In fact, to the Obama camp, truth has become irrelevant if words, true or false, make the President look good. Though they get a lot of press, none of the wars in the spotlight are being fought in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria or any other military hotspot. They are aimed against Romney and Republicans but are fought against America and Americans in America. The media permits the Democrats to put these faux wars out there and then tells its stories as If the wars are all real. Of course some wars are real.

In all cases, the Democratic side of the argument is presented as the truth. This campaign season, there are a panoply of wars such as the “war on women,” “the war on religion,” and of course again we find the ever popular “war on seniors.” Along with these three, there are at least eleven other big wars out there giving us an approximate total equal to the value of the number thirteen plus one. How’s that for luck?

Perhaps you have watched some of the war scenarios come about. In some cases, especially where the whole scheme is fabricated, the President first creates a straw man. He then accuses his challenger Mitt Romney of waging war on the straw man. Obama believes that shameless lying to the American public is perfectly acceptable both in building the straw man and then in forming the specifics of the war. Some wars are waged one at a time but there are also times when the President’s ad hoc war rules permit many wars to be launched and waged simultaneously. In fact, sometimes there are wars within wars, such as a war on oil within a war on energy.

With a completely accepting and corrupt media in his pocket, President Obama has been able to declare a war on just about any segment of society and then conveniently blame the war that he just declared on his challenger, Mitt Romney. The Obama team lies and the media swears to it often within hours. With a President that lies and a press that provides cover for the lies, there is little truth to be seen or heard from today’s flagitous media sources.

You may have noticed that there is a major propensity to use the lie as a strategic weapon in the Obama campaign arsenal. And so, we begin with the fabrication of a convenient “truth,” that is really an untruth, while the real truth is held in contempt. At, their investigative team has a large dossier on the chicanery of the Obama-Biden Administration. So, with this as a backdrop, and some help from, let’s take a look at our first war.

The War on the Academic Records of Politicians:

Americans are well aware by now that Obama spent millions of dollars to seal his poor school records and his birth records. Unfortunately, Joe Biden is not as well-to-do financially as Obama and he does not have such easily “tappable” sources as the President. Consequently, Vice President Biden did not use financial backing to seal his records and therefore, he was caught in more than one bold faced lie or two. The truth can reek havoc on a liar.

Breitbart reports that ‘during his 1987 campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, Biden alleged that he had “graduated with three degrees from college” (he had one degree), was “the outstanding student in the political science department” (he was in the bottom 26% of his class), had gone to law school “on a full academic scholarship” (he had no academic scholarship), and had graduated in the top half of his law school class (he was in the bottom 12%).’ Breitbart further reports that ‘Biden self-contradictorily defended himself by saying, “I’ve never gone around telling people things that aren’t true about me.” At the time, Johnny Carson joked that Biden had violated the first rule of politics: always lie about the future, but never the past.’
Obama makes no mistakes (lies) about his academic record that can be verified but even he has gotten frustrated being characterized as the “Unknown President.” So, to help remove the brown paper bag over his head, over the years, the President has made some claims about himself that may be true or false. We’ll never really know. For example, last year, apparently being frustrated by being slotted by many as an academic dummy by default, Obama disclosed to the media that he had “a B-plus” GPA at Occidental College and he had achieved “a 3.7” GPA at Columbia College. Now that he has lifted some of his “records” from under the seal, one would think that the media would be hammering the President as they did with presidents as far back as JFK, who disclosed all. Even Mitt Romney’s high school grades are now open to the public. Yet the media love affair with Obama stops all investigations before they begin.

Last week Industry Titan Donald Trump made history by offering the President the opportunity to donate $5 million dollars of Trump’s money to the charity of his choice within an hour of releasing his sealed school records and his passport information for inspection. So far Obama has not chosen to give Trump’s money to charity. What can be so terrible in his school records that Obama would deny the poor a whopping $5million? Trump has subsequently said he would give more if pressed. Maybe Obama’s price is higher. After all, according to Trump, he did pay $3 million to seal the records in the first place so the inflation effect needs to be factored in.

Would Obama’s records prove that he has been telling the truth? The Obama strategy is to ignore Trump’s offer. What can be in those records to deny $5 million to charity? The corrupt media are spinning the story in an attempt to make Donald Trump appear to be an obsessed fool. Yet, they do not demand any disclosure from the US President. There is only one plausible conclusion. Obama is hiding something and the media is helping him cover it up. Don’t expect to hear that on the nightly news any time soon.

Now, that we have shown the propensity of Obama to lie and cover his tracks, let’s go back to the Obama Wars. In the rest of this article, we will treat all of the Obama wars as real, whether they are against straw men or the real deal, and whether they are supposedly being waged by Obama’s opponent or by Obama himself. Enjoy the next thirteen Obama Wars!

The War on Catholics:

Some prefer to call this the “War on Religious Freedom.” It began with the major abortion provisions in Obamacare in 2010. This year it was exacerbated by the administration’s mandate that all employers must provide coverage for sterilization and abortifacients, in addition to contraceptives. Abortion and contraception are not the only moral issues. In many states, such as Pennsylvania, my state, the relevance of religious people is significant to the election as Roman Catholics are expected to compose more than 36 percent of voter turnout.

Over seventy-eight percent of the people in this country are Christian. Though all Christians are not in lock-step with the Catholic Church on abortion; most are. Fifty to 70% of Christian sects profess that abortion is morally wrong. Fifty-one percent of black Americans believe abortion is morally wrong. Over 70% of Latinos describe themselves as pro-life. President Obama is extreme on abortion having failed as an Illinois State Senator to vote to prohibit infant victims of “wrongful birth,” a.k.a. “the survivors of botched abortions,” from being permitted to be starved to death. Only 8 percent of Americans agree with Barack Obama’s position that abortions should be allowed any time during pregnancy for any reason. Even fewer believe infanticide is a birth control option.

Catholic Bishops, especially Timothy Cardinal Dolan have called out the President for his anti-Christian views on religion. On every compelling moral issue, Obama and the Democratic Party have placed themselves at cross-purposes with the Catholic Church’s teaching. This has prompted Catholic Bishops to be fully engaged in opposing this intrusion of the federal government into matters of faith.

Even though the majority of Catholics are registered Democrats, religion trumps politics. It is highly probable that the church’s opposition to Obama’s anti-Catholic agenda will hurt Obama big time on November 6. In fact, it can be argued that with the Party’s cult-like devotion to abortion; and the hostility consistently hurled at those who express a Christian viewpoint, all Democratic candidates at all levels will pay the price this election season. The Party has been at war with Christians for many years, and Christians have taken notice and are now fighting back. The “boos” at the mention of God, and the obvious reluctance of the Democrats at their convention to place one mention of God back into their platform showed all people of all religions just how far off the mark the Party has strayed. Obama is the perfect leader of the Democratic Party in its war on religion.

The War on Babies:

Some might suggest that the “War on Religion includes the War on Babies. That may be true but the precious baby in the womb should not be the target of anybody’s war. All of us know that when you place a newborn baby in your arms, your heart melts. Unfortunately, in Obama’s America, the same baby, if it were reinserted back into its mother’s womb, would again be eligible for the executioner’s knife. Killing such a baby is not an act of war; it is murder. Unborn babies have no rights according to the Supreme Court and President Obama. That means they have fewer rights than just about all other living beings. A baby in the womb can be killed at will and tortured in the process as long as it is in a “proper” setting. There are no laws to assure that defenseless babies cannot be killed again and again and again. Once a baby is killed, it follows that she no longer has the opportunity to be anybody’s daughter, or be the President of the United States. She will never play softball, soccer, or gin rummy; and she will never laugh or cry.

If we chose to dress the womb up to look like a turtle egg, however, the baby might be spared for under the law, a turtle egg has more legal rights than an unborn baby. Though the baby is inside a mother’s womb, and a turtle egg is buried in the sand on a beach someplace, do not harm a turtle egg. Under the Endangered Species Act, It is criminal to disturb in any way a turtle egg since it may become a living turtle. However, aborting a perfectly formed unborn human baby is perfectly legal–but it is not right! We can do without a war on babies and we can do without a war on women.

The War on Women:

By fabricating a “War on Women,” President Obama and the corrupt media have been trying unsuccessfully to deflect public attention from Obama’s poor record. Yet, poll after poll suggest that Americans see through the ruse and are tuned into the real issues such as the economy and gas prices. There are very few American women who do not strongly disapprove of the way in which the President is handling these real issues.

The issue that more and more women see as the greatest threat to their personhood and their personal freedom is the economy and the lack of job opportunities. Americans know that the administration has bungled the opportunity to make the nation prosperous again. Rather than accepting Obama’s thinking that women vote just with their lady parts, women are expressing revulsion towards this notion and they hold the President accountable.

They see the greater threat as Obama’s mandate that employers—a good portion of which are also female—sellout their religious beliefs to provide for the contraceptive choices made freely by other women. With this backlash comes a rejection of the notion that women need the government to empower them by paying for their reproductive choices. Among the arguments put forth against the Obama mandate by women is that it is not “feminist” to demand that any woman carry the financial burden of another woman’s free choices.

One might suggest that the backlash has a lot to do with women not wanting to be depicted as “dumb blondes,” looking for a handout, but instead as rational humans who are outraged at the administration’s refusal to ease the higher costs at the pump, inflated grocery prices, high cost of clothing for kids, and for the difficulty in affording energy and providing a home for their families.

Women see life in much the same way as men. They are not fooled into thinking that the President’s refusal to assure the Keystone XL Pipeline was good for the country. They see the President as worse than incompetent on the economy. Not only is his record poor, but his plans are the wrong remedy for America. Women are as intelligent as men for sure and they see the fabricated war on women as a notion that actually victimizes women by making them Democratic talking points in an election. That itself is an act of war on women, and it is not Romney’s doing. The problem lies clearly in Obama’s camp.

The War on Business:

The Obama Administration has created a hostile environment for businesses trying to operate and succeed in America. Large businesses choose to move overseas to get around Obama, and small businesses refuse to expand under the Obama-imposed nocent conditions of operation.

It is puzzling that Obama often talks about improving education. Parents send their children to the best schools to help them become as successful as possible in life. Yet, they see Obama wanting to punish successful people and successful businesses with onerous taxes and crippling regulations. One might ask if parents should help their children be successful knowing they will be punished by the Obama government for having achieved success.

Among other things, small business owners are vehemently opposed to Obamacare. They simply cannot afford it and they know it. Consequently, businesses have chosen not to hire people, hoping to remain under the magic number of 50 employees before Obamacare penalties set in. This means that it is more difficult for workers to enter and eventually be promoted in the workforce.

Small businesses fear the government’s next intolerable act and so when we need it the most, there is no job growth. Companies face two bad choices. They can offer more expensive benefits to more workers or choose to reduce employee hours to less than 29 per week to avoid being put out of business by the law. Rather than be stuck with employees they cannot afford, small companies simply have stopped hiring other than for emergencies and replacements. It is only going to get worse for business under the Obama wars.

The biggest cost for business is working with all the government red tape. In addition to the load now carried, there are currently 4,200 or so new rules pending awaiting Obama’s second term. Eight hundred of these would directly impact small firms, thereby causing further business retrenchment and layoffs. All of these business-killing regulations have been postponed since the Obama campaign knows full well their man would not get a second term if people began to lose their jobs right before the election. There’s plenty of time after the election and the lame duck session before Christmas for unlucky workers to get their pink slips.