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So, I propose that we figure out some way that any interested Pennsylvanian can purchase a lottery ticket (just one perhaps) for say $25.00 from the same stores that sell them today. A portion of the proceeds could go to the store and the rest to the state. Set a purchase value for each store and each distribution warehouse and after people buy their tickets, one by one draw the lottery numbers for each of the stores.  If your number comes up for a particular store or warehouse facility, you have the right to buy it at its posted price. When you buy the store with perhaps some prearranged financing or you partner with somebody else, poof, you are in the liquor business.

If you do not want to buy it after checking it out, you can give your ticket back for say, $125.00 giving you $100.00 profit. The state can sponsor subsequent lotteries for returned tickets.  You can also sell your ticket for whatever amount you like to whoever will pay that amount. I would suggest that the state have a limit on the # of stores an individual firm / person can acquire so we do not wind up with another monopoly.  Somebody holding the right winning ticket for a store or other facility, can make an awful lot of money selling the rights to somebody who really wants to be in the liquor business-- perhaps in the millions. Pennsylvania wins and Pennsylvanians have an opportunity to share in a phenomenal opportunity.

The less rules the better. There should be no rush to sell all the stores to big buyers over night. Whatever is good for the people of Pennsylvania should prevail. We've been waiting a long time for this. We can wait a little longer to get it done right.