Today’s Democratic Party believes that the American Dream is now a government handout. Lou Barletta has already helped all US citizens in fighting to overturn Obamacare and other business destroying legislation and he is poised to help make America right again because he believes America is a free country. And, Americans need to be free. .

Something happened to the Democratic Party since I first joined. Before my dad passed away, we both noticed the big change.  The change was not good. It moved the Party into being more and more socialist / progressive. Pennsylvanians, especially those of us from coal country had been accustomed to toughing out the bad times and enjoying the good times. In many ways, the change in the Party is so far left that it leaves the liberals out of sight in the rear view mirror. Even liberals are no longer liberal enough.

That is why the Democrats call themselves progressives today. Being progressive means that the government is all powerful as if it is a god; and government is all we need to get by in life. I know that I do not feel this way. More and more Democrats are saying no thank-you to the new progressive Democratic leadership even if they choose not to switch registrations. What really matters is how you vote, not how you are registered. That is why I encourage all Democrats to vote for Lou Barletta and Mitt Romney. We may not get another chance to save our country.  Can you imagine an Obama third term? It is up to good Americans to stop Obama before he gets to # 2. If we fail, life will not be good. Lou Barletta and Tom Smith will stop Obama from turning America into a Banana Republic.

The greed of politicians is a huge problem today and we all know that at their worst, politicians are the lowliest of the lowly in spirit and goodness.  As a Democrat, I have firsthand knowledge that the politicians that care the least about America and the most for themselves are followers of the progressive ideology. They talk a good game but they love the welfare state, the dependency state, the needy state, and of course the redistributive state. All of these good things delivered from the government stash give this political class the opportunity to buy votes using the public treasury.

This is a sin unto itself and instead of saying that is “just how it is,” our representatives must end this practice or we must fire them. From my observations most Republicans are respectful of Americans and are not quite as grabby as progressive Democrats. I am pleased to say that Lou Barletta is for rugged individualism with a broad safety net to help those in real need—the truly helpless.

The politician’s disdain for public funds is manifest and disgusting. “Gifts” of other people’s wealth from politicians is stealing and it is unconstitutional. However, the progressive Democrats of today are not sure that we even need a Constitution since they provide “enlightened leadership.” Even if you have received such a gift, apparently from the god of progressivism, please know that it did not come from a politician. It did not come from the government. It came from your neighbor across the street. We have learned that with this “enlightened leadership” from the Democratic Party come no jobs as all the wishing and hoping in the world, does not help a business be successful.

Gaining without working is one way government breaks the spirit of rugged individualists and freedom lovers. Once on the take, it is tough to become rugged again and get a job.  The largesse does not help American citizens; it makes them weaker. Being lumped into this human receiving pot takes Americans further from ever becoming self sufficient rugged individuals and contributing members of society with a real stake in the American Dream.  It is a way of forever darkening spirits as the receivers often calculate that it is better to take from the government than to work. This is not the Lou Barletta way!

Gene Stilp, our Congressman’s animated opponent, is a tried and true endorsed Democrat. Stilp has a reputation for not giving up much of his inner feelings. The word is that Mr. Stilp refused to tell citizens where he stands on issues addressed in the 2012 Political Courage Test, despite repeated requests from Vote Smart, national media, and prominent political leaders. I know where Lou Barletta stands. He stands with US.

Regardless of how good it makes Joe feel, the government’s role is not to take from Harry to give to Joe.  It is Harry’s moral obligation to help Joe but not by degrading Joe into a dependent of the state. Likewise, it is Joe’s obligation as he sees the hard work of those who help him; to stop taking from them as quickly as he can recover.

Unfortunately, many in my Party believe that government is the panacea and personal recovery from welfare is not necessary. Government is the big pill bottle and the only medicine for whatever ails you.  Lou Barletta sees it differently. Lou says that too much government has created and encouraged much of what is wrong with America today.  Amen Lou!

One of the big differentiators between Lou Barletta and Democrats, such as Gene Stilp, is that Lou believes that if you work hard, you should keep what you earn. You should not be obligated to pay the freight of someone whose only problem in life is that they do not want to work. In our democracy, in our freedom, in our American dream, those who are able to amass a huge bounty and those who are able to earn even a meager living do have obligations to the poor and the sick and those struggling with life. However, income re-distribution by government is not the right way to achieve it. Redistribution does not create a set of rugged individuals like our parents and grandparents that will help keep America strong. Lou Barletta has compassion and he believes that we all need to help helpless people but he is not for making people helpless.

I am privileged to have met Lou Barletta. He is very competent; he is very honest and, most of all, and perhaps more importantly than anything else, right here, where it counts, right now, when it counts, Lou Barletta is on the side of Americans. There is no question about that.

Two years ago, as Mayor of Hazleton, just down the road from Wilkes-Barre and Scranton, Lou Barletta defended Hazleton residents simply by defending America’s laws. Hazleton was overrun by a population of illegal foreign nationals that were about 1/3 the size of the city. They did not appear overnight but it sure seemed that way. They lived in overcrowded homes and formed street gangs and they became a menace to law abiding Hazletonians. Lou Barletta heard the complaints of the people, afraid to go out at night, and he said “enough is enough,” and he put political correctness behind so that he could help his people—the citizens of Hazleton. Lou did a great job. That’s the kind of action, the kind of principled stand we need to keep in Congress right now.

Many big businesses in the US are either outsourcing or hiring illegal foreign nationals, Lou Barletta stands up for the rule of law and has sponsored legislation to make businesses play fairly. Some people say that Lou Barletta, as a Republican, is not for the working man and working woman. But Lou Barletta, in his fight against illegal immigration – and I stress the word “illegal” – is fighting to raise the wages of all American citizens and those legally in the country. Why should non citizens be getting the best American jobs?

Lou Barletta is fighting for Americans who need an entry-level, low-skilled job that Americans can no longer get.  Lou Barletta is also fighting for the higher-paying jobs in mills and factories that Americans can no longer get. Lou Barletta is fighting for the union worker, who finds his or her job in jeopardy because their contracts are undercut by those who employ illegal aliens who work for less. The bottom line is that Lou Barletta wants Americans, not foreigners to hold American jobs. He is for America first!

Lou Barletta thinks for himself, and his work is often duplicated by those who see its value. For example, more than 80 cities and towns across America have proposed laws similar to those of Barletta’s in Hazleton because they know Lou Barletta continues to be right in defending America.

Lou Barletta is a brave man, and all Americans should be helping him and none should be mocking him as we saw in the Democratic sponsored hit piece discussed in Part I.  Lou Barletta knows from personal experience how illegal foreign nationals hurt Americans, and from way back he has chosen to stand up for the people of Hazleton as Mayor and for all Americans now as our Congressman.

I am convinced that today’s progressive Democrats would mock Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, for being honest and brave. He was “Honest Abe.” The Democrats of today would mock Lincoln, the first Republican president, for freeing the slaves. Freedom for slaves was not a Democrat position back then. Of course, their great spin has convinced many Americans that it was the Democrats, not the Republicans that helped abolish slavery and who passed laws so that former slaves would be assimilated into society. Ironically, many of the descendents of former slaves that were freed by the hard work and tenacity of Lincoln Republicans have become Democrats.

In the same degrading spirit of mocking Lincoln, today’s disingenuous Democratic leadership and the biased media mock Lou Barletta for doing the right thing on immigration. All Democrats, who have not given up their God to the god of progressivism, know that Lou Barletta is in good company with President Lincoln.

Lou Barletta should be heralded for being brave at a time when political correctness rules the US. He has the guts to face the tough issues as a proud American, and because of that, with no chicanery or theatrics, he is the man that Pennsylvanians and Americans can count on in Congress. Those of us in PA, who have the opportunity, should embrace Lou Barletta for he is good for America.
Lou Barletta says “This election isn’t about Republicans and Democrats – it’s about two very different visions of America…this election is about changing Washington, not changing America.”

Lou Barletta is 100% right. He is the man in Congress who people go to discuss immigration but he is lots more than that. Though he is recognized as a leader and an expert in this important field, Congressman Barletta is for and against the same things that you are. As a member of the 112th Congress, he already has begun to help fight the wrongs of the corrupt 111th Congress.

Lou Barletta is for the American people and that has already been a welcome change for District 11. We need to keep Lou in Congress to help keep US on the path to recovery. I am confident in Lou Barletta’s leadership. I am very pleased that he is for America and Americans first, and as most of us check out our inner feelings, I know we will all agree that our America is worth saving for our children and grandchildren.