So, now that we exist in the period of post election hysteria, morass, and over-analysis, we see lots of maybes but there is no maybe about who won. By hook and maybe by crook Obama is the declared winner; and he will not let anybody forget that it was his majesty that won reelection. He is the best campaigner the world has ever seen.

As President, he does not do as well as when he is on the campaign trail. There is continuing suspicion that his failings are intentional but such proof is hard to come by. When the history books from the last four years are closed, it will show that for the most part, Obama chose not to govern. His sole personal mission as President was his re-election. So, on November 6, 2012, when the former president became the next president, for all Americans it was like a campaign that had never ended. Will Obama have time this term to lead the country? I know that I for one hope he chooses to play more golf.

Over the prior four years, the President was so caught up with his reelection; he had no time for America, other than his pre-ordained progressive agenda including Obamacare. For four years, the President had no time to work for the good of the country yet was able to sign some very damaging legislation and concur with a number of business killing regulations. Perhaps one day, somebody in his inner circle will explain economics to the President as he does not have a grasp on the basic fact that without successful businesses, there can be no job growth.

Now that the election is in the past, all conservatives need to come to grips with the fact that we lost. Democrats see this travesty as a huge win for them. They think that just like 2008, they are in the catbird’s seat. Conservatives, at least those not bound and gagged by the Republican Party say: “No way Jose!” However, it is not really the Democrats that conservatives are worried about.

Wimpy, gutless, spineless Republican lawmakers as noted in Part I of this essay appear to be ready to give it all up because Obama might be upset if they do not. The Republicans appear to be concerned that the size of the shrimp at the Democrat socials would be reduced if they do not play along.

Real conservatives would not give two cents for what Obama thinks. Yet, the rhetoric since the election from House Republicans shows too strong a desire to become the winning team by emulating the philosophies of the winning team.  News channels report of anxious Republicans with quivering voices making overtures to get along and crawl across the aisle for a small favor, or God willing, just a good word from a friendly Democrat. Conservatives want none of that.

I am unaware of any conservative overture towards Republican legislators advising them that it is now their job to be more like the Democrats? Au contraire! Republican leaders, however, all on their own, appear ready to fire the conservatives, especially TEA Party believers that the corrupt press says are keeping them down. Will they go it themselves? After all, conservatives were not able to elect them a Republican President.

I cannot see even dumass Democrats opting to vote for the Republican side even if the Party of Lincoln declares itself the new and improved party of give-aways. A bidding war for grabby and needy constituents will never be won by Republicans. But, for the heck of it, let’s see what a few preemptive strikes from Republicans might look like.

If they are so fed up with conservatives, Republican strategists might deploy any number of grab-bag programs to gain the votes of non-conservatives. I have a number of thoughts on what the Republicans can put on the table if they opt to engage in a bidding war against the Democrats in future elections to gain their constituents.  Don’t get upset. Please!

How about increasing the immigration limit just for Hispanics?  An even sweeter deal would be to declare a five-year moratorium on immigration from any traditional nation, such as Ireland, France, England, Uganda, Russia, Egypt, and all others. Only Hispanics and Latinos would be eligible for citizenship in this sweet deal. Surely by bringing forth such a proposal, Hispanics and Latinos would then know for sure that Republicans love them the best.

Maybe five years is not a good enough deal. How about if the moratorium lasts until all of the willing residents of Mexico and Latin America are completely unpacked and living in the US as citizens. To make it easier, the government can totally eliminate those silly loyalty tests and the oath of allegiance for Hispanics and Latinos. Shouldn’t such a magnanimous gesture be more than enough to gain at least 90% of the Hispanic vote for Republicans?

Republicans can come up with something even bigger than citizenship with a bit more creativity. How about a great overture that keeps families together. It would be a sure winner. All Mexican and Latin American non-citizens that have not yet come to America should be invited to have dual citizenship with 100% come and go rights to America. Can you think of a better offer to show friendship? But, what if that still is not enough to break the Hispanic and Latino community from Democrat domination?

How about a deal that permit benefits to accrue regardless of where a member of the Hispanic or Latino community lives. In this way, South Americans, Mexicans and other Latinos would immediately qualify for all the US benefits that they want? I am talking about immediate US benefits at an unprecedented and unreduced amount, regardless of age, and regardless of in which country the recipient lives.

To make this offer so that nobody can refuse, benefit levels can be made to be so high that any recipient would no longer have to work again. And, if they chose to work, benefits would continue at the top rate. At a high enough benefit level, all Hispanics and Latinos could live very well—even better than middle class Americans. The check or the direct deposit would always arrive on time.  Plus, the recipients could all be assigned to the Congressional Health Care plan instead of having to settle for Medicare, Medicaid, or Obamacare.

There should be no reason for a Hispanic or Latino to be forced to ever reside in America to receive US benefits? To make this happen, smart Republicans can institute a remote benefits program for only those of Hispanic / Latino descent, who do not want to live in America.  These individuals would receive the same benefits as those in their community who choose to reside here.

Democrats could not match this Republican program. It would help the GOP win many future elections. It would permit Latinos and Hispanics to stay in their home countries and they would still be able to collect major stipends from dumass American gringos, who would not know what hit them.

The objective of the “Beat the Democrats on Giveaways Program.” must always be kept on the front burner at all times. Republicans got beat by Hispanics and Latinos who were simply not interested in their spiel. Therefore, the program objective, of course, is to suck up to these constituencies in whatever ways are possible. With more and more give-aways, Hispanics and Latinos will come around and they will be pleased to vote Republican. It is that simple. The program is a sure winner for Republican candidates for all federal offices.

To sweeten the pot further, no traditional white or black American would qualify for enhanced benefits. In this special deal, the Republicans would direct the US Treasury Department to send all registered Hispanic and Latino voters a nice big totally undeserved and unexpected check every month, free and clear in addition to any other benefits they choose to receive. This would be for Hispanic voters as well as for Hispanics living south of the border. In this way, all Hispanics and Latinos, both citizens and non-citizens living in any part of the Americas would be included in this magnificent largesse from the US Treasury. This would surely be a Santa Claus moment?

In a give-away state, such as the USO – Obamasville, Republicans would be known as the Party of big benefits for Hispanics and Latinos. Loyalty to the party is all that would be necessary (vote Republican) to receive the redistribution.

Being Hispanic or Latino and being alive would be the only requirement to receive the enhanced benefits package. However, Republicans are advised to keep an open mind about eliminating dead people from receiving benefits. It may be appropriate for some of the dead to be permitted into the program and of course, they would be able to vote.

Another notion that would beat anything Democrats might put forth in the future would be an extended deal for any Hispanic or Latino with two or more US ID’s. Republicans can champion a program in which individuals can collect full US benefits from any and all of their once illegal IDs. Those who qualify (all Hispanics and Latinos living anywhere in the world) would receive two or more checks from the government, depending on how many IDs they have accumulated while in an illegal state in the US. Valid IDs would count only for the first share of the largesse.

Additionally, since Hispanics and Latinos would now be in the Republican column, they should surely be enabled to vote two or more times—depending on how many ID’s they have at the time that this highly favorable legislation clears the Congress. A key component of the program would be to make everything more affordable and perhaps even cost free for Hispanics and Latinos only. No ethnicity other than Latinos and Hispanics would be permitted to receive the aforementioned rewards.

You don’t want to miss Part III.