Already the President has shown that we can expect more of the same. He began his new assault before election week was over by putting Republicans on notice that the rich were going to get punished for their success. The President is prepared to play hardball on his wish. This strategy won’t speed up any possible recovery. Instead it will hasten the destruction of the country. Though he has mentioned the need for bi-partisanship, the preview of Obama’s plan is “my way or the highway.” Like a spoiled brat with the ball, the President is a rigid object obstructing the path of any potential solution. With the President poised to give no ground, I don’t think we can expect two rational parties to be discussing the problems our nation faces any time soon.

The same Regulator in chief, who showed disdain for Congress in term 1, has taken the notion of going around Congress to a new extreme in just the first week after his reelection. Obama held off any new regulations before the election because quite frankly, he feared a backlash from the people. Now, with no elections in front of him for the rest of his life, except for a possible third or fourth term, he is behaving as the all powerful Obama many of US feared would re-appear.

This newly energized Obama will do anything that it takes to win battles against Republicans, even if it stretches the Constitution to new limits. The President has shown no signs of being willing to play the game of compromise. Bipartisanship is now a code word for teaching dumass Americans to believe that anything that Obama puts forth is good for the country, and Republicans are obstructionists and the party of no!

By Friday of the first week of the second Obama era, the White House had not wasted a minute getting their agenda implemented. Already, they had fired off 6,125 new regulations that will cost the country billions of dollars and will prevent any resurgence in jobs. Additionally, despite lying in the second debate that the federal government was opening up more lands for oil development, just three days after the election, Obama’s Interior Department issued a final plan to close off 1.6 million acres of federal land in the West originally slated for oil shale development. How is that for the first great volley of phase 2 of the great bipartisan era? Hah!

Electing a person loose with the truth sure does have consequences. Dumass Americans sit by and say OK— he’s our guy. When the unemployment checks all run out, I sure hope dumass Americans remember that he is your guy, and not mine.

With the Obama machine’s attack level set at full throttle, the last thing America needs is for the House majority of Republicans to cave. Do not give-in to Obama pressure to move the country further left. Nobody will admire the House for permitting Obama to push them around at will. If Obama succeeds in outplaying the House, the conservatives that put the House members in office lose.

Most conservatives already think it is all over. However we see the House as the only glimmer of hope as protection from Obama and the progressives. The last thing we need is a Vulcan style D/R mind meld in which no conservative thought is in the final mix. Conservatives demand that the House block the full implementation of the Obama Death Strategy for America.

I promise that any Republican in Congress, who chooses not to play hardball against the Obama economy killing initiatives will rightfully find themselves on the conservative wall of shame. By the way, to make sure there is a conservative wall of shame, I paused while writing this paragraph and bought as the domain name for the wall. I will be setting this up in the next few weeks. I await your nominations. When email and the site is set up, send your nominations to

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The battle of the fiscal cliff

In an Internet Post, William A. Jacobson offers his views on what is at stake:

“So just what is this “fiscal cliff” that has the financial markets rattled and economists and policymakers alike in a tizzy over the potential for sending the economy into another tailspin? It’s a one-two punch of expiring Bush-era tax cuts and major across-the-board spending cuts to the Pentagon and domestic programs that could total $800 billion next year, based on Congressional Budget Office estimates. The cliff is the punishment for previous failures of a bitterly-divided Congress and White House to deal with the government’s spiraling debt or overhaul its unwieldy tax code.” Jacobson’s punch line is “Shrink it, pay for it, stop Santa Claus before he turns us into Greece.” He’s right! But, how should we start?

Paul Krugman, a revered economist by American communists and left wing loons, has issued a challenge to President Obama on how to deal with Republicans. Krugman is so far to the left that he can’t see straight ahead. This is his challenge for Obama:

“…to make a decision, almost immediately, about how to deal with continuing Republican obstruction. How far should he go in accommodating the GOP’s demands? My answer is, not far at all. Obama should hang tough, declaring himself willing, if necessary, to hold his ground even at the cost of letting his opponents inflict damage on a still-shaky economy. And this is definitely no time to negotiate a “grand bargain” on the budget that snatches defeat from the jaws of victory.”

After Krugman won the Nobel Prize, he quickly vaporized and became a leftist empty suit. His advice, however, demonstrates that arguing with a leftist is hopeless. Victory or at the very least halting the advance of the enemy can only come by sticking to principles. These can only come through strength. Republicans need to turn around the Krugman strategy against the Democrats.

Unless major differences can be resolved without pandering to Democrats, conservatives in the House and Senate must stand down and watch the Obama way, which is in process prevail and ultimately fail. There should be no increase in the national debt and no relenting in any way to increase revenue through higher tax rates. The rightful theme that jobs do not come from new taxes must be held as tightly as the union of our United States. Obama wants to brag about being in charge. Let him ride the big wave over the fiscal cliff. He’d like to take conservatives with him. Let him swim alone. When he comes back humble, then maybe we can talk. Not until!

Any attempt by conservative legislators to help fix the problem by weakly reaching across the aisle or compromising conservative principles will not be welcomed and will provide fodder for the press to mock good Americans. Conservatives are not looking to have two Democrat Parties with neither representing conservative values. So, the House must stand its ground and be the bulwark for conservative values. That’s why Republican members of this Congress were elected. You were not elected to appease the Democrats or the corrupt press. You were not elected to create a new Party called Democrats II. Hold your ground. I suspect no conservative representative wants to be the first legislator on the Conservative Wall of Shame!

When brought to their knees by the results of their poor decisions, let Obama and the progressive leaders apologize to America before they receive any help from those they like to mock and deride. The dumass Democrats put US in the on-deck circle for the cliff. It is time to let them take us over so we can quickly come back.

If we help Democrats now, the best conservatives can do is delay the inevitable. You know that if we took it on and we succeeded in delaying the cliff, someone like James Carnival or David Axelralph would be quick to blame US for trying to help. Consequently, no conservative American should feel compelled to help share the burden of fixing the Obama revolution. If Obama is so good, let him fix it! No help at all should be given until the aftermath of the Obama plague on all Americans, and only when conservatives are assured the insidious bug is fully eradicated.