The penalties were stiff and so the law was effective. As another plus, the law made English the official language of Hazleton, and saved the City money by not having to produce documents and signage in multiple languages.

Barletta makes no excuses. In his own words, he explains why he took such protective action: “I saw my city gripped by fear. Because of violent acts committed by illegal aliens, my residents were afraid to shop – or even drive – on certain streets…Thousands of cities in America are crying out for relief from the burden of illegal immigration. Small towns like mine can no longer wait for Washington.”

Barletta has no use for the ‘come on down,’ amnesty philosophy and the failed policies of the Obama Administration. “The federal government has failed us, so we, the elected officials of small-town America, are getting tough with illegal immigration.” In Northeastern PA and in many cities across America, Lou Barletta is a national hero. Though immigration is not the # issue facing the country today, Barletta knows that it has a negative effect on the opportunity for Americans to hold entry level jobs and high paying jobs, and so he continues the fight.

Additionally, the congressman is 100% in synch with conservatives on all major issues. He has received many prestigious endorsements, most notably from the NRA and the NRLC. As a constituent, I have found that Lou Barletta is for regular Americans like you and I. Unfortunately for regular Americans, the elite media is loaded with progressives that are in lock step with liberal Democrats. This media casts a biased socialist slant on all news items, hoping to make conservatives look bad. Unlike the “free press,” of the past, this new media will stretch “facts” far beyond the truth to please Democratic Party bosses.  Barletta’s opponent, Gene Stilp from Wilkes-Barre, is positioned to benefit greatly from the nefarious media. So far at least, Stilp is not complaining that the press is not “free” enough to offer balanced coverage.

As a freshman congressman, Lou Barletta has worked within the constraint of media bias and the national media’s outright disdain for conservative values. Lou is proud to be American and he is not interested in turning America into a third world country. He does all he can for the good of America.  With big liberal corporations and billionaire progressives literally owning the US media, the American press is no longer permitted to be for America or for Americans. To make my point, check out this quote from a media piece favorable to Gene Stilp, Barletta’s opponent in the 2012 general election:

“Barletta is a GOP/Tea Party freshman, who is pretty much a one trick pony with his anti immigration agenda.  Not only has his position been under attack by the hispanic [sic Hispanic] community, but it doesn’t resonate with voters below Hazleton where the so called problem is not existent.”

This was presented as news. It was presented as factual. Yet, this quote clearly is not objective as a piece written by a free US press should be. It is a hit piece on Barletta disguised as news. Gene Stilp should have to pay advertising charges for such one sided “news.” The media of today is dishonest and the above quote is simply a lie. The old Edgar Allen Poe adage “to believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear,” especially applies when the “bought and paid for” national media offer their commentaries. The fact is that progressives and their friends in the media with a government-first attitude are looking to give away America’s treasures to anybody who agrees to become a dependent of the state. Progressives love illegal aliens because they are so helpless that they most often become Democrats, and the rest of us pay for them forever. That is one of the reasons the country is broke.

For full disclosure, I am a lifelong Democrat so I have closely observed the party of the people becoming the party of big government. In a heavily Democratic district, Lou Barletta soundly defeated a thirteen term Democratic representative in Congress.  That means that the Democrats, including me, in PA District 11saw something good in Barletta’s eyes or we would have otherwise kept our thirteen term Congressman for yet another term. It was Democrats who elected Lou Barletta into the 112th Congress. Lou never could have made it without the Democratic vote. We are ready to do the same again for the 113th Congress. Barletta is on the side of Americans first.

Lou Barletta is the real deal and he represents the people of Pennsylvania well on all matters. It may be cute for the corrupt media to use the term one trick pony, but Lou Barletta is a real work horse for Pennsylvanians and all Americans.  Lou loves America and he represents Americans very well.

Lou does not care whether you call yourself an Italian-American, an Irish-American, a Hispanic-American, a Latino-American, or just an American. Barletta’s perspective is that the hyphen is not necessary. Americans are Americans and calling us American-Americans is not necessary. We are Americans and most of us are proud Americans.

There are groups however that cling to the term of their ancestry rather than their new life. Yet, the only people of Hispanic descent who should fear Lou Barletta and the rest of US are illegal foreign nationals. These are people who jumped our border and who hide among us, and who have no problem taking our jobs and making life miserable for Americans. Lou Barletta is for Americans first.

In 2010, I was so fed up with how things were in the country and in my home town with all of the cronyism and nepotism and downright corruption that I decided to run for Congress. I had never run for anything other than Junior Class President in High School. So, I asked a lot of friends for help and I got over 1500 signatures and I made it on the PA Primary ballot for the House of Representatives in District 11. As a conservative Democrat, I ran against a thirteen term incumbent, Paul Kanjorski, and a well known politico from Lackawanna County, Corey O’Brien. I knew I had my work cut out for me. I had everything but a campaign treasury going for me. I knew that if I were elected, I would make a positive difference. I learned a lot of life lessons from this attempt.

Though I had won the #1 ballot position, not a soul from my Democratic Party called me to congratulate me and nobody contacted me. I received no invitations to attend Party events and no offers of support. It was like I was in Stalinist Russia and my time was short. I was not one of the “people worth knowing.” This led me to believe that the local Democratic leadership was all good ole boys and girls, and there was no room in the Party for regular people. Some neighbors and acquaintances took me aside gently and told me they could not help me in any way. They were afraid that the Democratic incumbent might lash out against them and take away jobs or other perks that they had gained for their unquestioning loyalty to the incumbent. My Party hoped that I would just go away. I did not go away.

Lou Barletta, a Republican, had no opponent in the Primary of 2010. From my observations during this period, Mayor Barletta was always respectful of all the Democrats, including me. He avoided cheap shots. I can say that Lou Barletta was nicer to me than any of the Democratic leaders in my home town, and I had been a Democrat all my life.

I took no contributions from anybody and I now know that is not a recipe for success in any campaign. I did not want to owe anybody anything if I were elected. To become better known, I did take all free opportunities. I wrote editorials and I engaged in interviews with the local papers and I called into the local radio station. If there was a free way of getting exposure, I took advantage of it. I even agreed to a debate with the other two Democrats. However, the incumbent nixed the debate and nixed all opportunities for anybody but him to make public appearances at no cost on Public TV. The incumbent as the incumbent controlled Public TV.  I would have been happy to win the primary election against this incumbent but I knew that I would have misgivings running against Lou Barletta in the general election. His conservative values in many ways mirror my own, and it would be like running against myself.

After the three-way Primary in which I gained 17% of the votes, I contacted Lou Barletta and asked to meet him to see if there were some ways that I could help him become our congressman. I served as the coordinator of “Democrats for Lou.” Nobody thought that a Republican could defeat a Democrat in District 11. Yet, Lou decisively won a tremendous victory and he has since served well in Congress. I am very proud to have had a small role in the Barletta victory in District 11 in 2010.

There are many reasons why Lou Barletta continues to be the best option for PA District 11. First of all, he is a smart businessman. He knows what it takes to create a business, to hire employees, to grow a business, and more importantly, to create jobs. Lou is also one of the strongest voices for America in fighting to keep America for Americans.  Doesn’t that say it all?