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When elected, he is poised to surpass Obama in all avenues of life that concern Americans. Though I wish the challenger well, I would like him to stop pandering to Hispanics and Latinos and any other swing ethnicity du jour. In America, real Americans have melted into the pot. Our nationality is American. Mr. Romney, please encourage all Americans as Americans, rather than highlighting specific nationalities such as the Hispanics, the Lithuanians, the Latinos or the Irish. America is one country and one culture with many resting within. We are Americans.

My father (and many of your fathers) was a dedicated American. Though he is gone I still love him intensely. I am not alone. Many others, just as I, feel similar respect for their parents. Nobody should diminish the great messages we have received from them. They cared about us and they cared about America, and they gave us a great country in which to live and raise our children.

My father’s and my mother’s families were all Irish; Kelly, McKeown, O’Boyle, and Burke were their names. My paternal grandmother, along with her husband, my grandfather, was first generation, and the others were second generation. I never met a related Kelly, McKeown, O’Boyle, or Burke who was not proud to be an American. My father and mother celebrated St. Patrick’s Day as many Americans do today, but they thought of being Irish as second to being American.

My dad always told me that I was an American. I just happened to be of Irish descent. He had reservations about me wearing an Ireland or Irish or even a Notre Dame labeled shirt as he believed that we were Americans first and that we should not emblazon our ethnicity. What wisdom. Our neighbors, as we grew up, were mostly of Syrian descent. These were great people, who also thought of themselves as Americans.

Despite all this great perspective, which he could get from many Americans, my President has not had as good a teacher about America as my father. The President’s father was not American, and the President spent a lot of growing-up time outside of America. Ultimately, he was reared by his grandparents.

I have no qualms telling anybody that I am for Americans first. America is my country. If Mitt Romney is for Americans first as I do believe he is, over illegal foreign nationals and Hispanics, Latinos and other ethnicities, I would like him to say it. Who would have a problem with a President that espouses an America for Americans? After all, the former Irish, former Hispanics, former Latinos, former Germans, former Polish, and former Chechens, are now all American citizens. We are all Americans.

Would it not be nice if we could all put our hyphens back into our word processors and become whole Americans again? There should be no more pandering to the parts of America, only to the whole. It is the whole that is so special. All Americans know we are special.

Today, perhaps because of his upbringing, I find the President of the United States continually working angles to please specific ethnicities above others. He is continually running for office. Most Americans are sick of these shenanigans. The President, for all of his overtures to minorities and ethnicities, does not seem to care about the Irish as a minority ethnic group or most other ethnicities for that matter.

Until recently, the Hispanics and Latinos felt they were in the same hole as the Irish. Out of nowhere as the election approached, after ignoring them for the three years, the Hispanic / Latino voters have gained the attention if the President. Analysts suggest that President Obama has concluded this group is necessary to help him win reelection.

To assure his reelection, our President unfortunately has violated the sacred trust of all Americans. He has used the immense power of his office to grant one “special” group of Americans a “Dream Act.” This act is way beyond his powers under the Constitution. We can count on this master of electioneering to figure out other favors, paid for by the taxpayers, to win additional votes by election time. No American should be happy about this.

The founders of America were of multiple descent, but none of whom I am aware were from South of the border. Yet, the Hispanic / Latino community, as many of them like to be called are ready to ask all other Americans for special recognition regarding a number of items including our immigration laws. The original Americans were from Germany, England, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, and Spain, along with many other countries. There were many ethnicities that founded this country and made it great. None asked for special treatment. They were all happy to be free from the tyranny in their former countries and they were tickled to be part of America.

Likewise, there seem to be few real Americans, no matter what their ethnicity, who look for special considerations simply because they are not one of the founding nationalities. This includes many of the newer ethnicities. However, there is a new breed of American citizens that do not hold to these principles. This new breed of Americans has few, if any ancestors that may have lost blood assuring the freedom and liberty of this great nation in its founding. This split is very noticeable as certain new-Americans have seemingly taken themselves out of the melting pot and they again go by the name of their former ethnicity. Their love for America as a country seems to be compromised.

It does not matter to me if the Irish are considered recent immigrants or not. It is far more important for all my family and all the Irish and all of the citizens of other ethnicities to be American. Most ethnicities from early America have been American since America accepted us as its citizens, which was when each of our ancestors had the chance to disembark our respective freedom ship.

Historian Richard B. Morris in 1973 identified the following seven figures as the key Founding Fathers: John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and George Washington. Thank you all. I don’t hear an Irish name among the list. I love them all anyway.

Moreover, there are no surnames above to indicate any of this remarkable seven were of Hispanic or Latino origin. Perhaps that explains some of the ethnic separation we see today. Hispanics and Latinos are mostly newer Americans though a few had roles in the American Revolution. We have relatives who are Spanish, but regarding their ethnicity, they prefer to be called Spanish and regarding their nationality, they are American. The term Hispanic was created by government to group individuals in America who speak Spanish. Most of the Revolutionary war heroes that some would call Hispanic were from Spain proper. A number of military figures from Spain fought on behalf of the American colonists, including Captain Jorge Farragut, who fought on the front lines. Bernardo de Gálvez, Governor of the territory of Louisiana provided weapons and rations while Francisco de Miranda, a Venezuelan, used his French contacts to obtain supplies, thereby helping the colonists capture Yorktown, Virginia. The Hispanic community has many reasons to be proud Americans.

Black, Yellow, or White, if you are an American, this is all you need to triumph over adversity. Just because a major group of new Americans want to be known as Hispanics or Latinos or other terms, instead of being known as Americans per se; this does not motivate most other Americans to want them to have their way with America and our laws. The same goes for any extra benefits or special privileges, including relatives becoming citizens before the relatives of other ethnicities. And, so no Presidential candidate should pander to any particular ethnicity as it is sure to make others displeased. Displeased voters do not vote for the candidate that displeases them the most.

All Americans should be treated by government and candidates alike as if they are no- hyphen Americans. People in any ethnicity that have had to grow up poor are not alone. I know of American families of nine having to survive Pennsylvania’s winters in just three bedrooms, and no furnace. Heat was provided by a small Heatrola in the dining room and a kitchen stove with an oven and limited hot water capabilities. A hot bath in the summer was out of the question.

Americans have a lot at stake in the coming elections and should not be cheated from the opportunity to replace our non-functional government. We will not be in this economic malaise once we get new leadership in Washington. Many Americans have had to endure poverty while growing up and many are suffering again in these tough economic times, when being American does not seem to matter to the government. Yet, this is America, and that too will change. Many opportunities exist for all those that work hard.. Who would really not wish to be an American? Better days surely are coming.

Mitt Romney risks the wrath of non-hyphen Americans if he continues to pander to subgroups. Conservatives would like Mr. Romney to take a stand for all Americans.

Follow the American way. Stop pandering to hyphen-ethnicities. Americans all have ethnicities but in order to be Americans, most left the ethnicities behind when we chose to become Americans.

A big decision for Governor Romney after he comes back from Europe is who his VP choice will be. There should be no pandering here either. Stay away from Marco Rubio, who may very well be a good man. Unfortunately, many may see his Hispanic / Latino background as a form of pandering to this voting bloc. Rubio is of Cuban descent, and that is different from the hyphenated Hispanic-Americans. So, besides appearing as pandering, it might not even help his electability.

The immigration authorities have granted Cubans special status for years because of their plight against Fidel Castro’s regime. When they escape, they have an expedited path to becoming Americans. This is not something that makes other Hispanics happy with the Cuban population. Therefore, Rubio as a Cuban will not bring Romney the Hispanic vote.

Condoleeza Rice has been in the news a lot recently as another Vice President possibility. She is clearly brilliant, but I would advise against her as a choice for one reason. Her name will drag the perception of Romney back into the Bush era. Thus, she will hurt the ticket more than help it.

Like it or not, no Republican presidential nominee will carry the part of the Hispanic / Latino voting bloc that prefer to be hyphen-Americans. However, by not being perceived as a panderer, Romney does have the opportunity to score well with the unhyphenated American citizen vote. It is his for the asking. Most conservative Americans want the pro American candidate. Those conservative Hispanics and Latinos that do not align themselves with the hyphen-Americans will find Governor Romney to be a fine candidate, without any pandering to their ethnicity.

The message of course is no pandering to any ethnicity. No pandering is permitted. Mr. Romney should not go looking for a Vice President, who will bring him the Latino / Hispanic vote, or the Black vote, or the Gay vote, or the disaffected Democrats vote, or the Progressive woman’s vote, or any nation-hyphen-American vote.

The people in the battlegrounds states see on TV every day that Obama is spending a billion dollars to collect all the hyphens he can. He is the hyphen-President. He will get most of them unless and until the solicited Americans begin to think of themselves as Americans. When it dawns on the “now” generation that our nation is dying because of Obama’s policies, they may change their minds and look for a good leader. They will come around by hearing and believing the same message as everybody else about how the economy and our national defense and security, and illegal immigration situations got this bad and how much better American can be with new leadership.

Here we are in a time, in which we have President Obama leading America on the road to perdition, and he is clawing and scratching and trying to deflect attention from his true record He is pretty good at spin and he is known to tell a lie or two for his own cause. .. He is in his fourth year in office and during this term, he abdicated all available moments of potential leadership. Instead he waged a continual campaign to enhance his second-term electability. Has anybody seen the President on TV? Probably more times than you can count for the appearance of leadership seems to be more important than leadership. Though he would vote “present,” as a leader for America, this President unfortunately has been AWOL, and he has not cast a clear vote for an America for Americans. And, so we all suffer. .

Obama’s ultimate pander is his new deal, which grants non-citizens of Hispanic or Latino origin more rights than our Constitution permits. Obama’s minion, Attorney General Eric Holder stands ready, if needed, to sue all the states that object to Obama’s overreach. In the Obama “Dream” plan, as many as several million illegal foreign nationals are automatically in the on-deck circle of American Citizenship. That is their family’s reward for crossing our borders illegally, and for doing their best to convince the world to vote for Obama.

In prayer, I keep waiting for the American Hispanic and American Latino community, all citizens of the US to rise up, and to speak up and say that if the Irish and / or Italians get no special favors, the Hispanic and Latino people will not accept any special favors either. But, they do not rise up and they do not speak up. Maybe they would do so if it were not for their group leaders.

The government has contrived as many as six races when there are only three and though Hispanic / Latino might be described as a race, since the government calls it a race, who is to argue?. The Census Bureau also calls it a sub-race under the “white” category; but what does that really mean?

The government lies of course to all Americans to keep the people under control. For example, so that the Irish, which constitute between ten and fifteen percent of the US population cannot be a minority, they lump the Irish in with people who are not at all like us into something called the “white Americans” bucket. Hispanics / Latinos are in the same Census bucket. There are about 15 million more Hispanic / Latino American citizens than there are those claiming to be Irish. Just like the Hispanics, Irish have no common themes in our ancestry with the Russians or the Spanish or the Italians or others in this “white” group.

In the 2010 Census, “white Americans” are described as a combination of both the non-Hispanic/Latino and Hispanic/Latino segments, whatever that means. This huge bucket called “white Americans” was fashioned by the government. Just about every ethnicity is wadded into it. So, it represents 72% of America’s population. Within the bucket, there are Hispanic / Latinos and Irish and others, So, what sense does this grouping really make? Our government does us no favors by creating ways to divide the country.

In America, the Irish and all non-hyphenated Americans have melted into the melting pot and we are now simply Americans. Thus, in the non-hyphenated category of Americans, nationalities such as Irish have disappeared. They are all gone and what is left of the Irish as an example of an ethnicity are a bunch of Americans who cannot spend much time in the sun. The loud voices of the Irish can still be heard as Americans, especially at great parties and of course on St. Patrick’s Day. Most Americans are happy about their ethnicity and at times, we all brag about it. But, we are Americans first. Those who are not Americans first should speak up so we all can hear them.

To repeat the bottom line, those of us Americans citizens who went through the melting pot like the fact that we are Americans. We want no special favors from the government for our ethnicity. Keep your hyphens please! Furthermore, we do not want the next President of the United States of America, Mitt Romney, pandering for votes to any ethnicity. And of course, all Americans want the next President to pick the best American he can as his Vice President.

Brian Kelly is a business owner and former assistant professor at Marywood University; he and his wife live in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Kelly is running for Senate in his state and believes limited government brings liberty and freedom.


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Brian Kelly is a business owner and former assistant professor at Marywood University; he and his wife, Pat live in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Kelly ran for COngress and for the US Senate in his state and he believes limited government brings liberty and freedom. Brian's 48th book is titled, Saving America, The How-To Book. It is available at www.checkoutking.com and www.itjungle.com.

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