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No government would lie unless it fully expected the people to buy the lies hook line and sinker. They expect you and me to believe their lies­so be careful. There are more government lies coming soon at a press conference near you! Watch that you don’t overreact to the warm bird matter that falls in your eye as you look up to find the truth.

People with power want to hold onto that power, and will go to considerable lengths to do so. Unfortunately for Americans, lying absolutely helps them game the system in their favor, but it hurts we the people. It is vitally important for Americans to understand that the government, now controlled by progressives, lies to us all the time. The Constitution does not authorize the government to lie. A government that lies is illegitimate. Lying is a tool of destruction, and we must shut such a government down. For us to do that, the people must retain power, and our power is in our vote.