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“Doctors and nurses tell us we save lives and improve our children’s health by reducing mercury, soot and industrial carbon pollution from power plants. Yet many in Congress have tried to block efforts to continue cleaning up the air we breathe. Clean air should be a birthright. Congress shouldn’t take that away.”

These tough words were from Frances Beinecke, president of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), known to many as hard left Obama & EPA love groupies.

If only ideologically myopic people were also honest and forthright, and capable of input, maybe we all could agree on something. Don’t hold your breath.

Though not obviously paid for by taxpayers, upon reflection, we all know this ad was part of a taxpayer funded bonanza scheme so Obama could conserve some campaign money. It just barely got through the administration’s own relaxed to zero ethical standards as the intention of the ad is clearly to misinform American taxpayers and make good people look bad.

Now that the general election season is approaching, if Obama can get taxpayers to pay for this dribble, soon, we will all be paying for a zillion ads about grandma being thrown under the bus by a nasty gang of Republicans with familiar faces. For full disclosure, I am a Democrat.

Yet, I hate their cheap dirty tricks intended to scare the most vulnerable people in our country—those with sick kids needing care, and of course older people needing assurances that they won’t have to live off the drippings from the undercarriages of idling busses while taking the worst of air into the lungs. More and more people see Democrats as nothing more than fear mongers, and from this Democrat’s perspective, as much as I would prefer not to admit it; they are 100% correct.

In my research for my well received book, Kill the EPA, I learned the true motives for all of the renewed emphasis on clean air as well as the new outright Obama war on energy. The two are 100% related. The EPA does not like anything that burns or that theoretically can be blown by the wind to the sky. Yes, the EPA likes very little of the things Americans need to live safe lives.

Moreover, the EPA believes all of the lies put forth by Al Gore and the global warming alarmists. Then, it makes policies to punish all Americans for living and breathing simply because “Al said so!” .

The EPA has no heart. It has no problem keeping insecticides from poor countries where thousands of children die every day from malaria. EPA supporters have in fact bragged that the banning of DDT (and the renewed onset of malaria) helps in keeping the world’s population down. Think about that.

Even when the health of asthmatic children are at stake, the EPA says “no” to even a temporary waiver to help them breathe easier. This is the same EPA in the above referenced ad trying to convince Americans that they are essential to asthmatic children. Not so. The image of the EPA, If they would permit one, would be some animal (not a human) and it would definitely have a forked tongue.

The completely false ad with the asthmatic children is just too low for me to remain quiet when I know the truth. The Democrats and Obama care nothing about asthmatic children breathing clean air or having a better life. They are interested in their anti human Al Gorish, exhalent agenda; and if we put their leaders under a lie detector test, we would learn they won’t ever be happy until all humans stop exhaling.

Medical Evidence — CFCs Help Asthmatics

Many people cite the banning of DDT and the banning of CFCs as two of the most wonderful accomplishments of the EPA. I beg to differ but I do not have time in this short piece to tell you all why. We won’t mention DDT or malaria again but CFCs have a lot to do with asthmatics and the EPA does not want you to know the true story, but I do.

CFC is short for chlorofluorocarbon. For the chemically inclined this means that we have a fluorocarbon with chlorine. CFCs were formerly used as refrigerants and as propellants in aerosol cans. Freon is a CFC as is R-12, its generic name. CFCs were also used in many of the inhalers that asthmatics know gave them the crutch that permitted them to lead normal lives. But, no more! The EPA banned the substance.

The EPA CFC ban used a broad brush on CFCs. There were no exceptions. The EPA is all-knowing! No exceptions is the EPA hard-nosed style. Even if your product helps living people live better than any other product, the EPA has the power to say it cannot be used. The EPA is not moved by human needs, but by ideological goals.

So, let’s say your company needed just a few ounces of a CFC for your product, surely not enough to get even Al Gore upset; it would still be banned. You would not be permitted to make the device, period. Even if the products that use just a miniscule amount of CFCs were proven to be the best products in their marketplace and they could actually help people live better, they still would not be permitted. The EPA holds no public court. As an Obama agency, it simply proclaims, and then enforces harshly, and so it is feared by US businesses and rightfully so.

Remember we began this op-ed with the March 6, 2012 ad suggesting that Congress, meaning the Republicans in Congress, denies asthmatics the clean air they need to live. Yet, there is no evidence of that. It is simple propagandist puffery.

If we believe that Doctors are the best people to decide what is good and what is bad for asthmatic children, and neither Obama nor his minions in the EPA, have any say, we would come to a different conclusion on the validity of the CFC ban for asthmatics. The Doctors who treat asthmatic children believe that CFC inhalers are unmatched in their performance and ability to relieve the symptoms of mostly younger asthmatic Americans. When we examine the evidence, it is not the Republicans; it is the EPA that does not care what the doctors of these needy children think.

In other words, in the marketplace, if the EPA and Obama were not participants, the inhaler that helps children the most would be the one, which doctors would prescribe the most. The EPA says that It does do not care what doctors say. It knows better. For purposes of Al Gore’s agenda, the best inhalers have been banned.

Can you imagine if the EPA is the agency Obama selects to enforce the medical provisions of Obamacare?

Just like the EPA stopped the Gulf oil spill from being cleaned up in short order, they have stopped the use of the best inhaler for asthmatics, while concurrently claiming that is the EPA and only the EPA that is responsible for humans to be able to breathe. Which EPA do you believe, the EPA that talks or the EPA that acts? As an aside, the Clean Air Act did wonders for America and it was passed before there was an EPA. A Congress that works on real problems rather than handing them off to rogue agencies can accomplish a lot. But, they have to be willing to work.

The ideological EPA knows what it is doing. Lying is part of the creed if it helps the EPA ideological agenda. So, I say, Kill the EPA! Let the state’s DER groups do their thing as they do the most good for America, anyway. CFC inhalers will be banned forever as long as the EPA can control Congress. Despite proof from the medical community that the EPA ban causes deaths and discomfort for young Americans, the EPA continues to be unmoved and nobody is challenging its power! It is time for Congress to get some guts.

Children in this case, are the ones who suffer, while the EPA executes its closed junk science agenda. There is no scientific proof a ban on CFCs is needed at all. But, Al Gore says the ban is necessary. The EPA says “No.” to any exception or waiver, no matter how hard the doctor may plead for his patient. Congress unfortunately remains seemingly powerless as the Obama team controls the Senate. We of course can send the Senate home next chance we get.

The EPA created a medical issue out of its major scheme or as some called it, a scam. The issue they wanted to assure was put out to the public was “CFCs hurt all people.” The medical community disagrees with the EPA, but this regulatory body overruled the doctors and nurses and instead won one for the environment movement at the expense of our children. I think it would be lots easier to find an asthmatic who is constrained now because of the CFC ban than one who thinks the air is dirty.

Doctors and medical practitioners are upset that the EPA has placed its “junk science global warming” agenda over what is good for Americans, especially those with bronchial issues—mostly young people.

Here are some unaltered comments from medical professionals about CFCs. Again, you must make your own decision: Check out the site when you have time: http://www.savecfcinhalers.org/Doctors_Speak_Out.html

Here are some quotes introduced for your review by the site above:

“I occasionally have bronchospasm after I get a cold, and I personally can say that the HFA version of albuterol doesn’t work. My patients say the same thing. How CFC inhalers were banned and more expensive, less effective medications substituted for dependent patients is beyond me. Dr. Howard Schulman, RI #4916

“Many say that they feel like the inhaler isn’t delivering the medicine.”

Dr. Mario Castro, pulmonologist and associate professor of medicine for Washington University’s School of Medicine, December 29, 2008

“During my twenty five years of practicing medicine, I have had occasion to treat hundreds of asthmatics, from mild cases to severe cases requiring hospitalization. I can report that during this time, I had many patients who responded better to the CFC inhalers than to the HFA inhalers. The relief response was faster and more pronounced, and these patients were much more satisfied with the CFC inhalers.”

“Fifteen years ago, I developed the sudden onset of adult asthma, which was frequently severe to the point of crisis, requiring oxygen as well as injections of epinephrine and steroids. I feel that the CFC inhalers provide faster and longer lasting relief from difficult breathing than the HFA inhalers.”

“The amount of CFC’s released into the atmosphere by the MDI’s from asthmatics is trivial in comparison to the numerous other causes of contamination, and to withhold an effective therapy for one who feels suffocated and unable to breathe is callous and grossly misdirected. Many physicians feel that there is an emotional component to the causation of asthma.”

“Even if studies claim that the two types of inhalers are of equal effectiveness, to deny to an asthmatic in crisis the medication he or she feels is more effective is cruel and might well aggravate the asthmatic symptoms instead of providing the treatment (i.e. CFC’s) the asthmatic person feels is more effective.”

“CFC’s are not available because of the influence of medically untrained persons prevailing upon the legislature to ban them from the marketplace. It has been widely noticed that when a patented drug’s patent protection expires, and cheap generics become widely available, the manufacturer of said patent medication immediately produces a new patent-protected medication said to produce much better clinical results. Note that universally, the new medication is considerably more expensive than the former patented drug, and many times more expensive than the generic version.”

Would it be a surprise that the CFC replacement inhalers are newly patented and cost as much as seven to ten times as much as those that had been effective.

Pharmacists fighting the CFC battle have noted that their costs went from around $5 to $10 per inhaler up to as much now as $35 per inhaler, as reported by a BYU Student Health Center Pharmacist. The word on the street is that when the EPA began the shift from CFC to HFA-propelled albuterol medication inhalers, the cost of inhalers doubled, and then some.

Does the EPA have an even more insidious agenda?

Closing Note

In the war against humankind, in which the EPA is already engaged, if suffering children are already expendable, perhaps a desirable “end game” would be that 90% less people live on the Planet Earth after the war. Mother Nature, an eternal friend of the EPA, would finally be appeased. If you buy that, do you think there is any collective weeping in the EPA for an asthmatic child’s soul that passes on because they could not breathe without help from a banned CFC because their cries for help were unanswered?

Brian Kelly owns his own IT business consulting practice and is a retired Assistant Professor of Business Information Technology at Marywood University; he is married and resides with his wife of thirty-five years in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Kelly believes that limited government spawns both liberty and freedom, and is running for Senate in Pennsylvania where he has been endorsed by the Independence Hall TEA Party.


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