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While putting all Americans in harm’s way, both economically and in foreign affairs, this Administration has been able to salvage only its progressive ideology. The result of almost six years of progressivism is that the economy has been destroyed, jobs are gone, and there is an air of hopelessness enveloping the country.

Yet, this Administration chooses not to fix problems that many analysts believe have been created intentionally. The progressives are determined to create a new type of government from the ashes of a post-Obama America. They cannot figure out that making their lead progressive, Barack H. Obama be affirmed as US dictator for life would be much easier if America were not in such great disarray. The Obama ideology, however, calls for America and Americans to suffer. And, we are suffering.

So, it is no wonder that it appears that the Administration is able to disassociate itself from the concerns and feelings of grassroots Americans. There is no pain being felt in Washington leadership circles, while regular Americans, even a few once ardent Obama supporters, pine for the good old days when there was more hope than hopelessness.

It is undeniable that our government is unmoved and unwilling to address the economic problems holding Americans back from the levels of success their parents enjoyed. Rather than assuring a better life for all, along with the expected typical American benefits of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the Administration policies keep making things worse.

No Administration in history has shown as much disdain for the people and for the nation itself. Andrew K. Dart, a blogger from www.akdart.com hits the nail on the head in trying to describe the cause and effect relationship of Obama Administration policies and the destruction of the country: “If Mr. Obama was in fact an enemy saboteur, trying to do everything possible to wreck America’s economy, what would he be doing differently?”

Perhaps I am cutting the President too much slack when I attribute most of his negatives to a touch of narcissism and his preoccupation to be reelected rather than leading; but that is a good place to start. Every Obama policy is calculated to fit in within the thinking parameters of his prime supporters, the radical class. Thus it appears that his only one objective for America is that he, Barack H. Obama, be re-crowned as the Impresario of America for another four years.

They (the campaign staff and the Administration – often acting as the same entity) make no secret of it. The origin of all big Obama rumors may very well be this dedicated team. The biggest rumor of course is that there will be a glorious return to the FDR days when “great presidents” could enjoy many more terms than just the two now permitted. As many Americans know, Franklin Delano Roosevelt died during his fourth term as President.

In order to achieve this legacy and assure the next four years and perhaps even four, eight, or twelve more in office as the honor of “greatest president of all time” would dictate, the minions who assist the “great one” must assure that he first gets elected this next time. In this way, there can be another next, and a next, and a next. And, so, no holds are barred as Obama and company move towards a victory that will keep the movers and the moving vans out of the white house in 2013.

Some progressive Americans believe we all should be honored that such a great one is among us. They assert that this Administration and this President have simply been victimized by circumstance. Otherwise the Administration’s abysmal record would be unblemished. They continue to assert with certitude that the bad economy, high unemployment, bad countries such as Israel, taking advantage of US, and a host of other things are all Bush’s fault.

Good politics says to not dwell on a bad record. To avoid the potential for criticism, David Axelrod’s (Senior Advisor to Obama and now campaign communications director) mantra is to change the topic to anything else other than the poor Obama record. The Democrat playbook suggests creating doubt about the opponent rather than explaining negatives. The objective is to cast the opponent as a bad guy who wants to take away Social Security, reduce Medicare, and even if victory is in sight, the Democrats would want us all to know that a Republican would be pleased to push granny right off a cliff. Democrats wish it would be so easy to convince us all. Sometimes the lies help their cause. Sometimes, they just aggravate those of us who cannot believe how important reelection is to them.

Another good Axelrod type political idea is to strike fear into those who are worried about getting up there in years. There are those as they get into their sixties and seventies, who may be afraid of their own death. Scaring them into thinking a Republican will lead them to an early grave apparently is a valid tactic in the Axelrod playbook.

This is a good idea for any candidate such as Obama who has a really bad record, which he would prefer not to discuss. Scaring the elderly is a great Axelrod tactic to change the topic from the poor record to anything else. It has always worked for the Democrats. Rule number one is to never take any blame. Having the Bush name available; helps big-time in that regard.

I can see Obama minions suggesting to the President to “not worry if the elderly are frightened by the lies created to sustain the President’s office. Politicians are clearly more important than the feelings of the elderly. Besides, for years, once you get the elderly scared, and you successfully blame your opponent, you are a sure winner.”

Another good trick as the minions would so advise for a President would be to suggest that a future Administration, especially a cold-hearted Republican team would balance the budget “on the backs of poor Americans.” In other words, a great politician would let all the elderly know that they will die if somebody else is elected other than the incumbent. In this case the incumbent is BHO.

Since the biased media will let Obama lie (prevaricate or propagandize) and they will be pleased to swear to it, Seniors should not expect a front-line newscaster to tell us that we will not be pushed off a cliff by those “nasty Republicans.” Republicans do not do this kind of thing. The meaning of granny being pushed off the cliff is clear. “Whoever is pushing granny off the cliff is bad, and thus Obama is good.” Any questions? Yet, if we checked the fingerprints, I am convinced that we would find that it is Obama’s prints on the Wheelchair. It is the President who is pushing granny!

Do you remember when Obama gave his true feelings about granny’s health care? In an Obama ABC Obamacare propaganda show, a person named Jane Strum came out of nowhere and asked the President if her 100 year old mother (now 105) would have gotten a pacemaker under his plan. This created a few uncomfortable moments for the President. It is not easy dealing with the truth, when lies are not an option.

It has been tough for me to find an exact printed quote of Obama’s reply in text but the video is all over the Internet. If you fear for your Grandmother’s life, after seeing the video multiple times, I would suggest that we all remember that Obama is the guy pushing granny off the cliff. It is not Paul Ryan. You may not believe this is fact. But, it is!

The President replied to a question about a still-healthy 105 year-old who had received a pacemaker despite the first specialist suggesting she was too old in her first visit. Yet, here she was in the video five years later and still living well and enjoying every minute. Obama must not have been well advised.

A well advised Obama would have said, “Of course she should have received the pacemaker… look how well she is doing.” Instead, the ideologue Obama, who thinks life should be capped for everybody at a certain age, stammered, got off point a bit, made a general commercial on Obamacare, and then admitted that for him it was a tough call. He did everything but lobbied for an exception for the age cap when he and Michelle need health care big time in 20 or more yers.

Trying to look Presidential in the live broadcast, he forgot the human part of the story. He cited the fact that such a procedure costs a lot and then he danced around the fact that one of the best features of Obamacare is that he can deny care and save the government money that he can then use for buying votes.

In essence, people dying clearly decrease the population, so according to the between the lines analysis of Obama’s response this is another noble goal of the Administration. Nobody can deny that dead people need no health care and so for each dead person; there will be tremendous savings over a five-year period. .

So, in a moment of truth, while knowing that Obamacare would not let anybody close to 100 years of age have any surgery, including perhaps even a tooth extraction, ever, the President first offered a disingenuous notion rambling about Obamacare. More or less, the President gave advice to the daughter, who is no Spring chicken herself, but who was tickled that mom was still alive at 105. In a healthcare shot heard round the world lObama said “just take a pain pill rather than receive a pacemaker as that would cost the government lots less.”

In other words, it is OK if your mom dies or you die because you are simply an old fart with no value to the government. Let me cite this conclusion again for at the time, nobody expected the President to really tell the truth. Most figured he would craft a great lie and say that in her case (the 105 year old mom), it is great and yes, quality of life issues must be considered by medical professionals.

Maybe the teleprompter was not working and the signals could not get in so the President had to say what he really thought. So, instead of prevaricating, as expected, Obama told Jane Sturm that maybe her elderly mother should not have received that pacemaker—maybe she should have just taken a pain pill (and died) instead of still being alive at 105 (5 years after her operation while she is clearly very much alive and still enjoying life.) Why is this not a woman’s issue?

So, let me ask you all, “who do you think is the man (the ads depicts a man) that will actually push granny off the cliff? Would it be the man who says take a few pain pills, Barack H. Obama, or the guy who wants to save Medicare so granny can be saved by having the operation–Paul Ryan? Make the wrong decision and in one form or another we may all see the cliff as the only option.

Dear Grannies and Grampies,

When you see these nasty commercials running, in which granny always is presumed dead from her free-fall off the cliff, and they will be shown again soon, I ask you to picture Barack H. Obama as the person behind the wheel chair. That is why guys, such as me, are writing continually. We are attempting to help Americans understand that the man in the White House, not only does not care about Americans; he doesn’t even care about people, period—especially older people. Check the fingerprints on the grips!

Year in and year out, Democrats subtly try to convince Americans we will all die if Republicans are elected. Then they want us to believe they are the softer and gentler party. It never happens. Nobody dies. But Democrats score points on it and often win elections because they are nasty to the core.

After this election, if we get another four years of Obama, he and his team will believe that they have a mandate not only to kill granny and grampy by denying them timely health care, but the team will systematically proceed to shut down power plants and a good part of the energy industry in America. Obama will control your health care and my health care. So, this time, the wheelchairs may very well be pushed off the cliff, and nobody will be checking for fingerprints because Attorney General Holder will not be launching an investigation. He would already know whose prints are on the grips.

Obama is not trying to stop granny from being pushed off the cliff now because he would like to push her off himself. He is merely trying to get you to think that Paul Ryan or George Bush or Mitt Romney or Ron Paul, or Newt Gingrich, or Rick Santorum, or Sarah Palin, or Michelle Bachman, or Herman Cain, or Brian Kelly if I were so lucky, are the bad guys. They / we are not the bad guys. They are the only ones speaking up for the real America and the real Americans who are not accustomed to a President who lies outright. They are the ones who tried to stop Obama from taking more than $500 Billion from the Medicare fund. They are the ones who know that Obama does not want to save Medicare because he does not care at all about the elderly.

If only we had an honest press, the truth would be reported. Don’t expect to see truth in print any time soon. As a Senior myself, I believe that the biggest thing we have to fear is more government power. If Obama gets another four years, there will be a lot of flesh at the bottom of Wheelchair Cliff. Obama’s prints will be on all the wheelchairs. While the buzzards are circling the gulch, David Axelrod will be singing an Obama campaign victory song.

Democrats are convinced that they can get away with depicting a Republican throwing granny off the cliff to a certain death and all Americans will buy it. I think Americans are lots smarter than that. This is a propaganda technique even more vile than those brought forth by the Third Reich. There was no truth in the Third Reich, and there is no truth in the Obama regime.

There is American outrage for sure about the effrontery in granny getting thrown off the cliff. However, if Democrats can lie well enough (propaganda) to get Americans reaching the boiling point about those “nasty” Republicans, they believe they can win elections regardless of who gets scared or who gets hurt.

It is unpopular nowadays to use Hitler or Nazism as a reference to help make any point in a narrative. So, I will restrict my next few paragraphs to the notion of propaganda, and not Hitler et al.

The Third Reich was very efficient. It minced no words. Its official titles included one called the Minister of Propaganda. Joseph Goebbels, a very evil man, filled this position, more than likely, even better than the regime expected.

Propaganda can be defined as “lies which benefit the state.” Goebbels objective was to prove to the German people and those in the conquered countries, that the State did not lie. Ironically he had to use lies to make his points. His objective was to convince the people that even though the state was in the process of slaughtering the people, the state was still their best hope. Think about that for awhile. Who is your idea of America’s best hope?

Lying is dangerous to all people, but it is a way for government to gain more power. Goebbels was dangerous and all lies are dangerous:

Here are a few really frightening quotes from Jospeh Goebbels. When you read these, you may never feel the same about lying or socialism ever again. Think about whether the Obama Administration is practicing any of the statist lessons from the following Goebbels’ quotes:

“The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it.”

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

“Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.”

“Whoever can conquer the street will one day conquer the state, for every form of power politics and any dictatorship-run state has its roots in the street.”

[Community Organizers have their roots in the street]

“It would not be impossible to prove with sufficient repetition and a psychological understanding of the people concerned that a square is in fact a circle. They are mere words, and words can be molded until they clothe ideas and disguise.”

Now, use the words of Joseph Goebbels to help understand why the Democrats would produce such great propaganda videos even though they know they are lies. The ones who run such vile ads are the worst hope for any country. Moreover, as a Democrat, I have been waiting for the Republicans to actually say something bad like this, as they have been accused by the Democrats. They simply do not. I surely do not see it or hear it. Republicans never measure up to the Democrats’ worst Senior nightmare. Maybe they are better people. As a Democrat, I keep waiting for some goodness from my Party. Since little comes, my only hope is to help them change. That is the kind of change, as a Democrat, I hope for.

Republicans, as bad as they may be on certain issues, on the granny issue are more solid than the Democrats. Republicans that I know love granny. In fact, more of my relatives are switching from Democrat because they don’t even think the Democrats like them. Democrats have no problem lying, which Republicans seldom choose to do, and which Republicans, mostly gentlemen, and gentle ladies, most often do not choose to challenge as lies.

I hate to say it but it seems that the Republicans that I know, including family members and friends (and I have Dems as family members and friends also) appear to be, as a rule, better living people en masse than the Democrats. Sometimes I cannot reconcile why I continue to be a member of the Democratic Party.

So, do any of us believe that there is a plot to actually kill granny and grampy for the purposes of the state? I do not think so but I do think my party loves to use every nasty trick available, including lying, to paint their opponent into a box.

Can the granny-cliff notion be the idea of the same Party that took over $500 billion dollars from Medicare and gave it to Obamacare without the American people having to approve the theft? Is it that Party? Is it my Party? If so, then Americans need to worry about Democrats for sure. I do not know, but I sure hope most Seniors see the lies for what they are—good stage shows but not to be believed. Granny is not at risk!

The Democratic strategy of creating fear in people who are enjoying retirement ought to be castigated by all of us as well as the modern press for the lie that it is. It is disgusting even for Democrats. Nobody ever gets thrown off the cliff—ever, and if they did there would be no Republican fingerprints on the wheelchair. I believe that. I am not as sure about the Democrats. That is why I would like to help change my Party to become better people.

The reason the Democrats keep going at this technique is because they believe it is effective. They believe that Seniors are dumb and they believe we will do anything to assure that our government benefits will not stop. Democrats, and Obama in particular hope Seniors will not vote for the best candidate if she or he is a Republican. This of course is hogwash. My father, and the fathers of many Seniors told us all, vote for the best person, regardless of Party. All politicians lie. Democrat lies are intended to hurt you and I. Don’t let them win using this nasty approach.

We Seniors need to understand that this cliff-stuff, is an untruth promulgated to make us all think Obama has done something good for us, and that anybody other than Obama would do much worse. Obama has been terrible. Put that in the front of your mind. A Mosquito would be a better president. I am sorry to say that all of the granny stuff is a big lie. My Party knows it is a lie but it seems they are convinced that a lie to assure a reelection for Obama and a few grannies fearful of a ride off the cliff is a small price to pay for their success.

Every four years, there are a bunch of new Seniors who may not have the comfort factor from having survived past Democrat cliff-story episodes. Democrats therefore become emboldened and are convinced that intimidating Seniors is a good technique to gain their vote.

In days gone by when the press was honest, it would unmask any Party perpetrating such untruths. Today they take the ad revenue and then add a little editorial content to help Obama, hopeful that he will gain from their propaganda. I am now a Senior as is my wife. I still do not believe granny (my wife in this case) will be thrown off the cliff by Republicans but I am not so sure about the Democrats. Their tactics are so bad that even young children learning words would pick the word, “despicable” to describe them fully.

As I see a derivative of the granny-cliff game played out every single time there is a national election; this lie is always the big part of the game. As a Democrat, it disgusts me. I am sorry to say that Democrat politicians are willing to do anything, including the disrupting of the harmony of life, to intimidate a retired grandmom or grandpop in their living room, simply to get reelected. Shame on them!

Tough grandmas and tough grandpas do exist and so let me place the nasty ad people on notice. We won’t stand for it. We are sick of being extorted in order to continue to receive the Social Security and Medicare benefits that we have earned. For the young who think the elderly are simply grabbing from the treasury, we are not part of the welfare class. We have been employed for many, many years. We contributed for years and years and years, and our government squandered our contributions.

Politicians, from the local councilperson to the President should never get another vote if they suggest Seniors are running on Welfare or they offer the granny-cliff intimidation tactic to get Obama reelected. .

The resources that we Seniors count on are not welfare entitlements at all. They are really deferred earnings. Democrats would like us all to think anything we get from the government is welfare. Just because the government spent the trust funds instead of investing our proceeds does not mean that we Seniors did not pay our fair share towards our retirement.

Let’s identify the fear mongers among us, who want our vote. We, the Seniors in America need to send them this final message this election so they drop this granny-cliff tactic and other such tactics in the future. Let even Democrats tell the truth and the country will be a better place for all Parties.

Anybody who thinks they can beat their opponent by intimidating Seniors to get our votes, will be defeated out of principle. We need to tell these dirty politicians what they can do.

Let’s start by telling them they need to get a different job!

That ought to help us have a broad smile as we sleep tonight.

Brian Kelly owns his own IT business consulting practice and is a retired Assistant Professor of Business Information Technology at Marywood University; he is married and resides with his wife of thirty-five years in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Kelly believes that limited government spawns both liberty and freedom, and is running for Senate in Pennsylvania where he has been endorsed by the Independence Hall TEA Party.


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