treatment.

Despite McConnell’s position, House Republicans, elected for their conservative posture, now appear intimidated that Obama is miffed when he hears the truth. The last thing Republicans, especially in the House should do is capitulate on conservative principles. It is a good time to be the party of “No, you cannot destroy America!”

Obama is already pushing the notion of a fiscal cliff disaster as a blame Republicans first event. Let Obama takes us off the cliff. Let’s find a spokesperson to deliver our message properly. The cliff would ruin his second term and then there is no third.

Sometimes Republicans have to listen to the wind; man-up and do the right thing. Most of my friends don’t make much more than $50,000 a year. We have no problem watching the fat progressive cats making above $50,000 getting their just due for voting for Obama. Let the liberal SOBs, many from Public Employee Unions, teachers, and others, that screamed for more taxes on the rich, be declared rich. Let them pony up the taxes they wished on the rich, themselves. “Payback is a bitch.”

To repeat the charge on the cliff to Republican leaders: Let Obama’s cliff happen!. He did it to himself. If Republicans let it happen, they will again be able to contribute positively to America and stop blaming themselves for the last election loss. Let Obama and the progressives live with their lies and their mess. Help them clean up the mess but only after a very public and humble request for assistance. Once over the cliff, I predict this will all happen sometime after the first quarter of 2013.

Republicans think this past election and the next and the next was / is about what the country needs to be successful. Though it should be; it is not. This is about messaging. The greatest campaign messages ever were delivered to “stuff-hungry” Americans by slippery Democrats. Will Obama still be on TV in the future showing how great he is? Is he more concerned about making Republicans look bad than helping America?

Obama and his successor must be stopped now. The Republican leadership must never forget that Team Obama responded to every fragment, small lump, or piece of lint-sized attack messages that came its way. Theirs was the winning strategy. Every time Obama was ruffled in his campaign, he attacked back immediately with heavy artillery and no hesitation. The Energizer Bunny was always awake and always ready to respond and always ready to prevail. Obama is not a weak campaigner. He is simply a weak President with no apparent concern for America or Americans.

Americans never heard many of the attacks v. Obama because the counterattacks came so quickly and so harshly; and they were all killers. Obama loves winning campaign type battles. House Republicans are smart enough to deny him those victories. Will they have the will-power?

Obama is the biggest deceiver the world has ever brought forth. When Republican lawmakers recognize how well he lies, and they use it against him, they will defeat his rhetoric. They can defeat the man quite soundly because they are on the side of right. Obama is, however, an energetic, untiring campaigner.

The President left no claims unanswered in his campaign. He often surprised people with his vile rhetoric. He faced all issues raised, and he mocked Romney in public forums every chance he got. I can’t recall a President ever being so vile. Yet, dumass Americans liked it. They bought it even though the President never discussed the real issues facing the country. New college graduates voted for Obama in droves. Now, with their victory, they are assured of being unemployed for an awful long time.

The complicit and corrupt press always forgives Obama’s rhetoric and his poor job performance as if America does not matter. As history unfolds, what should be a free press, will be documented as corrupt Obama pawns in America’s demise.

Nobody can touch the President on any issue from the fiscal cliff to Benghazi or even the Petraueus scandal. All of these and more crises happened on this President’s watch and all he had to do to get reelected was pull a Sergeant Schultz personality. And he did! “I know nothing!”

Do Americans really want their President to “know nothing?” One would conclude America was OK with that or simply did not pay attention? With all these scandals, it is impossible that Obama is lily white on all of the issues? I think we’ll have to ask the companion of “the man who had to know for sure.”

The man who had to know for sure was walking down the road. He spotted a shimmering, steaming item colored brown over on the sidewalk. He was amazed. He was compelled to check further to assure that all senses confirmed his initial findings. So, he reached down. He acknowledged to his friend that it looked like it.

He then moved his fingers around the substance a bit and he said that it felt like it. To be sure, he brought the matter to his nose and he admitted to his friend that it smelled like it. But to be really sure before committing, perhaps for the good of science, he placed his tongue on the item and he declared in disgust that it tasted like it.

Whew! His companion exclaimed: “I knew what it was when it was on the sidewalk, shimmering and steaming and so fresh looking, and that dog kept kicking up the dirt and looking back. I am so glad we did not step in it.”

Using the story of the man who had to know for sure as a basis for how to not make a decision, how much proof do we really need to implicate Obama in so many tragedies? Despite being well armed with facts, will Republicans have the guts to challenge the President on anything? Or will they cave? Conservatives hope for the former.

It would be the right thing for Republicans to man-up to take on Democrats especially now, when the D’s are so clearly wrong? Democrats more now than ever; have that steaming, shimmering glow in their eyes. I learned a lot from watching Sarah Palin when she chose to tough it out. This tough lady from Alaska would not sit by or wimp out when Democrats were taking advantage of her. She got blind-sighted by a free press ambush, and to their shame, Republicans chose not to defend her.

I would like to say to Republicans that if they stand for nothing; they are nothing. I am really upset as a conservative that they did not stand for Sarah who stood for America. I fear again that Republicans will be hiding behind what Obama wants rather than what we sent them to Washington to do. But, I sure wish they can be better than that. Do not become a Democrat during your term. If you do, conservatives will no longer trust you.

The full fiscal cliff needs to happen. In the words of Nancy Pelosi: “elections have consequences.” Without executing the prime directive on the fiscal cliff, there will never be dumass Democrat buyer’s remorse. There are enough laws ready to make events happen automatically at year end. The best conservative lawmakers ought to just let them happen. Obama brought them on. Obama and company need to feel their sting!

As a guy bringing in just over $50,000 a year, I have no sympathy for double dipping (husband and wife) liberal progressives, whether they are teachers or other public employees. How selfish that this group of nouveau riche have chosen to increase taxes on those making just a bit more than them. My decision would be that they pay too. Include me in the deal.

How convenient that President Obama excluded all the union members and public employees making a lot more than regular people like me in his tax increase proposal. They too can afford a lot more. In fact, I am OK with you coming down to my level by bringing back the Clinton Tax Rates. For those who do not pay, to choose to whack the rich, simply because they are successful is the ultimate in selfishness and greed.

Most people in my tax bracket have no idea about those making $250,000 a year. The middle class in my life are people making from $30,000 to $50,000 per year. When somebody in my neighborhood gets a $20,000 per year job, they get a hoo-ray from their family and hearty congratulations from the neighborhood. I bet I could ask for an AMEN on that notion in any amphitheatre where regular folk congregate, and it would come back louder than I ever would have thought. We, the $50K crowd, think we are the middle class.

No wonder the Democrats, the teacher unions, and other government employees far exceeding regular people in wages, want the starting number to sting for the rich in the fiscal cliff negotiations, as long as it is out of their bracket. Yet, they are rich compared to most regular Americans, such as my wife and I, and a lot of my neighbors.

I find it disingenuous of those dumass Obama-loving Americans in the $50,000 to $250,000 tax bracket to be telling Obama it is OK to whack the rich but do not dip into my bracket. From my perspective, the Obama union people are the rich! The 1% at the top are needed by all of US to keep America going. As long as Obama chooses to insult them; the less likely they are likely to stay in America. I do not want the successful to leave America. Who will pay their fair share then?

To repeat my suggestion: whack those of us over $50,000 or don’t whack anybody at all. Anybody who got an A in Kindergarten knows that spending today is the problem. Takers do not want to hear that. Keep taxes low; reduce spending to a level that regular Americans can afford. See what the takers are willing to put up to make things better!

Why not simply try to solve America’s problems, rather than blame the only people with a chance of fixing the problems. Why would the rich, the ones that our President vilifies, not just move out of town and let us all find our own resources to solve the American fiscal nightmare. How easy would that be when the folks with the bucks leave town?

Taxes are too high already for everybody. Government spending needs to be reduced by 40%. Spending must be brought under control. Taxation is already out of control.

What would I do? I would first thank the rich for whatever they have ever given. Neither you nor I could have given even 1% of what they have already given. I would raise taxes on nobody but I would make sure that every citizen pays at least something; even if it is just $10.00 per head per year to the country that takes care of them so well.

Nobody should be inclined to think that somebody else is their caretaker. Finally, I would call out the Democrats for the liars that they are. And, I would keep on that message.

I am rich in spirit and I admit that when I was a wage earner, before I retired, I had far better financial years. But, to repeat, I find it reprehensible that some Americans, making an awful lot more than I make now or have ever made, can sleep at night after telling the government to take more from other Americans.

Hold your ground Republicans. If Americans are to get whacked, let us all feel the pain, including the second tier upper class from 50K to 250K. Any other solution will find more jobs in foreign countries. Let Obama take us all over the cliff so. Then Democrats and Republicans alike that ever want to be reelected will know that our solutions must be those that which the business hating Mr. Obama cannot thwart.

In the blame game that Democrats, especially the liberal progressives like to wage, I say blame Obama and the progressive Democrats, none of which are willing to donate a dime for America, for the travesty they placed upon us. Historians will get it right.