Conservatives want the House to do the same for the next two years. Republicans and Democrats alike, who got to see the Exit door at close hand in 2010, thought their mission was to go along to get along regardless of the will of the people. Conservatives are the better for the 2010 reversal of power in the House. However, despite an empty treasury, the Senate and the President never got the message. They are still in give-away mode, and a number of Republicans are mumbling like it is OK, and they can’t believe the sign-up sheet is not on the Republicans side of the aisle.

The Senate and the President are busy getting the stuff ready for the next great Democrat give-away. This was promised to the “47%” during the election season. Dumass Americans bought all the rhetoric, so now the Dems are ready to pay up with some shekels from our treasury. How soon good people forget!

Obama initially tricked millions of Americans into thinking he is the real savior. In his four years, he proved to the world that he is nobody’s savior. In fact, after four, many pundits had him pegged as the front runner for the title of worst President of all-time. Dumass Americans do not read even the liberal press, so they remain unaware.

Because they chose not to know, dumass Americans re-anointed Barack Obama, as their savior in chief. The last thing conservatives need now is for Republican legislators to become infatuated with the former great one. One Democratic Party is much more than enough for any country to deal with.

If Republican legislators choose to go along with the Democrats just to get their names on all of the give-away stuff, then, just like in 2010, when 2014 rolls along, conservative voters must send these charlatans back home in the primary election. When they get home, the folks they betrayed (US) should not be offering any welcome home parades for their poor service. Ask Mr. Pro-life, himself, Bart Stupak what it is like to trick your constituency. You get one chance and then you are o-u-t. And so it shall be!

Democracy, Republic, and Constitution are important civics terms that we learned in grade school. In many ways, they describe our founder’s America. Our President for the last four years and for the next four years seems to hold none of these terms in high regard. So, it is up to conservatives to make sure our country exists for the long haul with our founders’ attributes. That means that conservatives in Congress must stop Democrats and the President, hell bent on compromising our nation by give-aways, deficits, and debt.

Our wonderful America was never guaranteed to continue, even when past leaders held tightly to the founders’ principles. Chances of an America that continues for many more years were lessened substantially after the last election.

Many conservatives fear that Barack Obama is a socialist / progressive and his major interest lies in moving the US from capitalism to a more “sharing” type of government form. Since he was reared in a family of communists (mother, father, grandmother, grandfather on mother’s side), and many of his “friends,” are avowed communists, the President may very well be a communist also but we’ll stop short of calling him that though it is on my mind. By the way, nobody contests the facts I just brought forth.

A progressive socialist is far enough off the founders’ notions of good government that it is not safe for any American to trust that this President will do the right thing for America or Americans—ever. I’ll let others determine whether this President is a communist or not. In the meantime, I will hold onto the few possessions that I have since I surely do not trust the Obama administration to take care of anything of mine.

With America originally being formed as a mercantilist economy, a form of capitalism in which the invisible hand is much more visible, a move to full socialism or even to communism would be like nothing Americans would want to imagine. America survived for well over 100 years before mercantilism changed to pure capitalism with the introduction of the personal Income Tax.

Isn’t it amazing that the US got along for so long without income taxation that could be used for redistribution? Thank you President Wilson. You were the first purely progressive President. Thank you so much for giving US citizens the IRS. One thing few are denying, no matter what you want to call it, at the end of this term, Obama will have taken the nation closer to socialism from capitalism than any President ever before—even Wilson. .

Perhaps even the name America is not secure. Perhaps you too have seen ads by investment companies exhorting Americans to buy gold while referencing how bad things will be in Obama’s third term. That sure is a spooky thought. In Barack Obama’s sixth term, however, it would be time for the Obama loyalists to suggest that the name America could be changed for the “better.” You may recall that even Bedford Falls accepted corruption as a way of life, when Potter changed its name to Pottersville in the hit movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” So, all bets for a name change for America are still on, especially in a sixth Obama term.

Perhaps in a sixth term, our beloved America, with Obama hanging on as President, might be renamed Obamasville. If so, it would happen in the second edition of the Roaring Twenties as the country approaches the year 2030. It seems this same story has been written many times throughout history even long before Frank Capra wrote about good and bad people in his epoch 20th Century movie.

I ask myself sometimes if our constitutional republic can withstand all of the challenges required to adapt to this strange and corrupt 21st century. And so, if it cannot, the logical choice in the sixth term of Obama would be to bring on the United States of Obamasville. I know that I am not laughing about the prospects of that becoming a reality, but I am sure many dumass Americans, who are eternally loyal to the Obama cause, would think it is a “cute” idea

Scholars from the past have offered many opinions about types of governments and their abilities to survive for more than 200 years. Conservatives wonder why, when the stakes are so high, that President Obama is leading us in the wrong direction, despite warnings from the present, and from the past. We would like to trust the Obama Administration for our future but we cannot. He is just too good at the art of prevarication.

From observing and analyzing his first term, many see the Obama way in term two as a quick path to perdition. If Barack Obama were Rhett Butler, I would expect that any day we would hear from the White House: Quite frankly America, I don’t give a damn. But, for me, it would not be news.

In a little bit, let’s take a peek at some of the foreboding cautions about a disappearing America brought to us by the ghosts of the present and the past. For now, we know that the next four years, the immediate future of America, is singularly up to Ebenezer Obama. For conservatives that is quite a chilling thought. And so, now more than ever, the once loyal conservative constituents see no reason for conservative legislators in Congress to cave. It was not the progressives that put our conservative lawmakers in office. And, so it is time that these guys recognized pure conservatives as the reason they got to serve America for even one term. It would be a real shame for any conservative legislator who leans Democrat to have to get a new job in just a few years.

Words from people in the past and present often help us all in forming our perspectives. Each of the quotes shown after a few stories, offers a unique perspective and a unique way with words about the tentative nature of all governments, especially, a democracy such as ours. As many already know, it is unusual for any form of government to last more than 200 years in practice. With that knowledge, all Americans that are dedicated to America should be very concerned. The US is well over 200 years in the same governmental form.

As a final thought before the quotes, I would bet that if we asked the Romans, after their own historical comeuppance, if they were really prepared to give up their empire and their lifestyle, and their homes, the answer would be in the negative. As history shows us, the Romans ran a great empire; however they got stretched thin with warring and entanglements in many countries. Even though none of the Caesars ever went on an apology tour across the various countries in the Empire, lots of citizens of lots of non-Roman countries did not like the Romans. There are some parallels with America but not with its current leader.

Eventually, many smaller nations and tribes figured out where the Romans were vulnerable and they proceeded to pick apart the Roman Empire in the same fashion that a school of piranha picks on a live corpse. For a mental visualization of the beginning stage, think about how beautiful a whale in the sea is to observe, especially when it comes up and dips down. Then, think about all those bites and nips and rips that you and I see in the animal’s tail. This is the norm as many sea animals enjoy getting a little chunk from the whale’s tail, even if they are not attacking per se. But, when the tail completely disappears, and the whale is running for its life—this better describes the plight of the Romans, and all of the other empires that temporarily ruled others. Eventually, all the big empires went down from little nips.

For our edification on this analogy, it helps to know that sea predators will often attack the tail of a whale that they are hunting. Think of this in the same way as the small tribes pecking away at the flanks of the Roman Empire, and the representatives of dumass America, and the president pecking away at the fundamentals of the Constitution.

Predators nip and bite the pectoral fins and the tail of the whale hoping to immobilize it. With persistence, and avoiding the big whale swallow, their attacks will damage those parts of the whale so significantly that unless it can quickly swim away from the attack, it will never again be able to swim. When a whale cannot swim it is like a human that cannot swim—the whale will drown because as we all know, it is not a fish.

The way I see it, with President Obama looking to sell America to the lowest bidder, the forthcoming words mean even more to me. However, dumass Americans won’t really get it until they feel similar pain to the contributors. Romans needed to feel pain, but if they had felt pain sooner than later, they may have adjusted and survived the attacks. Check out these great words from figures from the past and a few great figures from today:

“I do not know if the people of the United States would vote for superior men if they ran for office, but there can be no doubt that such men do not run.” – Alexis de Tocqueville

“ I think Mitt Romney will be regarded in history as one of the superior men of which de Toqueville speaks.” – Brian W. Kelly, author

“Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.” – H.L. Mencken

“The human race is so obviously imperfect that man could not possibly have been the creation of an omnipotent God, but—at best—the bungled effort of ‘an incompetent committee of gods.” – H.L. Mencken

A few days ago, right after the reelection, a man, very disappointed with President Barack Obama’s winning re-election, had a message for the nation. Here is his message, as delivered on a social media forum. A few others follow.

“Goodluk America u just voted for economic & spiritual suicide. Soulless fools…. What subhuman varmint believes others must pay for their obesity booze cell phones birth control abortions & lives?” – Ted Nugent

“Many Israeli officials expressed disappointment with Obama’s re-election.” – Israel Today magazine

“America has died… can’t stop crying… thanks a lot Christians, for not showing up. You disgust me.” – Victoria Jackson, Former Saturday Night Live star, post election

“…HIS chosen ones (if you know what I’m talking about) will simply jump the borders, come here for free medical care, social security that they are NOT entitled to, and so on and so on….. Read between the lines America….You helped to screw all the good people & played into the hands of a crafty potter………….‘Nuff said.” – Auntie Digri

“Our country is now in serious and unprecedented trouble… like never before,” – Donald Trump

Conservatives are heartbroken with the election results, and we are due our righteous indignation at what dumass Americans have now brought upon us. With fifty-nine precincts in Philadelphia showing zero votes for Romney, it makes one think about whether we are all in some game, playing the parts of unique chess pieces on a board meant to frustrate the human mind. Yet, our one time allies in the fight against progressivism, the Republicans, choose to remain silent against election fraud, and anything else that they were sent to Congress to prevent.

Yo, Adrien… where’s the beef? If Republicans have nothing to show, please do not show parts of the Democratic platform as the new “R” way. Appeasement and amelioration are not attributes of the conservative way. What a shame that the rhetoric of Republicans shows a strong desire to accept the creed of the schlemiels and the mama’s boys to help them get reelected. This, my dear one-time conservative Republican representatives, is the path to no chance for any conservative vote, ever, forever. Enjoy your retirement from Congress.