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President Obama lies as a matter of course. It just comes natural to him. He will never stop lying as long as the complicit press gives him air time and some legitimacy even when they know his spiel is not the truth. Obama knows he is lying. The press knows he is lying. I know he is lying. You know he is lying. Those who need the government know he is lying. Unfortunately, those who benefit from the lies have no motivation to object, and those who otherwise would like Obama try to wish all the lies away. Because our government leaders explain away its incompetent actions with lies, they are very dangerous for America.

The Obama team pretends it is aghast that Mitt Romney is a capitalist as they are trying to brand capitalism as a bad word. Meanwhile, Obama is helping to destroy capitalism in America with too much government intervention. Those members of the Obama faithful, who have fallen on hard times recently thank his highness profusely and are accepting a few thousand dollars in government aid each year. Meanwhile, middle class blue collar capitalists, taking jobs as roughnecks in the new oil lands, are bringing in over $100,000 a year, every year. They do something an Obama lie says is no longer necessary. They work. The roughnecks work their shifts and they do not have to bow before Obama and they make at least $85,000 a year more than the Obama dependent class.

Since Obama has no winning argument on the economy, he has chosen to use his favorite weapon, the lie, as a means to defeat Mitt Romney for the presidency. Obama, the man who lived next store to Chicago convicted criminal Tony Rezco, and whose buddies include convicted criminal Rod Blagojevich, Weatherman Bill Ayers, and a number of other real felons accused Romney of being a felon. That is the pot calling the kettle black. Obama intends to divert the conversation from his intentionally unsuccessful tenure in office. He has single handedly stopped the economy from improving and now he thinks that by calling Mitt Romney names, Americans will forget who the bad guy really is.

Mr. Obama and the rest of America are well aware that Mitt Romney left Bain Capital to save the Olympics, and though his abrupt departure left the company without a means of properly paying him his severance pay, he was the head of the Olympics from the day he took the job. They Obama team also knows that Romney was not the grand offshore outsourcer, yet that does not stop them from continuing their attacks. They know all of this is untrue. Yet, they continue pressing as if lying to help your cause is OK.

The facts show that Obama’s solar energy deals used more offshore manufacturing than anything Romney ever did. Despite this, the complicit press does not hold Obama accountable for the lies because they want him reelected even if he is a proven liar. Obama and his team know the truth but the truth will hurt them and so the truth does not matter. It is lies that will help the Obama team win the election as long as there are suckers out there to believe their intentional lies. So, the Obama team persists in its lies. They will make up any story necessary to dupe Americans into seeing it their way. But, most Americans do not like lies and as they wake up and see what Obama is doing, he loses their vote.

Comparisons with Hitler have become unpopular because of Godwin’s Rule of Nazi Analogies. Godwin suggests that because a comparison or reference may sometimes be appropriate, he argues that overuse of Nazi and Hitler comparisons should be avoided, because it robs the valid comparisons of their impact.

I can see why Obama supporters do not like comparisons with Hitler. If my administration was as Hitler’s in its docile years I would try to shut down all such comparisons if I could. Like Hitler, however, Obama seems to be a follower of Marxist / redistributive principles and he sees lying as a winning strategy for governing and for campaigning.

In his book, Mein Kampf, the Fuhrer enjoyed talking about the big lie. It is a lie so “colossal” that no one would believe that someone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.” Obama, like Hitler has a complicit press for the lies he spreads. Obama lies and the press not only permits it but at times wears to his prevarications. The press chooses to ignores the facts. Team Obama knows people will read headlines about Romney being a criminal and most people won’t notice the exonerating facts that come out later. Obama ignores the truth hoping enough people are hoodwinked by the rampant lies. The Obama team does not care about the truth. But, we the people of America must care about the truth.

Thomas Jefferson teaches us all the dangers of lies in his 1813 letter to John Melish: “By oft repeating an untruth, men come to believe it themselves.” No matter how many times Obama lies about Romney, it cannot make it the truth. Americans must be careful what we believe when dishonest men speak.

In my latest book, RRR: “A unique plan for economic recovery and job creation,” reduce government lying is one of the critical R’s that are advanced and explained. Actually, the RRR plan does not tolerate any government lying at all so we not only must reduce lying; we need to stop it cold.

Is President Obama the Con Man in Chief?

I heard the President called this while I was in OC MD a few weeks ago on vacation. I was in a parked car listening to the radio, and my wife was in an outlet store. A NJ talk show host, whose name I cannot recall, called the President a con-man. I must admit that it is the perfect descriptor, especially in the context in which it was used. My guess is that this label passes the “truth test.”

You may recall Obama’s recent appeal to the middle class as he is now painting himself as the Middle Class President. He had weeks and months as the Gay President, the African American President, the Hispanic / Latino President, the Illegal Foreign National President, the Women’s President, the Members of the Catholic Church President, the Poor President, and of course the President of the Island of Forgotten Toys, a.k.a., the Misfit President.

He is everything for certain somebody’s, for sure, but with such a divisive strategy, he is not the President for all Americans on any given day. However, if it were necessary for him to say so, he would, and he would smile while lying. Yes, it would be a lie as is the notion of Obama being President of all of the preceding listed groups. Is he a con man or is he the President of us all? Well, in his latest action as the Middle Class President, he felt he had to redefine the term “middle class.” in order to get the press to buy in. Let’s look at what the middle class in America was before this particular week in history.

We know that in many ways, the US has been modeled after England. In 1911, statistician T.H.C. Stevenson wrote in the UK that the middle class fell between the upper class and the working class. This is a similar definition as the middle class in the US and it includes professionals, managers, and senior civil servants. In the US, the influence of unions has created another middle class tree limb that is not based on human capital but capital itself, wealth, and the ability to command a nice income.

Since less and less people nowadays fit the definition of the middle class that includes real wealth, and a good salary, Obama’s redefinition is an attempt to convince those that have lost capital, wealth, and their high paying jobs that they are still in the middle class and Obama is still their guy. Yes, this is a lie from a con-man. His rhetoric was intended to convince the new poor that it is OK to be poor and, more importantly, as a poor person, you can still be a middle class Obama supporter. You can be middle class even if you are broke from the lackluster Obama economy.

Despite Obama announcing his new rules for being in the middle class, it is not the truth. Yet, the people in the audience applauded like as if it was OK, and it was the truth. Maybe they were not a real audience. Maybe the audience itself in the contrived Obama-world was a lie. Poor people are poor people, even if they once were middle income wage earners, no matter what claptrap Obama throws at them to get them to believe in him. Poor people are no more in the middle class than they are rich.

Obama said that all you need are middle class values to be middle class. Not true again. At a minimum, the notion of middle class has a major socio-economic component. The NJ Talk show host labeled Obama a con man since his economic policies had caused more and more Americans to slip from middle class to the poor class, and then he tried to convince them it was not his policies since they were still middle class.

Let me say this again. Perhaps you saw it on TV last week. Obama tried to convince these recently downtrodden people that their status had not really changed just because they were now poor. I think the “Bush Did It” argument would have played better. Deneen Borelli, a Fox news contributor suggested Obama might get even more traction if he blamed things on George Washington. Why not make it a big lie?

Obama said the new poor are still middle class because they still possess middle class values. They’re broke and poor but they are still middle class. How does that compute? In my brain, it is a non-sequitur. Obama, according to the NJ talk show host and anybody listening to that form of logic, is a con man. He says anything to get elected. Con men are incessant liars. If the label fits, wear it!

In 2009, 2010, and again in 2011, Obama promoted the Bush era tax cuts and said that raising taxes on anybody would be “the last thing you want to do” because it would “take more demand out of the economy.” Now, with the economy in the tank, his new tax hike suggestion means that he changed his mind and he is ready to take away the ability for small businesses to survive and hire workers. Obama lies whenever it is inconvenient to tell the truth.

Everybody knows lying is wrong. At whatreallyhappened.com, they took the time to list a number of things that are wrong when a government lies to its citizens. “What does it mean to live under a government that lies to you?

  • “Is the war just, moral, and necessary? “
  • “Are taxes legal and fair? “
  • “Is the public money being spent wholly on the public?”
  • “Are you really free?”
  • “Is life in this nation really better than anywhere else?”
  • “When you live under a government that lies, you cannot know anything for certain about your lives. All you can know is what you are told.”

Obama is not the only one who lies. He lies so often, however, that his picture may be inserted in the next edition of the Merriam Webster Dictionary under the word, “lie.” Here are a few more examples of government lying so you can gain a more complete perspective. I have already proven that over the years; whenever it is convenient, the government issues official lies. If you are looking for a good lie that you may already know about, answer these questions: “Do you believe that the Social Security Trust Fund has anything in it other than IOU’s?” “Has any government official ever affirmed your suspicion?” “Do you trust that the government will tell the truth?” “Where is all that money?”

History suggests that Lyndon Johnson stole all the SS money to finance the Vietnam War. There was so much money in the SS treasury and no-place else, intended to take care of seniors forever, Johnson, a Democrat, could not help taking it to serve his legacy, which trumped the needs of all seniors. It took a lot of years for it all to catch up to the new Obama government that, according to many conservatives, really does not care if America survives at all. All other Presidents before Obama cared about America so temporary solutions were possible. Obama, however seems like he is OK with America failing completely. Why should America be so great?

Sometimes blaming Bush is OK!

In 2001, in the Bush Administration, the government created the Office of Strategic Influence. Its purpose was to place false news items with foreign news organizations. False news items put out by the US government could be called official lies. Ironically, the creator of this news bureau, Donald Rumsfeld, vehemently denied that it ever existed. What do you think? Was this a lie about a department that was created to lie?

The US is out of oil, gas, and coal?

If this were 2312 and not 2012, that might be true. Today, however, it is a lie. Barack Obama and Bob Casey Jr. report that the US has just 2% of the world’s oil reserves. We are a no-energy nation depending on the kindness of our enemies to keep us afloat. Do you believe that? Casey sent me a letter about it. The truth is that we are # 1 in just about all fossil fuels but it is convenient to distort the truth when it helps the ideology. How big a lie is minimizing our reserves to just 2% when we lead the world?

For Obama, sometimes an accidental truth creates the need for a lie. Some might see this as an ironic twist of fate. During the campaign of 2008 when gas prices were comfortably back below $2.00 per gallon, the candidate Obama promised that energy prices would “skyrocket” if he were elected. The press made little to-do about this and so the candidate won. Now, let’s move up to 2012. Gas prices have skyrocketed, though later in the year the increases slowed. When Obama saw it was going to hurt his reelection, the President began furiously backpedalling away from the promise he had made in 2008. He knows that skyrocketing gas prices jeopardize his re-election hopes. Would you say that backpedaling is a form of lying?

From seekingalpha.com: “US consumes 19 billion barrels per year – this is not in dispute. A good estimate for all the oil in place in the continental US is from about 3 trillion to 5 trillion barrels of oil. That does not include the 3 trillion barrels of oil shale.” See this shale play website for a partial list of the known oil shale basins in the US. (http://alfin2300.blogspot.com/2012/01/estimated-3-5-trillion-barrels-of-oil.html)

I know this amount of oil reserves seems very high, but it is more accurate than Obama’s 2% lie. It was only a few short years ago that all the experts believed that we were going to need to import huge amounts of liquefied natural gas to meet our demand for natural gas, and now we have a glut of natural gas in the marketplace because of all the shale natural gas. Gas importers were preparing import docks to receive all the foreign gas that we would need. Now, they are rebuilding these same docks as export capable. Gas prices are coming down so much that the producers are contemplating slowing down production. If production is stopped short of making gas cheap, it might be even worse than a lie.

How much oil is there in the world? Why would environmentalists, who respect the needs of Americans, not admit that the best solution is to drill, baby, and drill? Answer: their ideology forces them to lie. Again, ideology trumps what is good for Americans. It helps to know that the USGS (the official government spokespersons) estimate that only 1.4 trillion bbl is available for the US. They work for Obama. This official estimate is way off. I don’t want to call it a lie but it probably is. It sure serves the Obama agenda well to suggest that we are “running out,” and can’t get anymore. Who do you believe?

Oil reserves are being discovered more quickly than oil is being consumed. A Kiplinger article from 2008, which is 4 yrs old showed “untapped US reserves estimated at about 2.3 trillion barrels, nearly three times more than the reserves held by all of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Counties (OPEC) and sufficient to meet 300 years of demand-at today’s levels for auto, aircraft, heating and industrial fuel, without importing a single barrel of oil.”

Maybe VP Biden recently did not have to beg the Saudi Princes to increase production! Maybe, like an untapped keg of fine beer, we should buy a few more taps and bring in some of that fine black liquid from the US to help America and Americans. But, in the meantime, lying about all the beer in the huge kegs underground helps the Administration and the current President’s prospects for reelection.

Now, if I know about the real numbers and now you know the real numbers, Obama must know that and so when he says we only have 2% of the world’s reserves, this is a big, big, intentional lie! But, nonetheless, it is official. We are rolling through so many lies so quickly; it is fair to wonder if government has ever told the full truth. And we once thought that only the Communists engaged in propaganda.

Several weeks ago, Obama finally found the right words to describe the Solyndra debacle in which he gave a $500 million dollar loan to his rich and politically generous cronies to kick start their success in the solar panel business. Wouldn’t any regular American like to have won that Lottery? I bet any of us would have done better than they did with the proceeds. Unfortunately, they could not run a business, and we taxpayers are now out the $500 million in loans. When he gave his rationale for Solyndra’s failure it seemed like I was listening to an old speech. He blamed Bush. Is this a lie?

In Obama’s words: “Obviously, we wish Solyndra hadn’t gone bankrupt. But understand: This was not our program per se.” This is code for “Bush did it!” He then blasted the Chinese internal support for solar as another disingenuous reason: “Chinese were subsidizing their solar industry and flooding the market in ways that Solyndra couldn’t compete.” It reminds me of the favorite after dinner smelly gas excuse when I was a kid: “It wasn’t me; I had pork and beans for dinner…that’s one from soup!” There are many more Obama lies. Just listen to the news every night and you can get your fill. Obama is a con man, and he eats pork and beans for dinner every night. Blame Obama for it is his fault. It is not the soup.

Here is one more lie from about 1908. You may know that as a pretext for passing the 16th amendment, which created the Constitutional authorization for the Personal Income Tax, the mantra was: “Only the rich will pay income taxes.” Hah!

If the government were Pinocchio, its schnozzola would now be in deep outer space. Doesn’t this sound like Obama? The old America suggested that everybody should gain the American Dream. In Obama’s America, if your dreams lead to success, you will be working for the government and the lazy lout down the street will be receiving the proceeds of your dream from the government. The Income tax permits bad politicians to create bad laws to make it un-American to be an American with a dream.

Lying is dangerous to the people and it is a way for government to gain more power, which is also dangerous to the people. History, however, has just one master liar who has yet to be outdone even by Obama. His work was monstrous to say the least. His short title was Minister of Propaganda, but his full title was Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda for Adolph Hitler’s, National Socialist party – NAZI for short. Joseph Goebbels was dangerous and all lies are dangerous. Try these Goebbels’ political axioms and see if you think some are being practiced today in America by the current Administration:

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

“The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly – it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over.”

“Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.”

“Whoever can conquer the street will one day conquer the state, for every form of power politics and any dictatorship-run state has its roots in the street.”

For the RRR plan or any economic recovery and job creation plan to work, the US benchmark must use the truth. As citizens, we must keep firing the members of our government who lie, until we find a government, which we can trust, and one that is fully representative of the people.

Don’t give up, and may the truth be with us all!

Brian Kelly is a business owner and former assistant professor at Marywood University; he and his wife live in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Kelly is running for Senate in his state and believes limited government brings liberty and freedom.


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Brian Kelly is a business owner and former assistant professor at Marywood University; he and his wife, Pat live in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Kelly ran for COngress and for the US Senate in his state and he believes limited government brings liberty and freedom. Brian's 48th book is titled, Saving America, The How-To Book. It is available at www.checkoutking.com and www.itjungle.com.

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