Rush Limbaugh, a leading conservative is correct that “it is practically impossible to beat Santa Claus.” Unknowingly with this statement, Limbaugh has given the Democrats a winning fiscal cliff mantra: “Republicans want to take away Santa Claus.” The Democrats know that the secret to continually winning elections is to make sure your Party is the one viewed as Santa Claus, and the other Party is portrayed as District Attorney Thomas Mara as in The Miracle on 34th St.

There is still time before Christmas for Republicans to offer an even better deal than those offered in Part II. Instead of a specific amount of stuff, Republicans can assure being viewed as the real Santa Claus by providing another beat-all offer that Democrats could never overcome. This program would be called the “Beat the Democrats on Giveaways Double Benefit Program.”

This “can’t beat” offer would advise Hispanics and Latinos to bring their best offer from the Democrats in writing into any Republican HQ. Republicans would then double the ante on the offer. Soon the word would get out that Democrats are cheapskates and are chinching on the give-aways! The folks would soon know that they can only get one helping of stuff from the Democrat chinchers. But, if they align with Republicans, the offer is double stuff – double helpings for each ID! How can the Republicans lose?

Another novel and potentially game changing idea is a weekly lottery that costs Hispanics and Latinos nothing to play. All Americans can enter and pay for tickets but only Hispanics / Latinos can win this special lottery. It would be a special Powerball with huge payoffs, held each week. The best part is that no Hispanic or Latino would have to buy a ticket to participate. The Republicans would provide the tickets to the community in numbers as requested by community leaders. It would be similar to the current cell phone benefit but a group thing limited to just Hispanics and Latinos.

Whenever the payoff is to be delivered each week, somebody that looks like the late Ed McMahon would present the big check and get a lot of PR for the Republicans.

To avoid people complaining, an option can be put forth so that the 27% of the Hispanics that voted for Romney, who are OK working for a living, could opt out of the Powerball. They could be put on a no-fly-list so the special lottery machine would never land on their names.

If I said, “just kidding,” would you forgive me?

I suspect by now, even though you all know that I have been spoofing from Part II until now, you may have begun to get angry with me. I apologize. I would not object, however, your transferring any anger from me to Republican representatives—those willing to cave on redistribution and the fiscal cliff negotiations. I took the argument against Republicans becoming the stuff-meisters ad absurdum to show how nobody can out “give-away” the Democrats. The exercise demonstrates quite vividly how stupid trying to out-bid the Democrats on stuff would be.

I conjured up all these scenarios because there are those in the Republican Congress, who at this very moment are trying to figure out how to make deals just as stupid. They are looking for any way they can to look weak and make it seem like the devil made them do it. They appear to think that they have received a secret message from conservatives, telling them to kneel down on the other side of the aisle and offer bigger grab-bags and bigger concessions than the Democrats.

From being a Kennedy Democrat in my teens, I have come to believe in the principles of conservatives. Yet, I continue to admire the tenacity of the Democrats. The Democrats fight hard to avoid any loss, whereas the Republicans unfortunately, are wimps, ever ready to give it up and abandon their own principles when the going gets tough. Conservatives are really sick of that.

Obviously, pandering to any part of the US citizenry is not the way to go for Republicans as the minuses far outweigh the plusses. Permitting taxes to be raised without going off the fiscal cliff likewise has no advantages for the conservative cause.

My sincere apologies to all Latinos and Hispanics! I hit you all pretty hard in my give-away for demonstration purposes only. Anybody paying attention to the news in the post election period knows there was a lot of rhetoric about stuff supposedly needed to attract the Hispanic / Latino vote, so the analysis, though preposterous, has validity .

Giving stuff to any constituency to get their vote is a sham. Yet, the Democrats have tried their hand in such a sordid system. In the most recent election, they found a way to offer every identifiable minority, including women, some specific stuff to get their vote.

From the results of the election, it looks like the stuff idea may have worked for Democrats. Republicans, to their credit, did not play that game. Some analysts say it cost them the election. I don’t think so. Real conservatives think we have a better and a bigger message for Americans that really like America. It’s simple. Let’s get back to having a great country by electing competent leaders!

If we get into an open bidding war in the future for voters; it will be a shame for America. How hopeless it will be for our children’s children.

In such a system, there would be no need to have any debates or discuss issues or matters of national importance as none of that would matter. Who would care about our America, the good ole US of A, if the payoff for the individual was big enough? Who would really care about this country if both Republicans and Democrats created a bunch of prostitute voters on the take?

For Republicans to win the Presidency in the future, the first step is to make sure there is no fraud in the electoral process; then make sure there is a competent candidate; then make sure that every attack is answered quickly, and finally, get all conservatives out to vote.

Once we assure that elections are no longer riddled with fraud, we can then strategize on the proper approach for conservatives to win future elections.

The best advice for conservatives and thus, to Republicans is to stick to principles. Conservatives are on the side of right. The story tellers and liars just do not like the side of right. As a conservative Democrat, for example, I am unwelcome in my own party. The feeling is mutual as I would not welcome today’s Democratic leadership at my table.

Hispanics and Latinos are not about to pull off a major victory for Republicans any time soon because they have no reason to trust Republicans. Hispanics and Latinos as a group are very good people with admirable core beliefs. Democrats share none of their beliefs about good and bad, and if it were not for incessant lying and fear mongering by Democrats, trusting Hispanics and Latinos would reject their dishonest messages.

Many ethnicities that were once mostly Democrat eventually figured out that it is OK to vote Republican. Hispanics and Latinos will eventually learn that Republicans are mostly good people. More blacks are seeing the light also but many are still captivated by the aura of Obama. My sister and brother, Mary and Joe, changed their registration to Republican recently. They can no longer accept the anti-religion, anti-morality, anti-jobs, pro-slut stance of the Democrats.

Hispanics and Latinos simply do not know that Republicans are much better people as a rule than Democrats. Perhaps before me, nobody has ever told them. Sorry to have to say it but that’s the way it is. Churchgoing Hispanics and Latinos continually think about what will matter at the end of time, when God evaluates us all. The more they do that, the more likely that may change their thinking about whether being a D or an R is right or wrong. I can’t see anybody knowingly sacrificing her soul for a Democrat grab-bag.

As a Democrat, I firmly believe that Republicans are mostly good people with good thoughts on life. Republicans do not toot their own horn on being righteous. I am a Democrat and so I can say it. From where I see things, as a conservative first and as a Democrat far second, I have found that Republican principles honor God, while Democrat precepts find God to be an annoyance.

All people make mistakes. Being a Congressman must give the individual such a sense of worth that some would do almost anything to maintain such a fine position. As a conservative, I would like to remind our sometimes humble Republican representatives that you were elected by conservatives to serve conservative principles, and not to become Democrats. Remember who sent you to Washington as we will have no problem remembering you and calling you back if you choose to be a RINO.

With that, I am asking that no representative elected as a conservative forget your roots. Conservatives will not forget you. You did not campaign to team up with the Democrats to raise taxes, promote redistribution, or more quickly bring down the country. Remember to not compromise on conservative principles. Help the fine Hispanic and Latino Americans learn to embrace conservative principles because they are right for America and Americans.

I think that if those Hispanic and Latino people that are as fortunate enough as I, to be citizens of this wonderful and great country, understand the singular difference regarding God in the principles of the Parties, they would choose to embrace Republican politics. God exists in the Republican Party and the Lord is missing by choice in the Party of the Democrats. Hispanics and Latinos, who look, will see that.

Any good person that studies the lack of principles in the Democratic Party would do what they could to not go in that direction. They would recognize that their life principles are better aligned with Republican values (conservative values) than the anything goes values of liberal progressive Democrats. It is not a sin to vote Republican even if you are registered as a Democrat. Ask your priest if you are unsure!

I believe in my heart of hearts that on the road from Heaven to hell if anybody ever gets to take such a tour, and road is sequenced from good to bad, the last conservative Republican on the way to Hell from Heaven, would be found in a slot closer to Heaven than the last progressive liberal Democrat.

A political party simply cannot embrace corruption and evil in its platform and find its members heavenly bound. I suspect the God-fearing Hispanics and Latinos understand that far more than their recent votes suggest. Their destiny is to be conservatives. It is up to conservatives to make them all feel welcome in the Party of Lincoln.

For Hispanics and Latinos to no longer have to put up with the insults that I characterize in Part II of this essay, I have a suggestion. Be aggrieved when the media refer to your subsection of citizens as Hispanics and Latinos. Recognize that their purpose is to separate you and divide you from the rest of the citizens of this country. You are 100% Americans. Demand that the media call you Americans, rather than Latino or Hispanic.

The Irish are the second largest self-declared “minority” in the US after the Hispanics and Latinos combined. I am of Irish descent. I consider myself neither a minority nor a member of the Irish community.

I am an American and that is enough for me. I am part of the huge community of Americans and I am proud of it. Irish American is a divisive term as is Hispanic American and Latino American. My first question to Hispanics and Latinos is “Why not just be an American and join the melting pot?” Other Americans, such as me and my family, who are well dissolved in the pot, would love you to join us.