A full year after his take it or leave it “son of stimulus jobs bill,” Obama continues to claim his “no jobs” jobs program is still the best approach for America. Perhaps he does not realize that most Americans went to school and can think for themselves. While the President begs for a second term along with a second stimulus, Americans are not impressed and are not buying it. Democrats and Republicans know full well that the first stimulus did not work and a second would do no better.

Like the first Obama stimulus, the new version is not intended to help the 23% still jobless in America. It has been fashioned to make progressive friends and allies of Obama a lot of cash. Additionally, it gives the campaigner in chief the talking points he needs to pretend that he is addressing the poor economy with his “no jobs, jobs plan.”

Mrs. Obama, who is still well known for turning the phrase: “for the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country,” is known to hate business as much as her famous husband and they also dislike the idea of anybody wanting to hold a job in business.

For the longest time, even before the 2008 elections, the rub on Obama ironically was that that he never held a job in any private sector business, and thus was ill equipped to manage an economy based on businesses being successful. Yet, when you read his book, Dreams From My Father, you find out that the President claimed that he was not only engaged in corporate America, he very successful. If you read the writings of Barack Obama, especially this famous book, you can learn about BHO, the business titan. But, like many of Obama’s writings and statements, you must call on an unbiased fact checker to get to the whole truth.

In his book, the President used a lot of poetic license since he never prepared for a career in business. He never took a college business course and I would bet that he would not recognize a business process if he bumped into one? Understanding essential business operations such as—order entry, billing, inventory control, accounts receivable, marketing, sales analysis, general ledger accounting, purchasing, accounts payable, payroll, and basic economics are simply not in the Obama repertoire.

Small and medium sized business owners must know what they are doing. They live on the edge day to day hoping the orders will come in and hoping the raw materials and supplies will arrive on time. To business owners, Obama and his administration appear to be playing on the other team. The government is openly hostile to private businesses, placing obstacle after obstacle in their way. Ironically, this same administration tries to convince Americans they are pro-business.

How many times have we all seen this President and his minions mock and belittle, deride and scold business owners because he thinks they are rich. In Roanoke Virginia this summer, the President showed what he really thinks about small businesses. “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” Obama proudly offered this attack on business owners. Americans actually believe that it is their hard work, not the government’s that has made their businesses successful.

My best analogy of the problem that the President stumbled into when he besmirched small business owners is that it was like telling Mickey Mantle that he did not really hit that homer. It was the bat, and the government-built highways that permitted the bat to be delivered to the ballpark that caused the home run? Obama mocked entrepreneurs, who use sweat and blood and guts to get a business going and to keep it alive; and who work hard every day so they do not have to release loyal employees when times are tough.

One would expect that any person who does not understand business principles, and who has deep disdain for business, such as legal scholar President Obama would not be prepared to help any business be successful. American business has had no chance during the last four years as Obama believes that businesses and their rich owners are inherently bad.

Giving Obama the benefit of the doubt; most say that it is not because he is a bad person. It is that he follows his ideology as if it is a religion. It is very apparent that the President respects and fosters government, education, and medical entities. Private businesses are seen as bad and thus should be avoided. With such thinking at the core of their mutual ideology, it is no wonder that the President, coached by the most important person in his life, would start a war on business?

Business majors must take courses in philosophy and history and psychology; yet, political science majors (the study of being a politician) do not have to take business courses. To gain his prestigious law degree, the President was not ever forced to learn how the business world ticks. And, it shows.

Byron York, a great conservative columnist for the Washington Examiner, has studied the President’s business propensity. Until he took a closer look, York was puzzled by the policies that come out of the White House. It would be easy to conclude that progressive leaders want no recovery. However, upon more scrutiny, an alternative conclusion is that a fundamental lack of business capability has left the President with no idea as to the cause and effect machinations of businesses in a free society. Obama’s lack of business knowledge is not ameliorated by his choices of academicians for important White House posts. So, he and his progressive friends move their little chess pieces as players who learned chess by playing only checkers. Check mate!

After reading a Byron York article from the Washington Examiner, I gained a deeper understanding. York titled his expose: “Obama saw corporate job as working for the enemy.” Though in his book Obama boasted of being forced to consider the possibility of being invited into the highest echelons of Business Board Rooms, the truth is that Obama spent very little time in business.

Obama’s mother once wrote that her son communicated with her about how much he hated this little job. She suggested that he felt it was like he was “working for the enemy.” This parallels York’s article title. Obama did not like the fact that that commercial firms (those set up to make a profit) were benefitting from his work. From his book, in which he often stretched the truth to make the story favor his future, we have the Presidents own words on his opinion of working in corporate America:

” Like a spy behind enemy lines, I arrived every day at my mid-Manhattan office and sat at my computer terminal…”

Obama hated the capitalist business world it as it was not his ideology. So, he quit Business International after about a year and became a community organizer. The President never again worked for a business. He did not like working in a world that he did not think helped the world. Can this be one of the reasons why, as President, he began the “war on business”? In his book, Obama did a lot of dreaming:

”I had my own office, my own secretary, money in the bank. Sometimes, coming out of an interview with Japanese financiers or German bond traders, I would catch my reflection in the elevator doors — see myself in a suit and tie, a briefcase in hand — and for a split second I would imagine myself as a captain of industry, barking out orders, closing the deal, before I remembered who it was that I had told myself I wanted to be and felt pangs of guilt for my lack of resolve.”

Yet, Obama’s dreams regarding business, which he so artfully phrased in his book were fictional. He had an office but it was a tiny office with no private secretary. And, about the financiers and bond traders, he did not meet with them nor did he even wear a suit to work.

Mrs. Obama holds similar negative views of business in America. She has often described their mutual dislike and bad taste for business. These two newly minted graduates of prestigious law schools felt that they could have cashed in with high-paying jobs at wealthy corporations. It was enticing, but they chose another course. Mrs. Obama notes that they both left corporate America.

Like the President, whose experience in corporate America falls on the bad side of the ledger, the first lady is his mirror image on ideology. Mrs. Obama gave a commencement speech at Oregon State University a while back. In it, she discussed her own negative opinion for the “corporate” job she once had to take, with “all the traditional markers of success: the fat paycheck, the fancy office.” She told the young minds that it left her unfulfilled and that she and her husband fled the business world

Her commencement message was to urge others to leave the nasty business world or better yet, never choose to engage. “Work for the community. Be social workers. Be a nurse. Those are the careers that we need. …”

So we have a President who literally hates business, yet who currently serves as the CEO for America. At the same time America’s businesses are failing to recover and cannot create jobs because of his lame policies. And then there is this other guy, who would love to be the President. He loves the game of business; loves playing it; and loves winning the game. With no other facts, which one would you want to oversee the businesses in America?

Obama’s parents and grandparents were avowed communists. Romney’s dad, George became a captain of industry after starting out with nothing. After giving his inheritance to charity, Mitt Romney did the same. He became successful just as many Americans would wish would happen to their children.

When it comes to business, should a person who actually hates business, Barack Obama, with no schooling or knowledge of business, be the person chosen to help American businesses to get on the right track or should he be fired because he’s had the job for four years and did not get it done? There is a clear choice between candidates. Governor Romney would not conduct a war on business since it is the very entity he would need to produce jobs. President Obama’s record speaks for itself, and worse than that, he offers no apologies.

The War on Seniors:

A lot of battles are being fought against the elderly to help assure that Obama and every other Democratic incumbent get reelected. From the nasty granny on the cliff stunt to the annual intimidation that Medicare and Social Security will be destroyed, Barack Obama’s war on America’s elderly not only continues; it is actually expanding.

For example, the high student loan default rate is no longer a young person’s issue. The Obama Treasury Department has expanded the war on seniors to collect old student loan debt. Before Obama, the number of Social Security garnishments was minimal. The Obama Treasury Department has cranked up the garnishment program. It has more than doubled the seniors on the “OK to garnish” list since 2011.

This latest battle in Obama’s incessant war on seniors often leaves the elderly (some approaching 90 years of age), without enough cash to pay for medications for heart problems and other ailments. If Obama’s death panels cannot kill the oldest Americans by denying them quality healthcare, Obama has found a new way to make seniors feel that they are such a drain on the country that they might as well check themselves into a fast-burn crematorium.

This year you may already know that the US Treasury is withholding part of the Social Security monthly payment for about 115,000 new grandmas and grandpas. Their misfortune was caused by falling behind on their own student loan payments or the loans they unwisely co-signed for their grandchildren or neighborhood kids they hoped to help. Thanks to our progressive government, Social Security benefit payments to the elderly being untouchable, has become a thing of the past. A progressive Congress and an even more progressive President seem to be doing more and more to decrease the population of seniors, rather than making it easier for the elderly to survive.

It is well documented that Barack Obama’s job killing policies have pushed many seniors out of the working mainstream. The only advantage to being out of work for anybody is that you no longer have to pay attention to the alarm clock. After that, being unemployed is not much fun at all. When people lose their jobs after 60 years of age, they often collect unemployment for a year or so while they look for new work. When they cannot find a job in the Obama economy; they apply for Social Security as soon as possible at a substantially reduced rate.

At the reduced social security rate, many seniors can just about make ends meet. Then they get the big surprise! Miraculously, team Obama’s sixth sense sniffs that a senior is collecting Social Security. Then, bad things can happen to the senior. If an elderly person can no longer make payments on a student loan or a cosigned grandchild’s student loan goes to default, the elderly are now getting whacked for the balance.

Despite being unemployed, and / or on SS, seniors making just ¼ of their prior take-home pay, get no Obama compassion. Instead, the Obama Treasury begins to garnish their Social Security payments, small as they may be, for the balance due. Moreover, the government provides seniors with no lawyers in case the government has made a mistake. They simply take the SS money before it is received. If you think these Obama regime decisions are bad, can you imagine when these same guys are in charge of your health care?

In Late August when Paul Ryan joined the Romney team, he made the most profound statement so far on Obama’s war against the elderly. He said that the biggest threat to Medicare is Obamacare. When he needed more cash for Obamacare, where did Obama go? He went to Medicare and he stole a cool $716 Billion from seniors. The Obama campaign principles, especially David Axelrod deny this, though they do not deny that there was a $716 billion dollar transfer from Medicare. No matter what Obama says, if this large sum were left in Medicare, the Medicare fund would have $716 billion more than otherwise. Progressives love playing the American people for dummies. Unless Obama goes, the $716 billion is gone from seniors for good.

It will only get worse for seniors. The Canadian Free press report that at a 2010 House Retreat, when asked directly, Obama responded to now Republican Vice-Presidential nominee Paul Ryan, that his answer to fixing Medicare is Obamacare.

Medicare and student loan garnishment on SS are not the only places in which seniors are getting whacked by Obama’s war on the elderly. Hoping seniors would forget by the 2012 election, Obama gave no social security increase for the first two years of his term while inflation was going through the roof. Seniors said they would remember but many have already forgotten that Obama cannot be trusted, even with small change.

The 1.7% increase slotted for next year is not enough for many seniors to pay the increase to Medicare Part B. Medicare increases somehow are excluded from government inflation index calculations for seniors? And Obama says Romney’s math does not add up! Anybody going to the market recently knows that millionaire Obama must not do his own shopping.

Higher gas and food prices hit those on fixed incomes especially hard and this has really hurt the elderly. Seniors hoping to retire have had to stay in the workforce longer or they go back to find work after “retirement.” Worse than that as discussed above, seniors just about ready to retire are losing their jobs in record numbers and they are forced to take lower SS benefits. Making it far worse, any investments they have are paying about zero percent interest while the values of their homes have become extremely depressed. Homes at one time were the backbone of retirement portfolios.

Obama would love to take America and its ways to an independent court in Indonesia or Somalia, or Pakistan to prove his premise that we Americans have gotten too big and too fat for our breeches. Obama’s ideology has seniors paying substantially more for heat and light and gasoline. He does not mind doing business with our enemies but chooses not to do business with our friends. He upset the Canadians, a foreign power inclined to like us, when he nixed the Keystone XL Pipeline. So, it is no wonder that Canadians, the wonderful people that we meet when we take Florida vacations, have a real opinion of why we Americans are hurting.

The Canadian free press recently did an expose about how, under Obama, America is facing an eruption of elderly poor. Like a volcano, the lava is coming from everywhere. Canadians seem to know a lot more than American Democrats about the problems facing seniors. They suggest that if “Barack Obama and the Democrats win the upcoming election, an ugly era of population engineering, the steady elimination of the elderly through Obamacare, will lead to a crisis in humanity.”

The Obama government knows this is what the Canadians and the seniors think. Yet, the Obamanites are unmoved and unwilling to address the biggest problems facing America today – the economy and jobs. The President himself is campaigning all the time and has no time for his day job as POTUS. Rather than assuring a better life for all, along with the Party in charge, today’s leaders have just one objective—four more years. The only real goal for progressives is that Barack H. Obama be re-crowned as the impresario of America for the next four years.

There are those who are already calling for a glorious return to the FDR days when “great presidents” could enjoy many more terms than just the two now permitted.

The Obama campaign objective is to get seniors to think that the mere existence of another candidate, such as Mitt Romney may kill them. The war on seniors is intended to mold seniors into devices that Obama can control. Yet, after years of Democratic / progressive intimidation, today’s seniors find they are still alive. It must be a miracle.

In 2012, the corrupt media is an assured ally for the progressives and so any of the lies and other prevarications and distortions of the truth are promoted as facts on radio, TV, and the newspapers. Obama knows he cannot win by telling the truth.

With media lies and disinformation, Americans hear all the time that conservatives are bad people with bad intentions. Unless the American people get their news from a source that tells the truth, many good Americans find themselves believing this rubble.

In this election, Obama and his campaign strategists are treating American seniors with the same callousness as the peasants in the Russian gulags. These poor folks in the Russian internment camps were so duped by their leaders that they cried when they heard of the death of Joseph Stalin: “Now that Joseph is gone, who will rescue us?”

We can no longer trust our government to act properly if we choose to stay asleep. Just like the Russian prisoners, we must watch that we are not duped by our leaders into thinking somehow that we will be miraculously rescued while we are enticed by the odiferous media to vote again for the bad guys.

Scaring seniors for any reason should be off limits. Unless we the people soundly reject such tactics, unfortunately, they will continue. The great poet Edgar Allen Poe charged US to be wary of all liars—even if they may hold the exalted rank of President of the United States of America. I bet you have heard this famous Poe quote:

“Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear.”

Like me, you probably think that your dad or mom invented that quote. Maybe they were smarter than us all.

Tough grandmas and tough grandpas of today are sick of being extorted in order to continue to receive their once guaranteed Social Security and Medicare benefits. They earned these benefits from being employed for many years. Politicians that use the intimidation of seniors as a campaign tactic should never get another vote.

Summary – Your vote is important to stop all of the Obama wars.

There are many pro-gun states and many of them are part of the battleground mix. Intimidating seniors is the Obama strategy in all these states. Obama wants US all to believe that Romney will hasten the death of all seniors. Yet, those seniors, who are paying attention, know that it is Obama who wants to replace Medicare with Obamacare. Romney wants to eliminate Obamacare completely and save Medicare.

Obama has already raided Medicare to prop up Obamacare. It is Obama who put together at least 3 different death panels for seniors. If the right one don’t get “ya” then the left one will—and there is a spare death panel if both fail and seniors are still breathing.

Pennsylvania citizens and those of other pro-gun states are risking a lot to take a chance on an Obama second term. This hunting season why not just see if sling shots actually do the trick! The President is already talking about what he calls an “assault weapons ban.” He must really think we are dumb. I say we are smart enough to recognize a dummy. If we reelect Obama then who is the real dummy?

In this three-part op-ed, we identified a total of fourteen wars going on against the people. We can survive Obama’s wars only by being alert. Each of Obama’s “wars” could cost the President a point or two of his 2008 support level in Pennsylvania and other states that do not like the President’s war tactics. With all of Obama’s wars, including the war on guns, it is no wonder Americans are rushing to gun shops to get theirs before Obama makes them illegal and stops ammo and accessories from being sold.

The more people really know about President Obama, instead of just that warm in the belly feeling that they may once have had, the more the people fear him. He should be feared. The real targets of all of Obama’s wars are the American people. It is my hope that all states, especially my state, Pennsylvania, think hard about the Obama policies against employment, religion, coal, natural gas, guns, babies, women, technology, and any deal supported by his government that just happens to smell bad.

I believe whole heartedly that a vote for Mitt Romney helps assure his victory. His victory is the people’s victory. Then these nasty Obama wars become moot. This is how the people win the Obama wars. If Romney wins in Pennsylvania, and may all of US Pennsylvanians make that happen, there is no plausible way for Obama to win reelection. I would be happy with that. But, I would be happier with a major Romney victory in all states other than New York and California because they do not think like US. Then, the progressives that have resurfaced from the Wilson / Roosevelt years to wreak havoc the last few years, can all go back into hiding for another hundred years.