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Intimidating Seniors is Out of Line

With a country steep in debt, going deeper in debt, digging a deeper hole each and every day, mortgaging its children's future with every dollar spent, and with the most plentiful manufacturing jobs documented as being in the assembly lines of Burger King, KFC, Mickey D's, Taco Bell, and Abe's Hot Dogs, a reasonable and prudent person would conclude that any government Administration would be going out of its way to change its legacy and right the ship. But, not this one!

Instead, positive spin is so important that the leadership comrades are claiming a victory. After all, they have been able to cling fast to ideology while the economy falters and while an air of hopelessness envelopes the country. This Administration disassociates itself from the feelings of the grassroots American public, and so there is no pain being felt in Washington leadership circles these days, while regular Americans pine for the good old days.

This government is unmoved and unwilling to address the problems holding Americans back from the success their parents enjoyed. Rather than assuring a better life for all, along with the expected American benefits of simply being an American--life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, there is only one objective for America being put forth by the Party in charge of today's leaders. That objective of course is that Barack H. Obama, be re-crowned as the Impresario of America for another four years. In fact, there are those who are already calling for a glorious return to the FDR days when "great presidents" could enjoy many more terms than just the two now permitted.

In order to achieve this legacy and assure the next four years and perhaps four, eight, or twelve more in office as the "greatest president of all time" legacy would dictate, the minions who assist the great one must assure that he first gets elected this next time. In this way, there can be a next, and a next, and a next. 

And of course, as Americans, we should be honored that a great one is among us. So, since this Administration and this President have clearly been victims of circumstances-bad economy, high unemployment, bad countries such as Israel, taking advantage of US, and a host of other things that are not this administration's fault, good politics says do not dwell on a bad record. Instead, the Democrat playbook says create doubt that your opponent cannot be any better than your poor record, given the dire circumstances.

And then, since you are only speaking to the living, a good idea is to strike fear into those who are worried about death. This is a good idea for a candidate that has not done well while in elected office. So, making the elderly scared for such a politician is a natural. The most important thing is that you, the politician is not held to blame.

So, a wily notion for a President would be to suggest that a future Administration, especially one that wants to balance the budget would do so "on the backs of poor Americans, while simultaneously leading them off a cliff."   In other words not spoken, the playbook would suggest that a good politician should let all people know they will die if somebody else instead of your is elected.

Of course in this 2012 period of biased media, the words a politician uses are well projected so they appear to be truthful to the masses. You and I know that the meaning of granny being pushed off the cliff is clear. "Whoever is pushing granny off the cliff is bad, and we, those who are running the bad ad are good." I see those profiting from such a bad ad as being the bad actors. I am a Democrat. I regret that I see only Democrat chieftains suggesting this drivel has a factual basis. And, year in and year out, as often as predicted, it never happens

The notion that Democrats can get away with depicting a non-Democrat (Republican in most cases) throwing granny off the cliff to a certain death is a propaganda technique as well structured as those put together by the best of the best. Back in the distant past, the Reich would select the best propaganda a to prove to the people that the state, while it was actually in the process of slaughtering the people, was still their best hope.

The ones who run such vile ads are the worst hope for any country. Moreover, as a Democrat, I have been waiting for the Republicans to say something bad like this, as predicted by Democrats, and they simply do not. Republicans never measure up to the Democrats' worst Senior nightmare. 

Republicans, as bad as they may be on certain issues, on the granny issue are more solid than the Democrats. But, Democrats have no problem lying, which Republicans seldom choose to do, and which Republicans, mostly gentlemen, do not challenge as lies.

I hate to say it but it seems that the Republicans that I know, including family members and friends (and I have Dems as family members and friends also) appear to be, as a rule, better living people en masse than the Democrats. Sometimes I cannot reconcile why I continue to be a member of the Democratic Party.

So, do any of us believe that there is a plot to actually kill granny and grampy for the purposes of the state? I do not think so but I do think my party loves to use every tactic available, including lying, to paint their opponent into a box.  Can the granny-cliff notion be the idea of the same Party that took over $716 billion dollars from Medicare and gave it to Obamacare without the American people having to approve the theft? Is it that party? Is it m party?  If so, then Americans need to worry about Democrats for sure. I do not know but I hope most Seniors see the lies for what they are-good stage shows but not to be believed.

The Democratic strategy of creating fear in people who are enjoying retirement ought to be castigated by us all as well as the modern press for the lie that it is. It is disgusting even for Democrats. Nobody ever gets thrown off the cliff-ever. 

The reason the Democrats keep going at this technique is because they believe it is effective. They believe that Seniors are dumb and they believe they will do anything to assure that their benefits do not stop. They think Seniors will not vote for the best candidate if she or he is a Republican, because it may hurt them. This is hogwash. My father, and the fathers of many Seniors told us all, vote for the best person, regardless of Party.

So, we Seniors need to understand that this cliff-stuff, is an untruth promulgated to make us all think Obama has done something good for us, and that anybody other than Obama will be much worse.  I am sorry to say that this is a big lie. My party knows it is a lie but it seems they are convinced that a lie to assure a reelection is a small price to pay.

Every four years, there are a bunch of new Seniors who do not have the comfort factor from having survived past Democrat cliff-story assaults, and the Democrats think that by intimidating them, they will gain their vote. It did not happen with me, and I hope it does not happen with you. America is for Americans, not politicians.

I do credit the Democratic policy advisors for such a clever winning strategy. A few lies go a long way. Though disingenuous, Democrats know that the cliff narrative plays well to the fears of those who are dependent on the good will of government. If you are still alive, clearly this is a plus for the current administration, and solely on the fact you are alive, they would like you to give them credit. They do not guarantee your life at all but they want you to guarantee the political life of their leader.

Unfortunately, as I see this played out every single time there is an election, this lie rules the game. As a Democrat it disgusts me. I am sorry to say that Democrat politicians are willing to do anything, including to disrupt the harmony of a retired grandmom or grandpa, simply to get reelected. Shame on them!

There are a lot of tough grandmoms and grandpops out there that should consider joining together to tell their fear mongering party leaders to hit the bricks. Any politician that shows video and/or broadcast audio of grandma or grandpop or anybody that the Democrats think are dependent on the good will of government, being thrown off a cliff should be left with no votes.

Tough grandmas and tough grandpas are sick of being extorted in order to continue to receive the Social Security and Medicare benefits they have earned from being employed for many, many years.  Politicians, from the local councilperson to the President should never get another vote if they offer the granny-cliff choice intimidation tactic.

The resources that we Seniors count on are not welfare entitlements at all. They are really deferred earnings. Democrats would like us all to think anything we get from the government is welfare. Just because the government spent the trust funds instead of investing our proceeds does not mean that we Seniors did not pay our fair share towards our retirement.

Let's identify the fear mongers among us, who want the vote of we the Seniors in America, and who think they can beat their opponent by intimidating US to get our vote. Then, let's tell them what they can do.

That ought to help us have a broad smile as we sleep tonight.