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Barry O sees working for unborn children as a distraction while working against abortion funding in the same way as he felt when he voted to permit starvation deaths of children born after botched abortions. He must have thought it was OK as his vote would so indicate that it would be OK when he was a State Senator in Illinois. Hey, if their parents did not want them, why should they be fed when they could easily be covered up for just a few days and swept out with the trash.  Even the Janitor would not know!

Most of us believe that each of us, at a predetermined time will meet our maker.

Does it matter what any of us have to say about how we treated those aborted souls that God placed within delicate wombs so that they might one day dwell among us?

Maybe we should all chip in for PP, instead of having the government support them -- if we are so in favor of the process that results in the aborting (killing) of our young.

Who'll be the first to throw in a dime?