I simply have resigned myself to that fact. After writing eight patriotic books, and hundreds of short pieces warning Americans to be careful of the charlatan in chief, I take solace in having done my part. I cannot undo the election and surely would if I could. But, I still grieve for America. Dumass Obama supporters now must pay for their decision. Decisions have consequences.

Please don’t look to me or other good-thinking conservatives for help in making Obama’s Term II a progressive success. We don’t think that way. If Republicans or conservatives cave, there will never be a time when an Obama-like character is not in charge of our future. How does that make you feel? Democrats now own the economy. May the memory of the “Blame Bush Years,” soon be thought of as the good ole days. Dear Dumass Dems… it’s all yours to win or lose.

We know that to the end of the recent campaign, the Obama cry was to tax the rich so they can pay their fair share. His message to dumass America, after four years of failure from Obama is “Relax, I am in charge again. Don’t worry; be happy!” We get the government we deserve.

Obama said that by taxing the most productive members of society, he would reduce the federal deficit. Yet, when he said that, he knew with 100% certainty that a mere $70 billion would do nothing of consequence to the deficit or the debt. He also knew full well that any of America’s children, who graduate at the top of their college and or university classes, would now have to accept mediocrity, rather than greatness. Obama has made it unpopular to be successful in America. Oh, and our grandchildren, they will be known forever as the bearers of great debt. Only a mythical character such as John Galt can save any of us now that dumass Americans we have brought back the fair share man… at least for the next four years.

Obama said he could reduce the deficit if elected. Let’s see him do it. But, let’s not encourage any members of the House to agree to raise tax rates one penny on anybody. Let the expiring Bush era tax cuts that the Democrats have agreed to eliminate go away at the end of this year until Democrats can convince Republicans to bring all the cuts back permanently or better yet, with a reworked tax code. The dumass Democrat voters must see that there are consequences to election choices. My advice to conservatives is to play your strong hand. It is a bad idea to have temporary ten year tax programs in the first place so the message on that is for our legislators to never again offer temporary tax relief that must be relived year after year after year. Doing nothing brings back all those taxes. Simply blame the Democrats, and stay on message.

Let’s see just how willing China is to pay for the new mobs of people coming to the government for help in this needy second term. Obama has been spending a lot of $billions a day more than he should on what appears to be a quest to destroy America. Regular taxpaying Americans believe that the sooner we hit the fiscal cliff, the better. More of America will be left to save when the dumass Democrats find out they have actually received the government they asked for and now deserve.

In addition to fiscal matters, dumass Democrats should be aware that like it or not, they voted in a merciless killer of the unborn and the recently born. I sure hope that is not what most Americans want—abortion and infanticide—but that is what we now have with the Butcher of Lyon in charge of the babies. Would you consider President Obama to be your baby-sitter?

I have written countless pieces for Conservative Action Alerts. My last piece before the election examined the Obama war on business and the Obama war on seniors. Check them out on the site and you will understand why Medicare is on its way to becoming a subset of Obamacare. Fewer seniors are now assured of quality healthcare.

And please read about how the President and the First lady hate business so much, that through the course of their lives, especially in the last four years, they have chosen to learn nothing about how a business operates. And still dumass Americans chose Obama to strengthen American business and to create jobs. By now one would think we all would know that Obama is not qualified in business. So, dear dumass Americans, get used to a crappy economy with no jobs. You’ll be seeing it for awhile.

Don’t forget the Obama death panels. There are at least three defined in the bill to help Obama pay for Obamacare by rationing healthcare on the backs of seniors. Of course Obama says this is not the case. Believe him if you must. However, it was the Obama-directed team that authored the anti-senior “whole lives system,” which will kick in soon. When it becomes the rule, Medicare will begin to look an awful lot like Obamacare.

There will be fewer and fewer seniors receiving the best care possible because the Obama “whole lives system,” dictates that if you are over 40 years of age, you have already had a good life. Your life is already behind you in the rear view mirror. Some death panel someplace will be empowered to take away your power to stay alive. By voting for Obama in this past election, dumass Americans agreed that it was OK to impose this affront on their ability to stay healthy. Grandmoms and grandpops will find it more and more difficult to find care in the Obama “whole lives system.”

Since most dumass Americans that voted for Obama never checked how Obama would really affect their lives, they still feel good. They reject the notion that a phony know-it-all with no business knowledge, nor a desire to have any, is again promising jobs without understanding business. When they covered Darwin’s best seller on Job Creationism: “The Origin of the Job,” Obama was not in class that day.

Does it now bother dumass Americans that the stock market reacted strongly to the election of Obama, by immediately ticking down about 300 points. Does it matter to dumass Americans that businesses from across the country are announcing layoffs and reductions in hours to avoid the taxes inherent in Obamacare?

Does it matter to dumass Americans, especially those whose home values are still 40% lower than when Obama took office, that the businessman in chief is again their only hope. Yet, the President is not a good leader. He would prefer to still be campaigning for something. Does it matter that the economy stinks, gasoline prices are sky-high, and the energy supply will be further curtailed, and all forms of energy are about to rise in price?

Can it be that President Obama is as Internet bloggers suggest, a “Chicago thug bent on destroying everything you worked for your entire lives?” Yet, millions of dumass Americans have put him back in office. Some of you may lose everything you have. With Obama at the helm, nobody’s mini-fortune, or IRA, or other retirement, can be viewed as in tact and assured.

This is now post election time. So, like many, I offer my congratulations to the President for his outstanding campaign. He sure knows how to campaign. He blew away the conservatives and the Republicans. You see, Obama calculated and then bet that dumass Americans, who inevitably wake up five minutes before every election, would buy the President’s incessant personal attacks on Governor Romney. He knew that they would believe every word. Obama was 100% right in his projection for his potential success. He is the President for another four years and perhaps even afterwards.

The best analysts suggest he duped the constituency known as dumass America. He did not do so with a magnificent get-out-the-vote operation. He duped dumass Americans with relentless negative ads that discouraged and disillusioned the Republican and independent voters that Governor Romney needed. The purpose of his relentless negative advertising was to discourage, not encourage, voting. Obama kept a lot of Republicans disenfranchised. Those who chose to stayed home in such an important election are in the newly defined category of dumass.

It is possible that I am simply a bitter Pennsylvanian, clinging to my religion and guns? Perhaps my analysis of “how it is” can be dismissed as sour grapes? Perhaps I am whining simply because I am a sore loser? I do admit that I suffer extreme disappointment, and disenchantment, as I was hoping that with businesses ready to invest again, I too would be able to go back into the workforce as an IT professional. I envisioned a new era with opportunity for all who wanted to work. So, my personal hopes have been diminished. Things will not get better before they get worse. .

My undying faith in America has not ceased but I regret that there are an awful lot of faux Americans that care more about their hide than they do about America.

I am not a prognosticator but I know that with a complicit and corrupt press as the months go by the second act of this Obama play will be similar to the first. I predict that in just a few months, if conservatives hold Republican feet to the fire, instead of Bush, Team Obama will be blaming the Republican House for all of the country’s unsolved issues as well as the never to be solved issues. Perhaps we can call on some recent prophets for guidance on this one?

May I suggest the Beatles singer, John Lennon? Lennon said and hopefully would say again, “Let it be!” So, let’s let it be. Let’s let the dumass Americans get the government they deserve while we tuck it in for the long haul, which hopefully will be no more than four years.

I know that there are many Americans, some dumass, and some not, that had a problem in the beginning with Mitt Romney. It took me awhile to warm up to Mitt Romney also, but it did not take long for me to see how I was wrong. After I gave him the once over in detail, I found a very generous, very good, confident and competent person, who would have given his all to our nation as its leader. Like Reagan, Romney sees America as the Shining City on the Hill, a paraphrase from the parable of Salt and Light in Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount.”

I think Romney’s good friends were right when they publicly offered their opinion of the man. They believed that America was very fortunate that a man of his character and capability chose to give up so much for public service and to make the run for the presidency. They felt we Americans were the beneficiaries of having a quality person, Mitt Romney, on our team to make a bona fide attempt to make America better. I agree. I am very disappointed that Pennsylvanians and Americans rejected this wonderful man. I am pleased to have supported Mitt Romney for President. Like many of you, I thank him for all the time he gave to help us all.

I would summarize Part I of this op-ed and my Mitt Romney thoughts and emotions in this way: “I think we missed our chance to have changed America back to more like the founders envisioned… a country like our parents experienced.” So, in the end, I think all Americans, even those in the dumass category should thank Mitt Romney for giving it a shot—a good run. Like Romney, I pray for the country. God bless America! But, just like when a kid does something bad, she should not be rewarded. So, I am not about to soften my ideas about dumass Americans. They must get the government they deserve and the sooner the better. Then, after the fall from the cliff, with all the honest intelligent recovery responses that will come forth, true enlightenment can prevail.