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Unfortunately, when they graduated, despite what they knew, and despite how smart they are, and despite how well they did in all their classes, there were forces in the US, including excessive Visas for foreign students, which stopped them from getting the better jobs. Why? It is simply because they were American citizens and just as their parents did before them, they demanded a proper wage. Most were not hired because the moguls controlling corporations in America found a legal way to avoid paying the freight - legal aliens. Businesses figured out how to short-change American youth and still make a buck. They always found a foreigner with similar skills who would work for less. Today the rate is up to 85%. Can American parents handle that as a reality? I hope not.

I did not share all of that with the Barney Inn crowd who just wanted to see if I could give a speech and remember my lines. They were old enough to remember the immortal words of Jackie Gleason. Have you ever heard these three words right in a row? You would remember these, wouldn't you? Humma! Humma Humma! I surprised the potential constituents with not one humma-not even one. But, my message was still confusing until the huge crowd (just under 20) tuned in to the fact that it was not a speech about academic achievement. It was a speech about jobs, and how jobs could be made available to American citizens in this country.

Let me say it here before you begin to think I am promoting job creation by government. I do not think government can create one job on its best day. Government thinks its job is to aggregate confiscated wealth in something called the National Treasury so that it can pillage it for its own purposes. It also thinks it can provide it for those who choose not to take care of themselves by working. This plan creates zero jobs.

If the "solution bird" landed on the doorstep of government, a minister would quickly stomp on it as if it were a rat, as government is not trained to recognize solutions. So, there is little hope any solution will ever come from government unless there is so much wealth to be confiscated that even those giving it up have a surplus about which they choose not to complain.

Government fails when everybody wants to keep what they have and all begrudge anything taken from their wallets or purses, especially to satisfy a government that is greedy, and whose appetite for other people's wealth cannot be satisfied. When the economy is in bad shape, and no business savvy people are available to offer advice to the government, as it is in 2011, it is apparent that the economy will stay sick for a long time. That is exactly where we are today, and it is from gross government incompetence.

Many folks who have learned from experience to balance their own checkbook can offer fine solutions to government that would work if only somebody would listen. Government does not accept solutions, unfortunately. Government is fully overwhelmed with buffoonism as are the buffoons who minister the government labor under the credo of buffoonism. The bad news is that as long as this brood is in charge, ineptness and incompetency are OK, and only we the people will suffer.

My solution is one of those simple solutions that without elections, and the changing of buffoons to possible non-buffoons, would never ever be permitted to be discussed in public. It is the R, R, R, solution. No, it is not the 9, 9, 9 solution offered by Herman Caine, who is now a top-flight candidate for President of the USA. But that too is a good solution and it too would help America.


Herman Caine is the real deal. His plan is to increase revenue (ostensibly revenue neutral) and bring in a lot more taxpayers (tips, druggies, black market) etc. I like it. Here is the deal.

Start it off with a nine percent sales tax. I think it is probably a bit heavy as long as there is an income tax but it is livable. Everything will cost less because the corporations pay less to the government. How about the 9% corporate tax? Ireland is now the least expensive country in which corporation can do business at 12.5% The US is 35% and that is why its corporations have taken so many jobs overseas. Making it 9% will bring jobs back.

The 9% personal income tax may seem high but it also eliminates the 7% Social Security and Medicare tax so it is really just 2%. For the self employed who pay 14%, (double for the personal and business side of the SS tax), their tariff will now be 9% so they can, if they have hope, begin to hire. I think that everybody has to pay something sometime or the free lunch is too free. If you can't afford 2%, the government should give you a one way ticket, free of charge, to a country of your choice.

Caine admits that his 999 is on the way to the Fair Tax, which is the best of plans out there. Lots is written about the Fair Tax and that is the right approach.

So, what about the three R's?

Caine's plan will help jobs for sure but not as well as the 3 R plan. So, let me tell you about those R's.

Reduce taxes - the Caine plan is OK until the FAIR tax is achievable.

Reduce immigration. Over 2 million legal immigrants begin working each year from green cards and worker visas. Let's reduce those to about 20% of today's level or less so that American college students can get jobs upon graduation. Our college students getting jobs ought to be a priority of any administration.

Remember 85% of today's college graduates in America have it so difficult that they move back home. Of course we also believe that as long as one American is unemployed-an American who wants to work, no foreigner, legal or illegal should hold a job desirable to that American.

Reduce regulations. I just wrote a book called Kill the EPA, which outlines in very specific detail what the US Congress and the new President must do so that American companies can hire more and more and more Americans - young and old. Americans come first today.

There are more R's to come but it is now time to take a break!