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In this, the second progressive age from my thinking (which is really the fourth for those who really count such things), we all have learned that progressive leaders believe that charity begins with the government, not at home. You may know that before becoming prominent, the last two Democratic Veeps, Al Gore and Joe Biden showed that they wanted no part of a redistribution scheme that included them by name. Both were misers and as Veeps, they were just second in charge. Some would call them Vice Misers. Obviously, if we use the charitable contributions of these two blokes as an example of charitable tendencies for progressives, we would properly conclude that the Democrats as a Party are not into personal charity. They prefer to confiscate from the productive using the power of government, and give to whomever they please. They are wise enough to protect their own wealth from confiscation as their charitable records indicate they rarely give up a dime voluntarily.

Because I have seen their records, I ask you all to notice that most progressive Democrats do not line up willingly to give. Al Gore first came under fire when his 1997 tax return showed only $353 in donations to charity. No zeroes are missing from that figure. Maybe he never went to church? But, the weekly donations would have been lots more than the total listed for giving. Perhaps Gore had some sort of dispensation from giving from his pastor. Obviously, I have no additional information to offer.

According to the Biden’s 2006 tax return, the couple gave $380 dollars to charity out of $248,459 in adjusted gross income. Biden, a Catholic by Religion, as I am, who is often not an advocate for Catholic issues, more than likely avoided embarrassment by collection plate by not attending Mass on Sundays. But, again I only speculate. If he went to St. Pat’s Church in my home town, the ushers would have stared a few bucks out of him just for being there. Maybe he did not claim it all? Maybe like in a lot of other things in siding with Obama, Joe knows better than the rest of us!

Having government forcibly distribute wealth is not morally right, but Al Gore and Joe Biden seem to like the notion in that it means they do not get asked to give more than “their fair share.” Government redistribution cannot be classified as willful charity. In fact it begins with the theft of personal property and ends with somebody receiving stolen goods. In our corrupt political system, it also enables politicians to buy votes with your wealth and then benefit by getting reelected.

We all should be prepared to help the helpless and that is why many, many charities exist. But, we should not promote a system that makes people helpless. When the system of redistribution is run by government, it is no surprise when it fails.

Businesses that are forced to redistribute the good of their enterprises because government demands it, will soon not want to do business in the United States. The RRR notion of Reduce Redistribution is a winner for businesses and for individuals. To implement this philosophy, we need a government that insists that people pull their own weight. It is also OK for the government to refer people in need to various charities. Charities should be funded by the good-will of all good people willing to share their fortunate lives.

Before government decided to grow into a national supermarket chain, in which all redistributive services are available, the people were already doing their best and none felt legally obligated to help the helpless. Instead, people helped the helpless because they could see that there were people down on their luck that needed help. It was not a lifetime guarantee. It was just help when needed for people who at certain times, needed help. It was not mandatory. Nothing charitable was forced upon anybody by government until the progressives took over.

There is no right in America for the helpless to obtain help from the government simply because they need help. That is fundamental. The Constitution does not permit the work of one to be confiscated for the good of another. If it were intended in this country that what is yours is only yours if the government does not need or want it, the founders would have put the proper language into the Constitution. Charity is from the giver’s perspective not the receiver’s. Forced charity is theft. When we come back to those mores, there will be more charity than ever in our lifetimes, and the helpless will have the help they need. And for the able bodied among the formerly helpless, they will be encouraged to pursue a life in which they can achieve real success.

When I was with IBM and I helped automate my first accounting office with an IBM System/3 Computer System, one of the principals, Jimmy Slamon, who was also an accountant gave me two economic principles that I have not forgotten. He said the best hedge against inflation is to have a job. He also suggested that the best way to avoid needing financial help (being poor) was to have a job. The common denominator here is to have a job and the implication is to have a good job. That is what America is still all about.

Government today does not help companies create good jobs for Americans and so we do have even more work to do. Companies create jobs when they need more workers to satisfy demand. When government impedes the ability to create demand, companies are not motivated to hire anybody. When we can convince government not to overburden small companies with regulations, and then not take all of their profits in taxes if despite the regulations, they are successful, more and more Americans will be offered jobs and eventually they will again see that they too can achieve what we all once knew as the American Dream. Having a third party, such as the US government, instructing Peter to pay Paul from Peter’s hard work may make Paul very happy but eventually Peter will stop working when Paul is the major beneficiary and not Peter’s own family.

The welfare system’s redistribution to safety net levels today in many ways is because job opportunities are diminished and wages are getting lower, not higher. We can directly blame the progressive government, excessive regulations, excessive taxes, and excessive spending for the job losses. Consequently, income inequality is at its greatest since the Gilded Age, and this is not good for America in anyway. Even without Obama stoking the class warfare fires, those with little are looking at those with much with great envy. This is not good for America, but it seems exactly what our President intends.

The government now calls for major redistribution through government when the bulk of the people do not have enough jobs for sustenance. And, so, along with the other principles of RRR, a unique plan for economic recovery and job creation, in order for the economy to recover and for jobs to be created, we must also avoid the tendency of being too good to our fellow man while using government as the redistributive agent.

If you are compelled to help the less fortunate than you; please do so without suggesting that Americans cannot make it on their own. Americans can do anything and we do not need a government telling us that we should relax and read some books, and be placed on welfare. That is the new Obama plan as you may already know. The more you take from Obama, the more he owns you. He replenishes his stash off the backs of hard working Americans, many of whom have yet to be born.

To regain a country that bustles, we must reduce taxes, reduce spending, reduce immigration, revitalize energy, reindustrialize America, reduce regulations, etc., and then the people will have good jobs and good lives again. And once we get there, let’s please remember to reduce lying and reduce redistribution as that is the path to economic malaise.

These R’s from the RRR Plan, and others are necessary so that the United States can reduce the call for any redistribution caused by poor economic times. Let’s concentrate on making the economy stronger and creating those needed jobs. Our mission is to continue to help the helpless through personal charity, not via the government. The major tenet is to remember to not create helpless people. When everybody is deemed helpless, these, en masse create a country that can never recover. While we “Reduce Redistribution” by helping people gain employment in real jobs, we still must have a safety net for the helpless. For the able-bodied of course, the safety-net should never be substituted as a way of life.

With income inequality heading to the levels of the Gilded age—the days when Robber Barons ruled the world, there is a strong temptation for pure income redistribution. This will bring about the end of America. We must avoid this at all costs or we are doomed as a nation. We do need a business climate in the US in which more and more high paying jobs are created. Government must get out of the way. Once we achieve that, we must assure that these jobs are not then given to foreign workers, legal and / or illegal. We need all of the precepts of the RRR plan to put Americans back to work. This plan is for America and Americans first! Redistribution of income and assets should always remain a personal thing.

Brian Kelly is a business owner and former assistant professor at Marywood University; he and his wife live in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Kelly is running for Senate in his state and believes limited government brings liberty and freedom.


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Brian Kelly is a business owner and former assistant professor at Marywood University; he and his wife, Pat live in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Kelly ran for COngress and for the US Senate in his state and he believes limited government brings liberty and freedom. Brian's 48th book is titled, Saving America, The How-To Book. It is available at www.checkoutking.com and www.itjungle.com.

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