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Government, regardless of whether the sponsors of legislation are Republican or Democrat, should not determine who wins or who loses in any marketplace. It is intrinsically unfair. This notion extends to the Republican sponsored "Pickens Plan" - House Bill 1380," which was introduced in April 2011.

Republican voters are against crony capitalism for sure. However, most see it simply as a Democrat thing. But, the Pickens plan is just as bad as Solyndra. D or R, no subsidies means no subsidies. There are no home games and away games that permit us to change that mantra. The only difference in the Pickens plan is that Republicans like Pickens just as the Democrats liked Solyndra. Say no to House Bill 1380 and any other attempt to add more stipulations and more subsidies to the tax code.

Regardless of how it is restructured, and 75,000 pages is something we all think is a bit much for honest government, the US tax code should have all subsidies removed. If businesses cannot make it, then they should not make it. It is that simple. The taxpayers should not pay for a Boone Pickens boondoggle or anyone else's boondoggle, if you pardon my choice of words. 

When things are so good that everybody should want in on the deal, let the people who like the deal and who can afford to risk their capital go for it. Let them become even richer by using their own money. That’s OK. That’s capitalism.

Rich people should not risk my money in order to become richer. Moreover, they should not think they even have a right to my money and your money for any reason. Use your own money, period. Crony capitalism results from any subsidy. Moreover, there are no regular Americans of which I am aware, in an age when corporations are taking the people's jobs overseas, who would vote to give corporations welfare of any kind. Sorry! No thanks!

Even if after all is said and done, we the people might win by risking our national treasury, it is unfair to all of us to do any favors for any one company or any one individual. Mr. Pickens and others seeking or enjoying subsidies, if the deal is so sweet, do it yourself. Americans have a lot of reasons to not trust governments, corporations, or unions. Stop playing with us and stop playing with the tax code. It is already too complex to suit my taste. How about yours?

It’s time to ship all the wheel barrows loaded with oppressive tax legislation to the scrap heap and do what is right for America. Herman Cain decided to give it a shot, and for that, I applaud him. For honest government, subsidies, which always create crony capitalism must become a thing of the past.