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he forces of selfishness and greed play out in today's political landscape and in many ways our leaders have lost their respect for the documents that our Founders prepared for us to help make our system last. You've heard of these before. The two big ones are the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Just because our corrupt politicians have given up on these documents to serve their own ends, does not mean we should believe they are right. 

We have responsibilities also and we have not been doing a good job or it could not have gotten this bad. We cannot permit ourselves to be duped into corruption by politicians offering us gratuities, jobs for our kids, or best seats in a public amphitheater. Moreover, we should not attempt to make an honest politician corrupt by asking for favors.

Citizens of the US must only take from the government when we are so down on our luck that we are in fact, helpless. Yet, many of us are on the take from corrupt politicians because nobody talks about corrupt citizens. The double edge sword shows that citizens must resist taking favors and gratuities from corrupt politicians as these corrupt politicians have become corrupt by doing favors for favored people.

Even if we have once taken unjustly, we must be untrusting and vigilant of a powerful government and its motives. Governments may choose to take all our possessions, meager as they may be, without our permission, simply because they can. Our US government has recently, with no authority, become the grand confiscator. The Founders never willed this but they clearly feared it might happen as a result of human nature.  Though these are not his words: "One mans work should not be another's gain," this is how Thomas Jefferson thought.  American author Wayne La Pierre offers insights similar to Jefferson's and the Founders: "Freedom is never an achieved state; like electricity, we've got to keep generating it or the lights go out." 

Our government today steals unjustly through taxation and inflation, and it steals mostly from the poor and the elderly. None of us are surprised when government takes from us and gives to someone else-- our neighbor, cronies, relatives of officials, and of course corrupt politicians . Eventually as in the story of the ant and the grasshopper, even the ants die out for having to provide for grasshoppers during the winter. The prudent action for the people when government is no longer functioning is to replace the government. A side benefit is that we can minimize the assured corruption with new blood. 

The Founders spent tons of time trying to form a government that would last the ages and that all of the ills of the Old World would be solved. They admitted their work was imperfect and an experiment, and I for one am concerned that if we choose only to care for the helpless, then our government will make us all helpless and the experiment will have failed. So we must also care for ourselves. Part of that caring is by being very vigilant of a government so large and top heavy that it can and does cast our Constitution and our laws aside at will and instead, it does what it chooses.  What happens when the lack of adherence to our founding documents makes us all helpless before the government?  

We have learned through History that regardless of the government form, there will always be leaders who are immune from the toils of Everyman. Communism, intended by Marx and Engels to be leaderless, has never reached its perfection in which all are equal and a central state with leaders is no longer necessary. Instead, the more socialistic or communistic or progressive the governing system becomes, the more the people at the top are likely to become despots. On the way, of course, they become "more equal" than the rest of us.

Our US Democratic Republic is only a permanent structure if we do the work to keep it that way. It can be cast aside by powerful leaders who take us to another form of government. If we the people are duped into thinking government is the answer, nobody will recognize the new America.

By the way, in all revolutions, the poor people who create the energy and who begin to think they are part of a "something," for the revolt are quickly killed off if they do not conform to the whims of the new leaders. Moreover, somebody is always forced to live in the bigger houses once occupied by the rich. Those privileged to live in finery have proven to be those in the category of government leaders and of course the despots.

Think about it! Which Communist country has no leaders?  The final goal of communism has never been achieved and it never can be achieved because people are not angels; we are human beings.

Moving to a socialist / progressive / communist form of government may not be in our lifetime but the road to perdition is full of great intentions.

Check out how often our Founders and other great Americans have suggested the people remain vigilant or government will no longer be of the people, by the people, and for the people. America is as it is simply because we continue to choose to be Americans. It is more important today than ever in our history.