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“VP Biden, an Archmere Academy and University of Delaware graduate, is credited with providing cover for the president. For the mission, Biden received three weeks of intensive military training. The VEEP also assisted with stealth chopper maneuvers and personally instructed the Navy Team in the mop up phase of the operation.” It is believed that former President George W. Bush was invited on the mission but was reportedly at his Crawford Ranch napping and thus he could not join in.

Now, America, is this not all we need to reelect President Barack Obama for a second, and possibly third and even a fourth and hopefully a fifth term as President of the United States? Why should Franklin Delano Roosevelt, hold the record for being elected president four times? After all, FDR never took down a bin Laden. The Obama campaign sees the FDR record being eclipsed in the next twelve to thirteen years by a real hero, Barack Hussein Obama? Doesn’t that deserve a big “Mmm mmm mmm!”

Believe any part of that, dear citizens of America, and I will tell you another. However, it is still possible that a story similar to this will leak out just in time to save the November election for the dynamic duo. Since government lies so frequently and the lies, euphemistically called spin, are being released more frequently than the truth, with such an important election coming up, we can expect the Administration’s lie machine to be running full-bore 24/7. Government lies are effective because most people are good and they want to believe that the government tells the truth. Meanwhile politicians have learned that they can be elected by making it seem the lies they tell are the truth.

When I wrote the book, RRR: A Unique Plan for Economic Recovery and Job Creation, Reduce Government Lying was a basic tenet. Lying however has never been as predominant in the political scene as it is today. President Obama and the progressives are the reason for this. For the past four years, the President has been and continues to be my nominee for the Master Prevaricator Award. His team of trained liars should have no problem taking second place.

When the President ran for office in 2008, he made a lot of promises that over the years, he has not kept. For example, he declared that he would unite, not divide. I do regret that he could not do this but this is not a big sin. What is a sin, however, is knowing that what you are saying is a lie, and then going ahead and saying it anyway. Obama’s attacks as of recent days about Bain Capital and offshoring have been debunked by progressives and they are simply not true. Yet they have not stopped. Only somebody living in Kenya or Indonesia for the last year could have missed the truth on these matters. I won’t go there, thank you. The fact is that when somebody knows the truth and they lie anyway, thinking it will help them in say, battleground states, they have sinned in my book. Knowingly lying is not in the same league as an unfulfilled promise. America deserves better than lies from its President.

No government would lie unless it fully expected the people to buy the lies hook line and sinker. They expect you and me to believe their lies—so be careful. There are more government lies coming soon at a press conference near you! Watch that you don’t overreact to the warm bird matter that falls in your eye as you look up to find the truth.

People with power want to hold onto that power, and will go to considerable lengths to do so. Unfortunately for Americans, lying absolutely helps them game the system in their favor, but it hurts we the people. It is vitally important for Americans to understand that the government, now controlled by progressives, lies to us all the time. The Constitution does not authorize the government to lie. A government that lies is illegitimate. Lying is a tool of destruction, and we must shut such a government down. For us to do that, the people must retain power, and our power is in our vote.

Government lies force Americans to find the truth by other means. All government lies are tricky but we can figure them out if we pay attention and do our research. We can’t depend on snopes.com or factcheck.org, or other progressive leaning fact checkers to tell us when the government is stretching the truth. We must do our own work. Do not let this particular government or any government dupe you into thinking it has your back on anything. Politicians are most apt to lie when they think they will not be held accountable.

The solution for now is to hold all politicians and government employees accountable. Stop trusting government until we can replace the liars with honest people. We can gain the truth with hard work. That means it serves no good to sit on the couch complaining. Americans must do personal research and take action to assure an honest government and to assure that politicians that lie about their past or their opponent’s pasts are not rewarded by being elected. This is especially true when the politicians know positively that the drivel they put forth are bold faced lies, and yet, since the lies may help them if they are believed, they choose not to call off the dogs.

When I graduated from College in the late 1960’s, government jobs paid the least. It was well known that the dumbest people in the class were interviewing with the government, and surprise, surprise, they were hired by other dumb people. Only the military really cares that it is successful, and if things go wrong, the military can save us all from leadership oppression. The dummies who took the easy-to-get government jobs in the sixties and seventies are now the big shots in our government. Should we expect more from them? It helps to remember Hanlon’s Razor: “Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.”

From where I sit, it is no wonder they lie. Lying is the only way they know to get an edge on the people. Because they are really not that smart, we should be able to detect and deflect their distortions of the truth. Today, smart college graduates may very well gravitate to the government because a government job as a startup job now pays lots better than anything on earth. So, in time we will have to be careful as the smart ones bubble to the top—but only if the dummies are so dumb to hire people smarter than themselves. Don’t count on any of them, even the newbies to be honest! Corruption is rampant and people caught up in it, make it a way of life.

One of the continual lies of government is the budget. Though everyone knows the Senate has not passed a budget in well over 1000 days and the Constitution demands it, the Democratic Senators insist there is a budget. Is it a secret budget or is it another lie to the people? It is another government con by the progressives. Here is another. The Administration really does plan to cut the budget and reduce the national debt? Hah! Give me a “stop laughing” pill! This con, like the others played by the government is not to be believed.

If the Administration were actually prepared to cut “the budget,” they would simply do so. After all, it is their job. Instead they talk about some foreign object called a baseline budget, which is not the kind of budget on which we could run our households. It actually consists of an automatic increase in spending regardless of revenue. It’s a pretty good deal if you can afford it. Americans can no longer afford Congressional shenanigans.

The Administration feels the need to set a base point from which they “plan” to cut. The base point already has a built-in increase of an amount typically in the range of 5% of the prior budget. In other words, the plan, from which they are OK to cut, always, includes an increase of about five percent over the prior amount, but it can also be larger. That means that you take the last year’s budget and multiply it by 1.05 before you start cutting. Would you call that deceit or a plain lie? Yes, government lies. Do you believe the lies? If you do, America will not be lasting far past our lifetimes. We can no longer tolerate liars in government. Period!

This number (1.05%) then becomes known as the baseline budget. All of the prophets of government adhere to this number as if it is a religion. It is one of the biggest lies Congress has ever perpetrated and it continues forever. The government actually admits to cold-face lying to achieve its ends. Of course they don’t call it cold-face lying. They call it base line budgeting. No matter what they call it, it is cold-face lying.

Let’s look at baseline budgeting in a regular-guy way. In other words, if spending is $3500 trillion, say as reported in 2010, then a breakeven baseline for 2011 would be $3500 trillion times 1.05 = $3675 and in 2012, the baseline would be $3858 trillion and so on and so on. Isn’t it convenient for Congress to be able to slip in funding increases for their pet projects that do not count as increases, and of which most Americans are unaware?

When government proposes to cut or actually decides to cut the budget, they cut from this fictitious number. A drastic budget cut would be one that reduces this year’s budget amount to last year’s amount but they can’t even do that. Obama’s Administration is the worst, however, as this President and the democratically controlled Senate has decided to not use any budget at all; they just spend what they want. Yet, when confronted with no budget passage, they lie again and claim there is an implicit budget.

Is it not written down? Is that what implicit means? All in all, the budget and all the supposed battles are big lies perpetrated every year against the people. The deficit reductions and the gamesmanship on the national debt are likewise lies intended to deceive the people and permit our representatives to live on in Washington in perpetuity. Those days are gone. Buy your representative new travel bags so he or she will leave town expeditiously. For those of you in Loma Linda, that means ASAP!

Members of our esteemed Congress are the perpetrators of these fiscal lies and the people are the ones being told the lie. Ask your representative about it. With a lying government, what chance do we have of ever getting to the truth and getting this economic mess straightened out?

Bill Wavering, writing for intellectualconservative.com has the baseline budgeting deception down pretty good. Here is his example of how absurd this is:

“For example; if the baseline built into the Department of Health and Human Services is 10% then the budget for that department is automatically slated for a 10% increase in its budget next fiscal year. The most incredible revelation of this concept is if there is a budget battle (and there always is) and conservatives succeed in gaining a 4% cut in this baseline ”budget,” then democrats stampede to the microphones, rend their clothing and lament the draconian 4% cut suffered by HHS! No real cut has occurred mind you. In fact the departmental budget of HHS has actually increased by 6%, yet it is publicized at a 4% budget cut”

On his economic modeling website known as Shadow Government Statistics, http://www.shadowstats.com, economist Walter J. Williams, who goes by John, provides analysis behind and beyond our government’s shadowy economic reporting. Williams provides in one word what we would and should call the “truth.”

Williams asks a lot of questions on his website. One of them is: “Have you ever wondered why the CPI [inflation rate], GDP, and employment numbers run counter to your personal and business experiences? The problem lies in biased and often-manipulated government reporting.” In other words, the problem is because of systemic, institutionalized government lying. Our government lies and it feels lying is necessary because we citizens, according to the government and Jack Nicholson, cannot handle the truth.

Washington politicians have long pressured federal economists to tweak the methods by which they assess key metrics of the economy. What’s a little tweak (spelled L-I-E) among friends? Incumbents benefit from better news and so the government statisticians are not rewarded to project the truth. To keep their jobs, they are squeezed to inflate or deflate the numbers, depending on which direction helps the incumbents the most. Without these “tweaks” the voters would surely rise up in anger. The bottom line is that many government employees, who we trust implicitly, lie to keep their jobs and/or to gain substantially better salary bumps. We would be better served without them. Government employees have become political hacks and it is time to release many of them and balance the budget. Why should we keep liars on the payroll?

I had a visitor just today who told me that there will be a major prevarication that aids Obama’s reelection bid. It may have nothing to do with bin Laden but it is expected to be timed to make Obama really difficult to defeat. It will be like Reggie Jackson’s yearly October Surprise but it will actually be a fabrication of the truth by the Obama Regime to convince the people that unemployment is under 8%. This is my friend’s opinion and undoubtedly such a tactic would help Team Obama. The official government bureaus headed by people who want to be around in the second Obama Administration are supposedly poised to project statistics that are not the real truth. Don’t worry, as soon as the error is detected, shortly after Obama is elected, they will report truthfully. The only unknown is whether the people will fall for the pre-election hogwash?

Maybe the government will actually say that the unemployment rate is just 5%. Who knows? If you still are out of work then, you will know the truth but many may be swiped away by the great and magical improvement in the economy as reported by the government.

Williams’ many analyses prove that the economy has always performed substantially more poorly than the federal reporting would indicate. Our honorable representatives, who commission the numbers to be fabricated, are supposed to be our advocates, but they see us as did Jack Nicholson when ripping Tom Cruise a new one. As I noted above, they think we can’t handle the truth. If we knew the truth, of course, we would fire the bums for sure. And they surely should be fired!

When you go to the store, you see that prices are higher. When you go to your workplace, you see fewer people working. When you look around, you see that the economy actually stinks and economic results are worse than ever. But, then you hear an upbeat government report that all is well and Obama is taking credit for something good every day. Yet, nothing is good. How is that? The truth is a foreign object to government. When things are really bad, President Obama is always found on national TV speaking about how good the bad news really is.

Alan Greenspan takes issue with truth-tellers such as Williams. While we are suffering in the great recession, prominent economists who fear Williams’ review of their work do their best to discredit him. They are backing their own lies. Who is telling the truth? Who do you think? Does the economy look like it is in good shape to you?

Let’s look at some lies you find when you go to the store. One day, the government substituted the price of hamburger in the CPI market basket for the price of steak. One day they threw in a cheap pair of sneakers instead of a nice pair of dress shoes. With more actions such as these on a regular basis, the basket got cheaper and cheaper and thus the government was able to declare that there was no inflation. This proves that the government lies when it says prices are not going up. No matter what government says, when you go to buy something, everything you see costs a lot more. Prices are going up. The government does not care about reality as it benefits from its own lies.

Government manufactures an acceptable inflation rate with no actual input. They create the inflation rate from mostly thin air. Thin air is a substance which proves that there is no cost of living adjustment needed for Social Security recipients. Because of inflation and because there are elections forthcoming, no bad news (called the truth by normal Americans) can be put forth.

In the later years of a term as we all have seen, government raises the amount of Social Security that seniors receive to help all incumbents. The plan is that the seniors will thank the government for paying half of their Medicare increase, even though overall, they lose purchasing power. In the early years of the term, politicians announce the increases that seniors must pay to receive Medicare. If they did not lie, the laws would dictate that seniors receive a SS increase in all years. When has inflation headed downward in any of our lifetimes? So, they lie to save money that they had previously squandered on their own pet projects. If they told US the truth, it would help, but they think it would cost them their election. So, let’s let the lack of truth do the same.

These lies about senior entitlements hurt the people but they save the government lots of money. Lies cannot be tolerated in a free society. If you lie to Congress, you go to jail but if Congress lies to you, they get reelected. Where is the fairness? Today, everybody’s economic life is much worse than the government tells us. We know this intrinsically. We know that government lies in order to trick us into submission. The bigger the government, the more lies they tell and the less freedom we have.

By the way, yes, there are death panels and if the truth be known about Obamacare and its raid of $500 Billion from Medicare, seniors now get just a ten year term health insurance policy with Medicare. Medicare now ends for seniors at 76 but nobody in government is calling it that way. Ask your Democratic representative to send you a CD with somebody reading the entire 2700 page Obamacare bill for you. You may be surprised that Obamacare lessens your ability to collect Medicare until you die. It’s just another government lie. How many lies can there be in 2700 pages?

Seniors expect that Medicare is for life. That was before Obamacare ruined Medicare. The old whole life version of Medicare is now gone. Right now you might get a ten year term policy from 65 to 75. Maybe!

Rationing and Cass Sunstein will place seniors last on the care list. Am I lying? I sure don’t think so! Experts in the field do not think I am lying. The new lie is that Medicare will last forever. Medicare may last for others under 76, but it won’t last for you once you turn 76. The only solution may be to get a job at 76 with post-Medicare real benefits. You won’t last long past 76 as your benefits will be effectively cut off at 76. If you are looking for intensive cancer treatment, knee or hip replacements, dialysis or anything the government thinks is costly, don’t plan to get it after 75? Aspirins will be available over the counter. They won’t be covered but they the government will tell you they will cure everything once you hit 76. But, the government lies!

When you complain, your death panel advisor will more than likely ask if you think you should last forever. Cass Sunstein, Obama’s chief health strategy advisor has created a plan in which 30-year olds with more time left on earth have priority for medical procedures. Young illegal foreign nationals will have higher rationing priority than old farts. The 30-year old thing may seem like a good idea until the once 30-year old sturn 76 and need treatment. It’s like the movie, “Logan’s Run” but instead of 30, it’s 75. Sunstein does not seem to have any compassion for anybody who gets sick at an older age. Obamacare, heralded by many progressive seniors has made Medicare a bust.

Obamacare supporters typically have no idea what is in the 2700 pages. That includes the members of the House and Senate who voted for it. They just see it as a very humane notion and they all can recite about two pages worth of benefits. What are the other 2698 pages about?

When there are no slots for MRIs, hospital beds, life-saving drugs, and there are no doctors to see you, Medicare will be forced to deny your treatment options and this by definition will hurt seniors’ overall access to care. Experts such as former CBO Director Douglas Holtz-Eakin and industry expert Paul Howard have explained in clear terms in Real Clear Politics how Obamacare’s Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB – a.k.a. the death panel) is a form of government gone wild and the worst thing to happen to Medicare ever. They contend it will necessitate “de facto rationing.” Obama tricked seniors into thinking Obamacare was just about 30,000,000 more people getting access to healthcare and it would save us all a lot of money. Now the estimate is that it will cost us over $2 trillion in new taxes.

In reality, Obamacare is healthcare redistribution. Those with good healthcare will no longer have good healthcare. It is being redistributed by the government. Medicare, without the $500 billion Obama stole for Obamacare and with 30,000,000 more patients, will soon be denying care for many health situations. The older you get, the more likely the Rationing Board will not include you for your new pacemaker. But, they say the “Death Panel” will remain a free option.

Did Obama forget to tell seniors that Obamacare hurts them big time by forcing health care providers to limit services for Medicare recipients? It was just an oversight. The facts are in. The older you get, the less access you will get. With Obamacare, the book of life has gotten shorter for all seniors. Obamacare is surely one of Obama’s biggest lies. It shouldn’t affect Medicare yet it does.

When you do hit 76, the government hopes that death will quietly set in, and the government also hopes that none of US old folk will complain about dying five or ten or twenty years earlier as we give it up for the ‘Bammer. We owe people like John Williams a debt of gratitude for proving truthful information to us. But, it is up to us to express our collective will, now that we have the facts! For seniors, there is no way out of an earlier than expected death than to get rid of Obamacare and to restore Medicare funding stolen for Obamacare. Let’s end this lie in November, 2012.

On his site, http://www.shadowstats.com, Williams provides a series of primers free of charge. These give some truth that will perhaps make you as sick as it makes me. Lies hurt and lies hurt no one worse than somebody depending on receiving the truth. Like me, you will wonder why we do not fire the lot of them. Here is the title from a Williams essay on the CPI (inflation rate): “Payments to Social Security Recipients Should be Double Current Levels”

In reality, since the government did steal all the money from Social Security, there is nothing left to pay the public double the rate. The point here is that we have left the same bums in office that lie and cause these bad things to happen. The Social Security cash is gone. It was replaced by valueless Treasury Notes years ago. These are IOUs that the government will pay back to seniors for its borrowing the real cash. Don’t hold your breath. Yes, the money is gone and it will not be coming back, yet government spreads the lie that the fund still exists. If IOUs have any value, then the fund exists. But, unfortunately government IOUs to Social Security are non-collectible.

To keep the fast tempo of this op-ed screaming to the end of Part I, let’s take a quick look at some of the promises not kept (lies) about Obamacare, the President’s signature healthcare law. The Supreme Court recently ruled that Obamacare was Constitutional. They found that it was a tax despite Obama and company lying that it was not. Since the costs borne by those who are now forced to buy insurance have been construed to be a tax, this ruling adds 20 other progressive Obamacare taxes to form the largest tax increase in American history. All Americans will be paying these taxes but don’t expect any incumbent to tell you that. Nobody in the Obama Administration admits to any of this because lies are better than the truth when the people believe them. Here are just a few more lies directly from Obamacare:

  1. “We’ll work with your employer to lower your premiums by $2,500 per family per year!” This continual promise was made dozens of times across the country. Yet, immediately after the law was passed, and to this day, premiums continue to rise and are expected do so well into the future.
  2. “If you like your doctor or healthcare plan, you can keep it.” It’s too bad Obama did not talk to the doctors or the employers about this as it is completely false. Millions of Americans will be out looking for insurance. Under Obamacare companies will find it far cheaper to pay a small fine and drop heath coverage for employees than to continue their past practices of providing real health care.
  3. Obamacare “would bring down the deficit by as much as $1 trillion over the next two decades.” The President overdid it on this one and it was seen as a lie from day one. Nobody with any budgeting perspective believed this when Obama spoke it. Now, several years after the bill became law, nobody can deny this claim is false. The law will cost us and as a tax, there are 18 additional taxes.
  4. “Thirty-two million new people will have healthcare.” All this really means is that more people will have a Medicaid card in their pocket. But, states may say no to this according to the Supreme Court. Wherever it is law, ER’s will still be overwhelmed, and doctors will not be able to handle the increase to their patient loads. So, this is the lie that gives us rationed care. Medicare will not cover major illnesses or major care after age 75. Seniors looking for knee and hip replacements or cancer therapy or dialysis will have to check their savings accounts for such treatments. The conservatively governed states in the Supreme Court Decision now have the legal means to say no to Obama. The liberally governed states have the same opportunity but they will more than likely stiff their constituents, rather than do what their constituents expect.
  5. “The law will protect Medicare.” Despite this famous lie, the Congressional Budget Office takes issue with the facts. CBO: Medicare cuts could “reduce access to care or diminish the quality of care.” (CBO Director Doug Elmendorf, Letter To Sen. Harry Reid, P. 1, 17, 11/18/09). How can taking $500 billion from Medicare to give to those who never paid in to the system, make Medicare a more sound health care plan?

You and I have good friends who are so progressive that they cannot accept that any lying whatsoever is going on. They see Romney picking on Obama and no matter what Team Romney has to say, the prevaricating Obama team has an answer, and even if it is a lie, it satisfies our good friends and relatives who think Obama is the best. Perhaps he is the greatest President ever. He sure tells a good story. What do you think?

What I see happening is that these folks, who actually want to be good Americans and they want America to be successful, cannot believe that Obama’s fundamental change means they will soon be on the government dole, as their jobs and their healthcare will also be gone.

The best explanation I can give is that they want to believe the lies they hear so much, they choose to do so, regardless of the truth.

Was Ben Franklin thinking of today’s lying politicians when he offered these important words of advice? “Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.”

Those of us that know what is happening must be strong, and we must be unrelenting in projecting our strength. When facing a lying government and Obama, the Prevaricator in Chief, as the adversaries to all Americans who seek freedom and liberty, we must all pay attention and act accordingly. The couch potato is the sure loser. Let’s all steer clear of the couch to help us assure victory.

Brian Kelly is a business owner and former assistant professor at Marywood University; he and his wife live in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Kelly is running for Senate in his state and believes limited government brings liberty and freedom.


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Brian Kelly is a business owner and former assistant professor at Marywood University; he and his wife, Pat live in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Kelly ran for COngress and for the US Senate in his state and he believes limited government brings liberty and freedom. Brian's 48th book is titled, Saving America, The How-To Book. It is available at www.checkoutking.com and www.itjungle.com.

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