It is vitally important to undo the economy-destroying regulations of Barack Obama. We cannot count on Casey to help US because he mistakenly thinks all is well. We elect Senators one at a time and Bob Casey Jr. is up for election again. Many in my part of the state, which is also Casey's part of the state, see the Senator as being a real dud, and more of an embarrassment than a help to Pennsylvanians. Senator Robert P. Casey Jr. has been a do-nothing, mostly invisible Senator. He has never held a real job in the private sector. His biggest failing as a politician is that he does not like the job of representing the people. Yet, right now; that is his job!

In the spirit of Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, the chances get better each day that Tom Smith, a self made man of the people, will get the people's nod to help clean out Washington. Mr. Jefferson Smith, the head of the Boy Rangers, played by Jimmy Stewart helped Washington rid itself of corruption in the movie. Pennsylvanians can expect our own Mr. Smith to do the same.

Unfortunately, Bob Casey Jr. offers little hope. He is a career politician, just like the bad guys in the movie. Pennsylvanians need a good guy, more like Jimmy Stewart than Barack Obama or Bob Casey to represent US in the US Senate. Tom Smith definitely fits the bill.

Like George Bailey from It's a Wonderful Life, Tom Smith was asked to postpone college to help his father tend the family business. Like many Pennsylvanians, to make ends meet while working the farm, Tom Smith needed another job. So, he took a spot as a school bus driver to make up for the lack of abundance on the family farm. Eventually Tom was able to leave farming behind when he went to work in a local surface coal mine.

It took over twenty-years, but in 1989, Smith was able to start a coal business himself. In the rugged individualist entrepreneurial spirit of America, he mortgaged everything to build a better life for himself and his family. Tom Smith is an American business success story. He was not born with a silver spoon.

In 2010, Smith sold his coal business, which at the time was mining more than a million tons of coal a year and was employing over a-hundred people. It was not all gravy for Mr. Smith as his companies went through some hard times along the way. Obama's EPA regulations regarding coal made life really difficult for Tom Smith's companies.

Pennsylvanians and all Americans need Tom Smith's business experience. He is uniquely qualified to help Pennsylvania and he can help the United States get out from under the yoke of inexperienced economic leadership. Neither President Obama nor his favorite Senator, Bob Casey has any private sector business experience. Another six years of Casey and four more for Obama will result in a lot of pain for Pennsylvanians and all Americans. It's coming out of our hides, not theirs! We simply cannot afford to give either of these failures another chance.